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Author(s): Jaiswal Amit | Kumar Abhina | Mishra Deepali | Kasula Mastanaiah
Spatial variation of the longitudinal dispersion coefficient in an estuary

Author(s): D. C. Shaha | Y.-K. Cho | M.-T. Kwak | S. R. Kundu | K. T. Jung
Comparison of Cervical Parameters by Three-Dimensional Ultrasound according to Parity and Previous Delivery Mode

Author(s): Yun Sung Jo, Dong Gyu Jang, Narinay Kim, Sa Jin Kim, Guisera Lee
Risk Factors of Neonatal Anemia in Placenta Previa

Author(s): Dong Gyu Jang, Yun Sung Jo, Sung Jong Lee, Gui Se Ra Lee
The Clinical Significance of Digital Examination-Indicated Cerclage in Women with a Dilated Cervix at 14 0/7 - 29 6/7 Weeks

Author(s): Hyun Sun Ko, Yun Seong Jo, Ki Cheol Kil, Ha Kyun Chang, Yong-Gyu Park, In Yang Park, Guisera Lee, Sajin Kim, Jong Chul Shin
Adolescent Weight Status and Self-Reported School Performance in South Korea

Author(s): Young Kyung Do | Eric Andrew Finkelstein
Flavonoids Isolated from Korea Citrus aurantium L. Induce G2/M Phase Arrest and Apoptosis in Human Gastric Cancer AGS Cells

Author(s): Do-Hoon Lee | Kwang-Il Park | Hyeon-Soo Park | Sang-Rim Kang | Arulkumar Nagappan | Jin-A Kim | Eun-Hee Kim | Won-Sup Lee | Young-Sool Hah | Hyon-Jong Chung | Su-Jin An | Gon-Sup Kim
The Korea Brassica Genome Project: a Glimpse of the Brassica Genome Based on Comparative Genome Analysis With Arabidopsis

Author(s): Tae-Jin Yang | Jung-Sun Kim | Ki-Byung Lim | Soo-Jin Kwon | Jin-A Kim | Mina Jin | Jee Young Park | Myung-Ho Lim | Ho-Il Kim | Seog Hyung Kim | Yong Pyo Lim | Beom-Seok Park
Notes on the genus Apteroloma of China (Coleoptera, Agyrtidae)

Author(s): Liang Tang | Li-Zhen Li | Jan Růžička
Effects of bedrock type on the indoor radon concentrations at the office buildings in Gyeongju, Korea

Author(s): Park Hee Chan | Jang Young So | Kim Jae Shin | Moon Hyun Joo

Author(s): Inamake M.R. | Shelar P.D. | Kulkarni M.S. | Katekar S.M. | Tambe Rashmi
Stress, time use and gender

Author(s): Jens Bonke | Frederik Gerstoft
Seroprevalence of Helicobacter pylori in female Vietnamese immigrants to Korea

Author(s): Su Jung Baik | Sun Young Yi | Hye Sook Park | Bo Hyun Park
The Control of Human Immunosystem by Using Paeony Root Drug

Author(s): Hideo Tsuboi | Muhaimin Rifa’i | Khaled Hossain | Izumi Nakashima | Haruhiko Suzuki
Characteristics of in vitro Virulence Properties in Campylobacter sp. Isolated from Chicken Carcasses

Author(s): Myeong Ju Chae | Hae Ji Kim | Jong Hyun Kim | Jong Wan Kim | Bok Kyung Ku | Young Ju Lee
Fat Utilization for Pigs: A Review

Author(s): J.H. Cho | I.H. Kim
Effect of a -Mannanase on Nutrient Digestibility in Corn-Soybean Meal Diets for Broiler Chicks

Author(s): F.J. Mussini | C.A. Coto | S.D. Goodgame | C. Lu | A.J. Karimi | J.H. Lee | P.W. Waldroup
Effect of -Mannanase on Broiler Performance and Dry Matter Output Using Corn-Soybean Meal Based Diets

Author(s): F.J. Mussini | C.A. Coto | S.D. Goodgame | C. Lu | A.J. Karimi | J.H. Lee | P.W. Waldroup
Suicide in the World

Author(s): Peeter Värnik
Judicial review in the Republic of Korea: an introduction

Author(s): Rodrigo Gonzu00E1lez Quintero

Author(s): Hee Young Lee, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Bevacizumab as a second- or later-line of treatment for metastatic colorectal cancer

Author(s): Lee Chun Park | Ho Sup Lee | Seong Hoon Shin | Seun Ja Park | Moo In Park | Sung Yong Oh | Hyuk Chan Kwon | Jin ho Baek | Young Jin Choi | Myoung Joo Kang | Yang Soo Kim
Tribes of Surguja and Korea region in Chattisgarh

Author(s): Neeles shrivastava* and A. Sinha Shrma

Author(s): Wi-Young So | Dong-Jun Sung | Brenda Swearingin | Seong-Ik Baek | Soung -Yob Rhi | Daniel Webb | Tiffany M. Fuller
Pragmatic 2010

Author(s): Paltin Ionescu | Jarosław Antoni Wiś́niewski
Iron oxide-based nanomagnets in nanomedicine: fabrication and applications

Author(s): Meng Meng Lin | Hyung-Hwan Kim | Hyuck Kim | Mamoun Muhammed | Do Kyung Kim
Wild and Hatchery Populations of Korean Starry Flounder (Platichthys stellatus) Compared Using Microsatellite DNA Markers

Author(s): Hye Suck An | Soon Gyu Byun | Yi Cheong Kim | Jang Wook Lee | Jeong-In Myeong
Pseudovirgaria, a fungicolous hyphomycete genus

Author(s): U. Braun | P.W. Crous | J.Z. Groenewald

Author(s): A. Cruz-Mava | F. Sánchez-Sllva | P. Qulnto-Dlez | M. Toledo-Velázquez
Ginseng Use in Medicine: Perspectives on CNS Disorders

Author(s): Khaled Radad | Gabriele Gille | Wolf-Dieter Rausch
Gender-Asymmetry in Dating Success of Korean Adoptees in the West

Author(s): Peter D. Dijkstra | Daniel Schwekendiek | Paul T.Y. Preenen
The Influencing Factor Analysis of the Locational Choice of

Author(s): LI Hong-feng | YANG Xiao-xia
Recent increase of genetic diversity in Plasmodium vivax population in the Republic of Korea

Author(s): Honma Hajime | Kim Jung-Yeon | Palacpac Nirianne | Mita Toshihiro | Lee Wonja | Horii Toshihiro | Tanabe Kazuyuki
Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of childhood pandemic 2009 H1N1 virus infection: an observational cohort study

Author(s): Rhim Jung-Woo | Lee Kyung-Yil | Youn You-Sook | Kang Jin-Han | Kim Ji-Chang
Hwangryunhaedoktang in adult patients with Atopic Dermatitis: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, two-centre trial - study protocol

Author(s): Kim Nam-Kwen | Lee Dong-Hyo | Seo Hyung-Sik | Sun Seung-Ho | Oh Yong-Leol | Kim Ji-Eun | Yoon In-Hwan | Seo Eun-Sung | Shim Gye-Seon | Zaslawski Christopher
Emergence of Japanese encephalitis virus genotype V in the Republic of Korea

Author(s): Takhampunya Ratree | Kim Heung-Chul | Tippayachai Bousaraporn | Kengluecha Ampornpan | Klein Terry | Lee Won-Ja | Grieco John | Evans Brian
Is HAPS Viable for the Next-Generation Telecommunication Platform in Korea?

Author(s): Kim Jonghwa | Lee Deokjoo | Ahn Jaekyoung | Ahn Do-Seob | Ku Bon-Jun
An Evaluation of the Effects of Rehabilitation Practiced in the Coal Mining Spoils in Korea 1. An Evaluation Based on Vegetation

Author(s): Lee, Chang-Seok | Yong-Chan Cho | Hyun-Chul Shin | Seon-Mi Lee | Choong-Hwa Lee | Ahn-Heum Eom
Monitoring Local Populations and Breeding Migration Patterns of the Gold-spotted Pond Frog, Rana chosenica

Author(s): Sung, Ha-Cheol | Sangmin Cha | Seokwan Cheong | Daesik Park | Shi-Ryong Park
Coastal Dune Vegetation of South Korea

Author(s): Lee, Jeom-Sook | Byung-Sun Ihm | Du Sung Cho | Jong-Wook Kim
Effects of Partial Habitat Restoration by a Method Suitable for Riverine Environments in Korea

Author(s): Lee, Chang Seok | Yong Chan Cho | Hyun Cheol Shin | Seon Mi Lee | Hyun Je Cho
Organic Carbon Distribution of the Pinus densiflora Forest on Songgye Valley at Mt. Worak National Park

Author(s): Jeon, In-Yeong | Chang-Hwan Shin | Gwang-Hoon Kim | Hyeong-Tae Mun
Foraging Habitat Preferences of Herons and Egrets

Author(s): Choi, Yu-Seong | In-Ki Kwon | Jeong-Chil Yoo
Distribution Characteristics, Population and Vegetation Structure of Corylopsis coreana in Korea

Author(s): Choung, Heung-Lak | Dong-Ok Lim | In-Chun Hwang | Chul Hwan Kim | Kyu Song Lee | Ji-Eun Ryu | Hyun-Woo Lee
Decomposition and Nutrient Dynamics of Aquatic Macrophytes in Lake Paldang

Author(s): Shin, Jin-Ho | Keum-Chul Yang | Myung-Hun Yeon | Jae-Kuk Shim
An Evaluation of the Effects of Rehabilitation Practiced in Coal Mining Spoils in Korea: 2. An Evaluation Based on the Physicochemical Properties of Soil

Author(s): Lee, Chang-Seok | Yong-Chan Cho | Hyun-Chul Shin | Seon-Mi Lee | Woo-Seok Oh | Sung-Ae Park | Eun Sil Seol | Choong-Hwa Lee | Ahn-Heum Eom | Hyun-Je Cho
Anti-predator Responses of the Black-tailed Gull (Larus crassirostris) Flock to Mobbing and Mew Call Playbacks

Author(s): Park, Shi-Ryong | Song-Yi Lee | Seokwan Cheong | Sukyung Kim | Ha-Cheol Sung
Descent Systems, Paternity Uncertainty and Cousin-directed Altruism

Author(s): Jeon, Joonghwan | Ji-Young Yoon | Jae Chun Choe
Sexual Dimorphism in Morphometric Characteristics of Korean Chub Zacco koreanus (Pisces, Cyprinidae)

Author(s): Kim, Youngja | Changik Zhang | In-Seok Park | Jonghun Na | Paul Olin
Bacterial Diversity in the Rhizosphere of Halophyte Phragmites communis at the Western Coastal Mudflats of Korea

Author(s): Moon, Ho-Sang | Suhk-Hwan Park | Jong-Ok Ka | Hong-Gyu Song | Geon-Hyoung Lee
A Study of Feeding Methods in Five Species of Herons and Egrets in Korea

Author(s): Choi, Yu-Seong | In-Ki Kwon | Jeong-Chil Yoo
Economic Evaluation of Renewable Energy R&D in Korea using Real Option

Author(s): Deok Joo Lee | Kyung-Taek Kim | Sung-Joon Park
The impact of China's vehicle emissions on regional air quality in 2000 and 2020: a scenario analysis

Author(s): E. Saikawa | J. Kurokawa | M. Takigawa | J. Borken-Kleefeld | D. L. Mauzerall | L. W. Horowitz | T. Ohara
Observation of slant column NO2 using the super-zoom mode of AURA-OMI

Author(s): L. C. Valin | A. R. Russell | E. J. Bucsela | J. P. Veefkind | R. C. Cohen
Assessment of PD-1 gene variation in patients with multiple sclerosis

Author(s): Shadmehri AA | Nicknam MH | Shokrgozar MA | Mahmoudi M | Sarial Sh | Ahmadi Shadmehri A | Moradi B | Farhadi E | Amirzargar AA
Padrão da inserção brasileira no mercado internacional de grãos

Author(s): Fernanda Aparecida Silva | Carlos Otávio de Freitas | Henrique Pieve Morais | Rômulo Faustino Moreira | Daniel Arruda Coronel | Viviani Silva Lírio
Preferences for Advance Directives in Korea

Author(s): So-Sun Kim | Won-Hee Lee | JooYoung Cheon | Jung-Eun Lee | KiSun Yeo | JuHee Lee

Author(s): F. Davatchi | F. Shahram | C. Chams | H. Chams A. Nadji
Assessment of participant satisfaction with upper gastrointestinal endoscopy in South Korea

Author(s): Hoo-Yeon Lee | Sun Mi Lim | Mi Ah Han | Jae Kwan Jun | Kui Son Choi | Myung-Il Hahm | Eun-Cheol Park
Biomimetic component coating on 3D scaffolds using high bioactivity of mesoporous bioactive ceramics

Author(s): Yun HS | Kim SH | Khang DW | Choi JI | Kim HH | Kang MJ

Author(s): Dr. Donald A. MACCUISH
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