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The canopy spiders (Araneae) of the floodplain forest in Leipzig

Author(s): Otto, Stefan | Floren, Andreas
Viable mouse gene ablations that robustly alter brain Aβ levels are rare

Author(s): Toyn Jeremy | Lin Xu-Alan | Thompson Mark | Guss Valerie | Meredith Jere | Sankaranarayanan Sethu | Barrezueta Nestor | Corradi John | Majumdar Antara | Small Daniel | Hansard Melissa | Lanthorn Thomas | Westphal Ryan | Albright Charles
Outer membrane protein a of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium activates dendritic cells and enhances Th1 polarization

Author(s): Lee Jun | Jung In | Lee Chang-Min | Park Jin | Chun Sung | Jeong Soo | Ha Tae | Shin Yong | Kim Dae | Park Yeong-Min
B cells Can Modulate the CD8 Memory T Cell after DNA Vaccination Against Experimental Tuberculosis

Author(s): Almeida Luciana | Trombone Ana | Lorenzi Julio | Rocha Carolina | Malardo Thiago | Fontoura Isabela | Gembre Ana | Silva Ricardo | Silva Célio | Castelo Ademilson | Coelho-Castelo Arlete
Establishing the resistance of Myzus persicae (Sulzer) by molecular methods

Author(s): Vučetić Anđa | Petrović-Obradović Olivera | Margaritopoulos J. | Skouras P.
Pdlim7 is required for maintenance of the mesenchymal/epidermal Fgf signaling feedback loop during zebrafish pectoral fin development

Author(s): Camarata Troy | Snyder Diana | Schwend Tyler | Klosowiak Julian | Holtrup Brandon | Simon Hans-Georg
LATS2 is De-methylated and Overexpressed in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma and Predicts Poor Prognosis

Author(s): Zhang Yan | Hu Chun-Fang | Chen Jing | Yan Li-Xu | Zeng Yi-Xin | Shao Jian-Yong
Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 regulates multiple myeloma cell growth and bortezomib-induced cell death

Author(s): Piazza Francesco | Manni Sabrina | Tubi Laura | Montini Barbara | Pavan Laura | Colpo Anna | Gnoato Marianna | Cabrelle Anna | Adami Fausto | Zambello Renato | Trentin Livio | Gurrieri Carmela | Semenzato Gianpietro
Osteoprotegerin: A neutralizing receptor, protector of bones and a potential antiresorptive agent

Author(s): Anđelković Zlatibor | Katić Vuka V. | Mihajlović Dragan | Živković Vesna V. | Petrović Aleksandar S. | Lalošević Dušan
Patterns and seasonality of malaria transmission in the forest-savannah transitional zones of Ghana

Author(s): Dery Dominic | Brown Charles | Asante Kwaku | Adams Mohammed | Dosoo David | Amenga-Etego Seeba | Wilson Mike | Chandramohan Daniel | Greenwood Brian | Owusu-Agyei Seth
Regulators of G-Protein signaling RGS10 and RGS17 regulate chemoresistance in ovarian cancer cells

Author(s): Hooks Shelley | Callihan Phillip | Altman Molly | Hurst Jillian | Ali Mourad | Murph Mandi
Syndecan-1 knock-down in decidualized human endometrial stromal cells leads to significant changes in cytokine and angiogenic factor expression patterns

Author(s): Baston-Büst Dunja | Götte Martin | Janni Wolfgang | Krüssel Jan-Steffen | Hess Alexandra
Butyrate suppresses expression of neuropilin I in colorectal cell lines through inhibition of Sp1 transactivation

Author(s): Yu Danny | Waby Jennifer | Chirakkal Haridasan | Staton Carolyn | Corfe Bernard

Screening Technologies for Target Identification in Pancreatic Cancer

Author(s): Patrick Michl | Stefanie Ripka | Thomas Gress | Malte Buchholz
Contribution of oxidative stress to pulmonary arterial hypertension

Author(s): Vincent G DeMarco | Adam T Whaley-Connell | James R Sowers | Javad Habibi | Kevin C Dellsperger
Cellular stress-induced up-regulation of FMRP promotes cell survival by modulating PI3K-Akt phosphorylation cascades

Author(s): Jeon Se | Seo Jung | Yang Sung-Il | Choi Ji | Wells David | Shin Chan | Ko Kwang
Establishing a relationship between prolactin and altered fatty acid β-Oxidation via carnitine palmitoyl transferase 1 in breast cancer cells

Author(s): Linher-Melville Katja | Zantinge Stephanie | Sanli Toran | Gerstein Hertzel | Tsakiridis Theodoros | Singh Gurmit
SFRP1 reduction results in an increased sensitivity to TGF-β signaling

Author(s): Gauger Kelly | Chenausky Kerry | Murray Molly | Schneider Sallie
Tumor-suppressor activity of RRIG1 in breast cancer

Author(s): Zhang Guihong | Brewster Abenaa | Guan Baoxiang | Fan Zhen | Brown Powel | Xu Xiao-Chun
Retinoblastoma-independent antiproliferative activity of novel intracellular antibodies against the E7 oncoprotein in HPV 16-positive cells

Author(s): Accardi Luisa | Donà Maria | Mileo Anna | Paggi Marco | Federico Antonio | Torreri Paola | Petrucci Tamara | Accardi Rosita | Pim David | Tommasino Massimo | Banks Lawrence | Chirullo Barbara | Giorgi Colomba
mGlu2 metabotropic glutamate receptors restrain inflammatory pain and mediate the analgesic activity of dual mGlu2/mGlu3 receptor agonists

Author(s): Zammataro Magda | Chiechio Santina | Montana Michael | Traficante Anna | Copani Agata | Nicoletti Ferdinando | Gereau Robert
Spatial and temporal variation in the kdr allele L1014S in Anopheles gambiae s.s. and phenotypic variability in susceptibility to insecticides in Western Kenya

Author(s): Mathias Derrick | Ochomo Eric | Atieli Francis | Ombok Maurice | Nabie Bayoh M | Olang George | Muhia Damaris | Kamau Luna | Vulule John | Hamel Mary | Hawley William | Walker Edward | Gimnig John
Characterization of the insulin sensitivity of ghrelin receptor KO mice using glycemic clamps

Author(s): Qi Yong | Longo Kenneth | Giuliana Derek | Gagne Samantha | McDonagh Tom | Govek Elizabeth | Nolan Anna | Zou Chaoseng | Morgan Kristen | Hixon Jeffrey | Saunders Jeffrey | DiStefano Peter | Geddes Brad
Conjugated polymer nanoparticles for effective siRNA delivery to tobacco BY-2 protoplasts

Author(s): Silva Asitha | Nguyen Alien | Ye Changming | Verchot Jeanmarie | Moon Joong
Conditional expression of retrovirally delivered anti-MYCN shRNA as an in vitro model system to study neuronal differentiation in MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma

Author(s): Henriksen Jørn | Haug Bjørn | Buechner Jochen | Tømte Ellen | Løkke Cecilie | Flaegstad Trond | Einvik Christer
Sperry versus Hebb: Topographic mapping in Isl2/EphA3 mutant mice

Author(s): Tsigankov Dmitry | Koulakov Alexei
Interaction of the heterotrimeric G protein alpha subunit SSG-1 of Sporothrix schenckii with proteins related to stress response and fungal pathogenicity using a yeast two-hybrid assay

Author(s): Pérez-Sánchez Lizaida | González Elizabeth | Colón-Lorenzo Emilee | González-Velázquez Waleska | González-Méndez Ricardo | Rodríguez-del Valle Nuri
Cell- and region-specific miR30-based gene knock-down with temporal control in the rat brain

Author(s): Liu Beihui | Xu Haibo | Paton Julian | Kasparov Sergey
The impact of the expansion of urban vegetable farming on malaria transmission in major cities of Benin

Author(s): Yadouléton Anges | N'Guessan Raphael | Allagbé Hyacinthe | Asidi Alex | Boko Michel | Osse Razack | Padonou Gil | Kindé Gazard | Akogbéto Martin
Reconstruction and analysis of genome-scale metabolic model of a photosynthetic bacterium

Author(s): Montagud Arnau | Navarro Emilio | Fernández de Córdoba Pedro | Urchueguía Javier | Patil Kiran
Activating transcription factor-3 (ATF3) functions as a tumor suppressor in colon cancer and is up-regulated upon heat-shock protein 90 (Hsp90) inhibition

Author(s): Hackl Christina | Lang Sven | Moser Christian | Mori Akira | Fichtner-Feigl Stefan | Hellerbrand Claus | Dietmeier Wolfgang | Schlitt Hans | Geissler Edward | Stoeltzing Oliver
Genetic constraints for thermal coadaptation in Drosophila subobscura

Author(s): Dolgova Olga | Rego Carla | Calabria Gemma | Balanyà Joan | Pascual Marta | Rezende Enrico | Santos Mauro
Combination of Dll4/Notch and Ephrin-B2/EphB4 targeted therapy is highly effective in disrupting tumor angiogenesis

Author(s): Djokovic Dusan | Trindade Alexandre | Gigante Joana | Badenes Marina | Silva Lilliana | Liu Ren | Li Xiuqing | Gong Ming | Krasnoperov Valery | Gill Parkash | Duarte Antonio
Malaria transmission and insecticide resistance of Anopheles gambiae in Libreville and Port-Gentil, Gabon

Author(s): Mourou Jean-Romain | Coffinet Thierry | Jarjaval Fanny | Pradines Bruno | Amalvict Rémi | Rogier Christophe | Kombila Maryvonne | Pagès Frédéric
Germline competence of mouse ES and iPS cell lines: Chimera technologies and genetic background

Author(s): Ana Claudia Carstea | Melinda K Pirity | Andras Dinnyes
Mutation of cytotoxin-associated gene A affects expressions of antioxidant proteins of Helicobacter pylori

Author(s): Zhi-Gang Huang, Guang-Cai Duan, Qing-Tang Fan, Wei-Dong Zhang, Chun-Hua Song, Xue-Yong Huang, Rong-Guang Zhang
Efficient Gene Silencing by Self-Assembled Complexes of siRNA and Symmetrical Fatty Acid Amides of Spermine

Author(s): Abdelkader A. Metwally | Charareh Pourzand | Ian S. Blagbrough
TRAIL-induced apoptosis of hepatocellular carcinoma cells is augmented by targeted therapies

Author(s): Bruno Christian Koehler, Toni Urbanik, Binje Vick, Regina Johanna Boger, Steffen Heeger, Peter R Galle, Marcus Schuchmann, Henning Schulze-Bergkamen
Bcl-x and Myeloid cell leukaemia-1 contribute to apoptosis resistance of colorectal cancer cells

Author(s): Henning Schulze-Bergkamen, Roland Ehrenberg, Lothar Hickmann, Binje Vick, Toni Urbanik, Christoph C Schimanski, Martin R Berger, Arno Schad, Achim Weber, Steffen Heeger, Peter R Galle, Markus Moehler
Differential expression and function of breast regression protein 39 (BRP-39) in murine models of subacute cigarette smoke exposure and allergic airway inflammation

Author(s): Nikota Jake | Botelho Fernando | Bauer Carla | Jordana Manel | Coyle Anthony | Humbles Alison | Stampfli Martin
Trichinella inflammatory myopathy: host or parasite strategy?

Author(s): Bruschi Fabrizo | Chiumiento Lorena
Inhibition of Oesophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Progression by in vivo Targeting of Hyaluronan Synthesis

Author(s): Twarock Sören | Freudenberger Till | Poscher Eva | Dai Guang | Jannasch Katharina | Dullin Christian | Alves Frauke | Prenzel Klaus | Knoefel Wolfram | Stoecklein Nikolas | Savani Rashmin | Homey Bernhard | Fischer Jens
Interleukin-6 is not essential for bone turnover in hypothyroid mice.

Author(s): Janusz Mysliwiec | Robert Zbucki | Maria Winnicka | Boguslaw Sawicki | Agnieszkar Nikolajuk | Karol Kaminski | Piotr Mysliwiec | Wlodzimierz Musial | Zofia Bondyra | Jerzy Walecki | Maria Gorska
Analysis of the intratesticular control of spermatogenesis by ex-vivo approaching.

Author(s): Marie-HĂŠlene Perrard | Nadia Prisant | Cendrine Geoffroy-Siraudin | Dominique Segretain | Georges Pointis | Marie-Roberte Guichaoua | Philippe Durand
The transcription factor FOXL2 in ovarian function and dysfunction.

Author(s): Elfride De Baere | Marc Fellous | Reiner A Veitia
Role of interleukin-6 on RANKL-RANK/osteoprotegerin system in hypothyroid ovariectomized mice.

Author(s): Janusz Mysliwiec | Robert Zbucki | Agnieszka Nikolajuk | Piotr Mysliwiec | Andrzej Taranta | Karol Kaminski | Zofia Bondyra | Jacek Dadan | Maria Gorska | Maria M Winnicka
MicroRNAs: Processing, Maturation, Target Recognition and Regulatory Functions

Author(s): Girish C. Shukla | Jagjit Singh | Sailen Barik

Author(s): F. Abramchuk | O. Kabanov | A. Kuzmenko | M. Lipinskiy
Mining Train Delays by Using Frequent Itemsets

Author(s): D.Kishore Babu | Y.Nagasatish | P.M.Prasuna
Role of transmembrane tyrosin kinases in dexamethasone induced enhanced phagocytosis of apoptotic cells

Author(s): Endre Károly Kristóf | Gábor Zahuczky | László Fésüs
Knock down Os1bglu1 β-glucosidase in rice by Agrobacterium-mediated transformation

Author(s): Wipaporn Wanthanalert | Mariena Ketudat-Cairns
Flux Balance Analysis of Melanogenesis Pathway

Author(s): Prashana Balaji V. | Anvita Gupta Malhotra | Khushhali Menaria
Alcohol promotes breast cancer cell invasion by regulating the Nm23-ITGA5 pathway

Author(s): Wong Amy | Paulson Qiwei | Hong Jina | Stubbins Renee | Poh Karen | Schrader Emily | Nunez Nomeli
Role of inducible nitric oxide synthase pathway on methotrexate-induced intestinal mucositis in rodents

Author(s): Leitão Renata | Brito Gerly | Oriá Reinaldo | Braga-Neto Manuel | Bellaguarda Emmanuelle | Silva Johann | Gomes Antoniella | Lima-Júnior Roberto | Siqueira Francisco | Freire Rosemeyre | Vale Mariana | Ribeiro Ronaldo
The somatostatinergic system in the mammalian cochlea

Author(s): Radojevic Vesna | Hanusek Claudia | Setz Cristian | Brand Yves | Kapfhammer Josef | Bodmer Daniel
Knockdown of Rab5a expression decreases cancer cell motility and invasion through integrin-mediated signaling pathway

Author(s): Liu Shan-shan | Chen Xiang-mei | Zheng Hong-xia | Shi Shu-liang | Li Yu
Cyclin D1, Id1 and EMT in breast cancer

Author(s): Tobin Nicholas | Sims Andrew | Lundgren Katja | Lehn Sophie | Landberg Göran
Hermitean Cauchy Integral Decomposition of Continuous Functions on Hypersurfaces

Author(s): Blaya RicardoAbreu | Reyes JuanBory | Brackx Fred | De Knock Bram | De Schepper Hennie | Peña DixanPeña | Sommen Frank
Lipid rafts control P2X3 receptor distribution and function in trigeminal sensory neurons of a transgenic migraine mouse model

Author(s): Gnanasekaran Aswini | Sundukova Mayya | van den Maagdenberg Arn | Fabbretti Elsa | Nistri Andrea
DC-STAMP knock-down deregulates cytokine production and T-cell stimulatory capacity of LPS-matured dendritic cells

Author(s): Sanecka Anna | Ansems Marleen | Prosser Amy | Danielski Katharina | Warner Kathrin | den Brok Martijn | Jansen Bastiaan | Eleveld-Trancikova Dagmar | Adema Gosse
The role of the MYD88-dependent pathway in MPTP-induced brain dopaminergic degeneration

Author(s): Drouin-Ouellet Janelle | Gibrat Claire | Bousquet Mélanie | Calon Frédéric | Kriz Jasna | Cicchetti Francesca
EFEMP1 suppresses malignant glioma growth and exerts its action within the tumor extracellular compartment

Author(s): Hu Yuanjie | Pioli Peter | Siegel Eric | Zhang Qinghua | Nelson Jodi | Chaturbedi Abhishek | Mathews Marlon | Ro Daniel | Alkafeef Selma | Hsu Nelson | Hamamura Mark | Yu Liping | Hess Kenneth | Tromberg Bruce | Linskey Mark | Zhou Yi-Hong
Identification and characterization of the Non-race specific Disease Resistance 1 (NDR1) orthologous protein in coffee

Author(s): Cacas Jean-Luc | Petitot Anne-Sophie | Bernier Louis | Estevan Joan | Conejero Geneviève | Mongrand Sébastien | Fernandez Diana
Evidence for a useful life of more than three years for a polyester-based long-lasting insecticidal mosquito net in Western Uganda

Author(s): Kilian Albert | Byamukama Wilson | Pigeon Olivier | Gimnig John | Atieli Francis | Koekemoer Lizette | Protopopoff Natacha
Increased 90-kDa ribosomal S6 kinase (Rsk) activity is protective against mutant huntingtin toxicity

Author(s): Xifró Xavier | Anglada-Huguet Marta | Rué Laura | Saavedra Ana | Pérez-Navarro Esther | Alberch Jordi

Author(s): Holakuei Naieni K.  Ladonni H |  Asle Soleimani H. |  Afhami SH. |  Shayeghi M.
FcεRI-α siRNA Inhibits the Antigen-Induced Activation of Mast Cells

Author(s): Reza Safaralizadeh | Zahra-Soheila Soheili | Abdolkhaleg Deezagi | Zahra Pourpak | Shahram Samiei | Mostafa Moin
Role of interleukin-6 on RANKL-RANK/osteoprotegerin system in hypothyroid ovariectomized mice

Author(s): Janusz Mysliwiec | Robert Zbucki | Agnieszka Nikolajuk | Piotr Mysliwiec | Andrzej Taranta | Karol Kaminski | Zofia Bondyra | Jacek Dadan | Maria Gorska | Maria M. Winnicka
The Molecular Biology of Frog Virus 3 and other Iridoviruses Infecting Cold-Blooded Vertebrates

Author(s): V. Gregory Chinchar | Kwang H. Yu | James K. Jancovich
The knee alignment and the foot arch in patients with Turner syndrome Ukształtowanie kolan i wysklepienie stóp u chorych z zespołem Turnera

Author(s): Dorota Trzcińska | Elżbieta Olszewska | Andrzej Wiśniewski | Katarzyna Milde | Marcin Madej
Molecular docking of azole drugs and their analogs on CYP121 of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Author(s): Jagadish Chandrabose Sundaramurthi | Swetha Kumar | Kannayan Silambuchelvi | Luke Elizabeth Hanna*
Age-related increase of early afterdepolarization in calsequestrin-2 knock-in mouse cardiomycyte

Author(s): Yun-Feng Lan | Yi Wen | Zhou Fang | Jin-Lao Gao | Yan Liu | Men Lin | Hong-Juan Wang | Yi-Cheng Fu | Prori S.G | Carlo.Napolitano C | Yang Li
E7080, a multi-targeted tyrosine kinase inhibitor suppresses tumor cell migration and invasion

Author(s): Glen Hilary | Mason Susan | Patel Hitesh | Macleod Kenneth | Brunton Valerie
Effects of cover crops on mite communities in tea plantations

Author(s): Lilin Chen | Sheng Lin | Minsheng You | Shaobo Chen | Liette Vasseur | Shuchun Ye
Oil Refineries Emissions Impact on Urban Localities Using AERMOD

Author(s): Amira M.W. Abdelrasoul | Amir AL-Hadad | Abdul R. Khan
The role of reactive oxygen intermediates in experimental coccidioidomycois in mice

Author(s): Margolis David | Viriyakosol Suganya | Fierer Joshua | Kirkland Theo
Sensory-motor deficits and neurofilament disorganization in gigaxonin-null mice

Author(s): Ganay Thibault | Boizot Alexia | Burrer Renaud | Chauvin Jean | Bomont Pascale
Transcriptional activation of the Axl and PDGFR-α by c-Met through a ras- and Src-independent mechanism in human bladder cancer

Author(s): Yeh Chen-Yun | Shin Shin-Mei | Yeh Hsuan-Heng | Wu Tsung-Jung | Shin Jyh-Wei | Chang Tsuey-Yu | Raghavaraju Giri | Lee Chung-Ta | Chiang Jung-Hsien | Tseng Vincent | Lee Yuan-Chii | Shen Cheng-Huang | Chow Nan-Haw | Liu Hsiao-Sheng
Nav1.7 is the predominant sodium channel in rodent olfactory sensory neurons

Author(s): Ahn Hye-Sook | Black Joel | Zhao Peng | Tyrrell Lynda | Waxman Stephen | Dib-Hajj Sulayman
The role of the transcription factor Rbpj in the development of dorsal root ganglia

Author(s): Hu Ze-Lan | Shi Ming | Huang Ying | Zheng Min-Hua | Pei Zhe | Chen Jia-Yin | Han Hua | Ding Yu-Qiang
Improved Triacylglycerol Production in Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1 by Metabolic Engineering

Author(s): Santala Suvi | Efimova Elena | Kivinen Virpi | Larjo Antti | Aho Tommi | Karp Matti | Santala Ville
Functional characterization of the ER stress induced X-box-binding protein-1 (Xbp-1) in the porcine system

Author(s): Zhang Jin-Yu | Lee Kyu-Sun | Kim Ji-Su | Song Bong-Seok | Jin Dong-Il | Koo Deog-Bon | Yu Kweon
Role of adhesion molecules and inflammation in Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus infected mouse brain

Author(s): Sharma Anuj | Bhomia Manish | Honnold Shelley | Maheshwari Radha
The role of nitric-oxide-synthase-derived nitric oxide in multicellular traits of Bacillus subtilis 3610: biofilm formation, swarming, and dispersal

Author(s): Schreiber Frank | Beutler Martin | Enning Dennis | Lamprecht-Grandio María | Zafra Olga | González-Pastor José | de Beer Dirk
Human teneurin-1 is a direct target of the homeobox transcription factor EMX2 at a novel alternate promoter

Author(s): Beckmann Jan | Vitobello Antonio | Ferralli Jacqueline | Brož Daniela | Rijli Filippo | Chiquet-Ehrismann Ruth
Polyomic profiling reveals significant hepatic metabolic alterations in glucagon-receptor (GCGR) knockout mice: implications on anti-glucagon therapies for diabetes

Author(s): Yang Jianxin | MacDougall Margit | McDowell Michael | Xi Li | Wei Ru | Zavadoski William | Molloy Mark | Baker John | Kuhn Max | Cabrera Over | Treadway Judith
The Arabidopsis translocator protein (AtTSPO) is regulated at multiple levels in response to salt stress and perturbations in tetrapyrrole metabolism

Author(s): Balsemão-Pires Emilia | Jaillais Yvon | Olson Bradley | Andrade Leonardo | Umen James | Chory Joanne | Sachetto-Martins Gilberto
High blood pressure and lost EDHF response in redox dead Cys42Ser PKGIα knock-in mouse

Author(s): Prysyazhna Oleksandra | Rudyk Olena | Eaton Philip
Effects of ced-9 dsRNA on Caenorhabditis elegans and Meloidogyne incognita

Author(s): Robert T. Gaeta | Abdellatif Bahaji | Glenda W. Polack | Alejandro Calderón-Urrea
Expressions of Sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) Receptors, Sphingosine Kinases in Malignant Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors, and The role of Sphingosine Kinase-1 in Growth of MFH Cell Lines

Author(s): Shin-ichiro Kishimoto | Toshihiro Akisue | Kenta Kishimoto | Hitomi Hara | Masaya Imabori | Yoshiyuki Okada | Naomasa Fukase | Teruya Kawamoto | Ikuo Fujita | Takuya Fujimoto | Masahiro Kurosaka
Adapting Yeast as Model to Study Ricin Toxin A Uptake and Trafficking

Author(s): Björn Becker | Manfred J. Schmitt
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