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Effect of Contact Time on Interface Reaction between Aluminum Silicon (7% and 11%) Alloy and Steel Dies SKD 61

Author(s): Bambang Suharno1 | Sri Harjanto1 | Bustanul Arifin1 | Neni Octapiani Nurhayati1
Update on the use of deferasirox in the management of iron overload

Author(s): Ali Taher | Maria Domenica Cappellini
In vivo migration of dendritic cells labeled with synthetic superparamagnetic iron oxide

Author(s): Mou YB | Hou YY | Chen BA | Hua ZC | Zhang Y | Xie H | Xia GH | Wang ZY | Huang XF | Han W | Ni YH | Hu QG
Role of iron supplementation in promoting maternal and fetal outcome

Author(s): Yekta Z | Pourali R | Mladkova N | Ghasemi-rad M | Borom | F | Hazrati Tappeh K
Optimal management of iron deficiency anemia due to poor dietary intake

Author(s): Aspuru K | Villa C | Bermejo F | Herrero P | García-López S
Evaluation of Serum Levels of Zinc, Copper, Iron, and Zinc/Copper Ratio in Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Author(s): F Pourfallah | S Javadian | Z Zamani | R Saghiri | S Sadeghi | B Zarea | Sh Faiaz | F Mirkhani | N Fatemi
A promising strategy for overcoming MDR in tumor by magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles co-loaded with daunorubicin and 5-bromotetrandrin

Author(s): Cheng J | Wang J | Chen BA | Xia GH | Cai XH | Liu R | Ren YY | Bao W | Wang XM
Influence of synthetic superparamagnetic iron oxide on dendritic cells

Author(s): Mou Y | Chen B | Zhang Y | Hou Y | Xie H | Xia G | Tang M | Huang X | Ni Y | Hu Q
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