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Author(s): Kekre Nitin

Author(s): Kekre Nitin
Primary hyperoxaluria and systemic oxalosis

Author(s): Sriram K | Kekre Nitin | Gopalakrishnan Ganesh
Worshiping false Gods

Author(s): Kekre Nitin
Ureteral frozen section analysis during radical cystectomy: Do margins matter?

Author(s): Mukha Rajiv | Kumar Santosh | Kekre Nitin
Urology in the next century

Author(s): Kekre Nitin
Stress urinary incontinence: Sling or colposuspension?

Author(s): Mukha Rajiv | Singh J | Kekre Nitin
Medical law and the physician

Author(s): Kekre Nitin
Published evidence: How good?

Author(s): Kekre Nitin
Castleman′s disease - a urologic enigma

Author(s): Mehrotra Sanjeev | Varghese Reji | Kekre Nitin | Nair Sheila | Gopalakrishnan Ganesh
Training of a urology resident

Author(s): Kekre Nitin
Transplantation of kidneys with small renal tumors: A novel idea?

Author(s): Grover Sameer | Adhikary Samiran | Kekre Nitin
Detrusor underactivity: To tone or not to tone the bladder?

Author(s): Krishnamoorthy Sriram | Kekre Nitin
Does radical prostatectomy prevent deaths from prostate cancer?

Author(s): Panda Arabind | Kumar Santosh | Kekre Nitin
Hematuria: An uncommon presentation of Glanzmann′s thrombasthenia-Lessons learnt

Author(s): Krishnamoorthy Sriram | Kumar Santosh | Kekre Nitin
Detection of Cancer Using Vector Quantization for Segmentation

Author(s): Dr. H. B. Kekre | Dr.Tanuja Sarode | Ms.Saylee Gharge | Ms.Kavita Raut
Mixing Codebooks of LBG, KPE and KFCG Algorithms to Increase Capacity of Information Hiding

Author(s): Dr. H. B. Kekre | Archana Athawale | Dr. Tanuja K. Sarode | Kalpana Sagvekar
Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis catheter placement: Is omentectomy necessary?

Author(s): Kavalakkat Joseph | Kumar Santosh | Aswathaman Karthikeyan | Kekre Nitin
Image Segmentation using Extended Edge Operator for Mammographic Images

Author(s): Dr. H. B. Kekre | Ms. Saylee M. Gharge

Author(s): Dr. H. B. Kekre, | Dr. Tanuja K. Sarode, | Shachi J. Natu | Prachi J. Natu
Speaker Identification using Row Mean of DCT and Walsh Hadamard Transform

Author(s): Dr. H B Kekre, | Vaishali Kulkarni, | Sunil Venkatraman | Anshu Priya | Sujatha Narasimhan
Vesicovaginal fistula: An update

Author(s): Kumar Santosh | Kekre Nitin | Gopalakrishnan Ganesh
Melioidosis presenting as genitourinary infection in two men with diabetes

Author(s): Viswaroop B | Balaji V | Mathai E | Kekre N
Carcinoma of the prostate presenting as IVC obstruction

Author(s): Sinha Maneesh | Kekre Nitin | Gopalakrishnan Ganesh
Youssef′s syndrome: Is there a better way to diagnose?

Author(s): Shanmugasundaram R | Gopalakrishnan Ganesh | Kekre Nitin
Does tamsulosin facilitate expulsion of distal ureteric calculus following lithotripsy?

Author(s): Gupta Gaurav | Aswathaman Karthikeyan | Kekre Nitin
Giant renal tumour: Leiomyosarcoma

Author(s): Gupta Girdhar | Singh Dharm | Korula Anila | Mehrotra Sanjeev | Kekre Nitin
An unusual complication of percutaneous suprapubic cystostomy

Author(s): Singh Dharm | Sailo L | Abraham Ninan | Kekre Nitin
Pediatric PCNL - our experience

Author(s): Mehrotra Sanjeev | Abraham B | Kekre Nitin | Gopalakrishnan G
Asynchronous ureteral stump metasta-sis from papillary renal adenocarci-noma

Author(s): Bobby Viswaroop | Kurien Susy | Gopalakrishnan Ganesh | Kekre Nitin
Walsh Transform over Row Mean and Column Mean using Image Fragmentation and Energy Compaction for Image Retrieval

Author(s): Dr. H. B. Kekre | Sudeep Thepade | Archana Athawale | Anant Shah | Prathamesh Verlekar | Suraj Shirke
Maximal androgen blockade for advanced prostate cancer

Author(s): Mukha Rajiv | Kumar Santosh | Kekre N
Off-Line Signature Recognition Systems

Author(s): V A Bharadi | H B Kekre
Comparative Performance of Information Hiding in Vector Quantized Codebooks using LBG, KPE, KMCG and KFCG

Author(s): H.B. Kekre | Archana Athawale | Tanuja K. Sarode | Kalpana Sagvekar
Fingerprint Identification using Sectorized Cepstrum Complex Plane

Author(s): Dr. H.B. Kekre | Dr. Tanuja Sarode | Rekha Vig
High payload using mixed codebooks of Vector Quantization

Author(s): H. B. Kekre, | Tanuja K. Sarode, | Archana Athawale | Kalpana Sagvekar
Revascularisation for atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis: Is it worthwhile?

Author(s): Nirmal T | Rajaian Shanmugasundaram | Kekre Nitin
Speaker Identification by using Vector Quantization

Author(s): Dr. H. B. Kekre | Ms. Vaishali Kulkarni
Performance Comparison of Image Transforms for Palm Print Recognition with Fractional Coefficients of Transformed Palm Print Images

Author(s): Dr H.B Kekre, | Sudeep D. Thepade, | Ashish Varun, | Nikhil Kamat, | Arvind Viswanathan | Pratik Dhwoj
Impacted calculus within a urethral stent: A rare cause of urinary retention

Author(s): Rajaian Shanmugasundaram | Gopalakrishnan Ganesh | Kumar Santosh | Kekre Nitin
Histopathological analysis of T1 renal cell carcinoma: Does presentation matter?

Author(s): Gupta Gaurav | Adhikary Samiran | Kumar Santosh | Chacko Ninan | Kekre Nitin | Gopalakrishnan Ganesh
Detection and treatment of transplant renal artery stenosis

Author(s): Krishnamoorthy Sriram | Gopalakrishnan Ganesh | Kekre Nitin | Chacko Ninan | Keshava Shyam | John George
Role of open nephron sparing surgery in the era of minimal invasive surgery

Author(s): Gupta Gaurav | Grover Sameer | Kumar Santosh | Kekre Nitin
Vector Quantized Codebook Optimization using K-Means

Author(s): Dr. H.B. Kekre | Ms. Tanuja K. Sarode
SAR Image Segmentation using Vector Quantization Technique on Entropy Images

Author(s): Dr. H. B. Kekre | Saylee Gharge, | Tanuja K. Sarode
Performance Comparison of Speaker Identification Using DCT, Walsh, Haar on Full and Row Mean of Spectrogram

Author(s): Dr. H. B. Kekre | Dr. T. K. Sarode | Shachi J. Natu | Prachi J. Natu
Outcome of shock wave lithotripsy as monotherapy for large solitary renal stones (>2 cm in size) without stenting

Author(s): Rajaian Shanmugasundaram | Kumar Santosh | Gopalakrishnan Ganesh | Chacko Ninan | Devasia Antony | Kekre Nitin
Edge Texture Based CBIR using Row Mean of Transformed Column Gradient Image

Author(s): Dr.H.B.Kekre | Priyadarshini Mukherjee | Shobhit Wadhwa
Performance Comparison of Block Truncation Coding based Image Retrieval Techniques using Assorted Color Spaces

Author(s): H.B. Kekre | Sudeep D.Thepade | Varun Lodha | Pooja Luthra | Ajoy Joseph | Chitrangada Nemani
Digital Image Search & Retrieval using FFT Sectors of Color Images

Author(s): H. B. Kekre | Dhirendra S.Mishra
Face and Gender Recognition Using Principal Component Analysis

Author(s): Dr. H. B. Kekre, | Sudeep D. Thepade, | Tejas Chopra
Performance Comparision of Image Retrieval using Row Mean of Transformed Column Image

Author(s): Dr. H.B.Kekre | Sudeep D. Thepade | Akshay Maloo
Detection and Demarcation of Tumor using Vector Quantization in MRI images

Author(s): Dr. H. B. Kekre, | Ms. Tanuja K. Sarode | Ms. Saylee M. Gharge.
Algorithm to Generate Kekre's Wavelet Transform from Kekre's Transform


Author(s): Dr. H. B. Kekre | Dr.Tanuja Sarode, | Ms.Kavita Raut
Improved Shape Content Based Image Retrieval Using Multilevel Block Truncation Coding

Author(s): H. B. Kekre | Sudeep D. Thepade | Miti Kakaiya | Priyadarshini Mukherjee | Satyajit Singh | Shobhit Wadhwa
Performance Comparison of Speaker Identification using circular DFT and WHT Sectors

Author(s): H B Kekre | Vaishali Kulkarni | Indraneal Balasubramanian | Abhimanyu Gehlot | Rasik Srinath
Testicular microlithiasis: Is there an agreed protocol?

Author(s): Shanmugasundaram R | Singh J | Kekre Nitin
Is Euro-Collins better than ringer lactate in live related donor renal transplantation?

Author(s): Prasad G | Ninan Chacko | Devasia Antony | Gnanaraj Lionel | Kekre Nitin | Gopalakrishnan Ganesh
Tuberculosis in renal transplant recipients

Author(s): Sundaram Madhivanan | Adhikary Samiran | John George | Kekre Nitin
Reduction in Feature Vector Size of Colour Averaging based Image Retrieval Techniques using Walsh Wavelet Pyramid Levels

Author(s): Dr. H. B. Kekre | Dr. Sudeep D. Thepade | Dr. Tanuja K. Sarode | Varun K. Banura
"Iris recognition using Partial Coefficients by applying Discrete Cosine Transform, Haar Wavelet and DCT Wavelet Transform"

Author(s): Dr. H. B. Kekre | Dr. Tanuja K. | Pratik Bhatia | Sandhya N. Nayak | Dheeraj Nagpal
Face Recognition using Multilevel Block Truncation Coding

Author(s): Dr. H. B. Kekre | Dr. Sudeep D. Thepade | Sanchit Khandelwal | Karan Dhamejani | Adnan Azmi
Improved Face Recognition with Multilevel BTC using Kekre’s LUV Color Space

Author(s): H.B. Kekre | Dr. Sudeep Thepade | Sanchit Khandelwal | Karan Dhamejani | Adnan Azmi
Performance Comparison of LBG, KPE, KFCG and KMCG for Global Codebook Technique

Author(s): Dr. H. B. Kekre | Dr.Tanuja K. Sarode | Kavita Raut | Rohan Tahiliani
Retrieval of Images Using DCT and DCT Wavelet Over Image Blocks

Author(s): H. B. kekre | Kavita Sonawane
Image Retrieval using Fractional Energy of Row Mean of Column Transformed Image with Six Orthogonal Image Transforms.

Author(s): H. B. Kekre | Sudeep D. Thepade | Archana A. Athawale | Paulami Shah
Image Reconstruction using Fast Inverse Half tone and Huffman Coding Technique

Author(s): Dr. H.B. Kekre | Dr. Tanuja K. Sarode | Sanjay R. Sange | Ankit Lahoti | Gauri Sawant
2D Image Morphing With Wrapping Using Vector Quantization Based Colour Transition

Author(s): H. B. Kekre | Tanuja K. Sarode | Suchitra M. Patil
Performance Comparison of Image Classifier Using DCT, Walsh, Haar and Kekre’s Transform

Author(s): H. B. Kekre | Tanuja K. Sarode | Meena S. Ugale
Analysing Assorted Window Sizes with LBG and KPE Codebook Generation Techniques for Grayscale Image Colorization

Author(s): H. B. Kekre | Tanuja K. Sarode | Sudeep D. Thepade | Supriya Kamoji

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