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Landscape Metrics and Indices: An Overview of Their Use in Landscape Research

Author(s): Uuemaa Evelin | Antrop Marc | Roosaare Juri | Marja Riho | Mander Ulo
Effects of topography and surface roughness in analyses of landscape structure –

Author(s): S. Hoechstetter | U. Walz | L. H. Dang | N. X. Thinh
An Annual Plant Growth Proxy in the Mojave Desert Using MODIS-EVI Data

Author(s): Cynthia S.A. Wallace | Kathryn A. Thomas
Rural Land Use Change during 1986–2002 in Lijiang, China, Based on Remote Sensing and GIS Data

Author(s): Jian Peng | Jiansheng Wu | He Yin | Zhengguo Li | Qing Chang | Tianlong Mu
Are We Meeting the Challenges of Landscape-Scale Riverine Research? A Review

Author(s): E. Ashley Steel | Robert M. Hughes | Aimee H. Fullerton | Stefan Schmutz | John A. Young | Michio Fukushima | Susanne Muhar | Michaela Poppe | Blake E. Feist | Clemens Trautwein
Responses of Bats to Forest Fragmentation in the Mississippi River Alluvial Valley, Arkansas, USA

Author(s): Rex E. Medlin | Matthew B. Connior | Karen F. Gaines | Thomas S. Risch
Habitat Patch Diversity Evaluation for Sustainability: a Case Study of a Rural Area in Central Italy

Author(s): Roberto Mancinelli | Enio Campiglia | Fabio Caporali | Vincenzo Di Felice
Multitemporal analysis of forest landscape in the province of Siena (Italy) using historical maps

Author(s): Chiarucci A | Rocchini D | Nucci A | Giordano M | Geri F
Landscape Metric Modeling - a Technique for Forest Disturbance Assessment in Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary

Author(s): Subin Jose | Alex C. J. C. J. | Santhosh Kumar | Abin Varghese | G. Madhu
Process Centric Development to Improve Quality of Service (QoS) in Building Distributed Applications

Author(s): K. Krishna Mohan | A. Srividya | A. K. Verma | Ravi Kumar Gedela
Characterisation of Landscape with ForestFragmentation Dynamics

Author(s): T. V. Ramachandra | Uttam Kumar
Object-Based Image Analysis of Downed Logs in Disturbed Forested Landscapes Using Lidar

Author(s): Samuel D. Blanchard | Marek K. Jakubowski | Maggi Kelly
Reinventing Detroit: Reclaiming Grayfields—New Metrics in Evaluating Urban Environments

Author(s): Jon Burley | Gina Deyoung | Shawn Partin | Jason Rokos
Fragmentation of Araucaria Forests in the Chapecó Ecological Corridor, Santa Catarina

Author(s): Gisele Garcia Alarcon | Marcos Aurélio Da-Ré | Shigueko T. Ishiy Fukahori | Leonardo Rampinelli Zanella
Characterisation of Landscape with Forest Fragmentation Dynamics

Author(s): T. V. Ramachandra | Uttam Kumar
Association of Landscape Metrics to Surface Water Biology in the Savannah River Basin

Author(s): Maliha S. Nash | Deborah J. Chaloud | Susan E. Franson
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