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Incidental Detection of an Invasive Thymoma during Thallium-201 Imaging for Coronary Artery Disease.

Author(s): Jo-Chi Tseng | Chung-Ching Hua | Ming-Fong Tsai | Liang-Che Chang
Simplified aortic cannulation (SAC) – a useful technique for neonates with small aortas

Author(s): Knott-Craig Christopher | Pastuszko Peter | Overholt Edward
Combined sterno-clavicular approach as an alternative technique in hybrid exclusion of aortic arch aneurysm

Author(s): Protopapas Aristotle | Rao Christopher | Choong Andrew | Cheshire Nicholas | Athanasiou Thanos
How I do it: transapical cannulation for acute type-A aortic dissection

Author(s): Sosnowski Andrzej | Jutley Rajwinder | Masala Nicola | Alexiou Christos | Swanevelder Justiaan
Tracheo-innominate artery fistula as a late

Author(s): Seyed Khalil Forouzan nia | Seyed Jalil Mir Hosseini | Mohammad reza Haji esmaeili | Mohammad hassan Abdollahi | Mahdi Haddadzadeh | Habibollah Hosseini | Seyed Hossein Moshtaghiyoon
Internal Deviation of Tracheal Cartilage: A New Complication for Percutaneous Dilatational Tracheostomy

Author(s): Kasra Karvandian | Ata Mahmoodpoor | Mohammad Taghi Beig Mohammadi | Mostafa Mohammadi
The subclavian artery and its branches in the ground squirrel, Citellus citellus

Author(s): Nikolić Zora Č. | Đelić Dijana J. | Blagojević Zdenka M. | Mrvić-Jovičić Verica M. | Drekić Dmitar M. | Zorić Zoran D.
Surgical strategy to prevent cardiac injury during reoperation in infants

Author(s): Knott-Craig Christopher | Goldberg Steven | Kirklin James
Prophylactic Ligation of the Innominate Artery and Creation of Tracheostomy in a Neurologically Impaired Girl: A Case Report

Author(s): Masayuki Obatake | Takayuki Tokunaga | Koji Hashizume | Kyoko Mochizuki | Takeshi Nagayasu
A Case of Behcet’s Disease with Arterial Occlusion and Multiple Aneurysms

Author(s): H. Saberi | M. Shabani | S. A. Mostofy | A. Sarzaiem

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