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Reseña de “As novas doenças da alma” de Julia Kristeva

Author(s): Henrique Figueiredo Carneiro
Modelling of Fed-batch Fermentation Process with Droppings for L-lysine Production

Author(s): Tzanko Georgiev | Velitchka Ivanova | Julia Kristeva | Kalin Todorov | Ignat Dimov | Alexander Ratkov
One Approach for Dynamic L-lysine Modelling of Repeated Fed-batch Fermentation

Author(s): Tzanko Georgiev | Kalin Todorov | Ignat Dimov | Velichka Ivanova | Juliy Kristeva | Alexander Ratkov
Corticospinal interaction during isometric compensation for modulated forces with different frequencies

Author(s): Naranjo José | Wang Xi | Schulte-Mönting Jürgen | Huethe Frank | Maurer Christoph | Hepp-Reymond Marie-Claude | Kristeva Rumyana
El Realismo en Viento Fuerte de Miguel Angel Asturias

Author(s): Fernández Carballo, Rodolfo
Jorge Boccanera y la poesía de la imposibilidad

Author(s): Rodríguez , Francisco | Rodríguez , Francisco
La intertextualidad en la poética de Jorge Debravo

Author(s): Magda María Brenes Papayorgo
Le théâtre de la politique

Author(s): Michel Contat
Modelling of L-valine Repeated Fed-batch Fermentation Process Taking into Account the Dissolved Oxygen Tension

Author(s): Kalin Todorov | Tzanko Georgiev | Ignat Dimov | Julia Kristeva | Alexander Ratkov
Time Series Analysis of Fed-batch Fermentation Process for L-valine Production

Author(s): KalinTodorov | Tzanko Georgiev | Velitchka Ivanova | Julia Kristeva | Ignat Dimov | Alexander Ratkov
The image of the other: Friend, foreigner, patriot?

Author(s): Bošković Aleksandar
”Jag var ju aldrig riktigt elak”

Author(s): Silvia Edling
Handwriting performance in the absence of visual control in writer's cramp patients: Initial observations

Author(s): Chakarov Vihren | Hummel Sibylla | Losch Florian | Schulte-Mönting Jürgen | Kristeva Rumyana
Corticomuscular synchronization with small and large dynamic force output

Author(s): Andrykiewicz Agnieszka | Patino Luis | Naranjo Jose | Witte Matthias | Hepp-Reymond Marie-Claude | Kristeva Rumyana
The Melancholic Subject and The Bluest Eye

Author(s): Camellia Talebian Sadehi | Helen Oulia Nia
Acerca de Iuri Lotman

Author(s): Julia Kristeva
Narciso e seu reino de sombra em Cantares, de Hilda Hilst

Author(s): Souza, Enivalda Nunes Freitas e

Author(s): Fabio Camilletti | Martin Doll | Rupert Gaderer | Jan Niklas Howe | Catherine Smale
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