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A database and API for variation, dense genotyping and resequencing data

Author(s): Rios Daniel | McLaren William | Chen Yuan | Birney Ewan | Stabenau Arne | Flicek Paul | Cunningham Fiona
Inferring modules from human protein interactome classes

Author(s): Marras Elisabetta | Travaglione Antonella | Chaurasia Gautam | Futschik Matthias | Capobianco Enrico
Using VA data for research in persons with spinal cord injuries and disorders: Lessons from SCI QUERI

Author(s): Bridget M. Smith, PhD | Charlesnika T. Evans, MPH, PhD | Philip Ullrich, PhD | Stephen Burns, MD | Marylou Guihan, PhD | Scott Miskevics, MS | Sherri L. LaVela, PhD, MPH, MBA | Suparna Rajan, PhD | Frances M. Weaver, PhD
VHA Corporate Data Warehouse height and weight data: Opportunities and challenges for health services research

Author(s): Polly Hitchcock Noël, PhD | Laurel A. Copeland, PhD | Ruth A. Perrin, MA | A. Elizabeth Lancaster, BS | Mary Jo Pugh, RN, PhD | Chen-Pin Wang, PhD | Mary J. Bollinger, MPH | Helen P. Hazuda, PhD
Educating Higher Education and School Leaders in Matters of Peace

Author(s): Susan Carson | Susanne Chandler | Elaine C Collins | Deborah Snow
A Pharmacy Computer System

Author(s): Claudia CIULCA-VLADAIA | Călin MUNTEAN
Study on the Drift of Modulated Phase in Interference Fiber Optic Gyroscope

Author(s): Feng Sun | Lihui Wang | Gang Wang | Gang Liu
Using Local Data To Advance Quantitative Literacy

Author(s): Stephen Sweet | Susanne Morgan | Danette Ifert Johnson
Improve Performance of Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) in Data Warehouse

Author(s): Vishal Gour | Dr. S.S.Sarangdevot | Govind Singh Tanwar | Anand Sharma
Integrating findings of traditional medicine with modern pharmaceutical research: the potential role of linked open data

Author(s): Samwald Matthias | Dumontier Michel | Zhao Jun | Luciano Joanne | Marshall Michael | Cheung Kei
Akhond Khorasani’s Viewpoints towards Modern Concepts

Author(s): Alireza Soroush | Sarvinder Kaur Sandhu | Hamed Alaei
Daily and annual variations of erythemal ultraviolet radiation in Southwestern Spain

Author(s): A. Serrano | M. Antón | M. L. Cancillo | V. L. Mateos
miRMaid: a unified programming interface for microRNA data resources

Author(s): Jacobsen Anders | Krogh Anders | Kauppinen Sakari | Lindow Morten
Genomics Portals: integrative web-platform for mining genomics data

Author(s): Shinde Kaustubh | Phatak Mukta | Johannes Freudenberg | Chen Jing | Li Qian | Vineet Joshi | Hu Zhen | Ghosh Krishnendu | Meller Jaroslaw | Medvedovic Mario
Wireless Sensor Network for Wearable Physiological Monitoring

Author(s): P. S. Pandian | K. P. Safeer | Pragati Gupta | D. T. Shakunthala | B. S. Sundersheshu | V. C. Padaki
Implementation of a 3D Coupled Hydrodynamic and Contaminant Fate Model for PCDD/Fs in Thau Lagoon (France): The Importance of Atmospheric Sources of Contamination

Author(s): Sibylle Dueri | Dimitar Marinov | Annie Fiandrino | Jacek Tronczyński | José-Manuel Zaldívar
Integrated health care in Russia: to be or not to be?

Author(s): Mikko A. Vienonen | Ilkka J. Vohlonen
Is there a relationship between service integration and differentiation and patient outcomes?

Author(s): Robin P. Newhouse | Mary Etta Mills | Meg Johantgen | Peter J. Pronovost
The Domiciliary Support Service in Portugal and the change of paradigm in care provision

Author(s): Silvina Santana | Ana Dias | Elisabete Souza | Nelson Rocha
Effects and side-effects of integrating care: the case of mental health care in the Netherlands

Author(s): Giel J.M. Hutschemaekers | Bea G. Tiemens | Micha de Winter
Telehomecare technology across sectors: claims of jurisdiction and emerging controversies

Author(s): Birthe Dinesen | Jeppe Gustafsson | Christian Nøhr | Stig KjærAndersen | Holger Sejersen | Egon Toft
The challenges of joint working: lessons from the Supporting People Health Pilot evaluation

Author(s): Ailsa Cameron | Geraldine Macdonald | William Turner | Liz Lloyd
BIAdb: A curated database of benzylisoquinoline alkaloids

Author(s): Singla Deepak | Sharma Arun | Kaur Jasjit | Panwar Bharat | Raghava Gajendra
Carbon source/sink information provided by column CO2 measurements from the Orbiting Carbon Observatory

Author(s): D. F. Baker | H. Bösch | S. C. Doney | D. O'Brien | D. S. Schimel
Development of the systematic object event data model for integrated point source pollution management

Author(s): W. C. Huang | S. L. Liaw | S. Y. Chang | W. L. Liu | C. H. Chen
Risk mapping of Rinderpest sero-prevalence in Central and Southern Somalia based on spatial and network risk factors

Author(s): Ortiz-Pelaez Angel | Pfeiffer Dirk | Tempia Stefano | Otieno F Tom | Aden Hussein | Costagli Riccardo
IMMUNOCAT—A Data Management System for Epitope Mapping Studies

Author(s): Jo L. Chung | Jian Sun | John Sidney | Alessandro Sette | Bjoern Peters
Bayesian integrated modeling of expression data: a case study on RhoG

Author(s): Gupta Rashi | Greco Dario | Auvinen Petri | Arjas Elja
Ensembl variation resources

Author(s): Chen Yuan | Cunningham Fiona | Rios Daniel | McLaren William | Smith James | Pritchard Bethan | Spudich Giulietta | Brent Simon | Kulesha Eugene | Marin-Garcia Pablo | Smedley Damian | Birney Ewan | Flicek Paul
Interprofessional collaborative practice within cancer teams: Translating evidence into action. A mixed methods study protocol

Author(s): Tremblay Dominique | Drouin Danielle | Lang Ariella | Roberge Danièle | Ritchie Judith | Plante Anne
Site Suitability Analysis for Urban Development Using GIS

Author(s): Kamal Jain | Y. Venkata Subbaiah
Approach to Analyze Risk Factors for Construction Projects Utilizing Fuzzy Logic

Author(s): Amiruddin Ismail | Abbas M. Abd | Zamri Bin Chik
“Why Are You Still Out There?” Persistence among Deep Rural Communities in the Northern Plains

Author(s): Meredith Redlin | Gary Aguiar | George Langelett | Gerald Warmann
Air quality and human welfare

Author(s): Sundseth K. | Pacyna J. M. | Pacyna E. G.
Microarray data integration for genome-wide analysis of human tissue-selective gene expression

Author(s): Wang Liangjiang | Srivastava Anand | Schwartz Charles
PeptideMine - A webserver for the design of peptides for protein-peptide binding studies derived from protein-protein interactomes

Author(s): Shameer Khader | Madan Lalima | Veeranna Shivamurthy | Gopal Balasubramanian | Sowdhamini Ramanathan
Global dust model intercomparison in AeroCom phase I

Author(s): N. Huneeus | M. Schulz | Y. Balkanski | J. Griesfeller | S. Kinne | J. Prospero | S. Bauer | O. Boucher | M. Chin | F. Dentener | T. Diehl | R. Easter | D. Fillmore | S. Ghan | P. Ginoux | A. Grini | L. Horowitz | D. Koch | M. C. Krol | W. Landing | X. Liu | N. Mahowald | R. Miller | J.-J. Morcrette | G. Myhre | J. E. Penner | J. Perlwitz | P. Stier | T. Takemura | C. Zender
Integrated survey of elemental stoichiometry (C, N, P) from the Western to Eastern Mediterranean Sea

Author(s): M. Pujo-Pay | P. Conan | L. Oriol | V. Cornet-Barthaux | C. Falco | J.-F. Ghiglione | C. Goyet | T. Moutin | L. Prieur
Health related quality of life of Canary Island citizens

Author(s): Oliva-Moreno Juan | Lopez-Bastida Julio | Worbes-Cerezo Melany | Serrano-Aguilar Pedro
PathEx: a novel multi factors based datasets selector web tool

Author(s): Bareke Eric | Pierre Michael | Gaigneaux Anthoula | Meulder Bertrand | Depiereux Sophie | Habra Naji | Depiereux Eric
XML based Mediated Query Re-writing Framework

Author(s): Jahangir khan | Muhammad Ahmed | Muhammad Khalid khan
Integrated Plant Nutrient Management (IPNM) on Maize under Rainfed Condition

Author(s): M.D. Dilshad | M.I. Lone | Ghulam Jilani | M. Azim Malik | M. Yousaf | Rizwan Khalid | Fakhra Shamim
Integration of linkage maps for the Amphidiploid Brassica napus and comparative mapping with Arabidopsis and Brassica rapa

Author(s): Wang Jun | Lydiate Derek | Parkin Isobel | Falentin Cyril | Delourme Régine | Carion Pierre | King Graham
Gepoclu: a software tool for identifying and analyzing gene positional clusters in large-scale gene expression analysis

Author(s): Dottorini Tania | Senin Nicola | Mazzoleni Giorgio | Magnusson Kalle | Crisanti Andrea
BiologicalNetworks 2.0 - an integrative view of genome biology data

Author(s): Kozhenkov Sergey | Dubinina Yulia | Sedova Mayya | Gupta Amarnath | Ponomarenko Julia | Baitaluk Michael
Development of Science Views Held By Teachers in Different Disciplines through Social Constructivist Approach

Author(s): Yasemin ÖZDEM | Betül DEMİRDÖĞEN | Sevinç Nihal YEŞİLOĞLU | Mustafa KURT
Predictive integration of gene functional similarity and co-expression defines treatment response of endothelial progenitor cells

Author(s): Azuaje Francisco | Wang Haiying | Zheng Huiru | Léonard Frédérique | Rolland-Turner Magali | Zhang Lu | Devaux Yvan | Wagner Daniel
Codon usage variability determines the correlation between proteome and transcriptome fold changes

Author(s): Olivares-Hernández Roberto | Bordel Sergio | Nielsen Jens
Synergetic monitoring of Saharan dust plumes and potential impact on surface: a case study of dust transport from Canary Islands to Iberian Peninsula

Author(s): C. Córdoba-Jabonero | M. Sorribas | J. L. Guerrero-Rascado | J. A. Adame | Y. Hernández | H. Lyamani | V. Cachorro | M. Gil | L. Alados-Arboledas | E. Cuevas | B. de la Morena
Integrated survey of elemental stoichiometry (C, N, P) from the western to eastern Mediterranean Sea

Author(s): M. Pujo-Pay | P. Conan | L. Oriol | V. Cornet-Barthaux | C. Falco | J.-F. Ghiglione | C. Goyet | T. Moutin | L. Prieur
Estimating the climate significance of halogen-driven ozone loss in the tropical marine troposphere

Author(s): A. Saiz-Lopez | J.-F. Lamarque | D. E. Kinnison | S. Tilmes | C. Ordóñez | J. J. Orlando | A. J. Conley | J. M. C. Plane | A. S. Mahajan | G. Sousa Santos | E. L. Atlas | D. R. Blake | S. P. Sander | S. Schauffler | A. M. Thompson | G. Brasseur
Towards a merged satellite and in situ fluorescence ocean chlorophyll product

Author(s): H. Lavigne | F. D'Ortenzio | H. Claustre | A. Poteau
Labor Force Participation and Gender Inequalities: Comparative Analysis of Pakistan and Malaysia

Author(s): Najeebullah Khan | Adnan Hussein | Qamar Afaq | Zahid Awan
Atmospheric mercury dispersion modelling from two nearest hypothetical point sources

Author(s): Khandakar Md Habib Al Razi, Moritomi Hiroshi, Kambara Shinji
Measuring variations of δ18O and δ2H in atmospheric water vapour using laser spectroscopy: an instrument characterisation study

Author(s): F. Aemisegger | P. Sturm | P. Graf | H. Sodemann | S. Pfahl | A. Knohl | H. Wernli
Threshold values and management options for nutrients in a catchment of a temperate estuary with poor ecological status

Author(s): K. Hinsby | S. Markager | B. Kronvang | J. Windolf | T. O. Sonnenborg | L. Thorling
Uncovering Tacit Knowledge: A Pilot Study to Broaden the Concept of Knowledge in Knowledge Translation

Author(s): Kothari Anita | Bickford Julia | Edwards Nancy | Dobbins Maureen | Meyer Mechthild
iCTNet: A Cytoscape plugin to produce and analyze integrative complex traits networks

Author(s): Wang Lili | Khankhanian Pouya | Baranzini Sergio | Mousavi Parvin
An analysis of Liberia's 2007 national health policy: lessons for health systems strengthening and chronic disease care in poor, post-conflict countries

Author(s): Lee Patrick | Kruse Gina | Chan Brian | Massaquoi Moses | Panjabi Rajesh | Dahn Bernice | Gwenigale Walter
Removing bias against membrane proteins in interaction networks

Author(s): Brito Glauber | Andrews David
SegMine workflows for semantic microarray data analysis in Orange4WS

Author(s): Podpečan Vid | Lavrač Nada | Mozetič Igor | Novak Petra | Trajkovski Igor | Langohr Laura | Kulovesi Kimmo | Toivonen Hannu | Petek Marko | Motaln Helena | Gruden Kristina
Ship emissions of SO2 and NO2: DOAS measurements from airborne platforms

Author(s): N. Berg | J. Mellqvist | J.-P. Jalkanen | J. Balzani
Modeling nitrogen loading in a small watershed in southwest China using a DNDC model with hydrological enhancements

Author(s): J. Deng | Z. Zhou | B. Zhu | X. Zheng | C. Li | X. Wang | Z. Jian
Comparative study of natural disaster health information system in U.S.A, Japan and Iran

Author(s): Farajzadeh Saray H | Partovipoor E | Masori N | Safdari R

Author(s): Alexandre Sahal | Julie Morin | François Schindele | Franck Lavigne
The Export Supply Model of Bangladesh: An Application of Cointegration and Vector Error Correction Approaches

Author(s): Mahmudul Mannan Toy | MD. Moniruzzaman | A. B. M. Rashedul Hassan
An Improved Algorithm for Materialized View Selection

Author(s): Lijuan Zhou | Haijun Geng | Mingsheng Xu
A Semantic Sensor Web for Environmental Decision Support Applications

Author(s): Alasdair J. G. Gray | Jason Sadler | Oles Kit | Kostis Kyzirakos | Manos Karpathiotakis | Jean-Paul Calbimonte | Kevin Page | Raúl García-Castro | Alex Frazer | Ixent Galpin | Alvaro A. A. Fernandes | Norman W. Paton | Oscar Corcho | Manolis Koubarakis | David De Roure | Kirk Martinez | Asunción Gómez-Pérez
Modeling nitrogen loading in a small watershed in Southwest China using a DNDC model with hydrological enhancements

Author(s): J. Deng | Z. Zhou | B. Zhu | X. Zheng | C. Li | X. Wang | Z. Jian
Global dust model intercomparison in AeroCom phase I

Author(s): N. Huneeus | M. Schulz | Y. Balkanski | J. Griesfeller | J. Prospero | S. Kinne | S. Bauer | O. Boucher | M. Chin | F. Dentener | T. Diehl | R. Easter | D. Fillmore | S. Ghan | P. Ginoux | A. Grini | L. Horowitz | D. Koch | M. C. Krol | W. Landing | X. Liu | N. Mahowald | R. Miller | J.-J. Morcrette | G. Myhre | J. Penner | J. Perlwitz | P. Stier | T. Takemura | C. S. Zender
Decision Support for E-Governance: A Text Mining Approach

Author(s): G. Koteswara Rao | Shubhamoy Dey
LabKey Server NAb: A tool for analyzing, visualizing and sharing results from neutralizing antibody assays

Author(s): Piehler Britt | Nelson Elizabeth | Eckels Josh | Ramsay Sarah | Lum Karl | Wood Blake | Greene Kelli | Gao Hongmei | Seaman Michael | Montefiori David | Igra Mark
Assessing the functional coherence of modules found in multiple-evidence networks from Arabidopsis

Author(s): Lysenko Artem | Defoin-Platel Michael | Hassani-Pak Keywan | Taubert Jan | Hodgman Charlie | Rawlings Christopher | Saqi Mansoor
Palliative care making a difference in rural Uganda, Kenya and Malawi: three rapid evaluation field studies

Author(s): Grant Liz | Brown Judith | Leng Mhoira | Bettega Nadia | Murray Scott
Geographic profiling as a novel spatial tool for targeting infectious disease control

Author(s): Le Comber Steven | Rossmo D Kim | Hassan Ali | Fuller Douglas | Beier John
The Role of Home Stay for Ecotourism Development in East Coast Economic Region

Author(s): Md. Anowar H. Bhuiyan | C. Siwar | Shaharuddin M. Ismail | R. Islam
An Integrated Framework for Content Based Image Retrieval

Author(s): Ritika Hirwane | Nishchol Mishra
Primary versus secondary contributions to particle number concentrations in the European boundary layer

Author(s): C. L. Reddington | K. S. Carslaw | D. V. Spracklen | M. G. Frontoso | L. Collins | J. Merikanto | A. Minikin | T. Hamburger | H. Coe | M. Kulmala | P. Aalto | H. Flentje | C. Plass-Dülmer | W. Birmili | A. Wiedensohler | B. Wehner | T. Tuch | A. Sonntag | C. D. O'Dowd | S. G. Jennings | R. Dupuy | U. Baltensperger | E. Weingartner | H.-C. Hansson | P. Tunved | P. Laj | K. Sellegri | J. Boulon | J.-P. Putaud | C. Gruening | E. Swietlicki | P. Roldin | J. S. Henzing | M. Moerman | N. Mihalopoulos | G. Kouvarakis | V. Ždímal | N. Zíková | A. Marinoni | P. Bonasoni | R. Duchi
Assessment of Groundwater Quality in the Gaza Strip, Palestine Using GIS Mapping

Author(s): Basem Shomar | Sami Abu Fakher | Alfred Yahya
An Integrated Conceptual Model for Temporal Data Warehouse Security

Author(s): Marwa Salah Farhan | Mohamed E. Marie | Laila M. El-Fangary | Yehia K. Helmy

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