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Update on Anti-EGFR Therapy

Author(s): Daniel Chua | Peter Fasching | Brigette Ma | Sumitra Thongprasert | Lori Wirth
Update on Anti-EGFR Targeted Therapy

Author(s): Daniel Chua | Peter Fasching | Brigette Ma | Sumitra Thongprasert | Lori Wirth
Phase IIA trial of 1% topical cidofovir for treatment of high-grade perianal squamous intraepithelial neoplasia in HIV-infected men and women (AMC046)

Author(s): Stier Elizabeth | Goldstone Stephen | Einstein Mark | Jay Naomi | Berry J | Wilkin Timothy | Lee Jeannette | Panther Lori | Aboulafia David | Palefsky Joel
Evaluating Learning Objects for Students: An adaptive model

Author(s): Sonal Chawla and Dr. R.K. Singla
Adequate reimbursement is crucial to support cost-effective rapid on-site cytopathology evaluations

Author(s): Al-Abbadi Mousa | Bloom Leonard | Fatheree Lisa | Haack Lori | Minkowitz Gerald | Wilbur David | Austin Marshall
Advantages of a Four-Year Residency

Author(s): Weichenthal, Lori
Quick Diagnosis - Case 2

Author(s): Kelsey E. Mills | Lori Albert
Identification of a novel picornavirus related to cosaviruses in a child with acute diarrhea

Author(s): Holtz Lori | Finkbeiner Stacy | Kirkwood Carl | Wang David
Detection of HIV-1 RNA/DNA and CD4 mRNA in feces and urine from chronic HIV-1 infected subjects with and without anti-retroviral therapy

Author(s): Chakrabarti Ayan | Caruso Lori | Ding Ming | Shen Chengli | Buchanan William | Gupta Phalguni | Rinaldo Charles | Chen Yue

Author(s): Paul Whitmore | Harley Benz | Maiclaire Bolton | George Crawford | Lori Dengler | Gerard Fryer | Jim Goltz | Roger Hansen | Kelli Kryzanowski | Steve Malone | David Oppenheime | Ervin Petty | Garry Rogers | Jay Wilson
An examination of the population dynamics of syngnathid fishes within Tampa Bay, Florida, USA

Author(s): Heather D. MASONJONES, Emily ROSE, Lori Benson McRAE,Danielle L. DIXSON
A Framework for Content Area Writing: Mediators and Moderators

Author(s): Perry D. Klein | Lori C. Kirkpatrick
Comparative Biomechanics of Thick Filaments and Thin Filaments with Functional Consequences for Muscle Contraction

Author(s): Mark S. Miller | Bertrand C. W. Tanner | Lori R. Nyland | Jim O. Vigoreaux
Determination of metal ions released by stainless steel arch bar into bio-fluids

Author(s): Lori A. Joseph | Omoniyi K. Israel | Ekanem J. Edet | Patricia A. Ekwumemgbo
American Journal of Evaluation

Author(s): Lori Wingate
What's Happening in AJE (2003-2004)

Author(s): Lori Wingate
Postpartum cultural practices: a systematic review of the evidence

Author(s): Grigoriadis Sophie | Cindylee Dennis | Kenneth Fung | Gail Robinson | Sarah Romans | Lori Ross | Cornelia Chee
The effect of tiotropium therapy on markers of elastin degradation in COPD

Author(s): Ma Shuren | Lin Yong | Tartell Lori | Turino Gerard
Malignant Tumor in a Horseshoe Kidney

Author(s): Lori Jones | Mallory Reeves | Scott Wingo | Agha Babanoury
Klassevirus 1, a previously undescribed member of the family Picornaviridae, is globally widespread

Author(s): Holtz Lori | Finkbeiner Stacy | Zhao Guoyan | Kirkwood Carl | Girones Rosina | Pipas James | Wang David
Promoting LGBT health and wellbeing through inclusive policy development

Author(s): Mulé Nick | Ross Lori | Deeprose Barry | Jackson Beth | Daley Andrea | Travers Anna | Moore Dick
Barriers to adopting a healthy lifestyle: insight from postpartum women

Author(s): Carter-Edwards Lori | Østbye Truls | Bastian Lori | Yarnall Kimberly | Krause Katrina | Simmons Tia-Jane'l
The Effects of Fetal Surgery on Retinopathy of Prematurity Development

Author(s): Sudha Nallasamy | Stefanie L. Davidson | Lori J. Howell | Holly Hedrick | Alan W. Flake | Timothy M. Crombleholme | N. Scott Adzick | Terri L. Young
Loss of the SIN3 transcriptional corepressor results in aberrant mitochondrial function

Author(s): Barnes Valerie | Strunk Bethany | Lee Icksoo | Hüttemann Maik | Pile Lori
Current and Future Trends in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Assessments of the Response of Breast Tumors to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

Author(s): Lori R. Arlinghaus | Xia Li | Mia Levy | David Smith | E. Brian Welch | John C. Gore | Thomas E. Yankeelov
Molar Pregnancy in the Emergency Department

Author(s): Masterson, Lori | Chan, Shu B | Bluhm, Bryan
A New Normalizing Algorithm for BAC CGH Arrays with Quality Control Metrics

Author(s): Jeffrey C. Miecznikowski | Daniel P. Gaile | Song Liu | Lori Shepherd | Norma Nowak
Patterns of Pain and Functional Improvement in Patients with Bone Metastases after Conventional External Beam Radiotherapy and a Telephone Validation Study

Author(s): Liang Zeng | Arjun Sahgal | Liying Zhang | Kaitlin Koo | Lori Holden | Florencia Jon | May Tsao | Elizabeth Barnes | Cyril Danjoux | Kristopher Dennis | Luluel Khan | Edward Chow
Pulmonary inflammation and tumor induction in lung tumor susceptible A/J and resistant C57BL/6J mice exposed to welding fume

Author(s): Zeidler-Erdely Patti | Kashon Michael | Battelli Lori | Young Shih-Houng | Erdely Aaron | Roberts Jenny | Reynolds Steven | Antonini James
Unexpected Syntheses of seco-Cyclopropyltetrahydroquinolines >From a Radical 5-Exo-Trig Cyclization Reaction: Analogs of CC-1065 and the Duocarmycins

Author(s): Hari Pati | Lori Forrest | Heather Townes | Brian Lingerfelt | LuAnne McNulty | Moses Lee
Hirsh Institute Article: Moving from Tradition to Evidence: A Review of Psychiatric Nursing Intervention Studies

Author(s): Jaclene A. Zauszniewski | M. Jane Suresky | Abir K. Bekhet | Lori Kidd
Immunological tolerance and tumor rejection in embryo-aggregated chimeric mice – Lessons for tumor immunity

Author(s): Wagner Alexander | Holle Eric | Holle Lori | Yu Xianzhong | Schwamberger Günter
Genetic structure along an elevational gradient in Hawaiian honeycreepers reveals contrasting evolutionary responses to avian malaria

Author(s): Eggert Lori | Terwilliger Lauren | Woodworth Bethany | Hart Patrick | Palmer Danielle | Fleischer Robert
Arabidopsis At5g39790 encodes a chloroplast-localized, carbohydrate-binding, coiled-coil domain-containing putative scaffold protein

Author(s): Lohmeier-Vogel Elke | Kerk David | Nimick Mhairi | Wrobel Susan | Vickerman Lori | Muench Douglas | Moorhead Greg
Impact of sample acquisition and linear amplification on gene expression profiling of lung adenocarcinoma: laser capture micro-dissection cell-sampling versus bulk tissue-sampling

Author(s): Klee Eric | Erdogan Sibel | Tillmans Lori | Kosari Farhad | Sun Zhifu | Wigle Dennis | Yang Ping | Aubry Marie | Vasmatzis George
Barriers to Healthcare in a Multiethnic Cohort of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Patients: Patient and Physician Perceptions

Author(s): Genevieve Law | Janet Pope | Sheliza Lalani | Earl Silverman | Glinda Cooper | Paul Fortin | Michel Zummer | C. Douglas Smith | Ross Petty | Lori Tucker | Lori Albert | Adam Huber | Susanne Ramsey | Hector Arbillaga | Gaëlle Chedéville | Marie Hudson | Christine Peschken
A Study of External Fat-Tail Dimensions and Their Relationships With Fat-Tail Weight in Lori-Bakhtiari Breed of Sheep

Author(s): M. Vatankhah | M. Moradi-Sharbabak | A. Nejati-Javaremi | S. R. Miraei-Ashtiani | R. Vaez-Torshizi
A longitudinal study of gene expression in healthy individuals

Author(s): Karlovich Chris | Duchateau-Nguyen Guillemette | Johnson Andrea | McLoughlin Patricia | Navarro Mercidita | Fleurbaey Carole | Steiner Lori | Tessier Michel | Nguyen Tracy | Wilhelm-Seiler Monika | Caulfield John
Coal dust alters β-naphthoflavone-induced aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocation in alveolar type II cells

Author(s): Ghanem Mohamed | Battelli Lori | Law Brandon | Castranova Vincent | Kashon Michael | Nath Joginder | Hubbs Ann
Intraclonal mating occurs during tsetse transmission of Trypanosoma brucei

Author(s): Peacock Lori | Ferris Vanessa | Bailey Mick | Gibson Wendy
Differential effects of cytokines and corticosteroids on Toll-like receptor 2 expression and activity in human airway epithelia

Author(s): Winder Audra | Wohlford-Lenane Christine | Scheetz Todd | Nardy Brie | Manzel Lori | Look Dwight | McCray Paul
Biomedical research competencies for osteopathic medical students

Author(s): Cruser des Anges | Dubin Bruce | Brown Sarah | Bakken Lori | Licciardone John | Podawiltz Alan | Bulik Robert
Human stool contains a previously unrecognized diversity of novel astroviruses

Author(s): Finkbeiner Stacy | Holtz Lori | Jiang Yanfang | Rajendran Priya | Franz Carl | Zhao Guoyan | Kang Gagandeep | Wang David
Quality from a Toddler’s Perspective: A Bottom-Up Examination of Classroom Experiences

Author(s): Rena Hallam | Hillary Fouts | Kaitlin Bargreen | Lori Caudle
The past, present and future of HIV, AIDS and resource allocation

Author(s): Forsythe Steven | Stover John | Bollinger Lori
Identification of known and novel pancreas genes expressed downstream of Nkx2.2 during development

Author(s): Anderson Keith | White Peter | Kaestner Klaus | Sussel Lori
Visualization of anomalous origin and course of coronary arteries in 748 consecutive symptomatic patients by 64-slice computed tomography angiography

Author(s): von Ziegler Franz | Pilla Marco | McMullan Lori | Panse Prasad | Leber Alexander | Wilke Norbert | Becker Alexander
Falls following discharge after an in-hospital fall

Author(s): Davenport Rick | Vaidean Georgeta | Jones Carol | Chandler A Michelle | Kessler Lori | Mion Lorraine | Shorr Ronald
Simple sequence repeats in Helicobacter canadensis and their role in phase variable expression and C-terminal sequence switching

Author(s): Snyder Lori | Loman Nicholas | Linton James | Langdon Rebecca | Weinstock George | Wren Brendan | Pallen Mark
An evaluation of inflammatory gene polymorphisms in sibships discordant for premature coronary artery disease: the GRACE-IMMUNE study

Author(s): Brown Benjamin | Nsengimana Jérémie | Barrett Jennifer | Lawrence Richard | Steiner Lori | Cheng Suzanne | Bishop D Timothy | Samani Nilesh | Ball Stephen | Balmforth Anthony | Hall Alistair
Microrna profiling analysis of differences between the melanoma of young adults and older adults

Author(s): Jukic Drazen | Rao Uma | Kelly Lori | Skaf Jihad | Drogowski Laura | Kirkwood John | Panelli Monica
Inhibition of IFN-γ-dependent antiviral airway epithelial defense by cigarette smoke

Author(s): Modestou Modestos | Manzel Lori | El-Mahdy Sherif | Look Dwight
Ordered Assembly of the Adhesive and Electrochemical Connections within Newly Formed Intercalated Disks in Primary Cultures of Adult Rat Cardiomyocytes

Author(s): Sarah B. Geisler | Kathleen J. Green | Lori L. Isom | Sasha Meshinchi | Jeffrey R. Martens | Mario Delmar | Mark W. Russell
A Road Map for the Global Elimination of Congenital Syphilis

Author(s): Mary L. Kamb | Lori M. Newman | Patricia L. Riley | Jennifer Mark | Sarah J. Hawkes | Tasneem Malik | Nathalie Broutet
Study on Qualitative Change of Spermatozoid on Lori Ram in vitro

Author(s): Mohamadzadeh Saeid | U.K. Doronin | S. Kadivar
Genetic Relationships Among Six Iranian Goat Populations Based on Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA Markers

Author(s): Saeid Esmaeelkhanian | Ali Javanrouh Aliabad | Hamidreza Seyedabadi
Pregnancy Rate Following Transfer of in vitro Produced Lamb Derived Embryos in Two Embryonic Stages

Author(s): A. Shirazi | N. Shams-Esfandabadi | E. Ahmadi | M. Jadidi | B. Heidari
Distribution and persistence of pleural penetrations by multi-walled carbon nanotubes

Author(s): Mercer Robert | Hubbs Ann | Scabilloni James | Wang Liying | Battelli Lori | Schwegler-Berry Diane | Castranova Vincent | Porter Dale
Researching Effective Strategies to Improve Insulin Sensitivity in Children and Teenagers - RESIST. A randomised control trial investigating the effects of two different diets on insulin sensitivity in young people with insulin resistance and/or pre-diabetes.

Author(s): Garnett Sarah | Baur Louise | Noakes Manny | Steinbeck Katharine | Woodhead Helen | Burrell Susie | Chisholm Kerryn | Broderick Carolyn | Parker Robert | De Sukanya | Shrinivasan Shubha | Hopley Lori | Hendrie Gilly | Ambler Geoffrey | Kohn Michael | Cowell Chris
Smoking reduces surfactant protein D and phospholipids in patients with and without chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Author(s): Moré Jayaji | Voelker Dennis | Silveira Lori | Edwards Michael | Chan Edward | Bowler Russell
Once-daily medications for the pharmacological management of ADHD in adults

Author(s): Oleg v Tcheremissine | Lori M Lieving
Anthocyanin, Total Polyphenols and Antioxidant Activity of Common Bean

Author(s): A.S.M. Golam Masum Akond | Laila Khandaker | Janelle Berthold | Lori Gates | Katelyn Peters | Hardy Delong | Khwaja Hossain
Using knowledge brokers to facilitate the uptake of pediatric measurement tools into clinical practice: a before-after intervention study

Author(s): Russell Dianne | Rivard Lisa | Walter Stephen | Rosenbaum Peter | Roxborough Lori | Cameron Dianne | Darrah Johanna | Bartlett Doreen | Hanna Steven | Avery Lisa
Hospitalized prevalence and 5-year mortality for IBD: Record linkage study

Author(s): Lori A Button, Stephen E Roberts, Michael J Goldacre, Ashley Akbari, Sarah E Rodgers, John G Williams
Developing Nursing and Midwifery Communities of Practice for Making Pregnancy Safer

Author(s): Jody Rae Lori | Debbie Diaz Ortiz | Sandra Oyarzo | Patricia Abbott | Sandra Land
Novel computational analysis of protein binding array data identifies direct targets of Nkx2.2 in the pancreas

Author(s): Hill Jonathon | Anderson Keith | Mastracci Teresa | Kaestner Klaus | Sussel Lori
What factors are associated with recent intimate partner violence? findings from the WHO multi-country study on women's health and domestic violence

Author(s): Abramsky Tanya | Watts Charlotte | Garcia-Moreno Claudia | Devries Karen | Kiss Ligia | Ellsberg Mary | Jansen Henrica | Heise Lori
Estimating Population Size from Dung-based DNA Capture–Recapture Data

Author(s): Paul M. Lukacs | Lori S. Eggert | Kenneth P. Burnham
Validation of a survey instrument to assess home environments for physical activity and healthy eating in overweight children

Author(s): Gattshall Michelle | Shoup Jo | Marshall Julie | Crane Lori | Estabrooks Paul
Thermal dependency of RAG1 self-association properties

Author(s): De Pallabi | Zhao Shuying | Gwyn Lori | Godderz LeAnn | Peak Mandy | Rodgers Karla
The use of yellow fluorescent hybrids to indicate mating in Trypanosoma brucei

Author(s): Gibson Wendy | Peacock Lori | Ferris Vanessa | Williams Katherine | Bailey Mick
Effects of social approval bias on self-reported fruit and vegetable consumption: a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Miller Tracy | Abdel-Maksoud Madiha | Crane Lori | Marcus Al | Byers Tim
Comparison of human B cell activation by TLR7 and TLR9 agonists

Author(s): Hanten John | Vasilakos John | Riter Christie | Neys Lori | Lipson Kenneth | Alkan Sefik | Birmachu Woubalem
Structuring Broadcast Audio for Information Access

Author(s): Lori Lamel | Jean-Luc Gauvain
Generation Means Analysis of Seed Sucrose Content in Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.)

Author(s): J.B. Noubissie Tchiagam | E. Youmbi | N.Y. Njintang | J.M. Bell | A. Nassourou Maina
Robotic Surgery in Gynecology: An Updated Systematic Review

Author(s): Lori Weinberg | Sanjay Rao | Pedro F. Escobar
High-Level Language Production in Parkinson's Disease: A Review

Author(s): Lori J. P. Altmann | Michelle S. Troche
Optimized methods for high-throughput analysis of hair samples for American black bears (Ursus americanus)

Author(s): Thea V Kristensen | Kaitlyn M Faries | Don White, Jr. | Lori S Eggert
Defining clinical remission and clinically inactive disease in juvenile systemic lupus erythematosus (jSLE)

Author(s): Mina Rina | Schanberg Laura | Eberhard Anne | Klein–Gitelman Marisa | Higgins Gloria | Onel Karen | Singer Nora | O’ Neil Kathleen | Tucker Lori | Levy Deborah | Yousaf Wajeeha | Nelson Shannen | Beresford Michael | Cuttica Ruben | Espada Graciela | Ravelli Angelo | Martini Alberto | Giannini Edward | Brunner Hermine
Telemetric left ventricular monitoring using wireless telemetry in the rabbit model

Author(s): Tate Mallory | Lawrence William | Gourley Randy | Zavala Diana | Weaver Lori | Moen Scott | Peterson Johnny
Quantitative bone marrow lesion size in osteoarthritic knees correlates with cartilage damage and predicts longitudinal cartilage loss

Author(s): Driban Jeffrey | Lo Grace | Lee Ji | Ward Robert | Miller Eric | Pang Jincheng | Price Lori | McAlindon Timothy
Structuring Broadcast Audio for Information Access

Author(s): Gauvain Jean-Luc | Lamel Lori
Using highly variable warfarin dosing to identify patients at risk for adverse events

Author(s): Marrast Lyndonna | Evans Mary | Ozonoff Al | Henault Lori | Rose Adam
Protocol for implementation of family health history collection and decision support into primary care using a computerized family health history system

Author(s): Orlando Lori | Hauser Elizabeth | Christianson Carol | Powell Karen | Buchanan Adam | Chesnut Blair | Agbaje Astrid | Henrich Vincent | Ginsburg Geoffrey
Ashing procedure for the determination of metals in petroleum fuels

Author(s): E.J. Ekanem | J.A. Lori | S.A. Thomas
Aging and the Detection of Visual Errors in Scenes

Author(s): Lori E. James | Toni M. Kooy
Mindfulness Intervention for Stress Eating to Reduce Cortisol and Abdominal Fat among Overweight and Obese Women: An Exploratory Randomized Controlled Study

Author(s): Jennifer Daubenmier | Jean Kristeller | Frederick M. Hecht | Nicole Maninger | Margaret Kuwata | Kinnari Jhaveri | Robert H. Lustig | Margaret Kemeny | Lori Karan | Elissa Epel
The FiO2 is associated with the successful extubation of mechanically ventilated neonates

Author(s): Shepherd EG | Alexander LJ | Kuehne B | Reber KM | Nelin LD
Kinetic Study of the Adsorption of Mucin Ontotitanium Surface

Author(s): J.A. Lori | M.B. Ayeni | E.E. Jasper | E.J. Ekanem
Ambient particulate air pollution induces oxidative stress and alterations of mitochondria and gene expression in brown and white adipose tissues

Author(s): Xu Zhaobin | Xu Xiaohua | Zhong Mianhua | Hotchkiss Ian | Lewandowski Ryan | Wagner James | Bramble Lori | Yang Yifeng | Wang Aixia | Harkema Jack | Lippmann Morton | Rajagopalan Sanjay | Chen Lung-Chi | Sun Qinghua
Pulmonary fibrotic response to aspiration of multi-walled carbon nanotubes

Author(s): Mercer Robert | Hubbs Ann | Scabilloni James | Wang Liying | Battelli Lori | Friend Sherri | Castranova Vincent | Porter Dale
Differential Gene Expression in Primary Breast Tumors Associated with Lymph Node Metastasis

Author(s): Rachel E. Ellsworth | Lori A. Field | Brad Love | Jennifer L. Kane | Jeffrey A. Hooke | Craig D. Shriver
Interviewer versus self-administered health-related quality of life questionnaires - Does it matter?

Author(s): Puhan Milo | Ahuja Alka | Van Natta Mark L | Ackatz Lori | Meinert Curtis
Marketing of menthol cigarettes and consumer perceptions

Author(s): Rising Joshua | Alexander Lori
Fetal ERAP2 variation is associated with preeclampsia in African Americans in a case-control study

Author(s): Hill Lori | Hilliard DaShaunda | York Timothy | Srinivas Sindhu | Kusanovic Juan | Gomez Ricardo | Elovitz Michal | Romero Roberto | Strauss Jerome
Chronic typhoid infection and the risk of biliary tract cancer and stones in Shanghai, China

Author(s): Safaeian Mahboobeh | Gao Yu-Tang | Sakoda Lori | Quraishi Sabah | Rashid Asif | Wang Bing-Shen | Chen Jinbo | Pruckler James | Mintz Eric | Hsing Ann
The Chronic Kidney Disease Model: A General Purpose Model of Disease Progression and Treatment

Author(s): Orlando Lori | Belasco Eric | Patel Uptal | Matchar David
Effects of diet type and supplementation of glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM on body composition, functional status, and markers of health in women with knee osteoarthritis initiating a resistance-based exercise and weight loss program

Author(s): Magrans-Courtney Teresa | Wilborn Colin | Rasmussen Christopher | Ferreira Maria | Greenwood Lori | Campbell Bill | Kerksick Chad | Nassar Erica | Li Rui | Iosia Mike | Cooke Matt | Dugan Kristin | Willoughby Darryn | Soliah LuAnn | Kreider Richard
Does thermoregulatory behavior maximize reproductive fitness of natural isolates of Caenorhabditis elegans?

Author(s): Anderson Jennifer | Albergotti Lori | Ellebracht Barbara | Huey Raymond | Phillips Patrick
Continuum of Risk Analysis Methods to Assess Tillage System Sustainability at the Experimental Plot Level

Author(s): Eihab M. Fathelrahman | James C. Ascough II | Dana L. Hoag | Robert W. Malone | Philip Heilman | Lori J. Wiles | Ramesh S. Kanwar
The Characterization of Cell Line CRL-2335 as a Basal-Like Breast Carcinoma Model

Author(s): Lori A. Hill Neves | Lishann Ingram | Melissa B. Davis
Hemodynamic Effects of Anthrax Toxins in the Rabbit Model and the Cardiac Pathology Induced by Lethal Toxin

Author(s): William S. Lawrence | Jeffrey R. Marshall | Diana L. Zavala | Lori E. Weaver | Wallace B. Baze | Scott T. Moen | Elbert B. Whorton | Randy L. Gourley | Johnny W. Peterson
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