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Improving community health worker use of malaria rapid diagnostic tests in Zambia: package instructions, job aid and job aid-plus-training

Author(s): Harvey Steven | Jennings Larissa | Chinyama Masela | Masaninga Fred | Mulholland Kurt | Bell David
Occupational stress among radiographers: the impact of sonography responsibility

Author(s): Mr. Anthony Chukwuka Ugwu | Mr. Ogugua Austine Egwu | Mr. Ivor Chigozie Nwobi | Mr. Nnaoma Franza Oluware
Costs and health effects of screening and delivery of hearing aids in Tamil Nadu, India: an observational study

Author(s): Rob Baltussen | Vinod J Abraham | Monica Priya | Balraj Achamma | Job Anand | Norman Gift | Joseph Abraham
Reproductive health and quality of life of young Burmese refugees in Thailand

Author(s): Benner Marie | Townsend Joy | Kaloi Wiphan | Htwe Kyi | Naranichakul Nantarat | Hunnangkul Saowalak | Carrara Verena | Sondorp Egbert
Excluding pregnancy among women initiating antiretroviral therapy: efficacy of a family planning job aid

Author(s): Torpey Kwasi | Mwenda Lona | Kabaso Mushota | Malebe Thierry | Makelele Patrick | Mwema Francis | Phiri Henry | Mukundu Jonathan | Weaver Mark | Stanback John
Searching the protein structure database for ligand-binding site similarities using CPASS v.2

Author(s): Powers Robert | Copeland Jennifer | Stark Jaime | Caprez Adam | Guru Ashu | Swanson David
Screening family planning needs: an operations research project in Guatemala

Author(s): Mendez Francisco | Lopez Felipe | Brambila Carlos | Burkhart Marianne
An ecological study of regional variation in work injuries among young workers

Author(s): Breslin F Curtis | Smith Peter | Dunn James
Online Personalization of Hearing Instruments

Author(s): Alexander Ypma | Job Geurts | Serkan Özer | Erik van der Werf | Bert de Vries
Relationship between the musculoskeletal disorders with the ergonomic factors in nurses

Author(s): Seyed Hamid Sharif nia | Ali Akbar Haghdoost | Fatemeh Hajihosseini | Hamid Hojjati
Team-working and stress in health and social care

Author(s): Constantine Kahuro Ngigi
Nurse’s Roles and the Mediating Effects of Stress on Job Performance in Low and Developing Economies

Author(s): Joshua Chiroma Gandi | Wukatda Wokji Beben | Yohanna Gyarazama
Online Personalization of Hearing Instruments

Author(s): Ypma Alexander | Geurts Job | Özer Serkan | van der Werf Erik | de Vries Bert
Outcomes of the performance appraisal and its relation with nurses job motivation

Author(s): Taghavi Larijani T | Parsa Yekta Z | Kazemnejad A | Mazaheri A
The variability of tropical ice cloud properties as a function of the large-scale context from ground-based radar-lidar observations over Darwin, Australia

Author(s): A. Protat | J. Delanoë | P. T. May | J. Haynes | C. Jakob | E. O'Connor | M. Pope | M. C. Wheeler
What is Evidence? (editorial)

Author(s): Denise Koufogiannakis

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