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Clinical importance of aspirin and clopidogrel resistance

Author(s): Gergely Feher | Andrea Feher | Gabriella Pusch | Katalin Koltai | Antal Tibold | Beata Gasztonyi | Elod Papp | Laszlo Szapary | Gabor Kesmarky | Kalman Toth
A C1173T dimorphism in the VKORC1 gene determines coumarin sensitivity and bleeding risk.

Author(s): Reitsma Pieter H | van der Heijden Jeroen F | Groot Angelique P | Rosendaal Frits R | Büller Harry R
Genotyping panel for assessing response to cancer chemotherapy

Author(s): Dai Zunyan | Papp Audrey | Wang Danxin | Hampel Heather | Sadee Wolfgang
Acro-cardio-facial syndrome

Author(s): Digilio Maria | Dallapiccola Bruno
Genetic variation in the Catechol-O-Methyltransferase (COMT) gene and morphine requirements in cancer patients with pain

Author(s): Rakvåg Trude | Ross Joy | Sato Hiroe | Skorpen Frank | Kaasa Stein | Klepstad Pål
Toxicological Assessment of Noxious Inhalants

Author(s): Kleinsasser, N. H. | Sassen, A. W. | Wallner, B. W. | Staudenmaier, R. | Harréus, U. A. | Richter, E.
Functional annotation of the human retinal pigment epithelium transcriptome

Author(s): Booij Judith | van Soest Simone | Swagemakers Sigrid | Essing Anke | Verkerk Annemieke | van der Spek Peter | Gorgels Theo | Bergen Arthur
Pharmacogenetics and its clinical applications in opiod therapy

Author(s): C. Aurilio | P. Sansone | V. Pota
Cisplatin-based chemotherapy: Add high-frequency audiometry in the regimen

Author(s): Arora R | Thakur J | Azad R | Mohindroo N | Sharma D | Seam R
Two matched filters and the evolution of mating signals in four species of cricket

Author(s): Kostarakos Konstantinos | Hennig Matthias | Römer Heiner
Current clinical evidence on topiramate pharmacokinetics

Author(s): Jakovljević Mihajlo | Jožef Maj | Vovk Tomaž | Janković Slobodan | Grabnar Iztok
Impact of everolimus: update on immunosuppressive therapy strategies and patient outcomes after renal transplantation

Author(s): Helio Tedesco-Silva Jr | Claudia Rosso Felipe | Tainá Veras de Sandes Freitas | et al
Anatomics Knowledges of Aortic Root in the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation.

Author(s): Luciano Honaine | Sebastián Duhalde | Karina Ferreira | Gisela Panciroli | Omar Bertani | Marcelo Cerezo
Validation of the micronucleus-centromere assay for biological dosimetry

Author(s): Wojcik A. | Kowalska M. | Bouzyk E. | Buraczewska I. | Kobialko G. | Jarocewicz N. | Szumiel I.
Predisposition to cancer and radiosensitivity

Author(s): Pichierri P. | Franchitto A. | Palitti F.
Polymorphic segmental duplications at 8p23.1 challenge the determination of individual defensin gene repertoires and the assembly of a contiguous human reference sequence

Author(s): Taudien Stefan | Galgoczy Petra | Huse Klaus | Reichwald Kathrin | Schilhabel Markus | Szafranski Karol | Shimizu Atsushi | Asakawa Shuichi | Frankish Adam | Loncarevic Ivan | Shimizu Nobuyoshi | Siddiqui Roman | Platzer Matthias
Application of population pharmacokinetics to cladribine

Author(s): Lindemalm Synnöve | Savic Radojka | Karlsson Mats | Juliusson Gunnar | Liliemark Jan | Albertioni Freidoun
Distribution of cytochrome P450 2C, 2E1, 3A4, and 3A5 in human colon mucosa

Author(s): Bergheim Ina | Bode Christiane | Parlesak Alexandr
Satisfaction survey with DNA cards method to collect genetic samples for pharmacogenetics studies

Author(s): Vidal-Taboada Jose | Cucala Mercedes | Mas Herrero Sergio | Lafuente Amalia | Cobos Albert
Genetic polymorphisms in monoamine neurotransmitter systems show only weak association with acute post-surgical pain in humans

Author(s): Kim Hyungsuk | Lee Hyewon | Rowan Janet | Brahim Jaime | Dionne Raymond
The Virtual Insect Brain protocol: creating and comparing standardized neuroanatomy

Author(s): Jenett Arnim | Schindelin Johannes | Heisenberg Martin
Genome-wide association study of electrocardiographic and heart rate variability traits: the Framingham Heart Study

Author(s): Newton-Cheh Christopher | Guo Chao-Yu | Wang Thomas | O'Donnell Christopher | Levy Daniel | Larson Martin
Pharmacodynamic Effects of an Angiotensin II Receptor-Antagonist in Phase I: Comparison between Healthy Subjects and Patients with Hypertension

Author(s): Georg Wensing | Klaus Ochmann | Michael Boettcher | Anja Schäfer | Jochen Kuhlmann
Noninvasive near-infrared live imaging of human adult mesenchymal stem cells transplanted in a rodent model of Parkinson’s disease

Author(s): Bossolasco P | Cova L | Levandis G | Diana V | Cerri S | Lambertenghi Deliliers G | Polli E | Silani V | Blandini F | Armentero MT
Measurements of 5-FU Plasma Concentrations in Patients with Gastrointestinal Cancer: 5-FU Levels Reflect the 5-FU Dose Applied

Author(s): Martin Nischwitz | Giuliano Ramadori | Silke Cameron | Martina Blaschke | Jutta Blumberg | Ulrike Wegner
Measurements of 5-FU Plasma Concentrations in Patients with Gastrointestinal Cancer: 5-FU Levels Reflect the 5-FU Dose Applied

Author(s): Martin Nischwitz | Giuliano Ramadori | Silke Cameron | Martina Blaschke | Jutta Blumberg | Ulrike Wegner
Population pharmacokinetics of oral high-dose busulfan in adult patients undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Author(s): M Hadjibabaie | S Rahimian | Z Jahangard-Rafsanjani | M Amini | K Alimoghaddam | M Iravani | A Ghavamzadeh | S Sadrai
Role of cell adhesion molecules in acute ischemic stroke

Author(s): Supanc Visnja | Biloglav Zrinka | Kes Vanja | Demarin Vida
Population pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of hydroxyurea in sickle cell anemia patients, a basis for optimizing the dosing regimen

Author(s): Paule Ines | Sassi Hind | Habibi Anoosha | Pham Kim | Bachir Dora | Galactéros Frédéric | Girard Pascal | Hulin Anne | Tod Michel
Natural selection among Eurasians at genomic regions associated with HIV-1 control

Author(s): Klimentidis Yann | Aissani Brahim | Shriver Mark | Allison David | Shrestha Sadeep
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