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Preliminary assessment of model parametric uncertainty in projections of Greenland Ice Sheet behavior

Author(s): P. J. Applegate | N. Kirchner | E. J. Stone | K. Keller | R. Greve
Wind forcing of salinity anomalies in the Denmark Strait overflow

Author(s): S. Hall | S. R. Dye | K. J. Heywood | M. R. Wadley
Forcing the snow-cover model SNOWPACK with forecasted weather data

Author(s): S. Bellaire | J. B. Jamieson | C. Fierz
Aerosol shortwave direct radiative effect and forcing based on MODIS Level 2 data in the Eastern Mediterranean (Crete)

Author(s): N. Benas | N. Hatzianastassiou | C. Matsoukas | A. Fotiadi | N. Mihalopoulos | I. Vardavas
Lumber Yield in a Portuguese Wooden Kitchen Furniture Industry

Author(s): José Vicente Ferreira | Carlos Ferrolho | Idalina Domingos
New Universal One-Input Five-Output Current-Mode Filter Using Current-Conveyors

Author(s): Muhammad Taher Abuelma'atti | Aamir Alam Farooqui
Torque & Drag Analysis Using Finite Element Method

Author(s): Andrew Wu | Geir Hareland | Mohammad Fazaelizadeh
Dynamics of Closed-loop ADC-NOT-DAC Circuits

Author(s): Arthur E. Edang | Fredison A. Corminal | Felicito S. Caluyo
Delay Reduction in Optimized Reversible Multiplier Circuit

Author(s): Mohammad Assarian | Majid Haghparast | Keivan Navi
Evolutionary effects of rotation in massive stars and their circumstellar medium

Author(s): B. P rez Rend n | G. Garc a Segura | N. Langer
Multi Objective Particle Swarm Optimization for Software Cost Estimation

Author(s): Prasad Reddy P.V.G.D | Hari CH.V.M.K. | Srinivasa Rao T.
Speed Control of Induction Motor using Fuzzy Rule Base

Author(s): D. D. Neema | R. N. Patel | A. S. Thoke
Segmentation of Textile Textures using Contextual Clustering

Author(s): Shobarani | Dr. S. Purushothaman
Dynamic Web Service Composition and Parameters Matchmaking

Author(s): Maria Allauddin | Farooque Azam
Modern Analysis Methods of the Induction Heating Devices

Author(s): LEUCA Teodor | MASTEI Daniela | NAGY Stefan | MICH-VANCEA Claudiu
Artificial Neural Network Model for Forecasting Foreign Exchange Rate

Author(s): Adewole Adetunji Philip | Akinwale Adio Taofiki | Akintomide Ayo Bidem
Techniques for Self-Checking Combinational LogicSynthesis

Author(s): Fadi Busaba | Parag K. Lala
Input/Output Pad Placement Problem

Author(s): Khaled Al-Zamel | Mukkai S. Krishnamoorthy
Optimized Design of 2D Mesh NOC Router using Custom SRAM & Common Buffer Utilization

Author(s): Bhavana Pote | V. N. Nitnaware | S. S. Limaye
An Optimized Highly Efficient RF Power Amplifier for WLAN System Application

Author(s): Mohammed H. Ali | C. K. Chakrabarty | Mithaq H. Raheema
Effect of Antecedent Conditions on Prediction of Pore-Water Pressure using Artificial Neural Networks

Author(s): Muhammad Raza Ul Mustafa | Rezaur Rahman Bhuiyan | Mohamed Hasnain Isa | Saied Saiedi | Harianto Rahardjo
Application of Fuzzy Sets in an Expert System For Technological Process Management

Author(s): Josef Tošenovský | Břetislav Krček | Lenka Monsportová | Filip Tošenovský
Position Control of Robot Manipulator: Design a Novel SISO Adaptive Sliding Mode Fuzzy PD Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control

Author(s): Farzin Piltan | Sadedeq Allahdadi | Mohammadali Dialame | Abbas Zare
LS-SVM Method for Fuzzy Nonlinear Regression

Author(s): Ümran M. Tekşen | Aşır Genç
Evolutionary Design of Backstepping Artificial Sliding Mode Based Position Algorithm: Applied to Robot Manipulator

Author(s): Farzin Piltan, N. Sulaiman, Samaneh Roosta, Atefeh Gavahian, Samira Soltani
Interpreting the neural networkfor prediction of fermentation of thick juice from sugar beet processing

Author(s): Jokić Aleksandar I. | Grahovac Jovana A. | Dodić Jelena M. | Zavargo Zoltan Z. | Dodić Siniša N. | Popov Stevan D. | Vučurović Damjan G.
A Stochastic Model for Reserve Inventory Between Machines in

Author(s): R. Babu Krishnaraj | K. Ramasamy
LMI Based Wide Area TCSC Controller in Mitigating Small Signal Oscillations

Author(s): D. Mondal | A. Chakrabarti | A. Sengupta
Estimating household production outputs with time use episode data

Author(s): Duncan Ironmonger | Duncan Ironmonger
New Framework in Sensitive Rule Hiding

Socioeconomic Analysis of Rice Farmers and Effects of Group Formation on Rice Production in Ekiti and Ogun States of South-West Nigeria

Author(s): C. A. Afolami | Abiodun Elijah Obayelu | M. U. Agbonlahor | O.A Lawal-Adebowale
Application of graftech method for pro-gramming of discrete technological process

Author(s): Pigiel, M. | Więcławek, R. | Wikiera, R.
ZVZCS PWM DC-DC Converter with Energy Recovery Clamp

Author(s): Jaroslav Durdik | Vladimir Ruscin
The Simulation of the Traction Drive with Middle-Frequency Transformer

Author(s): Pavel Drabek | Martin Pittermann | Marek Cedl | Miroslav Los
The Study of Several Variants of the Traction Drive with Middle-Frequency Transformer

Author(s): Martin Pittermann | Pavel Drabek | Jiri Fort | Marek Cedl
Identification of Significant Features in Signals of Equine Cardiovascular System using ICA

Author(s): Martin Kohut | Jiri Holcik | Jaroslav Hanak | Radovan Kabes
Design and Parametr Analysis of Switched Reluctance Motor with Permanent Magnets

Author(s): Pavol Rafajdus | Valeria Hrabcova | Ivan Trak
Automated DC Substation Short-Current Evaluation

Author(s): Petr Dohnal | Ferdinand Urban | Jiri Valenta
Fuzzy Controlled Parallel AC-DC Converter for PFC

Author(s): M Subba Rao | Ch Sai Babu | S Satyanarayana | P. V.S Sobhan
Robot Aided Remote Medical Assistance System using LabVIEW

Author(s): N Natarajan | S Aparna | J Sam Jeba Kumar
Double-Layer Low-Density Parity-Check Codes over Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Channels

Author(s): Yun Mao | Ying Guo | Jun Peng | Xueqin Jiang | Moon Ho Lee
Fuzzy Controller Design using FPGA for Sun Tracking in Solar Array System

Author(s): Basil M. Hamed | Mohammed S. El-Moghany
Processes, Roles and Their Interactions

Author(s): Johannes Reich

Efficient Hand off using Fuzzy and Simulated Annealing

Author(s): Vikas.M.N | Keshava.K.N | Prabhas.R.K | Hameem Shanavas.I
Fuzzy Expert System For Noise Induced Sleep Disturbance And Health Effects

Author(s): Devendra K. Tayal | Amita Jain | Vinita Gupta
Multi-Input Multi-Output Integrated Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite for Energy Controls

Author(s): Gou Nishida | Motonobu Sugiura | Masaki Yamakita | Bernhard Maschke | Ryojun Ikeura
Physical and economic yield of the black oat in Distrito Federal Rendimento físico e econômico da aveia preta no Distrito Federal

Author(s): Manuel Pereira de Oliveira Júnior | Cícero Lopes da Silva | Carlos Alberto da Silva Oliveira
Novel Threshold-Based Standard-Cell Flash ADC

Author(s): François-Raymond Boyer | Hung Tien Bui | Marcel Siadjine Njinowa
Using a GIS Tool to Map the Spatial Distribution ofPopulation for 2010 in the State of Mexico, Mexico

Author(s): José I. Juan-Pérez | Noel B. Pineda-Jaimes | Araceli Martínez-Carrillo | Roberto Franco-Plata | L. Ricardo Manzano-Solís | Miguel A. Gómez-Albores
Do Turkish Companies and German Companies in Germany Differ in Terms of Financial Performance?

Author(s): Nurhan Aydin | Metin Coskun | Arda Surmeli | Gulsah Kulali
Eficiência Relativa da Política Nacional de Procedimentos Cirúrgicos Eletivos de Média Complexidade

Author(s): Marcel de Moraes Pedroso | Paulo Carlos Du Pin Calmon | Ludmila Ferreira Bandeira | Rogéria Aparecida Valter de Lucena
Analysis of projected hydrological behavior of catchments based on signature indices

Author(s): M. C. Casper | G. Grigoryan | O. Gronz | O. Gutjahr | G. Heinemann | R. Ley | A. Rock
Redes neuronales artificiales aplicadas al modelado de la máquina síncrona: una revisión

Author(s): René Alexander Barrera | Sandra Milena Pérez Londoño | Juan José Mora Flórez
Rectificador monofásico para UPS con reducción de contenido armónico en la corriente de entrada

Author(s): Fredy Hernán Martínez Sarmiento | Mariela Castiblanco Ortiz
Accurate Model Development and Control of Chemical Processes

Author(s): B. J. Parvat | comR. K. Munje
MIMO OFDM System using Iterative Turbo Receiver

Author(s): Aparna Telgote | Shilpa Shende
Transparent thin film polarizing and optical control systems

Author(s): Nelson V. Tabiryan | Sarik R. Nersisyan | Timothy J. White | Timothy J. Bunning | Diane M. Steeves | Brian R. Kimball
Integration of spintronic interface for nanomagnetic arrays

Author(s): Andrew Lyle | Jonathan Harms | Todd Klein | August Lentsch | Angeline Klemm | Daniel Martens | Jian-Ping Wang
Diversity Through N-Version Programming: Current State, Challenges and Recommendations

Author(s): Raphaël Khoury | Abdelwahab Hamou-Lhadj | Mario Couture | Robert Charpentier

Author(s): Chinmay Chandrakar | M.K. Kowar
Temperature Control System Using ANFIS

Author(s): T.P.Mote | Dr.S.D.Lokhande

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