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Panorama do documentário no Brasil

Author(s): Gustavo Soranz Gonçalves
Jean Rouch e o Surrealismo

Author(s): Daniela Dumaresq
Introdução ao roteiro de documentário

Author(s): Sérgio Puccini
Performance Analysis of Distributed Incremental LMS Algorithm with Noisy Links

Author(s): Azam Khalili | Mohammad Ali Tinati | Amir Rastegarnia
Different Uses of an Open Code LMS for Educational Suppor

Author(s): Katerina Georgouli, | Michael Grivas | Persefoni Zahariou
On the structural changes in the Brewer-Dobson circulation after 2000

Author(s): H. Bönisch | A. Engel | Th. Birner | P. Hoor | D. W. Tarasick | E. A. Ray
Performance of Adaptive Beamforming Algorithm for Angle Separation and Interference Power Level

Author(s): Islam Mohammad | Mandeep J | Misran Norbahiah | Yatim Baharuddin
Online Learning Interaction Continuum (OLIC): A Qualitative Case Study

Author(s): Mohamad Hisyam Mohd Hashim | Yusup Hashim | Ahmad Esa
Amadeus-TV: Portal Educacional na TV Digital Integrado a um Sistema de Gestão de Aprendizado

Author(s): Bruno Monteiro | Thiago Monteiro Prota | Alex Sandro Gomes | Fernando F. de Souza
Crystalline and liquid Si3 N4 characterization by first-principles molecular dynamics simulations

Author(s): Mauri Aurelio | Celino Massimo | Castellani Niccoló | Erbetta Davide
Quantifying Learning Creativity through Simulation and Modeling of Swarm Intelligence and Neural Networks

Author(s): Hassan Mohammed H. Mustafa | Turki F. Al-Somani | Ayoub Al-Hamadi
Imaging features of a huge spermatic cord leiomyosarcoma: Review of the literature

Author(s): Irene Kyratzi | Evangelos Lolis | Eleni Antypa | Maria Alexandra Lianou | Demetrios Exarhos
Improved Predictive Power Control Algorithms to Increase CDMA System Capacity

Author(s): A. Kurniawan | Iskandar | Sayid Machdar
Imaging features of a huge spermatic cord leiomyosarcoma: Review of the literature

Author(s): Irene Kyratzi | Evangelos Lolis | Eleni Antypa | Maria Alexandra Lianou | Demetrios Exarhos
Variable Step-Size LMS adaptive filters for CDMA multiuser detection

Author(s): Karen Egiazarian | Pauli Kuosmanen | Radu Ciprian Bilcu
Performance of Czech Speech Recognition with Language Models Created from Public Resources

Author(s): V. Prochazka | P. Pollak | J. Zdansky | J. Nouza
BPSK Receiver Based on Recursive Adaptive Filter with Remodulation

Author(s): B. Dimitrijevic | N. Milosevic | R. Marsalek | Z. Nikolic
Individual Tree Simulation and Stand Visualization of Pinus Tabulaeformis Plantation

Author(s): Guanglei Gao | Guodong Ding | Yintong Zang | Wenjun Liang | , Lina Ren
Genetic Algorithm Applied to the Eigenvalue Equalization Filtered-x LMS Algorithm (EE-FXLMS)

Author(s): Stephan P. Lovstedt | Jared K. Thomas | Scott D. Sommerfeldt | Jonathan D. Blotter

Author(s): KUČÍRKOVÁ, Lenka | VOGELTANZOVÁ, Tereza | JARKOVSKÁ, Martina
Comparative Study of Channel Estimation Algorithms under Different Channel Scenario

Author(s): Tirthankar Paul | Priyabrata karmakar | Sourav Dhar
BaTiO3 thick fi lms obtained by tape casting from powders prepared by the oxalate route

Author(s): Adelina Ianculescu | Sophie Guillemet-Fritsch | Bernard Durand
Al-doped and undoped zinc oxide films obtained by soft chemistry

Author(s): Suzana M. Mihaiu | Alexandra Toader | Mihai Anastasescu | Mihai Gabor | Traian Petrisor Jr. | Mihai Stoica | Maria Zaharescu
Istotne zwężenie pnia głównego lewej tętnicy wieńcowej - domena kardiologii interwencyjnej czy kardiochirurgii? Doświadczenia własne

Author(s): Robert Gil | Tomasz Pawłowski | Artur Krzywkowski | Sebastian Ciuka | Rafał Żurawski

Author(s): Ahmet BASAL | Mehmet GUROL | Tuncay SEVINDIK
Uma estratégia de ensino em transportes apoiada nos perfis de personalidade dos estudantes

Author(s): Nídia Pavan Kuri | Antônio Nélson Rodrigues da Silva
Aplicaciones y seguridad en la implementación de competencias prácticas en entornos de gestión del aprendizaje

Author(s): Gil, R. | San Cristóbal, E. | Tawfik, M. | Martín, S. | Pesquera, A. | Díaz, G. | Colmenar, A. | Carpio, J. | Peire, J. | Castro, M.
Learning Management System Migration: An Analysis of Stakeholder Perspectives

Author(s): Tom G Ryan | Mary Toye | Kyle Charron | Gavin Park
The stable isotopic composition of molecular hydrogen in the tropopause region probed by the CARIBIC aircraft

Author(s): A. M. Batenburg | T. J. Schuck | A. K. Baker | A. Zahn | C. A. M. Brenninkmeijer | T. Röckmann
Performance improvement in beamforming of Smart Antenna by using LMS algorithm

Author(s): B. G. Hogade | Jyoti Chougale-Patil | Shrikant K.Bodhe
Performance Analysis of an Affine Combination of Two LMS Adaptive Filters

Author(s): Abdullah M.K. | F.I.Shaikh | A.I.Tamboli

Author(s): Chinmay Chandrakar | M.K. Kowar
A New Variable Step-Size NLMS Algorithm and its Performance Evaluation in Echo Cancelling Applications

Author(s): F. M. Casco-Sánchez | R. C. Medina-Ramírez | M. López-Guerrero
Percentile values for physical condition for Cali, Colombian children and adolescents Percentiles de condición física de niños y adolescentes de Santiago de Cali, Colombia

Author(s): Ana Cecilia Aguilar | Alberto Pradilla | Mildrey Mosquera | Ana Beatriz Gracia | José Guillermo Ortega | Jaime Humberto Leiva | Robinson Ramírez-Vélez
Speed-Sensitive Weighting Algorithm for Digital Beamforming of Adaptive Antenna Arrays

Author(s): Shahriar Shirvani Moghaddam | Mahyar Shirvani Moghaddam
Step Size Bound of the Sequential Partial Update LMS Algorithm with Periodic Input Signals

Author(s): Ramos Pedro | Torrubia Roberto | López Ana | Salinas Ana | Masgrau Enrique
Prognosticators and Risk Grouping in Patients with Lung Metastasis from Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: A more accurate and appropriate assessment of prognosis

Author(s): Cao Xun | Luo Rong-Zhen | He Li-Ru | Li Yong | Lin Wen-Qian | Chen You-Fang | Wen Zhe-Sheng
Reduced-Rank Chip-Level MMSE Equalization for the 3G CDMA Forward Link with Code-Multiplexed Pilot

Author(s): Chowdhury Samina | Zoltowski Michael D | Goldstein J Scott
Nonlinear Effects of the LMS Adaptive Predictor for Chirped Input Signals

Author(s): Han Jun | Zeidler James R | Ku Walter H
Microphone Diversity Combining for In-Car Applications

Author(s): Freudenberger Jürgen | Stenzel Sebastian | Venditti Benjamin
A Near-Optimum Multiuser Receiver for STBC MC-CDMA Systems Based on Minimum Conditional BER Criterion and Genetic Algorithm-Assisted Channel Estimation

Author(s): D'Orazio Leandro | Sacchi Claudio | Donelli Massimo | Louveaux Jérôme | Vandendorpe Luc
Multicarrier Communications Based on the Affine Fourier Transform in Doubly-Dispersive Channels

Author(s): Stojanović Djuro | Djurović Igor | Vojcic BranimirR
Performance Analysis of Adaptive Volterra Filters in the Finite-Alphabet Input Case

Author(s): Besbes Hichem | Jaïdane Mériem | Ezzine Jelel
Adaptive Outlier Rejection in Image Super-resolution

Author(s): Trimeche Mejdi | Bilcu Radu Ciprian | Yrjänäinen Jukka
An Efficient Implementation of the Sign LMS Algorithm Using Block Floating Point Format

Author(s): Chakraborty Mrityunjoy | Shaik Rafiahamed | Lee Moon Ho
Modified Clipped LMS Algorithm

Author(s): Lotfizad Mojtaba | Yazdi Hadi Sadoghi
The Effectiveness of Learning Management System (LMS) Case Study at Open University Malaysia (OUM), Kota Bharu Campus

Author(s): Khadijah Abdul Rahman | Siti Aswani Mohd Ghazali | Mohd Nasir Ismail
Comparison Of LDM and LMS for an Application of a Speech

Author(s): V.A.Mane | K.P.Paradeshi | S.A.Harage | M.S.Ingavale
Semantic – Based Querying Using Ontology in Relational Database of Library Management System

Author(s): Ayesha Banu | Syeda Sameen Fatima | Khaleel Ur Rahman Khan
Using Workload to Predict Left Main Coronary Artery Stenosis in Candidates for Coronary Angiography

Author(s): Saeed Sadeghian | Abbasali Karimi | Mojtaba Salarifar | Masoumeh Lotfi Tokaldany | Elham Hakki Kazzazi | Mahmood Sheikh Fathollahi
Modeling And Comparison Study Of Modules In Open Source Lms Platforms With Cmapstool

Author(s): Carlos E. Montenegro-Marin | Juan Manuel Cueva-Lovelle | Oscar Sanjuan | Paulo A. Gaona-Garcia
Factors that Impact Student Usage of the Learning Management System in Qatari Schools

Author(s): Ramzi Nasser | Maha Cherif | Michael Romanowski
TutorGSI: aplicación de tecnologías de bots a entornos LMS

Author(s): Miguel Coronado | Alejandro López | Carlos A. Iglesias | Mercedes Garijo
Service-Oriented Authoring System to Achieve Interoperability among E-Learning Environment

Author(s): Neil Y. Yen | Jason C. Hung | Hui-Huang Hsu | Timothy K. Shih | Louis R. Chao
Iterative Equalizer for OFDM-CDMA Multiple Access Communication Systems

Author(s): Jui-Chi Chang | Hsuan-Fu Wang | Fang-Biau Ueng
Effects of Syllable Language Model on Distinctive Phonetic Features (DPFs) based Phoneme Recognition Performance

Author(s): Mohammad Nurul Huda | Manoj Banik | Ghulam Muhammad | Mashud Kabir | Bernd J. Kröger
Studies on Optimization Algorithms for Some Artificial Neural Networks Based on Genetic Algorithm (GA)

Author(s): Shifei Ding | Xinzheng Xu | Hong Zhu | Jian Wang | Fengxiang Jin
Design and Performance Analysis of Smart Antenna System for DECT Radio Base Station in Wireless Local Loop

Author(s): Muhammad Mahfuzul Alam | Md. Majharul Islam Rajib | Sumon Jumar Biswas
Two Algorithms for Web Applications Assessment

Author(s): Stavros Ioannis Valsamidis | Sotirios Kontogiannis | Alexandros Spiros Karakos
Excess Loss Model for Low Elevation Links in Urban Areas for UAVs

Author(s): M. Simunek | P. Pechac | F. P. Fontan
Application and Research of Humanoid Robot Based on Second-Order Cone Programming

Author(s): Piao Song-hao | Liu Ya-qi | Zhao Wen | Zhong Qiu-bo

Author(s): Mbachu C.B | Onoh G. N | Idigo V.E | Oguejiofor O.S
Characterization of duplex hard coatings with additional ion implantation

Author(s): B. Škorić | D. Kakaš | D. Ješić | M. Gostimirović | A. Miletić
An Intelligent Mediating Model for Collaborative e-Learning Management Systems

Author(s): Akanbi Caleb Olufisoye | Adagunodo E Rotimi
Channel Estimation using Adaptive Filtering for LTE-Advanced

Author(s): Saqib Saleem | Qamar-ul-Islam
Performance Comparison of Adaptive Algorithms for Adaptive line Enhancer

Author(s): Sanjeev Kumar Dhull | Sandeep K Arya | O P Sahu
The Design of Ubiquitous Learning System with Embedded Ganglia Agent

Author(s): Fu-Chien Kao | Chia-Chun Hung | Ting-Hao Huang
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
A Technique for Quality Evaluation of E-Learning from Developers Perspective

Author(s): Majdi Abdellatief | Abu B.M. Sultan | Marzanah A. Jabar | Rusli Abdullah
Sistema de Gestión del Aprendizaje (LMS) Integrado para su Uso en Educación Superior

Author(s): Paloma Moreno-Clari | Darío Roig-García | Agustín López-Bueno
Performance Evaluation of Adaptive Filters Structures for Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Author(s): Sanjeev Dhull | Dr.Sandeep Arya | Dr.O.P Sahu
Interference Management for DS-CDMA Systems through Closed-Loop Power Control, Base Station Assignment, and Beamforming

Author(s): Mohamad Dosaranian Moghadam | Hamidreza Bakhshi | Gholamreza Dadashzadeh
A New On-Line/Off-Line Adaptive Antenna Array Beamformer for Tracking the Mobile Targets

Author(s): Shahriar Shirvani Moghaddam | Mahyar Shirvani Moghaddam
Using LMS Method in Smoothing Reference Centile Curves for Lipid Profile of Iranian Children and Adolescents: A CASPIAN Study

Author(s): Hoseini M | Amirkhani M.A | Rafiei Sharebabaki M | Ardalan G | Akbari S | Poursafa P | Kelishadi R
Adaptive Equalizer With Zero-Noise Constrained LMS Algorithm

Author(s): Božo Krstajić | Zdravko Uskoković | Ljubiša Stanković

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