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Comparative study of antibacterial action of iron and copper nanoparticles on clinical Staphylococcus aureus strains

Author(s): I.V. Babushkina | V.B. Borodulin | G.V. Korshunov | D.M. Puchinjan
Determination of sulphide concentrates of ore copper by XRPD and chemical analysis

Author(s): Cocić Mira B. | Logar Mihovil M. | Cocić Saša Lj. | Živković Dragana T. | Matović Branko Ž. | Dević Snežana S.
Removal of Cyanide from Aquatic Solution by Using of Iron and Copper Powder: Equilibrium and Kinetic Study

Author(s): M Shirzad Siboni | M.R Samarghandi | H Piri Dogahe | M Farrokhi | M Zarrabi
Caracterización arqueométrica de pigmentos y soportes procedentes de pinturas murales góticas (S. XIII-XV)

Author(s): Kriznar, A. | Höfler, J. | Ruíz-Conde, A. | Sánchez-Soto, P. J.
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