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Author(s): Andrea Cerri | Patrizio Frosini
On the Dynamics of Shock-Interface Interaction using the Level Set Method

Author(s): Ashraf Bagabir | Ashraf Balbel | Wageeh Ahmed El-Askary
Evolution of perturbations in 3D air quality models

Author(s): I. Kioutsioukis | C. Zerefos | D. Melas | I. Ziomas
Handwritten Devanagari Word Recognition: A Curvelet Transform Based Approach

Author(s): Brijmohan Singh, | Ankush Mittal, | M.A. Ansari, | Debashis Ghosh
Synthesis of quantum circuits in Linear Nearest Neighbor model using Positive Davio Lattices

Author(s): Marek Perkowski | Martin Lukac | Dipal Shah | Michitaka Kameyama
Coordinate Systems Integration for Craniofacial Database from Multimodal Devices

Author(s): Deni Suwardhi | Halim Setan | Albert K. Chong | Zainul Rajion

Author(s): Kristjana Ỷr Jónsdóttir | Eva B Vedel Jensen
Printed and Handwritten Mixed Kannada Numerals Recognition Using SVM

Author(s): G. G. Rajput | Rajeswari Horakeri, | Sidramappa Chandrakant
Spam Classification using new kernel function in Support Vector Machine

Author(s): Surendra Kumar Rakse | Sanyam Shukla
Speaker Identification by using Vector Quantization

Author(s): Dr. H. B. Kekre | Ms. Vaishali Kulkarni
Lowered HGK expression inhibits cell invasion and adhesion in hepatocellular carcinoma cell line HepG2

Author(s): Su-Xia Han, Qing Zhu, Jin-Lu Ma, Jing Zhao, Chen Huang, Xi Jia, Dan Zhang
Note on AdS/CFT duality

Author(s): E. Biglar | F. Loran
Multilevel Feature Extraction and X-ray Image Classification

Author(s): A. Mueen | M. Sapiyan Baba | R. Zainuddin
The attitude determination problem from two reference vectors - a description of the triad algorithm and its attitude covariance matrix

Author(s): Francisco Granziera Junior | Roberto Vieira da Fonseca Lopes | Marcelo Carvalho Tosin
New echocardiographic techniques in optimal patient selection for cardiac resynchronization therapy in the treatment of chronic heart failure

Author(s): Petrović Milan | Vujisić-Tešić Bosiljka | Milašinović Goran | Zamaklar-Trifunović Danijela | Nedeljković Ivana | Jelić Vera | Boričić Marija | Ćalović Žarko | Petrović Olga | Banović Marko
Photodisintegration of 3H in a three dimensional faddeev approach

Author(s): Bayegan S. | Shalchi M.A. | Hadizadeh M.R.
Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search by Residual Vector Quantization

Author(s): Yongjian Chen | Tao Guan | Cheng Wang
Log-Polar Quantizer with the Embedded G.711 Codec

Author(s): M. R. Dincic | Z. H. Peric
Cayley-Dickson algebras and loops

Author(s): Craig Culbert
Overexpression of truncated ERG from TMPRSS2-ERG fusion and prostate cancer development

Author(s): Melanie Leong | Wen-feng Shi | Jun Tian | et al
The Application of Two-dimensional Electrophoresis Technology in Entomological Research

Author(s): HU Wen-xia | CHEN Bin | WANG Lin-ling | FENG Guo-zhong
Comparative study of unsupervised dimension reduction techniques for the visualization of microarray gene expression data

Author(s): Bartenhagen Christoph | Klein Hans-Ulrich | Ruckert Christian | Jiang Xiaoyi | Dugas Martin
Segment-orientated analysis of two-dimensional strain and strain rate as assessed by velocity vector imaging in patients with acute myocardial infarction

Author(s): Thomas Butz, Corinna N. Lang, Marc van Bracht, Magnus W. Prull, Hakan Yeni, Petra Maagh, Gunnar Plehn, Axel Meissner, Hans-Joachim Trappe
Fusion Of Facial Parts And Lip For Recognition Using Modular Neural Network

Author(s): Anupam Tarsauliya | Shoureya Kant | Saurabh Tripathi | Ritu Tiwari | Anupam Shukla
Dimensionality Reduction technique using Neural Networks : A Survey

Author(s): Prof. Mrs. Shamla Mantri | Nikhil S. Tarale | Sudip C. Mahajan
Superintegrable Oscillator and Kepler Systems on Spaces of Nonconstant Curvature via the Stäckel Transform

Author(s): Ángel Ballesteros | Alberto Enciso | Francisco J. Herranz | Orlando Ragnisco | Danilo Riglioni
Surface electromagnetic waves on two-dimensional rough perfectly conducting surfaces

Author(s): T.A. Leskova | A.A. Maradudin | I. Simonsen
Speech Recognition: Increasing Efficiency of Support Vector Machines

Author(s): Aamir Khan | Muhammad Farhan | Asar Ali
Face Representation And Recognition Using Two-Dimensional PCA

Author(s): K.Shilpa | Syed Musthak Ahmed | A.VenkataRamana
H-Recurrent Surfaces in Euclidean Space E^{m}

Author(s): Kadri Arslan | Cengizhan Murathan | Gunay Ozturk | Selen Turkay
Three-dimensional factorization of size-resolved organic aerosol mass spectra from Mexico City

Author(s): I. M. Ulbrich | M. R. Canagaratna | M. J. Cubison | Q. Zhang | N. L. Ng | A. C. Aiken | J. L. Jimenez

Tree Based Wavelet Transform and DAG SVM for Seizure Detection

Author(s): A.S.Muthanantha Murugavel | S.Ramakrishnan
Coalescence collision of liquid drops I: Off-center collisions of equal-size drops

Author(s): Alejandro Acevedo-Malavé | Máximo García-Sucre
Coalescence collision of liquid drops II: Off-center collisions of unequal-size drops

Author(s): Alejandro Acevedo-Malavé | Máximo García-Sucre
Network Resilience through Multiple Routing Configurations

Author(s): Naga Raju Pamidi | Y.Srinivasa Rao
A New Expert System for Pediatric Respiratory Diseases by Using Neural Network

Author(s): A. A. Radwan | H. M. El Bakry | H. M. El Hadad
Hermitean Cauchy Integral Decomposition of Continuous Functions on Hypersurfaces

Author(s): Blaya RicardoAbreu | Reyes JuanBory | Brackx Fred | De Knock Bram | De Schepper Hennie | Peña DixanPeña | Sommen Frank
Reduced-Rank Chip-Level MMSE Equalization for the 3G CDMA Forward Link with Code-Multiplexed Pilot

Author(s): Chowdhury Samina | Zoltowski Michael D | Goldstein J Scott
A Set of Axioms for the Degree of a Tangent Vector Field on Differentiable Manifolds

Author(s): Furi Massimo | Pera MariaPatrizia | Spadini Marco
-Means Based Fingerprint Segmentation with Sensor Interoperability

Author(s): Yang Gongping | Zhou Guang-Tong | Yin Yilong | Yang Xiukun
Efficient Vector-Based Forwarding for Underwater Sensor Networks

Author(s): Xie Peng | Zhou Zhong | Nicolaou Nicolas | See Andrew | Cui Jun-Hong | Shi Zhijie
RST-Resilient Video Watermarking Using Scene-Based Feature Extraction

Author(s): Jung Han-Seung | Lee Young-Yoon | Lee Sang Uk
Feature Selection and Blind Source Separation in an EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interface

Author(s): Peterson David A | Knight James N | Kirby Michael J | Anderson Charles W | Thaut Michael H
A Discrete Model for Color Naming

Author(s): Menegaz G | Le Troter A | Sequeira J | Boi JM
Hermitean Téodorescu Transform Decomposition of Continuous Matrix Functions on Fractal Hypersurfaces

Author(s): Abreu-Blaya Ricardo | Bory-Reyes Juan | Brackx Fred | De Schepper Hennie
Three-dimensional spatial structures of solar wind turbulence from 10 000-km to 100-km scales

Author(s): Y. Narita | K.-H. Glassmeier | M. L. Goldstein | U. Motschmann | F. Sahraoui
Plynová diplomacie Ruské federace

Author(s): Petr Strejček
An Empirical Study on the Performance of Integrated Hybrid Prediction Model on the Medical Datasets

Author(s): Sarojini Balakrishnan | Ramaraj Narayanaswamy | Ilango Paramasivam
Inverse Operation of Four-dimensional Vector Matrix

Author(s): H J Bao | A J Sang | H X Chen
An Improved Text Clustering Method based on Hybrid Model

Author(s): Jinzhu Hu | Chunxiu Xiong | Jiangbo Shu | Xing Zhou | Jun Zhu
Four-Dimensional Spin Foam Perturbation Theory

Author(s): João Faria Martins | Aleksandar Mikovic

Author(s): Islam Ullah Khan | Ayyaz Mahmood | Muhammad Nadeem Arshad | Sohail Anjum Shahzad
A New Similarity Measure Based on Adjusted Euclidean Distance for Memory-based Collaborative Filtering

Author(s): Huifeng Sun | Yong Peng | Junliang Chen | Chuanchang Liu | Yuzhuo Sun
Multi-source Information Fusion Based on Data Driven

Author(s): Xin Zhang | Li Yang | Yan Zhang | Jinxue Sui
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianlong Gu | Shenghui Li
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Feng Gao | Tokuro Matsuo | Junhu Zhang | Shifei Ding
A Super Data-sharing Model in Common Platform of Geographic Information

Author(s): Xin Liu | Chengming Li | Zhaoting Ma | Jizhou Wang | Wei Sun
A Blind Steganalytic Scheme Based on DCT and Spatial Domain for JPEG Images

Author(s): Zhuo Li | Kuijun Lu | Xianting Zeng | Xuezeng Pan
Real-Time Visualization and Interaction of Three-dimensional Human CT Images

Author(s): Zhanli Hu | Jing Zou | Jianbao Gui | Junyan Rong | Yanming Li | Dongxing Xi | Hairong Zheng
Properties of a charge in the nanoheterosystems with quantum wells and barriers

Author(s): V.I. Boichuk | I.V. Bilynskyi | I.O. Shakleina | V.B. Holskyi
Three-dimensional factorization of size-resolved organic aerosol mass spectra from Mexico City

Author(s): I. M. Ulbrich | M. R. Canagaratna | M. J. Cubison | Q. Zhang | N. L. Ng | A. C. Aiken | J. L. Jimenez
A novel MCF-10A line allowing conditional oncogene expression in 3D culture

Author(s): Herr Ricarda | Wöhrle Franziska | Danke Christina | Berens Christian | Brummer Tilman
Elastic SCAD as a novel penalization method for SVM classification tasks in high-dimensional data

Author(s): Becker Natalia | Toedt Grischa | Lichter Peter | Benner Axel
Gene Selection for Multiclass Prediction by Weighted Fisher Criterion

Author(s): Xuan Jianhua | Wang Yue | Dong Yibin | Feng Yuanjian | Wang Bin | Khan Javed | Bakay Maria | Wang Zuyi | Pachman Lauren | Winokur Sara | Chen Yi-Wen | Clarke Robert | Hoffman Eric
Influence of scattering processes on electron quantum states in nanowires

Author(s): Pozdnyakov Dmitry | Galenchik Vadim | Borzdov Andrei | Borzdov Vladimir | Komarov Fadei
Subband Coding of Images: Novel Approaches and Some Improvements

Author(s): Miodrag Popović | Dragutin Šević
Point Selection for Triangular 2-D Mesh Design Using Adaptive Forward Tracking Algorithm

Author(s): Nastaran Borjian | Rassoul Amirfattahi | Saeed Sadri

Author(s): Dominique Lafon | Tahiana Ramananantoandro
Inspection and Recognition of Generalized Surface Defect for Precise Optical Elements

Author(s): Hongyu Chu | Zhijiang Xie | Xu Xu | Lidan Zhou | Qin Liu
Lower-Dimensional Feature Sets for Template-Based Motion Recognition Approaches

Author(s): M.D. A.R. Ahad | J. Tan | H. Kim | S. shikawa
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