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Management of parasitic dermatoses.

Author(s): Hati A | Chakraborty A | Chaudhuri A | Bhattacharyya S
The nature and extent of the head louse infestation in a West Bengal village.

Author(s): Hati A | Bhattacharyya S | Chakraborty A | Choudhuri A | Chowdhury D
Parasitic dermatoses in children.

Author(s): Choudhuri A | Chakraborty A | Bhattacharyya S | Chowdhury D | Hati A
A highly efficacious pediculicide based on dimeticone: Randomized observer blinded comparative trial

Author(s): Heukelbach Jorg | Pilger Daniel | Oliveira Fabíola | Khakban Adak | Ariza Liana | Feldmeier Hermann
Evolutionary history of mammalian sucking lice (Phthiraptera: Anoplura)

Author(s): Light Jessica | Smith Vincent | Allen Julie | Durden Lance | Reed David
Interrelationship between Ectoparasites and Wild Rodents from Tijucas do Sul, State of Paraná, Brazil

Author(s): Moraes Barros-Battesti Darci | Arzua Márcia | Linardi Pedro Marcos | Botelho José Ramiro | Sbalqueiro Ives José
The sex ratio distortion in the human head louse is conserved over time

Author(s): Perotti M Alejandra | Catalá Silvia | Ormeño Analía del | Żelazowska Monika | Biliński Szczepan | Braig Henk
Morphology of the Leather Defect Light Flecks and Spots

Author(s): Nafstad O | Wisløff H | Grønstøl H
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