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Skills of Educational Designer: the speech of the practice and practice of speech

Author(s): Mirian Maia do Amaral | Lina Cardoso Nunes

Author(s): Nazan Karaoğlu | Selahattin Avşaroğlu | Mehmet Engin Deniz
Why Should Children Adapt, and When?

Author(s): Thora Tenbrink
System Analysis & Design and IS Professional Recruitment

Author(s): Anand K. Tripathi | Monica Tripathi
Health literacy and health communication

Author(s): Ishikawa Hirono | Kiuchi Takahiro
Interpersonal Skills

Author(s): Barakat NG

Author(s): Salazar Torres, Isabel Cristina | Varela Arévalo, María Teresa | Tovar Cuevas, José Rafael | Cáceres de Rodríguez, Delcy Elena
Putting It All Together: Incorporating

Author(s): Randall E. Osborne, PhD | Paul Kriese, PhD | Heather Tobey | Emily Johnson
Los servicios de información y referencia en el contexto de la biblioteca universitaria actual

Author(s): Beumala, Angel | Mas, María Dolors | Ramón, Montserrat | Tornés, Montserrat
A Message from the Guest Editor

Author(s): Janice Kelly
Competencies, Roles and Effective Academic Leadership in World Class University

Author(s): Elham Shahmandi | Abu Daud Silong | Ismi Arif Ismail | Bahaman Bin Abu Samah | Jamilah Othman
A tool for self-assessment of communication skills and professionalism in residents

Author(s): Symons Andrew | Swanson Andrew | McGuigan Denise | Orrange Susan | A Elie
Childhood Sexual Abuse

Author(s): Evrim Aktepe
Resident training in pathology: From resident's point of view

Author(s): Kemal KÖSEMEHMETOĞLU | Berrak GÜMÜŞKAYA ÖCAL | Esra Zeynep COŞKUNOĞLU | İlke ÇULHA | Ali Fuat ÇİÇEK | Emel DAĞLAR | Özgür İLHAN | Alper KOÇBIYIK | Ayşe ÖZGÜN | Gonca ÖZGÜN | Demet ŞENGÜL
Survey of self-assessed preparedness for clinical practice in one Croatian medical school

Author(s): Bojanić Katarina | Schears Gregory | Schroeder Darrell | Jenkins Sarah | Warner David | Sprung Juraj
Consumer views of community pharmacy services in Bangalore city, India

Author(s): Jayaprakash G | Rajan ML | Shivam P
From editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
İşgörenlerin Kendilik Algılarının Bireysel Özellikler Bakımından Değerlendirilmesi

Author(s): Hasan TUTAR | Mehmet ALTINÖZ | Demet ÇAKIROĞLU
Gender Differences in Interpersonal Problems of Alcohol-Dependent Patients and Healthy Controls

Author(s): Sandra E. Mueller | Bigna Degen | Sylvie Petitjean | Gerhard A. Wiesbeck | Marc Walter
The fear of being laughed at, social anxiety, and memories of being teased during childhood

Author(s): Kim R. Edwards | Rod A. Martin | David J. A. Dozois
Therapeutic Humor- Method H.L.S. (Humor Laughter Smile).

Author(s): Riezu Ochoa, Maria Isabel
Understanding Collaborative Academic Writing among Beginner University Writers in Malaysia

Author(s): Latisha Asmaak Shafie | Anis Maesin | Nazira Osman | Surina Nayan | Mahani Mansor
Social skills headteachers of schools centers. Las habilidades sociales en directores de centros escolares

Author(s): Margarita Salvador | Manuel de la Fuente | Joaquín Álvarez
Examine Of Emotional Intelligence Levels on Physical Education Students According To Some Variables

Author(s): Ali Kemal TAŞKIN | Özden TAŞĞIN | Mehmet Hakan BAŞARAN
Evaluation of life skills in students of Nursing: a descriptive study

Author(s): Dimitrios Papageorgiou | Anna Kavga
Creating conditions for cooperative learning: Basic elements

Author(s): Ševkušić-Mandić Slavica G.
Work-readiness skills in the Fasset Sector

Author(s): Melandi Raftopoulos | Sanet Coetzee | Deléne Visser

Author(s): F. Cilliers
Die samestelling en evaluering van 'n groepfasiliteringskursus

Author(s): S. Rothmann | G. V/D M Sieberhagen
Die kwalitatiewe effek van 'n groepfasiliteringskursus

Author(s): S. Rorthmann | G. V. D. M. Sieberhagen | F. V. N. Cilliers
Facilitation skills for trainers

Author(s): F. Cilliers
The negotiation power: reflection about the managing of conflicts in nursing

Author(s): Álvaro Pereira, Adriana Cristian Mota Venas Lima, Rudval Souza da Silva
Psychological characteristics of Japanese patients with chronic pain assessed by the Rorschach test

Author(s): Yamamoto Kazumi | Kanbara Kenji | Mutsuura Hiromi | Ban Ikumi | Mizuno Yasuyuki | Abe Tetsuya | Yoshino Maki | Tajika Aran | Nakai Yoshihide | Fukunaga Mikihiko
Evaluation of a social marketing intervention promoting oral rehydration salts in Burundi

Author(s): Kassegne Sethson | Kays Megan | Nzohabonayo Jerome
The validity and reliability process of interpersonal problem solving inventory for adults

Author(s): Sabahattin Çam | Songül Tümkaya | E. Ercüment Yerlikaya
Strangers in Stranger Lands: Language, Learning, Culture

Author(s): Hong Li | Roy F. Fox | Dario J. Almarza
Functional Analysis and Treatment of Selective Mutism in Children

Author(s): Christopher A. Kearney | Jennifer Vecchio
From Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Rehabilitation needs for older adults with stroke living at home: perceptions of four populations

Author(s): Vincent Claude | Deaudelin Isabelle | Robichaud Line | Rousseau Jacqueline | Viscogliosi Chantal | Talbot Lise | Desrosiers Johanne
Experienced stressors and coping strategies among Iranian nursing students

Author(s): Seyedfatemi Naiemeh | Tafreshi Maryam | Hagani Hamid
Habilidades socio-cognitivas en niños con conductas disruptivas y víctimas de maltrato


Author(s): Clementina Niţă, Sorin Enea
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Employers’ Perspectives on Future Roles and Skills Requirements for Australian Health Librarians

Author(s): Suzanne Lewis | Gillian Hallam | Ann Ritchie | Catherine Clark | Cheryl Hamill | Melanie Kammermann | Patrick O'Connor
The nursing students' viewpoints on influential clinical instructor in Jahrom University of Medical Sciences

Author(s): Sedigheh Najafipour | Sohrab Najafipour | Rahim Raoofi | Mohammad Hashem Abdi | Leili Mosalanejad
Palliative Care and Death Anxiety

Author(s): Figen Inci | Fatma Oz
The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Citizenship Behavior of Physicians (With Emphasis on Infertility Specialists)

Author(s): Elham Sahafi | Habibolah Danaee | Mohammad Ali Sarlak | Fedyeh Haghollahi
Forgiveness Treatment with an Emphasis on Islamic Perspective: A Case Study

Author(s): M. Khodayari Fard | B. Ghobari Bonab | A. N. Faghihi | Sh. Vahdat Torbati
Pervasive development disorder explained by the theory of executive dysfunction: case study

Author(s): Anna Martha Vaitses Fontanari | Vivian Denise Cazerta Vaitses2
The Effect of Counseling on Premenstrual Syndrome Related Symptoms

Author(s): Z Taghizadeh | M Shirmohammadi | M Mirmohammadali | M Arbabi | H Haghani
Evaluation of Intelligent Agent Frameworks for Human Learning

Author(s): Mohamed Soliman | Christian Guetl
Why Should Children Adapt, and When?

Author(s): Thora Tenbrink
Intelligent Virtual Patients for Training Clinical Skills

Author(s): Albert | Patrick Kenny | Thomas D. Parsons
Professionals’ views on interprofessional stroke team functioning

Author(s): Jane Murray Cramm | Anna Petra Nieboer
Postgraduate assessments in Brunei Darussalam.

Author(s): Jackson Chee Seng TAN | Siti Nur Ashikin PENGIRAN TENGAH | Kim Khee TAN | Alice Moi Ling YONG | Elizabeth Siew Foon CHONG
Successful recruitment to trials: a phased approach to opening gates and building bridges

Author(s): Patterson Sue | Mairs Hilary | Borschmann Rohan
Community perceptions of malaria and vaccines in the South Coast and Busia regions of Kenya

Author(s): Ojakaa David | Ofware Peter | Machira Yvonne | Yamo Emmanuel | Collymore Yvette | Ba-Nguz Antoinette | Vansadia Preeti | Bingham Allison
The Chinese-version of the CARE Measure reliably differentiates between doctors in primary care: a cross-sectional study in Hong Kong

Author(s): Mercer Stewart | Fung Colman | Chan Frank | Wong Fiona | Wong Samuel | Murphy Douglas
Perceived Effects of MBA Degree on Skills Development and Career Advancement: The Case of Pakistan

Author(s): Ayesha Saba | Babak Mahmood | Aroosa Khalid | Sumaira Aslam
The Role of Communications in Coaching

Author(s): Urszula Dziewulska | Marcin W. Staniewski
La relación entre profesionales de enfermería y medicina: Una posible explicación de los resultados

Author(s): Luis Felipe González Castro, MD | Ivonne Andrea Moreno Martínez, MD | Mery García Mancipe, Enf | Maribel Vélez Ferreira, Enf
The Measurement of Social Competence in Children Using the Rorschach Inkblot Test: A Validation Study

Author(s): Sandra A. Soenning | Gary D. Fireman | James R. Clopton
Emotional inteligence model for directors of research centers in Mexico

Author(s): Mara Maricela Trujillo Flores | Luis Arturo Rivas Tovar
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