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Palliative care in advanced cancer patients in a tertiary care hospital in Uttarakhand

Author(s): Bisht Manisha | Bist S | Dhasmana D | Saini Sunil
Cerebrotendinous Xanthomatosis with Psychiatric Disorders: Report of Three Siblings and Literature Review

Author(s): Yu Lee | Pao-Yen Lin | Nien-Mu Chiu | Wen-Neng Chang | Jung-Kwang Wen
Food and nutrient intake in relation to mental wellbeing

Author(s): Hakkarainen Reeta | Partonen Timo | Haukka Jari | Virtamo Jarmo | Albanes Demetrius | Lönnqvist Jouko
Depression in the early stages of Pick's disease.

Author(s): Suzuki H | Kuroda S | Ishizu H | Fujisawa Y | Sasaki K
Palliative radiotherapy in locally advanced head and neck cancer-A prospective trial

Author(s): Ghoshal Sushmita | Patel Firuza | Mudgil Neeru | Bansal Manish | Sharma Suresh
Apoyo social y salud: un análisis de género

Author(s): Carballeira , Mónica | Ibáñez , Ignacio | López , Marisela | Marrero , Rosario | Matud , Pilar
Psychiatric Adverse Effects of Dermatological Drugs

Author(s): Mine Özmen | Alptekin Çetin
Effects of estradiol valerate associated with cyproterone acetate on some clinical and sexuality-related aspects in postmenopausal women

Author(s): Angela Maggio da Fonseca | Ana Lucia Cavalcanti | Vicente Renato Bagnoli | Jucilene Sales da Paixão | Sonia Regina Lenharo Penteado | Eduardo Blanco Cardoso | Edmund Chada Baracat
Symptoms in smokers trying to quit

Author(s): Tomson Tanja | Toftgård Mats | Gilljam Hans | Helgason Asgeir
Age-specific symptom prevalence in women 35–64 years old: A population-based study

Author(s): Bardel Annika | Wallander Mari-Ann | Wedel Hans | Svärdsudd Kurt
Major Depression in a Brazilian Amazon Woman with Down Syndrome: A Case Report

Author(s): Dárcio Marcel Castelo de Souza | Lucas Crociati Meguins | Emília Maíra Crociati Meguins
Symptoms in smokers trying to quit

Author(s): Tomson Tanja | Toftgård Mats | Gilljam Hans | Helgason Asgeir
Effectiveness of the psychological and pharmacological treatment of catastrophization in patients with fibromyalgia: a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): García-Campayo Javier | Serrano-Blanco Antoni | Rodero Baltasar | Magallón Rosa | Alda Marta | Andrés Eva | Luciano Juan | del Hoyo Yolanda
Intervention by the mental health specialist nurse for preventing sleep disorders due to incorrect habits in infants

Author(s): Natalia Cámara Conde | Julián Carretero Román | Ángela García Pozo | Marta Menéndez Rubiera | Javier Sánchez Alfonso | Nuria Sekade Gutiérrez
Osteopathic manipulative therapy on cervicogenic headache

Author(s): Renata Megre Rachid | Liane Toscano Martins Pinheiro
Replication of an empirical approach to delineate the heterogeneity of chronic unexplained fatigue

Author(s): Aslakson Eric | Vollmer-Conna Uté | Reeves William | White Peter
Restless Legs Syndrome in shift workers: A cross sectional study on male assembly workers

Author(s): Sharifian Akbar | Firoozeh Marjan | Pouryaghoub Gholamreza | Shahryari Mehran | Rahimi Mohsen | Hesamian Mohammad | Fardi Ali
Mutations at codons 178, 200-129, and 232 contributed to the inherited prion diseases in Korean patients

Author(s): Choi Bo-Yeong | Kim Su Yeon | Seo So-Young | An Seong Soo | Kim SangYun | Park Sang-Eun | Lee Seung-Han | Choi Yun-Ju | Kim Sang-Jin | Kim Chi-Kyeong | Park Jun-Sun | Ju Young-Ran
Restless legs syndrome

Author(s): R.Hari Babu | Rajesh Kaza | R.Nagaraju
Effects of yoga on symptom management in breast cancer patients: A randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Hosakote Vadiraja | Rao M | Nagendra R | Raghuram Nagarathna | Mohan Rekha | Nanjundiah Vanitha | Gopinath S | Srinath B | Vishweshwara M | Madhavi Y | Basavalingaiah S | Bilimagga Ramesh | Rao Nalini
Bartonella vinsonii subsp. berkhoffii and Bartonella henselae bacteremia in a father and daughter with neurological disease

Author(s): Breitschwerdt Edward | Maggi Ricardo | Lantos Paul | Woods Christopher | Hegarty Barbara | Bradley Julie
Burn-out syndrome: Understanding and early recognition of the syndrome from the nursing staff in public and private hospital

Author(s): Areti Stavropoulou | Evagelia Papadaki | Ageliki Ftylaki | Evridiki Kamba
The subjective effects of chewing Qat leaves in human volunteers.

Author(s): Hassan Nageeb | Gunaid Abdallah | El Khally Fouad | Murray-Lyon Iain
Health-related quality of life in glioma patients in China

Author(s): Cheng Jin-xiang | Liu Bo-lin | Zhang Xiang | Lin Wei | Zhang Yong-qiang | Liu Wei-ping | Zhang Jian-ning | Lin Hong | Wang Rui | Yin Hong
Psychopathological responses of physically injured persons

Author(s): Lešić Aleksandar | Opalić Petar D.
A 64-week, multicenter, open-label study of aripiprazole effectiveness in the management of patients with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder in a general psychiatric outpatient setting

Author(s): Hsieh Ming-Hong | Lin Wei-Wen | Chen Shao-Tsu | Chen Kao-Ching | Chen Kuang-Peng | Chiu Nan-Ying | Huang Chao | Chang Ching-Jui | Lin Cheng-Hsiu | Lai Te-Jen
Stages of chronicity in fibromyalgia and pain catastrophising: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Rodero Baltasar | Casanueva Benigno | García-Campayo Javier | Roca Miquel | Magallón Rosa | López del Hoyo Yolanda
Duloxetine in the treatment of chronic pain due to fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy

Author(s): Alan Wright | Kyle E Luedtke | Chad VanDenBerg
Safety and tolerability of antipsychotics: focus on amisulpride

Author(s): Mario F Juruena | Eduardo Pondé de Sena | Irismar Reis de Oliveira
Emerging treatments in the management of schizophrenia – focus on sertindole

Author(s): Maria Rosaria A Muscatello | Antonio Bruno | Gianluca Pandolfo | et al
Duloxetine in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder

Author(s): Trevor R Norman | James S Olver
Duloxetine for the management of fibromyalgia syndrome

Author(s): Beth A Scholz | Cara L Hammonds | Chad S Boomershine
Duloxetine in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder

Author(s): Alan Wright | Chad VanDenBerg
Rare congenital hearth disease as a cause of tuberculosis activation

Author(s): Radović Milan | Ristić Lidija | Stanković Ivana | Petrović Dejan
IFN-α-2a (Interferon) and ribavirin induced suicidal attempt in a patient of chronic HCV: A rare case report

Author(s): Inder Deep | Rehan H | Yadav Madhur | Manak Seema | Kumar Pawan
Chronic insomnia in workers poisoned by inorganic mercury: psychological and adaptive aspects

Sedation in palliative care – a critical analysis of 7 years experience

Author(s): Muller-Busch H Christof | Andres Inge | Jehser Thomas
[Insomnia. Prevalence and treatment of patients in general practice]

Author(s): Blais FC | Morin CM | Boisclair A | Grenier V | Guay B
Survey of Australians using cannabis for medical purposes

Author(s): Swift Wendy | Gates Peter | Dillon Paul
Psychological, social and biological alterations in the climacteric woman

Author(s): Raimunda Magalhães da Silva | Cristiana Belchior de Araújo | Ângela Regina de Vasconcelos Silva
Insomnia in school-age children with Asperger syndrome or high-functioning autism

Author(s): Allik Hiie | Larsson Jan-Olov | Smedje Hans
Evaluation of herbal cannabis characteristics by medical users: a randomized trial

Author(s): Ware Mark | Ducruet Thierry | Robinson Ann
Insomnia symptoms and repressive coping in a sample of older Black and White women

Author(s): Jean-Louis Giradin | Magai Carol | Consedine Nathan | Pierre-Louis Jessy | Zizi Ferdinand | Casimir Georges | Belzie Louis
Maintenance therapy with once-monthly administration of long-acting injectable risperidone in patients with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder: a pilot study of an extended dosing interval

Author(s): Gharabawi Georges | Gearhart Natalie | Lasser Robert | Mahmoud Ramy | Zhu Young | Mannaert Erik | Naessens Ineke | Bossie Cynthia | Kujawa Mary | Simpson George
An internet survey of 2,596 people with fibromyalgia

Author(s): Bennett Robert | Jones Jessie | Turk Dennis | Russell I Jon | Matallana Lynne
El efecto del zolpidem en los pacientes con insomnio de corta evolución

Author(s): Alvarez Rueda, J. Moisés | Díaz Martínez, Alejandro | Gutiérrez Aguilar, Jesús | Lablache , Bruno C. | Rosales , Juan
Duloxetine in the treatment of major depressive disorder: an open-label study

Author(s): Hudson James | Perahia David | Gilaberte Inmaculada | Wang Fujun | Watkin John | Detke Michael
Depression symptomatology and diagnosis: discordance between patients and physicians in primary care settings

Author(s): Ani Chizobam | Bazargan Mohsen | Hindman David | Bell Douglas | Farooq Muhammad | Akhanjee Lutful | Yemofio Francis | Baker Richard | Rodriguez Michael
Associations of reported bruxism with insomnia and insufficient sleep symptoms among media personnel with or without irregular shift work

Author(s): Ahlberg Kristiina | Jahkola Antti | Savolainen Aslak | Könönen Mauno | Partinen Markku | Hublin Christer | Sinisalo Juha | Lindholm Harri | Sarna Seppo | Ahlberg Jari
A randomized controlled trial of a novel mixed monoamine reuptake inhibitor in adults with ADHD

Author(s): Wilens Timothy | Klint Thorsten | Adler Lenard | West Scott | Wesnes Keith | Graff Ole | Mikkelsen Birgit
Insomnia Symptoms and Cardiovascular Disease among Older American Indians: The Native Elder Care Study

Author(s): Charumathi Sabanayagam | Anoop Shankar | Dedra Buchwald | R. Turner Goins
Determination of awareness of health professionals about violence during pregnancy

Author(s): Selma Şen | Nuray Egelioğlu | Oya Kavlak | Ümran Sevil
Síntomas depresivos en pacientes con enfermedad renal terminal en tratamiento con hemodiálisis en Valencia, Venezuela

Author(s): Richard Mora | Alfonso Gudiño | Alejandra Riestra | Samar Mouthar | Alby Salazar | Maria Morales
Uwarunkowania zaburzeń snu u kobiet stosujących hormonalną terapię zastępczą i niestosujących hormonalnej terapii zastępczej

Author(s): Maciej Wilczak | Dariusz Samulak | Ewa Mojs | Magdalena Monika Michalska | Łukasz Kaczmarek
Wpływ operacji ginekologicznych na stopień zaburzeń snu oraz emocji u kobiet w wieku około- i pomenopauzalnym

Author(s): Maciej Wilczak | Ewa Mojs | Dariusz Samulak | Magdalena Monika Michalska | Michał Ziarko | Łukasz Kaczmarek
Ethnicity and Fatigue: Expressions of Distress, Causal Attributions and Coping

Author(s): Kamaldeep S Bhui | Sokratis Dinos | Marie-Laure Morelli
HIV encephalopathy presenting as schizophrenia-like delusions during highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) case report

Author(s): Mikako Fuji | 1Misaki Iseki | Seisho Takeuchi | Kyoko Kakeda | Shinji Shimodera | Hiromi Seo | Shimpei Inoue
Insomnia Symptoms and Sleep Duration Are Associated with Impaired Cardiac Autonomic Modulation in Children

Author(s): Sol M. Rodríguez-Colón | Fan He | Michele L. Shaffer | Xian Li | Alexandros N. Vgontzas | Edward O. Bixler | Rongling Wu | Duanping Liao
The impact of anxiety on sleep quality

Author(s): Azizeh Afkham-Ebrahimi | Maryam Rasoulian | Zahra Taherifar | Maryam Zare
Comparative study on the effect of zopiclone and flurazepam

Author(s): R. Najam | A. Nasir | S. S. Khan
Evaluation of two preoparative chemotherapy regimens for complete operability of advanced gastric adenocarcinoma: a clinical trial

Author(s): S. Sedighi | M. Mohagheghi | F. Memari | R. Jahangir | A. Mousavi Jarrahi | A. Montazeri | Z. Sedighi | M. Mostaghimi Tehrani | M. Zanganeh
Sleep estimates in children: parental versus actigraphic assessments

Author(s): Dayyat EA | Spruyt K | Molfese DL | Gozal D
Brain stimulation in posttraumatic stress disorder

Author(s): Vladan Novakovic | Leo Sher | Kyle A.B. Lapidus | Janet Mindes | Julia A.Golier | Rachel Yehuda
Vestibular findings in fibromyalgia patients

Author(s): Zeigelboim, Bianca Simone | Moreira, Denise Nunnes
Factors of appearance of depressive symptomatology and stress to mental health professionals

Author(s): Panagiotis Kyloudis | Michael Georgiadis | Maria Rekleiti | George Giaglis | Greta Wozniak | Zoe Roupa
Diagnostic and therapeutic challenges in acute lithium intoxication: a case report

Author(s): Nesrin Buket Tomruk | Mehtap Arslan Delice | Abdullah Yıldırım | Nihat Alpay

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