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Mucinous Adenocarcinoma of the Urachal Remnant with Pseudomyxoma Peritonei

Author(s): Benjamin W Lamb | Ram Vaidyanathan | Marc Laniado | Omer Karim | Hanif Motiwala
Sustained cardiac remodeling after a short-term very low calorie diet in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Author(s): Jonker Jacqueline | Snel Marieke | Hammer Sebastiaan | van der Meer Rutger | Jazet Ingrid | Pijl Hanno | Meinders A | Romijn Johannes | Smit Johannes | de Roos Albert | Lamb Hildo
Bone Metastasis as the Only Metastatic Site in a Patient with Pancreatic Cancer following Distal Pancreatectomy

Author(s): Muhammad Wasif Saif | Natalie Galanina | L. Ravage-Mass | Kristin Kaley | Daniel Cornfeld | Lynne Lamb | David Chhieng
Rapid induction of IgE responses to a worm cysteine protease during murine pre-patent schistosome infection

Author(s): de Oliveira Fraga Lucia | Lamb Erika | Moreno Elizabeth | Chatterjee Mitali | Dvořák Jan | Delcroix Melaine | Sajid Mohammed | Caffrey Conor | Davies Stephen
The Beta Agonist Lung Injury TrIal (BALTI) - prevention trial protocol

Author(s): Perkins Gavin | Park Daniel | Alderson Derek | Cooke Matthew | Gao Fang | Gates Simon | Lamb Sarah | Mistry Dipesh | Thickett David
Productive performance of ewes mated in summer or autumn in Northern Paraná / Desempenho produtivo de ovelhas submetidas a acasalamentos no verão ou no outono no Norte do Paraná

Author(s): Edson Luis de Azambuja Ribeiro | Ivone Yurika Mizubuti | Leandro das Dores Ferreira da Silva | Marco Antonio da Rocha | Rinaldo Masato Mori
An overview of researches on cheeses ripening in animal skin

Author(s): Milna Tudor Kalit | Samir Kalit | Jasmina Havranek
Distribution of physical activity facilities in Scotland by small area measures of deprivation and urbanicity

Author(s): Lamb Karen | Ferguson Neil | Wang Yang | Ogilvie David | Ellaway Anne
Long-term diet-induced, tissue-specific changes in (non)adipose triglyceride stores in obese patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Author(s): Jonker Jacqueline | Snel Marieke | Hammer Sebastiaan | Meinders Arend | Pijl Hanno | Jazet Ingrid | Romijn Johannes | Smit Johannes | de Roos Albert | Lamb Hildo
High field MR carotid vessel wall imaging: reproducibility of five different MR-weightings

Author(s): Kroner Eleanore | Westenberg Jos | van der Geest Rob | Doornbos Joost | Schuijf Joanne | Kooi Eline | de Roos Albert | Bax Jeroen | Lamb Hildo | Siebelink Hans-Marc
Antioxidant and antimicrobial effect of some natural plant extracts added to lamb patties during storage

Author(s): Ibrahim, Hayam M. | Abou-Arab, Azza A. | Abu Salem, Ferial M.
Solubility of Solar Dried Jameed

Author(s): Jihad M. Quasem | Ayman Suliman Mazahreh | Ibrahim Abdullah Afaneh | Amer Al Omari
Popularity of processed foodstuffs for infants and small children among parents

Author(s): Danuta Górecka | Barbara Szczepaniak | Krystyna Szymandera-Buszka | Ewa Flaczyk
Feed supplementation during the last third of gestation: effects on ewes and lambs up to weaning/ Suplementação alimentar de ovelhas no terço final da gestação: desempenho de ovelhas e cordeiros até o desmame

Author(s): José Moura Filho | Edson Luis de Azambuja Ribeiro | Leandro das Dores Ferreira da Silva | Marco Antonio da Rocha | Ivone Yurika Mizubuti | Elzânia Sales Pereira | Rinaldo Masato Mori
Production of meat and characteristics of lamb carcass non-castrated, castrated and induced to cryptorchidism /Produção de carne e caracteristicas da carcaça de cordeiros não castrados, castrados e induzidos ao criptorquidismo

Author(s): Hélio Carlos Rocha | Maria Isabel Botelho Vieira | Rafael Streinstrasser Fonseca | Leandro Oliveira da Costa | Dileta Cecchetti | Rogério dos Passos Nadal | Filipe dos Santos Rocha
Carcass and meat characteristics of crossbred lambs from three genetic groups / Características de carcaça e carne de cordeiros mestiços de três grupos genéticos

Author(s): Edson Luis de Azambuja Ribeiro | Humberto Cardoso Oliveira | Filipe Alexandre Boscaro de Castro | Ivone Yurika Mizubuti | Leandro das Dores Ferreira da Silva | Marco Aurélio Alves de Freitas Barbosa
An overview of the MILAGRO 2006 Campaign: Mexico City emissions and their transport and transformation

Author(s): L. T. Molina | S. Madronich | J. S. Gaffney | E. Apel | B. de Foy | J. Fast | R. Ferrare | S. Herndon | J. L. Jimenez | B. Lamb | A. R. Osornio-Vargas | P. Russell | J. J. Schauer | P. S. Stevens | R. Volkamer | M. Zavala
Evolutionary history of the poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase gene family in eukaryotes

Author(s): Citarelli Matteo | Teotia Sachin | Lamb Rebecca
Efficacy of organozeolite to ameliorate the toxic effects of zearalenone in lambs

Author(s): Stojšić D. | Stojković Mileta | Daković Aleksandra S. | Adamović Milan | Tomašević-Čanović Magdalena R.
The use of unmarketable cracked eggs and whey to increase the nutritive value of barley straw

Author(s): Ertas O.N. | Guler T. | Ciftci M. | Cerci I.H. | Dalkilic B.
Meeting the needs of industry: the drivers for change in engineering education

Author(s): Carol Arlett | Fiona Lamb | Richard Dales | Liz Willis | Emma Hurdle

Author(s): G. Maiorano | B. Kowaliszyn | A. G. D’Alessandro | G. Martemucci
The OPERA trial: protocol for a randomised trial of an exercise intervention for older people in residential and nursing accommodation

Author(s): Underwood Martin | Eldridge Sandra | Lamb Sallie | Potter Rachel | Sheehan Bartley | Slowther Anne-Marie | Taylor Stephanie | Thorogood Margaret | Weich Scott
Genetic diversity of selected genes that are potentially economically important in feral sheep of New Zealand

Author(s): McKenzie Grant | Abbott Johanna | Zhou Huitong | Fang Qian | Merrick Norma | Forrest Rachel | Sedcole J Richard | Hickford Jonathan
Prehospital randomised assessment of a mechanical compression device in cardiac arrest (PaRAMeDIC) trial protocol

Author(s): Perkins Gavin | Woollard Malcolm | Cooke Matthew | Deakin Charles | Horton Jessica | Lall Ranjit | Lamb Sarah | McCabe Chris | Quinn Tom | Slowther Anne | Gates Simon
Lamb meat quality and intramuscular fatty acid composition as affected by concentrates including different legume seeds

Author(s): Massimiliano Lanza | Carla Fabro | Manuel Scerra | Marco Bella | Renato Pagano | Daniela Maria Rita Brogna | Pietro Pennisi
Association between calcium sensing receptor gene polymorphisms and chronic pancreatitis in a US population: Role of serine protease inhibitor Kazal 1type and alcohol

Author(s): Venkata Muddana, Janette Lamb, Julia B Greer, Beth Elinoff, Robert H Hawes, Peter B Cotton, Michelle A Anderson, Randall E Brand, Adam Slivka, David C Whitcomb
A randomized controlled trial investigation of a non-stimulant in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ACTION): Rationale and design

Author(s): Tsang Tracey | Kohn Michael | Hermens Daniel | Clarke Simon | Clark C Richard | Efron Daryl | Cranswick Noel | Lamb Chris | Williams Leanne
Genetic monitoring detects an overlooked cryptic species and reveals the diversity and distribution of three invasive Rattus congeners in south Africa

Author(s): Bastos Armanda | Nair Deenadayalan | Taylor Peter | Brettschneider Helene | Kirsten Frikkie | Mostert Elmarie | von Maltitz Emil | Lamb Jennifer | van Hooft Pim | Belmain Steven | Contrafatto Giancarlo | Downs Sarah | Chimimba Christian
Dendrological and Horticultural Value of Lisičine Arboretum

Author(s): Marilena Idžojtić | Marko Zebec | Igor Poljak
EMAT Evaluation of Thin Conductive Sheets

Author(s): Ivo Cap | Klara Capova
Ovine rotaviruses

Author(s): S. Gazal | I.A. Mir | A. Iqbal | A.K. Taku | B. Kumar | M.A. Bhat
Genome-Wide Generation of Yeast Gene Deletion Strains

Author(s): Diane E. Kelly | David C. Lamb | Steven L. Kelly
Determination of Yeasts Antimicrobial Activity in Milk and Meat Products

Author(s): L.B. Roostita | G.H. Fleet | S.P. Wendry | Z.M. Apon | L.U. Gemilang
Brands and value delivery networks in the lamb sector of the Basque Country

Author(s): José Juan Beristain Oñederra | Lucía Mediano Serrano | Jone Mitxeo Grajirena | Francisco Villalba Merlo
EMAT Evaluation of Thin Conductive Sheets

Author(s): Ivo Cap | Klara Capova
Effects of Energy Level and PMSG Dose on Reproductive Performance of Zel Ewes Bred to Shal or Zel Rams

Author(s): M. Mohajer | A.R. Alimon | H.B. Yaakub | A.N. Naslaji | A. Toghdory
Allometric study of lamb carcass cuts from crosses between Dorper and the local breeds Rabo Largo and Santa Inês Estudo alométrico dos cortes da carcaça de cordeiros cruzados Dorper com as raças Rabo Largo e Santa Inês

Author(s): Antonio Alcione Oliveira Souza Junior | Cristiane Leal Santos | Paulo Luiz Souza Carneiro | Carlos Henrique Mendes Malhado | José Carlos Caruso Suzart | Milton Ribeiro Júnior
The perception of Sao Paulo state consumers in relation to ship meat: analysis by principal components Percepção de consumidores paulistas em relação à carne ovina: análise fatorial por componentes principais

Author(s): Ricardo Firetti | Celso da Costa Carrer | Vivian Lara Silva | Marco Antônio Trindade | Silvio César de Souza | Holmer Savastano Júnior | Marcelo Machado de Luca de Oliveira Ribeiro
Características morfológicas “in vivo” e da carcaça de cordeiros terminados em confinamento e suas correlações Morphological characteristics in vivo and carcass of lambs finished in feedlot and their correlations

Author(s): Greicy Mitzi Bezerra Moreno | Américo Garcia da Silva Sobrinho | André Gustavo Leão | Rodrigo Vidal de Oliveira | Marcos Jun Iti Yokoo | Severino Cavalcante de Souza Júnior | Henrique Leal Perez
Características físico-químicas e sensoriais da carne de cordeiros de diferentes genótipos terminados em confinamento Physicochemical and sensory attributes of lamb meat from different genotypes feedlot finished

Author(s): Lúcio Roberto Rodrigues Peixoto | Ana Sancha Malveira Batista | Marco Aurélio Delmondes Bomfim | Ângela Maria de Vasconcelos | José Teodorico de Araújo Filho
Effect of genotype and dietary protein level on lamb meat quality Efeito do genótipo e do teor de proteína da dieta sobre a qualidade da carne de cordeiros

Author(s): Greicy Mitzi Bezerra Moreno | Carolina Buzzulini | Hirasilva Borba | Alvimar José da Costa | Tânia Mara Azevedo de Lima | João Francisco Bigaran Dourado
The Analysis of Binomial Data for Reproductive Performance by a Generalized Linear Mixed Model (GENMOD) in Karakas (Local Ewes) in Turkey

Author(s): Kadir Karaku | Firat Cengiz | Hamit Mirtagio lu | Serhat Arslan | Sel?uk Se?kin Tuncer
Melengesterol Acetate (MGA) Induced Puberty in Awassi Ewe Lambs

Author(s): Ebru Emsen | A. Carlos | Gimenez Diaz
Harmonic oscillations of a circular cylinder moving with constant velocity in a quiescent fluid

Author(s): Jan Novaes Recica | Luiz Antonio Alcântara Pereira | Miguel Hiroo Hirata
Influence of slaughter weight on the proximate composition and fatty acid profile of feedlot-fattened lamb meat = Influência do peso de abate sobre a composição centesimal e perfil de ácidos graxos de carnes de cordeiros terminados em confinamento

Author(s): Makoto Matsushita | Ariovaldo Cruz Martins Júnior | Sandra Terezinha Marques Gomes | Francisco de Assis Fonseca de Macedo | Jesuí Vergílio Visentainer | Nilson Evelázio de Souza

Author(s): Ewa SIMINSKA | Henryka BERNACKA | Małgorzata DYMEK
Book Reviews

Author(s): Tim Behrend | Nancy K. Florida | Harold Brookfield | Judith M. Heimann | Harold Brookfield | Victor T. King | J.G. de Casparis | Roy E. Jordaan | H.J.M. Claessen | Francoise Douaire-Marsaudon | Matthew Isaac Cohen | Andrew Beatty | Matthew Isaac Cohen | Sylvia Tiwon | Freek Colombijn | Victor T. King | Bernhard Dahm | Cive J. Christie | J. van Goor | Leonard Blussé | David Henley | Robert W. Hefner | David Henley | James F. Warren | Huub de Jonge | Laurence Husson | Nico Kaptein | Mark R. Woodward | Catharina van Klinken | Gunter Senft | W. Mahdi | J.G. de Casparis | Henk Maier | David Smyth | Toon van Meijl | Robert J. Foster | J.A. de Moor | Douglas Kammen | Joke van Reenen | Audrey Kahin | Heather Sutherland | Craig J. Reynolds | Nicholas Tarling | Patrick Tuck | B.J. Terwiel | Andreas Sturm | René S. Wassing | Koos van Brakel | Edwin Wieringa | J. de Bruin
Book Reviews

Author(s): B.V.A. Röling | Paul Shepard | L. Sluimers | J.F. Cady | H.J. de Graaf | Nicholas Tarling | W. Brand | N.A. Simoniya | B.H.M. Vlekke | Alistair Lamb | R.S. Karni | Beda Lim | L. Sluimers | R.K. Goldsen
Book Reviews

Author(s): H.J. de Graaf | D.G.E. Hall | H.R. van Heekeren | Irmgard Sellnow | F.D.K. Bosch | Alastair Lamb | G.D. van Wengen | ? Moebirman | F. Sierksma | Norbert Mylius | F. Sierksma | H.C. van Renselaar | F. Sierksma | J. van Baal
Book Reviews

Author(s): H.W. te Winkel | P. van Emst | John Beattie | D.G. Jongmans | J. van Baal | Andreas Lommel | J. Prins | J. van Baal | C. Baks | A.N.J. den Hollander | Th. P. van Baaren | Jan de Vries | H. Th. Fischer | C. Staniland Wake | E.M. Uhlenbeck | Arnold van Gennep | C.J. Lammers | H. van den Berg | A.J. Bernet Kempers | G. Gauthier-Larouche | H. Hoetink | S.M. Lipset | H. Hoetink | Peter I. Rose | G. Oude Engberink | Alfred Métraux | R. Franke | Raymond Firth | Alastair Lamb | W.K. Fraser-Tytler | H.J. de Graaf | Alastair Lamb | Fredrik Barth | Ian Cunnison | A. Kater | Jack Goody | A.A. Trouwborst | Luc de Heusch | A.A. Trouwborst | J.R. Crawford | A.E. Bayer | Hugh Ashton | J.J. Romkes | J.H. Scherer | J.F. Holleman | Edwin S. Munger | C. Nooteboom | A.H.J. Prins
Book Reviews

Author(s): P. Voorhoeve | ? Tudjimah | F.D.K. Bosch | Alistair Lamb | F,D,K, Bosch | Alastair Lamb | T.J. Brasser | Frederick J. Dockstader | J. Prins | Cora Vreede-De Steurs | Clifford Geertz | Tjan Giok Bwee | D.E. Wilmott | P. Gregorius | J. de Leeuwe | P. van Emst | Andrew Sharp | T. Volker | John Bastin | W.F. Wertheim | Leslie H. Palmier
Respiratory syncytial virus infection is associated with an altered innate immunity and a heightened pro-inflammatory response in the lungs of preterm lambs

Author(s): Sow Fatoumata | Gallup Jack | Krishnan Subramaniam | Patera Andriani | Suzich JoAnn | Ackermann Mark
Heterogeneity of variance components for preweaning growth in Romane sheep due to the number of lambs reared

Author(s): David Ingrid | Bouvier Frédéric | François Dominique | Poivey Jean-Paul | Tiphine Laurence
Attenuation Analysis of Lamb Waves Using the Chirplet Transform

Author(s): Kerber Florian | Sprenger Helge | Niethammer Marc | Luangvilai Kritsakorn | Jacobs LaurenceJ
Effect of lifestyle intervention plus rosiglitazone or placebo therapy on left ventricular mass assessed with cardiovascular magnetic resonance in the metabolic syndrome

Author(s): Roes Stijntje | Dehnavi Reza | Westenberg Jos | Lamb Hildo | Mertens Bart | Tamsma Jouke | de Roos Albert

Author(s): Nirmal K. Karki | Azhar Ahmed | Rita Charde | Manoj Charde | Bhushan Gandhare
The Morning NO x maximum in the forest atmosphere boundary layer

Author(s): M. Alaghmand | P. B. Shepson | T. K. Starn | B. T. Jobson | H. W. Wallace | M. A. Carroll | S. B. Bertman | B. Lamb | S. L. Edburg | X. Zhou | E. Apel | D. Riemer | P. Stevens | F. Keutsch
Assessment of Ail Gene Marker Amplicon for Mo­lecular Characterization of Pathogenic Yersinia enterocolitica in Food Samples Collected in Iran

Author(s): MR Khorramizadeh | MM Soltan-Dallal | F Safavifar | F Saadat | S Rezaie | S Hashemi | M Taremi | S Ar­dalan | MR Zali
Growth Rate, Slaughter Traits and Meat Quality of Lambs of Three Alpine Sheep Breeds

Author(s): Erika Pellattiero | Alessio Cecchinato | Massimo De Marchi | Mauro Penasa | Nicola Tormen | Stefano Schiavon | Martino Cassandro | Giovanni Bittante
Lamb waves generation in plates using glued piezoceramics

Author(s): Gómez-Ullate, Y. | Saletes, I. | Montero de Espinosa, F.
Sequence and phylogenetic analyses of an Indian isolate of orf virus from sheep

Author(s): Gnanavel Venkatesan | Vinayagamurthy Balamurugan | Durlav Prasad Bora | Revanaiah Yogisharadhya | Manimuthu Prabhu | Veerakyathappa Bhanuprakash
Association of plasma osteoprotegerin and adiponectin with arterial function, cardiac function and metabolism in asymptomatic type 2 diabetic men

Author(s): Chen Weena | Rijzewijk Luuk | van der Meer Rutger | Heymans Martijn | van Duinkerken Eelco | Lubberink Mark | Lammertsma Adriaan | Lamb Hildo | de Roos Albert | Romijn Johannes | Smit Jan | Bax Jeroen | Bjerre Mette | Frystyk Jan | Flyvbjerg Allan | Diamant Michaela
Inferring causal genomic alterations in breast cancer using gene expression data

Author(s): Tran Linh | Zhang Bin | Zhang Zhan | Zhang Chunsheng | Xie Tao | Lamb John | Dai Hongyue | Schadt Eric | Zhu Jun
Reindeer meat – is it always tender, tasty and healthy?

Author(s): Eva Wiklund | Gunnar Malmfors | Greg Finstad
Caring for Others, but Not Themselves: Implications for Health Care Interventions in Women with Cardiovascular Disease

Author(s): Michelle DiGiacomo | Patricia M. Davidson | Robert Zecchin | Kate Lamb | John Daly
Birth weight in a large series of triplets

Author(s): Lamb Diane | Middeldorp Christel | van Beijsterveldt Catharina | Vink Jacqueline | Haak Monique | Boomsma Dorret
Effect of in-hospital comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) in older people with hip fracture. The protocol of the Trondheim Hip Fracture Trial

Author(s): Sletvold Olav | Helbostad Jorunn | Thingstad Pernille | Taraldsen Kristin | Prestmo Anders | Lamb Sarah | Aamodt Arild | Johnsen Roar | Magnussen Jon | Saltvedt Ingvild
Using RNA-Seq for gene identification, polymorphism detection and transcript profiling in two alfalfa genotypes with divergent cell wall composition in stems

Author(s): Yang S Samuel | Tu Zheng | Cheung Foo | Xu Wayne | Lamb JoAnn | Jung Hans-Joachim | Vance Carroll | Gronwald John
Prevalence of Anaplasma phagocytophilum infection and effect on lamb growth

Author(s): Grøva Lise | Olesen Ingrid | Steinshamn Håvard | Stuen Snorre
Cardiac lipid content is unresponsive to a physical activity training intervention in type 2 diabetic patients, despite improved ejection fraction

Author(s): Schrauwen-Hinderling Vera | Meex Ruth | Hesselink Matthijs | van de Weijer Tineke | Leiner Tim | Schär Michael | Lamb Hildo | Wildberger Joachim | Glatz Jan | Schrauwen Patrick | Kooi M Eline
Reporting of complex interventions in clinical trials: development of a taxonomy to classify and describe fall-prevention interventions

Author(s): Lamb Sarah | Becker Clemens | Gillespie Lesley | Smith Jessica | Finnegan Susanne | Potter Rachel | Pfeiffer Klaus
On the use of infrared thermography as NDT of aerospace materials

Author(s): Viorel ANGHEL | Nicolae CONSTANTIN | Andreea BORITU | Mircea GAVAN | Ştefan SOROHAN
Evaluation of the contrast between tissues and thermal lesions in rabbit in vivo produced by high intensity focused ultrasound using fast spin echo MRI sequences

Author(s): Venediktos Hadjisavvas | Kleanthis Ioannides | Michalis Komodromos | Nikos Mylonas | Christakis Damianou
Generation and Analyzes of Guided WAVES in Planar Structures

Author(s): E. Sotja | P. Malkaj | Dh. Sotja

Author(s): Julian Brown | Todd A Briscoe | Richard Harding | Megan L Cock | John F Bertram | Jane M Black

Author(s): Bünyamin Sahin | Hüseyin Aslan | Bünyami Unal | Sinan Canan | Sait Bilgic | Süleyman Kaplan | Levent Tumkaya
Analysis of of Escherichia coli O157 isolated from imported beef and lamb in Malaysia and United Arab Emirates using RAPD-PCR

Author(s): Sara Abudafeera | Mariana Nor Shamsudin | Son Radu | Rozita Rusli | Osman Elobied
Highly Mass-Sensitive Thin Film Plate Acoustic Resonators (FPAR)

Author(s): Lilia Arapan | Gergana Alexieva | Ivan D. Avramov | Ekaterina Radeva | Vesseline Strashilov | Ilia Katardjiev | Ventsislav Yantchev
Use of a de-stoned olive pomace in feed for heavy lamb production

Author(s): M. Ragni | L. Melodia | F. Bozzo | M.A. Colonna | V. Megna | F. Toteda | A. Vicenti
Olive cake, citrus pulp and wheat straw silage as an ingredient in lamb diets: 2. Effects on meat quality

Author(s): F. Foti | P. Caparra | G. Giuffrida | M. Scerra | L.G. Chies
Effect of ‘organic’ farming systems on carcass quality of Italian Merino heavy lambs

Author(s): L. Morbidini | P. Pollidori | D.M. Sarti | A. Valigi
Effect of corn grain popping temperature on lamb productive performance

Author(s): C. Sussi | P. Superchi | A. Bonomi | P. Bani
Effects of alternative legume seeds on Barbaresca lamb meat quality

Author(s): M. Lanza | M. Bella | P. Pennisi
Contents and retentions of free and total purine bases in lamb meat cooked by several household methods

Author(s): A. Badiani | L. Montellato | M. Maranesi | D. Bochicchio | P. Parazza | P. Anfossi
Terpenes in lamb fat to trace animal grass feeding

Author(s): A. Priolo | A. Cornu | M. Krogmann | N. Kondjoyan | D. Micol | J.L. Berdagué | M. Lanza
An Analysis of the Dynamics of Gastro-Intestinal Nematode Infection in Small Ruminants in the Northern Region of Rwanda

Author(s): Nshimiyimana Juvénal | Nyirimana Carine | Septiple Jeanne d’Arc | Mutandwa Edward
Perforation of midpart of ileum caused by entrapment of a large, wide foreign body

Author(s): Kountouras J. | Chatzopoulos D. | Zavos Ch. | Kouklakis G. | Vrettos M.
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