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Usage of SPI interface in applications with MEMS components

Author(s): Babiuch Marek | Škuta Jaromír
Computer-Based Wireless Advertising Communication System

Author(s): Yahya Salameh Khraisat | Anwar Al-Mofleh
AT89S52 Microcontroller Based Digital Compass With Voice Output

Author(s): Fahmi Fardiyan Arief | Muchlas | Tole Sutikno
A New Technique for the Digitization and Restoration of Deteriorated Photographic Negatives

Author(s): George V. Landon | Duncan Clarke | W. Brent Seales
Collection of arc welding process data

Author(s): K. Luksa | Z. Rymarski
Using Data Mining in MURA Graphic Problems

Author(s): Wen-Hsing Kao | Jason C. Hung | Victoria Hsu

Author(s): USHA A. JADHAV, | M. M. JADHAV
Design and Development of Microcontroller-Based Clinical Chemistry Analyser for Measurement of Various Blood Biochemistry Parameters

Author(s): S. R. Taneja | R. C. Gupta | Jagdish Kumar | K. K. Thariyan | Sanjeev Verma
A pilot study on pupillary and cardiovascular changes induced by stereoscopic video movies

Author(s): Oyamada Hiroshi | Iijima Atsuhiko | Tanaka Akira | Ukai Kazuhiko | Toda Haruo | Sugita Norihiro | Yoshizawa Makoto | Bando Takehiko
Adopting Contact Center Approach to Collaborative Product Development - Using TFT-LCD Design Chain as Case Study

Author(s): Ching-Jen Huang | Amy J. C. Trappey | Yin-Ho Yao | Shen-Chou Yeh | Yu-Hsiung Cheng
New method of LCD display viewing angle designation

Author(s): Libor Hargas | Jozef Cuntala
New method of LCD display viewing angle designation

Author(s): Libor Hargas | Jozef Cuntala
Implementation of a Controller Unit for an Intelligent Ventilation System (IVS) for a BTS Room

Author(s): Sadeque Reza Khan | Ahmed Al Mansur | S.M. Ferdous
Full-Color LCD Microdisplay System Based on OLED Backlight Unit and Field-Sequential Color Driving Method

Author(s): Sungho Woo | Dae-Hwan Kim | Yoon Soo Han | Byeong-Dae Choi
Diseño e implementación de un sistema de adquisición de datos para medir potencia solar local

Author(s): Joe Alexander Jiménez Herrera | Luís Fernando Ortiz Arroyave | Gildardo Posada | Orlando Carrillo
FPGA Based Design & Implementation of Embedded System for Tilt Measurement

Author(s): Athar Ravish muzaffar khan | Sanjay Mahadeorao Gulhane | Sanjay L Badjate
Design of the Control System about Central Signals in Electric Vehicle

Author(s): Qianqian Zhang | Yan Wang | Tianming Yin
Low Cost Interactive Electronic Whiteboard Using Nintendo Wii Remote

Author(s): Dalbir Singh | Ridha Omar | Azfar Anuar
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