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Contemporary Irish theatre: a dynamic collection of critical voices

Author(s): Beatriz Kopschitz Xavier Bastos | José Roberto O'Shea
The Microvascular Anastomotic Device and Its Role in Free Tissue Transfer

Author(s): Goran Jeremic | Mark Shrime | Jonathan C. Irish | Ralph W. Gilbert | David Goldstein
Evaluating Hoarseness: How to Avoid Backing the Wrong Horse

Author(s): Goran Jeremic | Mark Rafferty | Jonathan Irish | Dale Brown | David Goldstein
IODP Expedition 307 Drills Cold-Water Coral Mound Along the Irish Continental Margin

Author(s): T.G. Ferdelman | Akihiro Kano | Trevor Williams | the IODP Expedition 307 Scientists

Author(s): Beatriz Elisa Ferro Siqueira
Consistency of Findings Across International Surveys of Math & Science

Author(s): Michael O'Leary et al | Thomas Kellaghan | George Madaus | Albert Beaton
Conor McPherson's The Seafarer: tinkering with tradition

Author(s): Roberto Ferreira da Rocha
Benign cystic mesothelioma of the appendix presenting in a woman: a case report

Author(s): O'Connor Donal | Beddy David | Aremu Muyiwa
Friel and his "sisters"

Author(s): Nicholas Grene
Brian Friel: the master playwright

Author(s): Martine Pelletier
Violence and hope in Ariel, by Marina Carr

Author(s): Zoraide Rodrigues Carrasco de Mesquita
Conor McPherson's view of Endgame by Samuel Beckett

Author(s): Maria Rita Teixeira Silva Köster
Developing an electronic health record (EHR) for methadone treatment recording and decision support

Author(s): Xiao Liang | Cousins Gráinne | Courtney Brenda | Hederman Lucy | Fahey Tom | Dimitrov Borislav
Cone-Beam CT for Image Guided Surgery of the Head and Neck

Author(s): Antoine Eskander | Emma Barker | David P Goldstein | Jeffrey H. Siewerdsen | Jonathan C. Irish
Mucosal Melanoma of the Hypopharynx

Author(s): Teresa Pun | David Goldstein | Bayardo Perez-Ordonez | Mark Rafferty | Jonathan Irish
The Irish economy: Three strikes and you’re out?

Author(s): Gurdgiev Constantin | Lucey Brian M. | Mac an Ciarán Bhaird | Roche-Kelly Lorcan
Unique Yeats, Unique Ireland

Author(s): Rui DONG
Shape Identification in a Magnetic Separation System

Author(s): Ilona Iatcheva | Rumena Stancheva | Georgi Kunov | Irish Jordanian
Aerosol properties associated with air masses arriving into the North East Atlantic during the 2008 Mace Head EUCAARI intensive observing period: an overview

Author(s): M. Dall'Osto | D. Ceburnis | G. Martucci | J. Bialek | R. Dupuy | S. G. Jennings | H. Berresheim | J. Wenger | R. Healy | M. C. Facchini | M. Rinaldi | L. Giulianelli | E. Finessi | D. Worsnop | M. Ehn | J. Mikkilä | M. Kulmala | C. D. O'Dowd
Bioactivity of Rumex obtusifolius (Polygonaceae)

Author(s): Harshaw Diane | Nahar Lutfun | Vadla Brahmachari | Saif-E-Naser Gadria M. | Sarker Satyajit D.
Identification of Carbohydrate Metabolism Genes in the Metagenome of a Marine Biofilm Community Shown to Be Dominated by Gammaproteobacteria and Bacteroidetes

Author(s): Jennifer L. Edwards | Darren L. Smith | John Connolly | James E. McDonald | Michael J. Cox | Ian Joint | Clive Edwards | Alan J. McCarthy
Thermal control of some post-harvest rot pathogens of Irish potato (solanum tuberosum l.)

Author(s): Salami Olusola Abiodun | Popoola Omololu Olumide
Same sex families and children

Author(s): Mršević Zorica
DNA sequence polymorphisms in a panel of eight candidate bovine imprinted genes and their association with performance traits in Irish Holstein-Friesian cattle

Author(s): Magee David | Sikora Klaudia | Berkowicz Erik | Berry Donagh | Howard Dawn | Mullen Michael | Evans Ross | Spillane Charles | MacHugh David
WestREN: a description of an Irish academic general practice research network

Author(s): Kavanagh Kim | O'Brien Niamh | Glynn Liam | Vellinga Akke | Murphy Andrew
Polymorphisms in bovine immune genes and their associations with somatic cell count and milk production in dairy cattle

Author(s): Beecher Christine | Daly Mairead | Childs Stuart | Berry Donagh | Magee David | McCarthy Tommie | Giblin Linda
An on-farm investigation of beef suckler herds using an animal welfare index (AWI)

Author(s): Mazurek Mickael | Prendiville Daniel | Crowe Mark | Veissier Isabelle | Earley Bernadette
The fitness for the Ageing Brain Study II (FABS II): protocol for a randomized controlled clinical trial evaluating the effect of physical activity on cognitive function in patients with Alzheimer's disease

Author(s): Cyarto Elizabeth | Cox Kay | Almeida Osvaldo | Flicker Leon | Ames David | Byrne Gerard | Hill Keith | Beer Christopher | LoGiudice Dina | Appadurai Kana | Irish Muireann | Renehan Emma | Lautenschlager Nicola
Influences on flood frequency distributions in Irish river catchments

Author(s): S. Ahilan | J. J. O'Sullivan | M. Bruen
The cleidosternohyoid: a fifth infrahyoid muscle?

Author(s): Wu B | Bluth BE | Stark ME | Wisco JJ
Acquired Activated Protein C Resistance, Thrombophilia and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes: A Study Performed in an Irish Cohort of Pregnant Women

Author(s): Sara Sedano-Balbás | Mark Lyons | Brendan Cleary | Margaret Murray | Geraldine Gaffney | Majella Maher
CARIBIC aircraft measurements of Eyjafjallajökull volcanic clouds in April/May 2010

Author(s): A. Rauthe-Schöch | A. Weigelt | M. Hermann | B. G. Martinsson | A. K. Baker | K.-P. Heue | C. A. M. Brenninkmeijer | A. Zahn | D. Scharffe | S. Eckhardt | A. Stohl | P. F. J. van Velthoven
Writing Irish Art History

Author(s): Niamh NicGhabhann
The clustering of health behaviours in Ireland and their relationship with mental health, self-rated health and quality of life

Author(s): Conry Mary | Morgan Karen | Curry Philip | McGee Hannah | Harrington Janas | Ward Mark | Shelley Emer
Auditing in the Irish Casemix budget models

Author(s): O'Connor MD | Burke E | Gallagher E | Bane F | Johnson J
A gene signature in histologically normal surgical margins is predictive of oral carcinoma recurrence

Author(s): Reis Patricia | Waldron Levi | Perez-Ordonez Bayardo | Pintilie Melania | Galloni Natalie | Xuan Yali | Cervigne Nilva | Warner Giles | Makitie Antti | Simpson Colleen | Goldstein David | Brown Dale | Gilbert Ralph | Gullane Patrick | Irish Jonathan | Jurisica Igor | Kamel-Reid Suzanne
Na Cloigne (Robert Quinn 2010)

Author(s): Sean Crosson
Virtual Cinema Short Films

Author(s): Conn Holohan
Snap (Carmel Winters 2010)

Author(s): Eileen Leahy
Short Shorts: A Masala of Musicals

Author(s): Barry Monahan
Netherland (Joseph O’Neill 2008)

Author(s): Brian G Caraher
Hand in the Fire (Hugo Hamilton 2010)

Author(s): Mairéad Conneely
An Autumn Wind (Derek Mahon 2010)

Author(s): Karen Marguerite Moloney
Irish Film Review 2010

Author(s): Tony Tracy
Savage (Brendan Muldowney, 2009)

Author(s): Ruth Barton
Reflections on Irish Writing in 2010

Author(s): Patricia A. Lynch
The Culture Shock of St Patrick

Author(s): Edward Dutton
Penelope de Enda Walsh

Author(s): Rosana Herrero-Martín
Irish Studies in Spain – 2010

Author(s): Inés Praga-Terente
Cost awareness among doctors in an Irish university-affiliated teaching hospital

Author(s): William H.C. Tiong | Michael O'Shaughnessy | Sean T. O'Sullivan
The prevalence of alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency in Ireland

Author(s): Carroll Tomás | O'Connor Catherine | Floyd Olwen | McPartlin Joseph | Kelleher Dermot | O'Brien Geraldine | Dimitrov Borislav | Morris Valerie | Taggart Clifford | McElvaney Noel
Everyday episodic memory in amnestic mild cognitive impairment: a preliminary investigation

Author(s): Irish Muireann | Lawlor Brian | Coen Robert | O'Mara Shane
mRNA transcript quantification in archival samples using multiplexed, color-coded probes

Author(s): Reis Patricia | Waldron Levi | Goswami Rashmi | Xu Wei | Xuan Yali | Perez-Ordonez Bayardo | Gullane Patrick | Irish Jonathan | Jurisica Igor | Kamel-Reid Suzanne
Aspects of bovine herpesvirus-1 infection in dairy and beef herds in the Republic of Ireland

Author(s): Cowley DJ Bosco | Clegg Tracy | Doherty Michael | More Simon
Prevalence of Symptoms of Severe Asthma and Allergies in Irish School Children: An ISAAC Protocol Study, 1995–2007

Author(s): Zubair Kabir | Patrick J. Manning | Jean Holohan | Patrick G. Goodman | Luke Clancy
CARIBIC aircraft measurements of Eyjafjallajökull volcanic plumes in April/May 2010

Author(s): A. Rauthe-Schöch | A. Weigelt | M. Hermann | B. G. Martinsson | A. K. Baker | K.-P. Heue | C. A. M. Brenninkmeijer | A. Zahn | D. Scharffe | S. Eckhardt | A. Stohl | P. F. J. van Velthoven
Looking for evidence of climate change impacts in the eastern Irish Sea

Author(s): L. S. Esteves | J. J. Williams | J. M. Brown
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