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Nature of L2 Grammatical Proficiency: A Multi-Dimensional Approach

Author(s): Ahmad Reza Lotfi | Behrouz Nouri Samani

Author(s): Hung-Tzu Huang | Hsien-Chin Liou
Acquisition of L2 Japanese Geminates: Training with Waveform Displays

Author(s): Miki Motohashi-Saigo | Debra M. Hardison
Quantification Scope Ambiguity Resolution: Evidence from Persian and English

Author(s): Hassan Asadollahfam | Ahmad Reza Lotfi
The Impact of Task Complexity on L2 Learners’ Written Narratives

Author(s): Massoud Rahimpour | Pakhshan Hosseini
Writing/Thinking in Real Time: Digital Video and Corpus Query Analysis

Author(s): Park, Kwanghyun | Kinginger Celeste
Getting to Know L2 Poor Comprehenders

Author(s): Masoud Zoghi | Ramlee Mustapha | Tengku Maasum
The Use Of First Language In Limited English Proficiency Classes: Good, Bad Or Ugly?

Author(s): Siti Hamin Stapa | Abdul Hameed Abdul Majid
Kuidas uurida esimese ja teise keele omandamist?

Author(s): Pille Eslon | Katre Õim | Annekatrin Kaivapalu | Reili Argus | Erika Matsak
The Second Language Acquisition of Past Tense Marker in English by L1 Speakers of Chinese

Author(s): Sharon Sharmini | Kelly Tee Pei Leng | Nallammai Singaram | Kamaruzaman Jusoff
Evaluating Automatic Detection of Misspellings in German

Author(s): Anne Rimrott | Trude Heift
Measuring Oral Proficiency in Distance, Face-to-Face, and Blended Classrooms

Author(s): Robert Blake | Nicole L. Wilson | Maria Cetto | Cristina Pardo Ballester
Modality of Input and Vocabulary Acquisition

Author(s): Tetyana Sydorenko
The Relationship between Peer Assessment and the Cognition Hypothesis

Author(s): Mona Khabiri | Soroush Sabbaghan | Sahar Sabbaghan
Contribution to Vocabulary Learning via Mobiles

Author(s): Saeed Khazaie | Saeed Ketabi
Some factors affecting English learning at tertiary level

Author(s): R. Narayanan | N. Rajasekaran Nair | S. Iyyappan
Code-switching as a new strategy: Speak English to overcome your shyness

Author(s): Abbas Eslami Rasekh, | Nematullah Shomoossi | Masoud Soleimani
Listening skill teaching: Some pedagogical considerations

Author(s): Pedro Luis Luchini | Mabel Arguello
Vocabulary Learning Strategies of Iranian upper-intermediate EFL learners

Author(s): Mohammad Khatib | Mohammad Hassanzadeh | Saeed Rezaei
The Impact of Language Anxiety and Language Proficiency on WTC in EFL Context

Author(s): Minoo Alemi | Parisa Daftarifard | Roya Pashmforoosh
Delving into EFL Learners’ Cultural Conceptions Through Metaphor Analysis

Author(s): Mostafa Morady Moghaddam | Mina Gholamzadeh
The Effect of Conceptual Metaphors on Learning Idioms by L2 Learners

Author(s): Elham Rahmani Samani | Mahmood Hashemian
Common Error Types of Iranian Learners of English

Author(s): Ali Nezami | Mousa Sadraie Najafi
Pragmatic Meaning and EFL Learners’ Text-understanding Ability

Author(s): Sorayya Behroozizad | Hossein Bakhtiyarzadeh
Recasts, Modified Output and L2 Development: A Case of Persian EFL Learners

Author(s): Ehsan Rassaei | Ahmad Moinzadeh | Manijeh youhannaee
On the Relation of Locus of Control and L2 Reading and Writing Achievement

Author(s): Behzad Ghonsooly | Majid Elahi Shirvan
Extracting noun forms: A lesson learnt

Author(s): Manvender Kaur | Sarimah Shamsudin
Does Extensive Reading Improve EFL learners‟ Processing Ability?

Author(s): Abbas Ali Rezaee | Saeed Nourzadeh
The Effect of Persian Polysemy on the Interpretation of English Sentences

Author(s): Sogol Samanianpour | Mahmood Hashemian
Improving L2 Writing Ability in the Light of Critical Thinking

Author(s): Mostafa Morady Moghaddam | Shirin Malekzadeh
The Effect of Setting Reading Goals on the Vocabulary Retention of Iranian EFL Learners

Author(s): Akbar Hesabi | Saeed Ketabi | Abbas Eslami Rasekh | Shahnaz Kazemi
The Effect of Scaffolding Technique in Journal Writing among the Second Language Learners

Author(s): Veeramuthu A/L Veerappan | Wei Hui Suan | Tajularipin Sulaiman
SMS: Tool for L2 Vocabulary Retention and Reading Comprehension Ability

Author(s): Khalil Motallebzadeh | Razyeh Ganjali
Uptake in Task-elicited L2 Performance: Can Task Complexity Matter?

Author(s): Massoud Yaghoubi Notash | Mohammad Hossein Yousefi
Nature of L2 Grammatical Proficiency: A Multi-Dimensional Approach

Author(s): Ahmad Reza Lotfi | Behrouz Nouri Samani
From Perceptions to Practice: Factors Affecting Recast

Author(s): Sajjad Sepehrinia | Alireza Zarea | Majid Soltani Moghaddam | Morteza Nasiri
ERP correlates of intramodal and crossmodal L2 acquisition

Author(s): Skotara Nils | Kügow Monique | Salden Uta | Hänel-Faulhaber Barbara | Röder Brigitte

Author(s): Paloma Pernas | Eugenio Gillani | Annamaria Cacchione | Gruppo A.Ma.Dis.
Didattica con i corpora di italiano per stranieri.

Author(s): Elisa Corino | Carla Marello
Feedback Strategies in Foreign Language Reading Classes

Author(s): Omid Tabatabaei | Azade Banitalebi
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