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An Overview of the Web Search Satisfaction

Author(s): Fadhilah Mat Yamin | T. Ramayah
A New Approach for Cluster Based Collaborative Filters

Author(s): R. Venu Babu, | K. Srinivas, | S. Anjali Devi
a comparative survey on mind mapping tools

Author(s): Avgoustos A. TSINAKOS | Thanasis BALAFOUTIS
On Using Technology to Confront Information Overload in a Mathematics Classroom

Author(s): Suzanne R. Harper | Robert M. Klein | Michael T. Edwards
Diversidade da recuperação de informações via internet na pesquisa e ensino Internet information retrieval diversity for research and teaching p. 143-154

Author(s): Marli Dias de Souza Pinto | Ursula Blattmann | Márcia Silveira Kroeff | Ana Maria Delazari Tristão
Laser beam interactions with metal matrix AlSi-alloy/SiCp composites

Author(s): A. Grabowski | M. Nowak | J. Śleziona
Rehabilitating Information

Author(s): Gary Fuhrman
Application of Topic Map on Knowledge Organization

Author(s): Wun-Hwa Chen | Sheng-Hsun Hsu | Jen-Ying Shih | Sou-shan Wu
Speech Displaces the Graphical Crowd

Author(s): Mohammad M. Alsuraihi | Dimitris I. Rigas
El binomio adaptación-estrés y el bienestar animal como ejes en la educación veterinaria - The binomial stress-adaptation and animal welfare as axes in veterinary education

Author(s): Córdova-Izquierdo, Alejandro | Ruiz Lang, Claudio Gustavo | Xolalpa Campos, Víctor | Cortés Suárez, Saúl | Méndez Mendoza, Maximino | Huerta Crispin, Rubén | Córdova Jiménez, Mary S | Córdova Jiménez, Cristian A. | Guerra Liera, Juan Eulogio | Juárez Mosqueda, Ma. de Lourdes
A framework for developing an evidence-based, comprehensive tobacco control program

Author(s): Rosen Laura | Rosenberg Elliot | McKee Martin | Gan-Noy Shosh | Levin Diane | Mayshar Elana | Shacham Galia | Borowski John | Nun Gabi | Lev Boaz
A Virtual Assistant for Websites

Author(s): José Luiz Andrade Duizith | Lizandro Kirst da Silva | Daniel Ribeiro Brahm | Gustavo Tagliassuchi | Stanley Loh
The Value of Compressed Medical Images in Diagnostics: JPEG 2000 Lossy Compression of CT and MRI Images

Author(s): Muamer Smajlovic | Himzo Bajric | Nihad Mesanovic | Nedim Jahic
Load Sharing with OCGER for Netural Processors which Supports Different Services

Author(s): R.Sunitha | Dr.Antony Selvadoss Thanamani
What are the perceived learning needs of Australian general practice registrars for quality prescribing?

Author(s): Ajjawi Rola | Thistlethwaite Jill | Aslani Parisa | Cooling Nick
Cognitive Load and Learning Styles of Mobile Workers:Future directions

Author(s): Sonia Jeddi | Samia Karoui ZouaouiI
Efficient Retrieval of Text for Biomedical Domain using Data Mining Algorithm

Author(s): Sumit Vashishta | Dr. Yogendra Kumar Jain
Anatomy of a wrong diagnosis: false Sinus Venosus Atrial Septal Defect

Author(s): Gaibazzi Nicola | Montresor Graziano | Poeta Maria
Naturopaths practice behaviour: provision and access to information on complementary and alternative medicines

Author(s): Smith Caroline | Martin Karen | Hotham Elizabeth | Semple Susan | Bloustien Geraldine | Rao Deepa
Diversidade da recuperação de informações via internet na pesquisa e ensino Internet information retrieval diversity for research and teaching

Author(s): Marli Dias de Souza Pinto | Ursula Blattmann | Márcia Silveira Kroeff | Ana Maria Delazari Tristão
Alterations of renal phenotype and gene expression profiles due to protein overload in NOD-related mouse strains

Author(s): Wilson Karen | McIndoe Richard | Eckenrode Sarah | Morel Laurence | Agarwal Anupam | Croker Byron | She Jin-Xiong
A study of 82 extended HLA haplotypes in HFE-C282Y homozygous hemochromatosis subjects: relationship to the genetic control of CD8+ T-lymphocyte numbers and severity of iron overload

Author(s): Cruz Eugénia | Vieira Jorge | Almeida Susana | Lacerda Rosa | Gartner Andrea | Cardoso Carla | Alves Helena | Porto Graça
Lycopene and ß-carotene protect in vivo iron-induced oxidative stress damage in rat prostate

Author(s): Matos H.R. | Marques S.A. | Gomes O.F. | Silva A.A. | Heimann J.C. | Di Mascio P. | Medeiros M.H.G.
How can the practice nurse be more involved in the care of the chronically ill? The perspectives of GPs, patients and practice nurses

Author(s): Rosemann Thomas | Joest Katharina | Körner Thorsten | Schaefert Rainer | Heiderhoff Marc | Szecsenyi Joachim
Patients' understanding of genetic susceptibility testing in mainstream medicine: qualitative study on thrombophilia

Author(s): Saukko Paula | Ellard Sian | Richards Suzanne | Shepherd Maggie | Campbell John
Occupational accidents with piercing and cutting instruments in hospital nurses

Author(s): Maria Helena Palucci Marziale | Maria Lúcia Carmo Cruz Robazzi
Effectiveness of a Safety Training Course in Changing Employees Attitude Toward Safety Issues and its Dimensions: A Pathological Study

Author(s): Fariba Kiani | Hossein Samavatyan | Siamak Poorabdian | Zahra Mansournejad | Effat Jafari
A new graph based text segmentation using Wikipedia for automatic text summarization

Author(s): Mohsen Pourvali | Ph.D. Mohammad Saniee Abadeh

Path Congestion Control in Centralized Autonomous System

Author(s): Jaspreet Kaur Bagga | Kshitij Pathak | Narendra S. Chaudhari
Effectiveness of a safety training course in changing employees' attitude toward safety issues and its dimensions: a pathological study

Author(s): Fariba Kiani | Hossein Samavatyan | Siamak Poorabdian | Zahra Mansournejad | Effat Jafari
High Quality Geographic Services and Bandwidth Limitations

Author(s): Arzu Coltekin | Tumasch Reichenbacher
Metabolic responses to acute physical exercise in young rats recovered from fetal protein malnutrition with a fructose-rich diet

Author(s): Cambri Lucieli | de Araujo Gustavo | Ghezzi Ana | Botezelli José | Mello Maria

Author(s): C.Ramesh | K. V. Chalapati Rao | K. V. Chalapati Rao
A Two-stage Information Filtering Based on Rough Decision Rule and Pattern Mining

Author(s): Xujuan Zhou | Yuefeng Li | Peter Bruza | Yue Xu | Raymond Lau
Towards a Framework for a validated content management on the collaborative Web-Blogs case

Author(s): Anouar Abtoy | Noura Aknin | Boubker Sbihi | Ahmed El Moussaoui | Kamal Eddine El Kadiri
An Analytical Framework for Multi-Document Summarization

Author(s): J Jayabharathy | S Kanmani | Buvana
Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Communications with Health Care Providers: A Literature Review

Author(s): Revere Debra | Nelson Kailey | Thiede Hanne | Duchin Jeffrey | Stergachis Andy | Baseman Janet
Strategic Approach for Automatic Text Summarization

Author(s): Ramesh Vaishya | Surya Prakash Tripathi
Mobile Ad Hoc Routing Protocols A Comparative Performance Analysis by Diversifying the Nodes

Author(s): Vijayalakshmi. P | V. Saravanan | P. Ranjit Jeba Thangaiah | Abraham Dinakaran. J
Effects of Information Overload on Brazilian E-Consumers

Author(s): Rafael Lucian | Salomão A. de Farias
A Methodology to Segment the Text for Index Terms

Author(s): Muhammad Shoaib | Abad A. Shah
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