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Recent floods in the Middle Ebro River, Spain: hydrometeorological aspects and floodplain management

Author(s): S. Domenech | F. Espejo | A. Ollero | M. Sánchez-Fabre
Negative pressures in full-scale distribution system: field investigation, modelling, estimation of intrusion volumes and risk for public health

Author(s): M. C. Besner | G. Ebacher | B. S. Jung | B. Karney | J. Lavoie | P. Payment | M. Prévost
Ubiquitous System for Events Promotion

Author(s): Emanuel Soares Peres Correia | Nuno André Osório Liberato | Maximino Esteves Correia Bessa | João Eduardo Quintela Alves de Sousa Varajão
Berlin between past, present and future

Author(s): Aranđelović Biljana | Pogacar Kaja
Fauna and distribution of Testacea (Protozoa) from Arctic, Antarctic and Tibet

Author(s): Jun Yang | David M. Wilkinson | Humphrey G. Smith
Negative pressures in full-scale distribution system: field investigation, modelling, estimation of intrusion volumes and risk for public health

Author(s): M. C. Besner | G. Ebacher | B. S. Jung | B. Karney | J. Lavoie | P. Payment | M. Prévost
The analysis of the Standardized Precipitation Index in the Mediterranean area: large-scale patterns

Author(s): I. Bordi | S. Frigio | P. Parenti | A. Speranza | A. Sutera
A severe blizzard event in Romania – a case study

Author(s): F. Georgescu | S. Tascu | M. Caian | D. Banciu
Finding exclusively deleted or amplified genomic areas in lung adenocarcinomas using a novel chromosomal pattern analysis

Author(s): Broët Philippe | Tan Patrick | Alifano Marco | Camilleri-Broët Sophie | Richardson Sylvia
Gene expression profiling of intestinal regeneration in the sea cucumber

Author(s): Ortiz-Pineda Pablo | Ramírez-Gómez Francisco | Pérez-Ortiz Judit | González-Díaz Sebastián | Santiago-De Jesús Francisco | Hernández-Pasos Josue | Del Valle-Avila Cristina | Rojas-Cartagena Carmencita | Suárez-Castillo Edna | Tossas Karen | Méndez-Merced Ana | Roig-López José | Ortiz-Zuazaga Humberto | García-Arrarás José
Coral bleaching under thermal stress: putative involvement of host/symbiont recognition mechanisms

Author(s): Vidal-Dupiol Jeremie | Adjeroud Mehdi | Roger Emmanuel | Foure Laurent | Duval David | Mone Yves | Ferrier-Pages Christine | Tambutte Eric | Tambutte Sylvie | Zoccola Didier | Allemand Denis | Mitta Guillaume
Variability of the groundwater sulfate concentration in fractured rock slopes: a tool to identify active unstable areas

Author(s): S. Binet | L. Spadini | C. Bertrand | Y. Guglielmi | J. Mudry | C. Scavia
DNA Loci Cross-Talk through Thermodynamics

Author(s): Antonio Scialdone | Mario Nicodemi
Using the pea aphid Acrythociphon pisum as a tool for screening biological responses to chemicals and drugs

Author(s): Dombrovsky Aviv | Ledger Terence | Engler Gilbert | Robichon Alain
Construction of an annotated corpus to support biomedical information extraction

Author(s): Thompson Paul | Iqbal Syed | McNaught John | Ananiadou Sophia

Author(s): Glenda M. Besana | Masataka Ando | Ma. Hannah Mirabueno
A numerical model of the ionosphere, including the E-region above EISCAT

Author(s): P.-Y. Diloy | A. Robineau | J. Lilensten | P.-L. Blelly | J. Fontanari
Observations of thermospheric neutral winds within the polar cusp and the auroral oval using a Doppler imaging system (DIS)

Author(s): D. Rees | R. W. Smith | F. Signernes | K. Henriksen | U. Brandstrom | M. Harris | G. Maskall
Plasma and wave phenomena induced by neutral gas releases in the solar wind

Author(s): H. Laakso | R. Grard | P. Janhunen | J.-G. Trotignon
Firm’s Innovation Expectation, Potential and Actions: Impressions on the Japanese Videogame Console Market

Author(s): Paulo Antônio Zawislak | Fabiano Larentis | Cassio B. Machado | Alexandre M. Andrade
Fire Weather Index application in north-western Italy

Author(s): D. Cane | N. Ciccarelli | F. Gottero | A. Francesetti | F. Pelfini | R. Pelosini
High- and mid-latitude quasi-2-day waves observed simultaneouslyby four meteor radars during summer 2000

Author(s): E. Merzlyakov | D. Pancheva | N. Mitchell | J. M. Forbes | Yu. I. Portnyagin | S. Palo | N. Makarov | H. G. Muller
Small-scale characteristics of extremely high latitude aurora

Author(s): J. A. Cumnock | L. G. Blomberg | A. Kullen | T. Karlsson | K. Å. T. Sundberg
Performance Improvement and Efficient Approach for Mining Periodic Sequential Acess Patterns

Author(s): D. Vasumathi | Dr. A. Govardhan | K.Venkateswara Rao
Binary Coded Web Access Pattern Tree in Education Domain

Author(s): C. Gomathi | M. Moorthi | K. Duraiswamy
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Noureddine Boudriga | Habtamu Abie
Extending Component Composition Using Model Driven and Aspect-Oriented Techniques

Author(s): Pedro J. Clemente | Juan Herández | Fernando Sánchez
Neonatal arterial iliac thrombosis in type-I protein C deficiency: a case report

Author(s): Tridapalli Elisabetta | Stella Marcello | Capretti Maria | Faldella Giacomo
The Dunaliella salina organelle genomes: large sequences, inflated with intronic and intergenic DNA

Author(s): Smith David | Lee Robert | Cushman John | Magnuson Jon | Tran Duc | Polle Jürgen
Phylogenetic analysis of the vertebrate Excitatory/Neutral Amino Acid Transporter (SLC1/EAAT) family reveals lineage specific subfamilies

Author(s): Gesemann Matthias | Lesslauer Annegret | Maurer Colette | Schönthaler Helia | Neuhauss Stephan
Activation of endogenous p53 by combined p19Arf gene transfer and nutlin-3 drug treatment modalities in the murine cell lines B16 and C6

Author(s): Merkel Christian | da Silva Soares Rafael | de Carvalho Anna Carolina | Zanatta Daniela | Bajgelman Marcio | Fratini Paula | Costanzi-Strauss Eugenia | Strauss Bryan
Transcriptional responses in Honey Bee larvae infected with chalkbrood fungus

Author(s): Aronstein Katherine | Murray Keith | Saldivar Eduardo
The timing of perinatal hypoxia/ischemia events in term neonates: a retrospective autopsy study. HSPs, ORP-150 and COX2 are reliable markers to classify acute, perinatal events

Author(s): Riezzo Irene | Neri Margherita | De Stefano Francesco | Fulcheri Ezio | Ventura Francesco | Pomara Cristoforo | Rabozzi Roberto | Turillazzi Emanuela | Fineschi Vittorio
Correlation of pre-earthquake electromagnetic signals with laboratory and field rock experiments

Author(s): T. Bleier | C. Dunson | C. Alvarez | F. Freund | R. Dahlgren
Entering of Stefan Dušan into the Empire

Author(s): Pirivatrić Srđan
Polytomous diagnosis of ovarian tumors as benign, borderline, primary invasive or metastatic: development and validation of standard and kernel-based risk prediction models

Author(s): Van Calster Ben | Valentin Lil | Van Holsbeke Caroline | Testa Antonia | Bourne Tom | Van Huffel Sabine | Timmerman Dirk
Poetry by Briar Wood

Author(s): Briar Wood
Understanding and Exploiting the T - Cell Memory

Author(s): Kshipra Chandrashekhar1 | Ajit Singh1 | Archana Sharma1 and Rajkumari Sanjukta2
Enlightenment of Yeast Mitochondrial Homoplasmy: Diversified Roles of Gene Conversion

Author(s): Feng Ling | Tsutomu Mikawa | Takehiko Shibata
Insights into the innate immunity of the Mediterranean mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis

Author(s): Venier Paola | Varotto Laura | Rosani Umberto | Millino Caterina | Celegato Barbara | Bernante Filippo | Lanfranchi Gerolamo | Novoa Beatriz | Roch Philippe | Figueras Antonio | Pallavicini Alberto
Comparative genomics of the bacterial genus Listeria: Genome evolution is characterized by limited gene acquisition and limited gene loss

Author(s): den Bakker Henk | Cummings Craig | Ferreira Vania | Vatta Paolo | Orsi Renato | Degoricija Lovorka | Barker Melissa | Petrauskene Olga | Furtado Manohar | Wiedmann Martin
Regulatory network modelling of iron acquisition by a fungal pathogen in contact with epithelial cells

Author(s): Linde Jörg | Wilson Duncan | Hube Bernhard | Guthke Reinhard
Earthquake, GIS and multimedia. The 1883 Casamicciola earthquake

Author(s): F. Bramerini | S. Castenetto | E. Cubellis | M. G. Martini | M. Rebuffat | P. Soddu
Structural features of the Middle Tirso Valley (Central Sardinia - Italy) from geoelectrical and gravity data

Author(s): T. Andriani | R. Balia | M. Loddo | G. Pecorini | A. Tramacere
A study of tilt change recorded from July to October 2006 at the Phlegraean Fields (Naples, Italy)

Author(s): C. Ricco | I. Aquino | S. E. Borgstrom | C. Del Gaudio
The ATLAS experiment on-line monitoring and filtering as an example of real-time application

Author(s): Krzysztof Korcyl | Tadeusz Szymocha | Wlodzimierz Funika | Jacek Kitowski | Renata Slota | Kazimierz Balos | Lukasz Dutka | Krzysztof Guzy | Tomir Kryza | Jan Pieczykolan

Author(s): Dr. Anastasios Alexandridis | Dr. Stamatis Kontsas
Building an international network for a primary care research program: reflections on challenges and solutions in the set-up and delivery of a prospective observational study of acute cough in 13 European countries

Author(s): Nuttall Jacqueline | Hood Kerenza | Verheij Theo | Little Paul | Brugman Curt | Veen Robert | Goossens Herman | Butler Christopher
Comprehensive SNP array study of frequently used neuroblastoma cell lines; copy neutral loss of heterozygosity is common in the cell lines but uncommon in primary tumors

Author(s): Kryh Hanna | Carén Helena | Erichsen Jennie | Sjöberg Rose-Marie | Abrahamsson Jonas | Kogner Per | Martinsson Tommy
A global view of porcine transcriptome in three tissues from a full-sib pair with extreme phenotypes in growth and fat deposition by paired-end RNA sequencing

Author(s): Chen Congying | Ai Huashui | Ren Jun | Li Wanbo | Li Pinghua | Qiao Ruimin | Ouyang Jing | Yang Ming | Ma Junwu | Huang Lusheng
Multimodal Semantic Analysis and Annotation for Basketball Video

Author(s): Liu Song | Xu Min | Yi Haoran | Chia Liang-Tien | Rajan Deepu
A Content-Adaptive Analysis and Representation Framework for Audio Event Discovery from "Unscripted" Multimedia

Author(s): Radhakrishnan Regunathan | Divakaran Ajay | Xiong Ziyou | Otsuka Isao
A Framework For An Event Driven Video Surveillance System

Author(s): Declan Kieran | Jonathan Weir | WeiQi Yan
Scaling of peak flows with constant flow velocity in random self-similar networks

Author(s): R. Mantilla | V. K. Gupta | B. M. Troutman
Hydrophobic pulses predict transmembrane helix irregularities and channel transmembrane units

Author(s): Paulet Damien | Claustres Mireille | Béroud Christophe
SULFs in human neoplasia: implication as progression and prognosis factors

Author(s): Bret Caroline | Moreaux Jérôme | Schved Jean-François | Hose Dirk | Klein Bernard
Azathioprine/6-mercaptopurine toxicity: The role of the TPMT gene

Author(s): KH. K.H. Katsanos | EV. Tsianos
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