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Towards Developing Watermarking Standards for Collaborative E-learning Systems

Author(s): Jinan A.W. Fiaidhi | Sabah M.A. Mohammed
Multiple Intelligences and the Future of Education in Mexico

Author(s): José G. Vargas Hernández | Mohammad Reza Noruzi | Narges Sariolghalam
Online modelling of water distribution systems: a UK case study

Author(s): J. Machell | S. R. Mounce | J. B. Boxall
Numerical implementation and oceanographic application of the thermodynamic potentials of liquid water, water vapour, ice, seawater and humid air – Part 1: Background and equations

Author(s): R. Feistel | D. G. Wright | D. R. Jackett | K. Miyagawa | J. H. Reissmann | W. Wagner | U. Overhoff | C. Guder | A. Feistel | G. M. Marion
The Need to Adapt to New Financial Accounting Technologies Information in the Context of Global Economic Crisis

Author(s): Enrique BONSON-PONTE | Ioan ANDONE | Adrian LUPASC | Ioana LUPASC
Informed consent for MRI and fMRI research: Analysis of a sample of Canadian consent documents

Author(s): Palmour Nicole | Affleck William | Bell Emily | Deslauriers Constance | Pike Bruce | Doyon Julien | Racine Eric
Gastroenterology training in Latin America

Author(s): Henry Cohen | Roque Saenz | Luiz E de Almeida Troncon | Maribel Lizarzabal | Carolina Olano
System of Web-Based Electronic Medical Record

Author(s): Lourdes M. Brasil | Carolina G. Abreu | Arlindo G. Vieira | Maurício A. Machado | Valfran S. Almeida | Rodrigo M. Rodrigues
VisMade: Visualizing Temporal Information in Databases Structured as Master-Details

Author(s): Edécio Fernando Iepsen | Paulo Roberto Gomes Luzzardi | Stanley Loh
eHealth: Towards a Healthcare Service-Oriented Boundary-Less Infrastructure

Author(s): Mircea RUSU | Gavril SAPLACAN | Gheorghe SEBESTYEN | Nicolae TODOR | Lorand KRUCZ | Cristian LELUTIU
Achieving testing for English Language Learners, ready or not?.

Author(s): Sau-Lim Tsang | Anne Katz | Jim Stack

Author(s): Alexandru OLTEANU | M d lina Antoaneta R DOI (OLTEANU)
Impact of aftertreatment devices on primary emissions and secondary organic aerosol formation potential from in-use diesel vehicles: results from smog chamber experiments

Author(s): R. Chirico | P. F. DeCarlo | M. F. Heringa | T. Tritscher | R. Richter | A. S. H. Prevot | J. Dommen | E. Weingartner | G. Wehrle | M. Gysel | M. Laborde | U. Baltensperger
Mensajes de error e información en los catálogos en línea de acceso público

Author(s): Moscoso, Purificación | García Ortiz, Francisco Manuel
Developing the Role of a Health Information Professional in a Clinical Research Setting

Author(s): Helen M. Seeley | Christine Urquhart | Peter Hutchinson | John Pickard
An Effective Framework for Distributed Geospatial Query Processing in Grids

Author(s): HUANG, Z. | FANG, Y. | CHEN, B. | PAN, M.
Tsunami early warning and decision support

Author(s): T. Steinmetz | U. Raape | S. Teßmann | C. Strobl | M. Friedemann | T. Kukofka | T. Riedlinger | E. Mikusch | S. Dech
Curriculum as a support to investigative approach in learning chemistry

Author(s): Tomašević Biljana | Trivić Dragica | Bojović Snežana
The Safety Issue in a Web Travel Booking Services Scenario Based on Business Process Execution Language

Author(s): Apostolos Axenopoulos | Charalampos Doulaverakis | Nicholas Protogeros | Panayiotis Tahinakis | John Mylonakis
Computational diagnostics based on proteomic data- review on approaches and algorithms

Author(s): Sreevatsa A.N. | Badrunnisa S. | Shaukath Ali M. | Vinitha R Pai

Author(s): Dimitris N. Kanellopoulos
Veterinary information management system (VIMS) in the process of notification and management of animal diseases

Author(s): Plavšić Budimir | Nedić D. | Mićović Z. | Tešić M. | Stanojević S. | Ašanin Ružica | Krnjaić D. | Tajdić Nada | Milanović S.
Indicadores de desempeño ambiental en el marco de la ISO 2600 RS

Author(s): Jiménez Montañés, María Ángela
New Valences for the Financial-Accounting System

Author(s): Adrian LUPAŞC | Ioana LUPAŞC | Cristina Gabriela ZAMFIR
Impact of aftertreatment devices on primary emissions and secondary organic aerosol formation potential from in-use diesel vehicles: results from smog chamber experiments

Author(s): R. Chirico | P. F. DeCarlo | M. F. Heringa | T. Tritscher | R. Richter | A. S. H. Prévôt | J. Dommen | E. Weingartner | G. Wehrle | M. Gysel | M. Laborde | U. Baltensperger
Technical and Ethical Issues in Indicator Systems

Author(s): Carol Taylor Fitz-Gibbon | Peter Tymms
Systematic integration of experimental data and models in systems biology

Author(s): Li Peter | Dada Joseph | Jameson Daniel | Spasic Irena | Swainston Neil | Carroll Kathleen | Dunn Warwick | Khan Farid | Malys Naglis | Messiha Hanan | Simeonidis Evangelos | Weichart Dieter | Winder Catherine | Wishart Jill | Broomhead David | Goble Carole | Gaskell Simon | Kell Douglas | Westerhoff Hans | Mendes Pedro | Paton Norman
ICPD-A New Peak Detection Algorithm for LC/MS

Author(s): Zhang Jianqiu | Haskins William
Building Distributed E-Healthcare for Elderly Using RFID and Multi-Agent

Author(s): Chuan-Jun Su | Stephen Chingyu Shih
Clinical Bioinformatics.

Author(s): Phei Lang Chang
Secure and Intelligent Decision making in Semantic web mining

Author(s): Ankita Jain | Ilyas Khan | Bhupendra Verma
Building Distributed E-Healthcare for Elderly Using RFID and Multi-Agent

Author(s): Chuan-Jun Su | Stephen Chingyu Shih
Recent advances in standards for collaborative Digital Anatomic Pathology

Author(s): Daniel Christel | Macary François | García Rojo Marcial | Klossa Jacques | Laurinavičius Arvydas | Beckwith Bruce | Della Mea Vincenzo
Reusable design: A proposed approach to Public Health Informatics system design

Author(s): Reeder Blaine | Hills Rebecca | Demiris George | Revere Debra | Pina Jamie
Evaluation of information about urologic disorders on the Internet: a pilot study of varicoceles

Author(s): Abdulkadir Tepeler | Cevper Ersöz | Mehmet Remzi Erdem | Tolga Akman | Abdullah Armağan | Şinasi Yavuz Önol
Efficient Adaptive Lossless Compression of Hyperspectral Data using Enhanced DPCM

Author(s): Farshid Sepehrband | Pedram Ghamisi | Ali Mohammadzadeh | Mohammad Reza Sahebi | Jeiran Choupan
Biodiversity information platforms: From standards to interoperability

Author(s): Walter Berendsohn | Anton Güntsch | Niels Hoffmann | Andreas Kohlbecker | Katja Luther | Andreas Müller
Wireless Sensor Network Safety Study

Author(s): M.Shankar | Dr.M.Sridar | Dr.M.Rajani
Design and Implementation of RF Deployed SMS Based Equipment Controller

Author(s): Sadeque Reza Khan | Ahmed Al Mansur | Muhammad Towhidur Rahman

Author(s): Mortaza Saleh | Tahere Yaghoobi | Ahmad Faraahi
The Problem of Subject Access to Visual Materials

Author(s): Heather P. Jespersen | John Kresten Jespersen
Process Centric Development to Improve Quality of Service (QoS) in Building Distributed Applications

Author(s): K. Krishna Mohan | A. Srividya | A. K. Verma | Ravi Kumar Gedela
Sensor Integration in a Low Cost Land Mobile Mapping System

Author(s): Sergio Madeira | José A. Gonçalves | Luísa Bastos

Author(s): Baragi Umapati C. | Vyas Mahesh | Harisha CR | Baragi Pramod C.
Dynamic Real Time Distributed Sensor Network Based Database Management System Using XML, JAVA and PHP Technologies

Author(s): D. Sudharsan | J. Adinarayana | S. Ninomiya | M. Hirafuji | T. Kiura
FPGA Implementation of Viterbi Decoder

Antimicrobial resistance in Gram negative bacteria isolated from intensive care units of Colombian hospitals, WHONET 2003, 2004 and 2005 Resistencia a antimicrobianos de bacilos Gram negativos aislados en unidades de cuidado intensivo en hospitales de Colombia, WHONET 2003, 2004 y 2005

Author(s): María Consuelo Miranda | Federico Pérez | Tania Zuluaga | María del Rosario Olivera | Adriana Correa | Sandra Lorena Reyes | María Virginia Villegas | Grupo de Resistencia Bacteriana Nosocomial de Colombia
Overview of the BioCreative III Workshop

Author(s): Arighi Cecilia | Lu Zhiyong | Krallinger Martin | Cohen Kevin | Wilbur W | Valencia Alfonso | Hirschman Lynette | Wu Cathy
Architecture of a consent management suite and integration into IHE-based regional health information networks

Author(s): Heinze Oliver | Birkle Markus | Köster Lennart | Bergh Björn
A Framework of Information Technology for Water Resources Management

Author(s): P.S.V.S. Sridhar | T. N. Jowhar | Anant Bhaskar Garg | U. Kedareswarudu

Author(s): Cunningham Gary M. | Fagerstrom Arne | Hassel Lars G.
Avajang Systems: NEC Network Solutions

Author(s): Mehrdad Khayroallahi
Why Open Source Platform Is The Best Platform for The PACS Servers?

Author(s): Maryan Zibaeefard | Afshin Niakan | Babak Nasiri
Invited Speech: HIS/RIS/PACS/ePR

Author(s): H.K. Huang
How to connect PACS to the different RIS/HIS

Author(s): Maryan Zibaeefard | Afshin Niakan | Babak Nasiri
Remote Reporting in Radiology: characteristics and problems

Author(s): Mehdi Yousefi | Ali Hekmatnia | Afshin Niakan
The Web of Things: A Survey (Invited Paper)

Author(s): Deze Zeng | Song Guo | Zixue Cheng
Population Health Metrics Research Consortium gold standard verbal autopsy validation study: design, implementation, and development of analysis datasets

Author(s): Murray Christopher | Lopez Alan | Black Robert | Ahuja Ramesh | Ali Said | Baqui Abdullah | Dandona Lalit | Dantzer Emily | Das Vinita | Dhingra Usha | Dutta Arup | Fawzi Wafaie | Flaxman Abraham | Gómez Sara | Hernández Bernardo | Joshi Rohina | Kalter Henry | Kumar Aarti | Kumar Vishwajeet | Lozano Rafael | Lucero Marilla | Mehta Saurabh | Neal Bruce | Ohno Summer | Prasad Rajendra | Praveen Devarsetty | Premji Zul | Ramírez-Villalobos Dolores | Remolador Hazel | Riley Ian | Romero Minerva | Said Mwanaidi | Sanvictores Diozele | Sazawal Sunil | Tallo Veronica
Performance of InterVA for assigning causes of death to verbal autopsies: multisite validation study using clinical diagnostic gold standards

Author(s): Lozano Rafael | Freeman Michael | James Spencer | Campbell Benjamin | Lopez Alan | Flaxman Abraham | Murray Christopher

Author(s): Mahesh R. Dube | Shantanu K. Dixit
Collective Sensing: Integrating Geospatial Technologies to Understand Urban Systems—An Overview

Author(s): Thomas Blaschke | Geoffrey J. Hay | Qihao Weng | Bernd Resch

Author(s): Lorena BATAGAN | Adrian POCOVNICU | Sergiu CAPISIZU
Eligibility, the ICF and the UN Convention: Australian perspectives

Author(s): Madden Ros | Glozier Nick | Mpofu Elias | Llewellyn Gwynnyth
Evaluation of features to support safety and quality in general practice clinical software

Author(s): Sweidan Michelle | Williamson Margaret | Reeve James | Harvey Ken | O'Neill Jennifer | Schattner Peter | Snowdon Teri
Information Technology and Physical Fitness

Author(s): Behzad Salmani | Ahmad Mootab
Improving Enterprise Access Security Using RFID

Author(s): zakaria Saleh | Izzat Alsmadi | Ahmed Mashhour
Towards An XML-Based Normalization for Healthcare Data Exchanges

Author(s): I. E. Azami | M. M.O. Cherkaoui | C. Tahon
An Expert System Applied in Construction Water Quality Monitoring

Author(s): Leila Ooshaksaraie | Noor E.A. Basri
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