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Image-Seeking Preferences Among Undergraduate Novice Researchers

Author(s): Laurie M. Bridges | Tiah Edmunson-Morton
Musculoskeletal disorders: Epidemiology and treatment seeking behavior of secondary school students in a Nigerian community

Author(s): Adegbehingbe Olayinka | Fatusi Adesegun | Adegbenro Caleb | Adeitan Opeyemi | Abass Ganiyu | Akintunde Akintomiwa
The use of condoms by women at a family planning program from salvador, bahia

Author(s): Maria da Conceição Costa Rivemales, Giane Marval Almeida, Mábia Millane Alves Queiroz
Cervical cancer: a qualitative study on subjectivity, family, gender and health services

Author(s): Villafuerte Blanca | Gómez Laura | Betancourt Alejandro | Cervantes Malaquías
Environmental Information—Explanatory Factors for Information Behavior

Author(s): Chris von Borgstede | Kristin Andersson
Etiological explanation, treatability and preventability of childhood autism: a survey of Nigerian healthcare workers' opinion

Author(s): Bakare Muideen | Agomoh Ahamefule | Ebigbo Peter | Eaton Julian | Okonkwo Kevin | Onwukwe Jojo | Onyeama Gabriel
Musculoskeletal disorders: Epidemiology and treatment seeking behavior of secondary school students in a Nigerian community

Author(s): Adegbehingbe Olayinka | Fatusi Adesegun | Adegbenro Caleb | Adeitan Opeyemi | Abass Ganiyu | Akintunde Akintomiwa
Beyond Skill Instruction: Promoting Literacy Acquisition in Kindergarten

Author(s): Kerry P Laster | Evan T Ortlieb | Earl H Cheek
Assessing knowledge of human papillomavirus and collecting data on sexual behavior: computer assisted telephone versus face to face interviews

Author(s): Smith Anthony | Lyons Anthony | Pitts Marian | Croy Samantha | Ryall Richard | Garland Suzanne | Wong Mee | Tay Eng
Intermediary’s Elicitation and Patron’s Retrieval Satisfaction

Author(s): Mei-Mei Wu | Hsing-Jung Chiang | Ying-Hsang Liu
The Use of QBIC Content-Based Image Retrieval System

Author(s): Ching-Yi Wu | Lih-Juan Chan Lin | Yuen-Hsien Tseng
Development of Information Agent Reranking By Using Weights Measurement

Author(s): Aliaa A.Youssif, Ashraf A. Darwish & Ahmed Roshdy

Author(s): Lau Teck-Chai | Yeoh Kim-Hong | Choong Ching-Ching
Patient satisfaction with quality of primary health care in Benghazi, Libya

Author(s): Asharaf Abdul Salam | Amina Abdulla Alshekteria | Hana Abd Alhadi | Mariam Ahmed | Anees Mohammed
The dynamics of risk perceptions and precautionary behavior in response to 2009 (H1N1) pandemic influenza

Author(s): Ibuka Yoko | Chapman Gretchen | Meyers Lauren | Li Meng | Galvani Alison
The influence of health-seeking behavior on the incidence and perinatal outcome of umbilical cord prolapse in Nigeria

Author(s): Christopher A Enakpene | Akin-Tunde O Odukogbe | Imran O Morhason-Bello | et al
Help-seeking Behavior in Taiwanese Woman with Menopause-related Mood Symptoms

Author(s): Mei-Chun Hsiao | Pi-Hui Chiang | Chia-Yih Liu | Yi-Hsiung Lin
Urban-rural inequities in knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding tuberculosis in two districts of Pakistan's Punjab province

Author(s): Mushtaq Muhammad Umair | Shahid Ubeera | Abdullah Hussain Muhammad | Saeed Anum | Omer Fatima | Shad Mushtaq Ahmad | Siddiqui Arif Mahmood | Akram Javed
Gender-specific information search behavior

Author(s): Parinaz Maghferat | Wolfgang G. Stock
Automated surveillance of 911 call data for detection of possible water contamination incidents

Author(s): Haas Adam | Gibbons Darcy | Dangel Chrissy | Allgeier Steve
The role of neighborhood level socioeconomic characteristics in Salmonella infections in Michigan (1997–2007): Assessment using geographic information system

Author(s): Younus Muhammad | Hartwick Edward | Siddiqi Azfar | Wilkins Melinda | Davies Herbert | Rahbar Mohammad | Funk Julie | Saeed Mahdi
Healthcare-seeking behavior after seizures in children

Author(s): Bavdekar Sandeep | Ghule Rahul | Jadhav Sandhya
Feasibility of home management using ACT for childhood malaria episodes in an urban setting

Author(s): Nsagha DS | Elat JBN | Ndong PAB | Tata PN | Tayong MN | Pokem F | Wankah CC
Seeing Double at Memorial University: Two WorldCat Local Usability Studies

Author(s): Sue Fahey | Shannon Gordon | Crystal Rose
Organizational Justice and Organizational Citizenship Behavior Case Study: Rasht Public Hospitals

Author(s): Mehrdad Goudarzvandchegini | Shahram Gilaninia | Rahim Abdesonboli
An Important Aspect of Pediatric Dermatology: the Parental View

Author(s): Nagehan Saniç | Ekin Şavk | Meltem Uslu | Neslihan Şendur | Göksun Karaman
Lay beliefs of TB and TB/HIV co-infection in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: a qualitative study

Author(s): Gebremariam Mekdes | Bjune Gunnar | Frich Jan
Reliability of a patient survey assessing cost-related changes in health care use among high deductible health plan enrollees

Author(s): Penfold Robert | Kullgren Jeffrey | Miroshnik Irina | Galbraith Alison | Hinrichsen Virginia | Lieu Tracy
Evaluating information-seeking approaches to metacognition

Author(s): Jonathon D. CRYSTAL, Allison L. FOOTE
Open Source Programmers' Information Seeking During Software Maintenance

Author(s): Khaironi Y. Sharif | Mohd R. Mokhtar | Jim Buckley
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