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Consequences of More Intensive Forestry for the Sustainable Management of Forest Soils and Waters

Author(s): Hjalmar Laudon | Ryan A. Sponseller | Richard W. Lucas | Martyn N. Futter | Gustaf Egnell | Kevin Bishop | Anneli Ågren | Eva Ring | Peter Högberg
Insect Pests in Future Forests: More Severe Problems?

Author(s): Christer Björkman | Helena Bylund | Maartje J. Klapwijk | Ida Kollberg | Martin Schroeder
An Ecological and Conservation Perspective on Advances in the Applied Virology of Zoonoses

Author(s): Kurt J. Vandegrift | Nina Wale | Jonathan H. Epstein
Can We Do Business? A Study of the Attitudes of Chinese and Australian Business Students

Author(s): Parikshit K. Basu | John Hicks | Richard B. Sappey
Operational, regional-scale, chemical weather forecasting models in Europe

Author(s): J. Kukkonen | T. Balk | D. M. Schultz | A. Baklanov | T. Klein | A. I. Miranda | A. Monteiro | M. Hirtl | V. Tarvainen | M. Boy | V.-H. Peuch | A. Poupkou | I. Kioutsioukis | S. Finardi | M. Sofiev | R. Sokhi | K. Lehtinen | K. Karatzas | R. San José | M. Astitha | G. Kallos | M. Schaap | E. Reimer | H. Jakobs | K. Eben
From Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEmiray
A Survey on Frequent Pattern Mining: Current Status and Challenging Issues

Author(s): A. Tiwari | R.K. Gupta | D.P. Agrawal
RH knowledge and service utilization among unmarried rural-to-urban migrants in three major cities, China

Author(s): Liu Zhiyong | Zhu Minmin | Dib Hassan | Li Zi | Shi Shuhua | Wang Zengzhen
A general scenario of Hox gene inventory variation among major sarcopterygian lineages

Author(s): Liang Dan | Wu Riga | Geng Jie | Wang Chaolin | Zhang Peng
Delivering early care in diabetes evaluation (DECIDE): a protocol for a randomised controlled trial to assess hospital versus home management at diagnosis in childhood diabetes

Author(s): Townson Julia | Gregory John | Cohen David | Channon Sue | Harman Nicola | Davies Justin | Warner Justin | Trevelyan Nicola | Playle Rebecca | Robling Michael | Hood Kerenza | Lowes Lesley
An assessment of early diagnosis and treatment of malaria by village health volunteers in the Lao PDR

Author(s): Phommanivong Viengvaly | Thongkham Khanti | Deyer Gopinath | Rene Jean | Barennes Hubert
Evaluation of health workforce competence in maternal and neonatal issues in public health sector of Pakistan: an Assessment of their training needs

Author(s): Ariff Shabina | Soofi Sajid | Sadiq Kamran | Feroze Asher | Khan Shuaib | Jafarey Sadiqua | Ali Nabeela | Bhutta Zulfiqar
Breastfeeding in infancy: identifying the program-relevant issues in Bangladesh

Author(s): Haider Rukhsana | Rasheed Sabrina | Sanghvi Tina | Hassan Nazmul | Pachon Helena | Islam Sanjeeda | Jalal Chowdhury
Breastfeeding attitudes of Finnish parents during pregnancy

Author(s): Laanterä Sari | Pölkki Tarja | Ekström Anette | Pietilä Anna-Maija
Private and public health care in rural areas of Uganda

Author(s): Konde-Lule Joseph | Gitta Sheba | Lindfors Anne | Okuonzi Sam | Onama Virgil | Forsberg Birger
THE VAXED PROJECT: An Assessment of Immunization Education in Canadian Health Professional Programs

Author(s): Pelly Lorine | Pierrynowski MacDougall Donna | Halperin Beth | Strang Robert | Bowles Susan | Baxendale Darlene | McNeil Shelly
Sharing best practices through online communities of practice: a case study

Author(s): Thomas Annamma | Fried Grace | Johnson Peter | Stilwell Barbara
Nutrition, environment and cardiovascular health (NESCAV): protocol of an inter-regional cross-sectional study

Author(s): Alkerwi Ala'a | Guillaume Michèle | Zannad Faiez | Laufs Ulrich | Lair Marie-Lise
Determinants of preventable readmissions in the United States: a systematic review

Author(s): Vest Joshua | Gamm Larry | Oxford Brock | Gonzalez Martha | Slawson Kevin
Comparative expression pattern of Matrix-Metalloproteinases in human glioblastoma cell-lines and primary cultures

Author(s): Hagemann Carsten | Anacker Jelena | Haas Stefanie | Riesner Daniela | Schömig Beate | Ernestus Ralf-Ingo | Vince Giles
Climate change and mountain water resources: overview and recommendations for research, management and policy

Author(s): D. Viviroli | D. R. Archer | W. Buytaert | H. J. Fowler | G. B. Greenwood | A. F. Hamlet | Y. Huang | G. Koboltschnig | M. I. Litaor | J. I. López-Moreno | S. Lorentz | B. Schädler | H. Schreier | K. Schwaiger | M. Vuille | R. Woods
Generating tsunami risk knowledge at community level as a base for planning and implementation of risk reduction strategies

Author(s): S. Wegscheider | J. Post | K. Zosseder | M. Mück | G. Strunz | T. Riedlinger | A. Muhari | H. Z. Anwar
Bridging the Gap? Mobile Phones at the Interface between Informal and Formal Learning

Author(s): John Cook | Norbert Pachler | Claire Bradley
Diet, ageing and genetic factors in the pathogenesis of diverticular disease

Author(s): Daniel Martin Commane, Ramesh Pulendran Arasaradnam, Sarah Mills, John Cummings Mathers, Mike Bradburn

Author(s): Roberta Marković | Milena Vasić | Čedomir Šagrić | Zorana Deljanin | Nataša Rančić | Stanko Marjanović
Extreme Glacial Legacies: A Synthesis of the Antarctic Springtail Phylogeographic Record

Author(s): Angela McGaughran | Mark I. Stevens | Ian D. Hogg | Antonio Carapelli
A Review: Mathematical Modles for Cross Docking Planning

Author(s): Dwi Agustina | C.K.M.Lee | Rajesh Piplani
Microalgae as Sources of Carotenoids

Author(s): Ana Catarina Guedes | Helena M. Amaro | Francisco Xavier Malcata
How should we assess knowledge translation in research organizations; designing a knowledge translation self-assessment tool for research institutes (SATORI)

Author(s): Gholami Jaleh | Majdzadeh Reza | Nedjat Saharnaz | Nedjat Sima | Maleki Katayoun | Ashoorkhani Mahnaz | Yazdizadeh Bahareh
Makerere University College of Health Sciences’ role in addressing challenges in health service provision at Mulago National Referral Hospital

Author(s): Kizza Irene | Tugumisirize Joshua | Tweheyo Raymond | Mbabali Speciosa | Kasangaki Arabat | Nshimye Edith | Sekandi Juliet | Groves Sara | Kennedy Caitlin

Author(s): CSS Vol. 6 No. 3
Restaurant and Bar Owners’ Exposure to Secondhand Smoke and Attitudes Regarding Smoking Bans in Five Chinese Cities

Author(s): Ruiling Liu | S. Katharine Hammond | Andrew Hyland | Mark J. Travers | Yan Yang | Yi Nan | Guoze Feng | Qiang Li | Yuan Jiang
The Pesticide Risk Beliefs Inventory: A Quantitative Instrument for the Assessment of Beliefs about Pesticide Risks

Author(s): Catherine E. LePrevost | Margaret R. Blanchard | W. Gregory Cope
Structure and dynamics of a beech forest in a fully protected area in the northern Apennines (Sasso Fratino, Italy)

Author(s): Bianchi L | Bottacci A | Calamini G | Maltoni A | Mariotti B | Quilghini G | Salbitano F | Tani A | Zoccola A | Paci M

Author(s): Dornala Sathyanarayana | J.Snehalatha
Aspectos hidrológicos da recuperação florestal de áreas de preservação permanente ao longo dos corpos de água. Hydrological aspects of Forest recuperation of permanent preservation areas along water bodies.

Author(s): Luiz Felipe SALEMI | Juliano Daniel GROPPO | Rodrigo TREVISAN; | José Marcos de MORAES | Walter de Paula LIMA | Luiz Antônio MARTINELLI
Knowledge and job opportunities in a gender perspective: Insights from Italy

Author(s): Cipollone Angela | Corsi Marcella | D’Ippoliti Carlo
Thomas L. Casey and Rhode Island

Author(s): Christopher Majka | Derek Sikes
Internet Use and the Political Knowledge Gap in Spain

Author(s): Anduiza, Eva | Gallego, Aina | Jorba, Laia
A review of operational, regional-scale, chemical weather forecasting models in Europe

Author(s): J. Kukkonen | T. Olsson | D. M. Schultz | A. Baklanov | T. Klein | A. I. Miranda | A. Monteiro | M. Hirtl | V. Tarvainen | M. Boy | V.-H. Peuch | A. Poupkou | I. Kioutsioukis | S. Finardi | M. Sofiev | R. Sokhi | K. E. J. Lehtinen | K. Karatzas | R. San José | M. Astitha | G. Kallos | M. Schaap | E. Reimer | H. Jakobs | K. Eben
 Non Allergic Rhinitis: Prevalence, Clinical Profile and Knowledge Gaps in Literature

Author(s): Ahmed Al-Abri | Deepa Bhargava | Wameedh Al-Bassam | Rashid Al Abri
Communication gaps between physicians and patients with postherpetic neuralgia: results from a national study on practice patterns

Author(s): Glauser TA | Salinas GD | Nevins H | Williamson JC | Wallace MS | Abdolrasulnia M
Carbon allocation and carbon isotope fluxes in the plant-soil-atmosphere continuum: a review

Author(s): N. Brüggemann | A. Gessler | Z. Kayler | S. G. Keel | F. Badeck | M. Barthel | P. Boeckx | N. Buchmann | E. Brugnoli | J. Esperschütz | O. Gavrichkova | J. Ghashghaie | N. Gomez-Casanovas | C. Keitel | A. Knohl | D. Kuptz | S. Palacio | Y. Salmon | Y. Uchida | M. Bahn
The Human Antibody Response to Dengue Virus Infection

Author(s): Wahala M. P. B. Wahala | Aravinda M. de Silva
Influence of Physical and Chemical Parameters on the Treatment of Heavy Metals in Polluted Stormwater Using Zeolite—A Review

Author(s): Abdul M. Ziyath | Parvez Mahbub | Ashantha Goonetilleke | Moses O. Adebajo | Serge Kokot | Adekunle Oloyede
Gross Chemical Profile and Calculation of Nitrogen-to-Protein Conversion Factors for Five Tropical Seaweeds

Author(s): Graciela S. Diniz | Elisabete Barbarino | João Oiano-Neto | Sidney Pacheco | Sergio O. Lourenço
The Taiwan Birth Panel Study: a prospective cohort study for environmentally- related child health

Author(s): Hsieh Chia-Jung | Hsieh Wu-Shiun | Su Yi-Ning | Liao Hua-Fang | Jeng Suh-Fang | Taso Feng-Ming | Hwang Yaw-Huei | Wu Kuen-Yuh | Chen Chia-Yang | Guo Yueliang | Chen Pau-Chung
Consensus and Discordance in the Management of Growth Hormone-Treated Patients: Results of a Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Practices Survey

Author(s): Miller BradleyS | Shulman DorothyI | Shillington Alicia | Harshaw Qing | Wilson DarrellM | Schwartz David | Kappy Michael | Bakker Bert | Wyatt David
Knowledge and attitudes of primary healthcare patients regarding population-based screening for colorectal cancer

Author(s): Ramos Maria | Llagostera Maria | Esteva Magdalena | Cabeza Elena | Cantero Xavier | Segarra Manel | Martín-Rabadán Maria | Artigues Guillem | Torrent Maties | Taltavull Joana | Vanrell Joana | Marzo Mercè | Llobera Joan
Scenario driven data modelling: a method for integrating diverse sources of data and data streams

Author(s): Griffith Shelton | Quest Daniel | Brettin Thomas | Cottingham Robert
The ACTwatch project: methods to describe anti-malarial markets in seven countries

Author(s): Shewchuk Tanya | O'Connell Kathryn | Goodman Catherine | Hanson Kara | Chapman Steven | Chavasse Desmond
Rural Australian community pharmacists' views on complementary and alternative medicine: a pilot study

Author(s): Bushett Nicole | Dickson-Swift Virginia | Willis Jon | Wood Pene
Awareness of HPV and cervical cancer prevention among Cameroonian healthcare workers

Author(s): McCarey Catherine | Pirek David | Tebeu Pierre | Boulvain Michel | Doh Anderson | Petignat Patrick
The Molecular Biology of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

Author(s): Julia C. Kenyon | Andrew M. L. Lever
Primary Health Care: An Approach to Community Control of Genetic and Congenital Disorders

Author(s): H Aghajani | A Samavat | M Haghazali | F Valizadeh | G Sarbazi
Steroid Phobia Among Parents of Asthmatic Children: Myths and Truth

Author(s): Magdy M Zedan | Mohammed Ezz El Regal | Engy A Osman | Ashraf E Fouda
Scientific and Cost Effective Monitoring: The Case of an Aerial Insectivore, the Chimney Swift

Author(s): Sébastien Rioux | Jean-Pierre L. Savard | François Shaffer
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Simon Fong | Sabah Mohammed
Arctic Marine Biodiversity: An Update of Species Richness and Examples of Biodiversity Change

Author(s): Bodil A. Bluhm | Andrey V. Gebruk | Rolf Gradinger | Russell R. Hopcroft | Falk Huettmann | Ksenia N. Kosobokova | Boris I. Sirenko | | Jan Marcin Weslawski
Kawasaki syndrome: an intriguing disease with numerous unsolved dilemmas

Author(s): Falcini Fernanda | Capannini Serena | Rigante Donato
Evidence-based guidelines for use of probiotics in preterm neonates

Author(s): Deshpande Girish | Rao Shripada | Keil Anthony | Patole Sanjay
Diversity of cultivated and metabolically active aerobic anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria along an oligotrophic gradient in the Mediterranean Sea

Author(s): C. Jeanthon | D. Boeuf | O. Dahan | F. Le Gall | L. Garczarek | E. M. Bendif | A.-C. Lehours
HIV Treatment in the Criminal Justice System: Critical Knowledge and Intervention Gaps

Author(s): Jaimie P. Meyer | Nadine E. Chen | Sandra A. Springer
Bats of the Western Indian Ocean Islands

Author(s): John O’Brien
Natural and anthropogenic atmospheric mercury in the European Arctic: a fractionation study

Author(s): A. O. Steen | T. Berg | A. P. Dastoor | D. A. Durnford | O. Engelsen | L. R. Hole | K. A. Pfaffhuber
Proof-of-principle investigation of an algorithmic model of adenosine-mediated angiogenesis

Author(s): Azuaje Francisco | Léonard Frédérique | Rolland-Turner Magali | Devaux Yvan | Wagner Daniel
National policy development for cotrimoxazole prophylaxis in Malawi, Uganda and Zambia: the relationship between Context, Evidence and Links

Author(s): Hutchinson Eleanor | Parkhurst Justin | Phiri Sam | Gibb Di | Chishinga Nathaniel | Droti Benson | Hoskins Susan
Detection and follow-up of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and risk factors in the Southern Cone of Latin America. the pulmonary risk in South America (PRISA) study

Author(s): Rubinstein Adolfo | Irazola Vilma | Bazzano Lydia | Sobrino Edgardo | Calandrelli Matías | Lanas Fernando | Lee Alison | Manfredi Jose | Olivera Héctor | Ponzo Jacqueline | Seron Pamela | He Jiang
International challenges without borders: a descriptive study of family physicians' educational needs in the field of diabetes

Author(s): Murray Suzanne | Lazure Patrice | Schroter Sara | Leuschner Philipp | Posel Peter | Kellner Thomas | Jenkins Richard
Asking the right questions: developing evidence-based strategies for treating HIV in women and children

Author(s): Karim Quarraisha | Banegura Anchilla | Cahn Pedro | Christie Celia | Dintruff Robert | Distel Manuel | Hankins Catherine | Hellmann Nicholas | Katabira Elly | Lehrman Sandra | Montaner Julio | Purdon Scott | Rooney James | Wood Robin | Heidari Shirin
Antenatal care in practice: an exploratory study in antenatal care clinics in the Kilombero Valley, south-eastern Tanzania

Author(s): Gross Karin | Schellenberg Joanna | Kessy Flora | Pfeiffer Constanze | Obrist Brigit
Evaluation of an online interactive Diabetes Needs Assessment Tool (DNAT) versus online self-directed learning: a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Schroter Sara | Jenkins Richard | Playle Rebecca | Walsh Kieran | Probert Courtenay | Kellner Thomas | Arnhofer Gerhard | Owens David
Development of modelling method selection tool for health services management: From problem structuring methods to modelling and simulation methods

Author(s): Jun Gyuchan | Morris Zoe | Eldabi Tillal | Harper Paul | Naseer Aisha | Patel Brijesh | Clarkson John
Supporting smoking cessation in healthcare: obstacles in scientific understanding and tobacco addiction management

Author(s): Dianne de Korte | Onno C. P. van Schayck | Paul van Spiegel | Ad A. Kaptein | Alfred Sachs | Maureen Rutten-van Mölken | Niels Chavannes | Trudi Tromp-Beelen | Rik Bes | Remi Allard | Gerard Peeters | Leo Kliphuis | Jan Willem Schouten | Lies van Gennip | René van Ommen | Javier Asin
Diversity of cultivated and metabolically active aerobic anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria along an oligotrophic gradient in the Mediterranean Sea

Author(s): C. Jeanthon | D. Boeuf | O. Dahan | F. Le Gall | L. Garczarek | E. M. Bendif | A.-C. Lehours
Review of the effects of protection in marine protected areas: current knowledge and gaps

Author(s): Ojeda–Martínez, C. | Bayle–Sempere, J. T. | Sánchez–Jerez, P. | Salas, F. | Stobart, B. | Goñi, R. | Falcón, J. M. | Graziano, M. | Guala, I. | Higgins, R. | Vandeperre, F. | Le Direach, L. | Martín–Sosa, P. | Vaselli, S.
A Review: Mathematical Modles for Cross Docking Planning

Author(s): Dwi Agustina | C.K.M.Lee | Rajesh Piplani
Pollination ecology in the 21st Century: Key questions for future research

Author(s): Carolin Mayer | Lynn Adler | W. Scott Armbruster | Amots Dafni | Connal Eardley | Shuang-Quan Huang | Peter G. Kevan | Jeff Ollerton | Laurence Packer | Axel Ssymank | Jane C. Stout | Simon G. Potts

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