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The Drift Diffusion Model can account for the accuracy and reaction time of value-based choices under high and low time pressure

Author(s): Milica Milosavljevic | Jonathan Malmaud | Alexander Huth | Christof Koch | Antonio Rangel
The Influence of Human Values on Holiday Destination Choice in Australia and Brazil

Author(s): Claudio Vaz Torres | Amalia Raquel Pérez-Nebra
An alternative approach for eliciting willingness-to-pay

Author(s): Laura J. Damschroder | Peter A. Ubel | Jason Riis | Dylan M. Smith
Direct and indirect effects of pathological gambling on risk attitudes

Author(s): Pablo Branas-Garza, | Nikolaos Georgantzis | Pablo Guillen
Emerging sacred values

Author(s): Morteza Dehghani | Rumen Iliev | Sonya Sachdeva | Scott Atran | Jeremy Ginges | Douglas Medin
Less-is-more effects without the recognition heuristic

Author(s): C. Philip Beaman | Philip T. Smith | Caren A. Frosch | Rachel McCloy
Cue integration vs. exemplar-based reasoning in multi-attribute decisions from memory

Author(s): Arndt Broeder | Ben R. Newell | Christine Platzer
Biased calculations: Numeric anchors influence answers to math equations

Author(s): Andrew R. Smith | Paul D. Windschitl
Evaluation of Computer-aided Drug Delivery System with a Human Operator

Author(s): Koji Kashihara | Yoshibumi Nakahara
Betrouwbaarheid bij het meten van toonhoogtebereik

Author(s): Ouden, Hanny den | Terken, Jacques | Wijk, Carel van | Noordman, Leo
Are medical treatments for individuals and groups like single-play and multiple-play gambles?

Author(s): Michael L. DeKay | John C. Hershey | Mark D. Spranca, | Peter A. Ubel | David A. Asch
What's bad is easy

Author(s): Sarah Lichtenstein | Robin Gregory | Julie Irwin
Cognitive abilities and superior decision making under risk

Author(s): Edward T. Cokely | Colleen M. Kelley
Trust in motives, trust in competence

Author(s): Matt Twyman | Nigel Harvey | Clare Harries
Taboos and conflicts in decision making

Author(s): Martin Hanselmann | Carmen Tanner
Estimation of the intercalving period in Italian Mediterranean buffalo

Author(s): L. Zicarelli | R. Di Palo | G. Neglia | B. Ariota | E. Varricchio | G. Campanile
Thyroid Nodules in Childhood: a Single Institute Experience

Author(s): Alireza Mirshemirani | Fatolah Roshanzamir | Ahmad Khaleghnejad Tabari | Javad Ghorobi | Shadab Salehpoor | Fatemeh Abdollah-Gorji
A group decision-making aggregation process

Author(s): Halouani Nesrin | Chabchoub Habib | Martel Jean-Marc
A simple remedy for overprecision in judgment

Author(s): Uriel Haran | Don A. Moore | Carey K. Morewedge
Sacred values and conflict over Iran's nuclear program

Author(s): Morteza Dehghani | Scott Atran | Rumen Iliev | Sonya Sachdeva | Douglas Medin | Jeremy Ginges
Small schools and the pressure to consolidate.

Author(s): Aimee Howley | Craig Howley
Coming close to the ideal alternative: The concordant-ranks strategy

Author(s): Neda Kerimi | Henry Montgomery | Dan Zakay
Ability to perform activities of daily living is the main factor affecting quality of life in patients with dementia

Author(s): Andersen Christian | Wittrup-Jensen Kim | Lolk Anette | Andersen Kjeld | Kragh-Sørensen Per
New bone-seeking agent: animal study of Tc-99m-incadronate.

Author(s): Shigematsu M | Shomi S | Iwao H | Ochi H
Seizmic response spectra

Author(s): Jozef Viskup | Blažej Pandula | Igor Leššo | Kamila Jelšovská
Over-, under- and misuse of pain treatment in Germany

Author(s): Dietl, Markus | Korczak, Dieter
Thyroid Nodules in Childhood: a Single Institute Experience

Author(s): Alireza Mirshemirani | Fatolah Roshanzamir | Ahmad Khaleghnejad Tabari | Javad ghorobi | Shadab Salehpoor | Fatemeh Abdollah-Gorji
Development of Production Rates Database for Substructure Activities by Work Sampling

Author(s): Arazi Idrus | Sana Muqeem | Saiful Bin Zakaria | Muhamad Nazim bin Mohamad Nawi
A comparison study of two breathing exercise techniques in tetraplegics

Author(s): Stanley John Winser | Jacob George | Priya Stanley | George Tharion
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