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A pilot operational flood warning system in Andalusia (Spain): presentation and first results

Author(s): P.-A. Versini | M. Berenguer | C. Corral | D. Sempere-Torres | A. Santiago-Gahete
Discharge simulation in the sub-basins of the Amazon using ORCHIDEE forced by new datasets

Author(s): M. Guimberteau | G. Drapeau | J. Ronchail | B. Sultan | J. Polcher | J.-M. Martinez | C. Prigent | J.-L. Guyot | G. Cochonneau | J. C. Espinoza | N. Filizola | P. Fraizy | W. Lavado | E. De Oliveira | R. Pombosa | L. Noriega | P. Vauchel
Multivariate Interpolation Functions of Higher-Orderq-Euler Numbers and Their Applications

Author(s): Hacer Ozden | Ismail Naci Cangul | Yilmaz Simsek
Aerodynamic System Modeling based on Proper Orthogonal Decomposition

Author(s): Weigang Yao | Min Xu | Xiaojuan Wang
Real-Time Air Pollutants Rendering based on Image Processing

Author(s): Demin Wang | Yan Huang | Weitao Li
Fractional Fourier Transform Based Pilot Symbol Assisted Modulation

Author(s): Simranjit Singh | Rajesh Khanna | Manjeet Patterh
Adaptive band-limited disturbance rejection in linear discrete-time systems

Author(s): Foued Ben-Amara | Pierre T. Kabamba | A. Galip Ulsoy
Matrix formulation of dynamic design of structures with semi-rigid connections

Author(s): Zlatkov Dragan | Zdravković Slavko | Mladenović Biljana | Stojić Radoslav
Numerical Computation of the p-th Derivative of a Function

Author(s): Bülent Yılmaz | Sadi Kartal
Performance Study of the Application of Artificial Neural Networks to the Completion and Prediction of Data Retrieved by Underwater Sensors

Author(s): Carlos Baladrón | Javier M. Aguiar | Lorena Calavia | Belén Carro | Antonio Sánchez-Esguevillas | Luis Hernández
About Nodal Systems for Lagrange Interpolation on the Circle

Author(s): E. Berriochoa | A. Cachafeiro | J. M. García Amor
Improving runoff estimates from regional climate models: a performance analysis in Spain

Author(s): D. González-Zeas | L. Garrote | A. Iglesias | A. Sordo-Ward
Remarks on Šeda theorem

Author(s): B. Vynnyts'kyi | O. Shavala
Interpolative mapping of mean precipitation in the Baltic countries by using landscape characteristics

Author(s): Kalle Remm | Jaak Jaagus | Agrita Briede | Egidijus Rimkus | Tiiu Kelviste
Spline interpolation of demographic data revisited

Author(s): Nittaya McNeil | Patarapan Odton | Attachai Ueranantasun
Theoretical Design and Simulation of an Overcurrent Relay with Dynamic Setting

Author(s): Conde-Enriquez A. | Vázquez-Martínez E. | Cantú-Gutiérrez V.P.
Spatial distribution of weeds and forage production in areas of continuous grazing Distribuição espacial de plantas daninhas e produção de forragem em áreas de pastejo contínuo

Author(s): Valdinéia Patricia Dim | Antonio Clementino dos Santos | Durval Nolasco das Neves Neto | Luziano Lopes da Silva | Patríccia da Cruz Ramos | Fábio Pinto dos Reis Monteiro
Far-Field Pattern Reconstruction from Positioning Errors Affected Near-Field Data Acquired via Helicoidal Scanning

Author(s): Rocco Guerriero | Massimo Migliozzi | Claudio Gennarelli | Francesco D’Agostin | Flaminio Ferrara
Far-Field Pattern Reconstruction from Positioning Errors Affected Near-Field Data Acquired via Helicoidal Scanning

Author(s): Rocco Guerriero | Massimo Migliozzi | Claudio Gennarelli | Francesco D’Agostin | Flaminio Ferrara
Temporal variations of evapotranspiration: reconstruction using instantaneous satellite measurements in the thermal infra red domain

Author(s): E. Delogu | G. Boulet | A. Olioso | B. Coudert | J. Chirouze | E. Ceschia | V. Le Dantec | O. Marloie | G. Chehbouni | J.-P. Lagouarde
A Method of Curve Fitting by Recurrent Fractal Interpolation

Author(s): Bhagwati Prasad | Bani Singh | Kuldip Katiyar
White-Dwarfs in the thin-disk: physical properties and luminosity functions

Author(s): Hektor Monteiro | Wei-Chun Jao | Antonio Kanaan
Noise Reduction in Fast Fading Channel Using OFDM/TDM

Author(s): A. Sagaya selvaraj | R.S.D. Wahidabanu
Graphing emotional patterns by dilation of the iris in video sequences

Author(s): Rodolfo Romero Herrera | Francisco Gallegos Funes | Saul De La O Torres
Improved Ostrowski-Like Methods Based on Cubic Curve Interpolation

Author(s): Janak Raj Sharma | Rangan Kumar Guha | Rajni Sharma
A first-generation integrated tammar wallaby map and its use in creating a tammar wallaby first-generation virtual genome map

Author(s): Wang Chenwei | Deakin Janine | Rens Willem | Zenger Kyall | Belov Katherine | Marshall Graves Jennifer | Nicholas Frank
Quadratic Interpolation and Linear Lifting Design

Author(s): Solé Joel | Salembier Philippe
An Overview on Wavelets in Source Coding, Communications, and Networks

Author(s): Fowler JamesE | Pesquet-Popescu Béatrice
Geometry Unit for Analysis of Warped Image Features on Programmable Chips

Author(s): Fürtler Johannes | Mayer KonradJ | Eckel Christian | Brodersen Jörg | Nachtnebel Herbert | Cadek Gerhard
Comparison of ring artifact removal methods using flat panel detector based CT images

Author(s): Abu Anas Emran | Kim Jae | Lee Soo | Hasan Md
How Reed-Solomon Codes Can Improve Steganographic Schemes

Author(s): Fontaine Caroline | Galand Fabien
Notes on Interpolation Inequalities

Author(s): Dong Jiu-Gang | Xiao Ti-Jun
Language Model Adaptation Using Machine-Translated Text for Resource-Deficient Languages

Author(s): Jensson ArnarThor | Iwano Koji | Furui Sadaoki
Motion Compensation on DCT Domain

Author(s): Koc Ut-Va | Liu KJ Ray
Temporal Resolution Enhancement in Compressed Video Sequences

Author(s): Robertson Mark A | Stevenson Robert L
Time-Scale Invariant Audio Data Embedding

Author(s): Mansour Mohamed F | Tewfik Ahmed H
Validation of an arterial tortuosity measure with application to hypertension collection of clinical hypertensive patients

Author(s): Diedrich Karl | Roberts John | Schmidt Richard | Kang Chang-Ki | Cho Zang-Hee | Parker Dennis
Automatic Moving Object Segmentation from Video Sequences Using Alternate Flashing System

Author(s): Ahn Jae-Kyun | Lee Dae-Yeon | Lee Chul | Kim Chang-Su
Automatic Image Interpolation Using Homography

Author(s): Wu Yi-Leh | Tang Cheng-Yuan | Hor Maw-Kae | Liu Chi-Tsung
Improved Side Information Generation for Distributed Video Coding by Exploiting Spatial and Temporal Correlations

Author(s): Ye Shuiming | Ouaret Mourad | Dufaux Frederic | Ebrahimi Touradj
Interpolation Functions of -Extensions of Apostol's Type Euler Polynomials

Author(s): Hwang Kyung-Won | Kim Young-Hee | Kim Taekyun
Complementary Lidstone Interpolation and Boundary Value Problems

Author(s): Agarwal RaviP | Pinelas Sandra | Wong PatriciaJY
Smooth fractal interpolation

Author(s): Navascués MA | Sebastián MV
Von Neumann–Jordan constant for Lebesgue–Bochner spaces

Author(s): Kato Mikio | Takahashi Yasuji
A characterization of chaotic order and a problem

Author(s): Fujii Masatoshi | Jiang Jian Fei | Kamei EiZaburo | Tanahashi Kotaro
Multiresolution Motion Estimation for Low-Rate Video Frame Interpolation

Author(s): Abdul Karim Hezerul | Bister Michel | Siddiqi Mohammad Umar
New Insights into the RLS Algorithm

Author(s): Benesty Jacob | Gänsler Tomas
Teager-Kaiser Energy and Higher-Order Operators in White-Light Interference Microscopy for Surface Shape Measurement

Author(s): Salzenstein Fabien | Montgomery Paul C | Montaner Denis | Boudraa Abdel-Ouahab
A Frequency Domain Approach to Registration of Aliased Images with Application to Super-resolution

Author(s): Vandewalle Patrick | Süsstrunk Sabine | Vetterli Martin
Space-Varying Iterative Restoration of Diffuse Optical Tomograms Reconstructed by the Photon Average Trajectories Method

Author(s): Konovalov Alexander B | Vlasov Vitaly V | Kravtsenyuk Olga V | Lyubimov Vladimir V
A Discrete Model for Color Naming

Author(s): Menegaz G | Le Troter A | Sequeira J | Boi JM
A Fast Mellin and Scale Transform

Author(s): De Sena Antonio | Rocchesso Davide
Real interpolation with logarithmic functors

Author(s): Evans WD | Opic Bohumír | Pick Luboš
Robust and Scalable Transmission of Arbitrary 3D Models over Wireless Networks

Author(s): Cheng Irene | Ying Lihang | Daniilidis Kostas | Basu Anup
Occlusion-Aware View Interpolation

Author(s): Ince Serdar | Konrad Janusz
A Motion-Adaptive Deinterlacer via Hybrid Motion Detection and Edge-Pattern Recognition

Author(s): Lee GwoGiun | Wang Ming-Jiun | Li Hsin-Te | Lin He-Yuan
Spatial-Aided Low-Delay Wyner-Ziv Video Coding

Author(s): Wu Bo | Ji Xiangyang | Zhao Debin | Gao Wen
On Multiple Interpolation Functions of the -Genocchi Polynomials

Author(s): Rim Seog-Hoon | Jin Jeong-Hee | Moon Eun-Jung | Lee Sun-Jung
Lazy Decomposition for Distributed Decision Procedures

Author(s): Youssef Hamadi | Joao Marques-Silva | Christoph M. Wintersteiger
A hierarchical approach on groundwater-surface water interaction in wetlands along the upper Biebrza River, Poland

Author(s): C. Anibas | B. Verbeiren | K. Buis | J. Chormański | L. De Doncker | T. Okruszko | P. Meire | O. Batelaan
Coastal observing and forecasting system for the German Bight – estimates of hydrophysical states

Author(s): E. V. Stanev | J. Schulz-Stellenfleth | J. Staneva | S. Grayek | J. Seemann | W. Petersen
The impact of land surface temperature on soil moisture anomaly detection from passive microwave observations

Author(s): R. M. Parinussa | T. R. H. Holmes | M. T. Yilmaz | W. T. Crow
Capacity of MIMO-OFDM with Pilot-Aided Channel Estimation

Author(s): Cosovic Ivan | Auer Gunther

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