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Use of Remote Sensing and GIS in Monitoring Water Quality

Author(s): Norsaliza Usali | Mohd Hasmadi Ismail
An MRP Model for Supply Chains

Author(s): Lutfu Sagban?ua | M. Nurettin Alabay
Mondialization: The negation of territory

Author(s): Đorđević Dejan | Dabović Tijana
Exploring Effects of Area-Wide Traffic Calming Measures on Urban Road Sustainable Safety

Author(s): Anna Grana | Tullio Giuffrè | Marco Guerrieri
A Dynamic Architecture for Reconfiguration of Web Servers Clusters

Author(s): Carla Marques | Isabel Oliveira | Giovanni Barroso | Antonio Serra
Language Situation in Post-War Sudan

Author(s): Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek
An educational model of curricular adaptation for high ability students

Author(s): Celestino Rodríguez | Paloma González-Castro | David Álvarez | Julio Antonio González-Pienda | Luís Álvarez | José Carlos Núñez | Lorena González | Almudena Vázquez
Tackling Causes of Frequent Building Collapse in Nigeria

Author(s): S.A. Oloyede | C.B. Omoogun | O.A. Akinjare
A New Approach in Airport Capacity Enhancement Based on Integrated Runway Assignment and Operations Planning Model

Author(s): M. Saffarzadeh | I.N. Kamal Abadi | A.A. Kordani | E.A. Gangraj
Energy Use in Agriculture Sector: Input-Output Analysis

Author(s): Hussain Ali Bekhet | Azlina Abdullah
A Brief Review on Developing Creative Thinking in Young Children by Mind Mapping

Author(s): Wen-Cheng Wang | Chung-Chieh Lee | Ying-Chien Chu
A Cognitive ESL/EFL Grammar Lesson

Author(s): George Muschiol George Muschiol
From Editor vol 11, No.3

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Technology supported learning (TSL) for formative assessment

Author(s): Amal Oraifige | David Heesom | Anthony Felton
Development of a User-Friendly Application for LOS Link Optimization

Author(s): Anwar Hassan Ibrahim | Mahamod Ismail | Kasmiran Jumari | Tiong Sieh Kiong
Optimisation of Process Planning System for Prismatic Parts

Author(s): M. Cengiz Kayacan | Celik, S.A.
Functional mapping of language networks in the normal brain using a word-association task

Author(s): Ghosh Shantanu | Basu Amrita | Kumaran Senthil | Khushu Subash
From Editor vol 11, No.4

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Bridging Literature and Linguistics

Author(s): Abdul Wahab
Bridging Literature and Linguistics

Author(s): Abdul Wahab
A multi-cultural investigation into consumer environmental concern

Author(s): G. G. Rousseau | D. J. L. Venter
Injury of the Inferior Alveolar Nerve during Implant Placement: a Literature Review

Author(s): Gintaras Juodzbalys | Hom-Lay Wang | Gintautas Sabalys
Assessment of generative strategies in self-support groups in people affected by the Colombian armed political conflict

Author(s): Nelsy Johana HIGUERA-PEDRAZA | Jeimmy Aleider OROZCO-CELIS | Nelson MOLINA-VALENCIA
Simulation of the Agro-Energy Farm with the X-Farm Model: Calibration of the Crop Module for Sorghum Yield

Author(s): Francesco Danuso | Alvaro Rocca | Valeria Andreoni | Elena Bulfoni
Developmental Profiles and Mentality in Preschool Children with Prader-Willi Syndrome: A Preliminary Study

Author(s): Chien-Min Chen | Chia-Ling Chen | Jia-Woei Hou | Hung-Chih Hsu | Chia-Ying Chung | Shih-Wei Chou | Chu-Hsu Lin | Kai-Hua Chen
DNA damage and cell cycle events implicate cerebellar dentate nucleus neurons as targets of Alzheimer's disease

Author(s): Chen Jianmin | Cohen Mark | Lerner Alan | Yang Yan | Herrup Karl
Islam and language planning in the Arab world: A case study in Jordan

Author(s): Fawwaz Al-Abed Al-Haq | Amer Lahad Al-Masaeid
Creating Radiant Thinking of Young Children through Mind Mapping

Author(s): Wen Cheng Wang | Chung-Chieh Lee | Ying-Chien Chu
Pre-Surgical Evaluation of Intractable Epilepsy in Children

Author(s): Hadi Kazemi | Erwin-Josef Speckmann | Ali Gorji


Author(s): Onkar Dipak Joshi | Virajit A. Gundale | Sachin M. Jagdale
Internet and education for the patient

Author(s): Bastos, Bárbara Guimarães | Ferrari, Deborah Viviane
A web service based tool to plan atmospheric research flights

Author(s): M. Rautenhaus | G. Bauer | A. Dörnbrack
Integrated methodological frameworks for modelling agent-based advanced supply chain planning systems: A systematic literature review

Author(s): Luis Antonio Santa-Eulalia | Georgina Halladjian | Sophie D'Amours | Jean-Marc Frayret
A importância do mapa no contexto escola

Author(s): Mafalda Nesi Francischett
Simulated Annealing in Telecommunication Network Planning

Author(s): J.C. Puoza | S.K. Amponsah | E. Agyeman
A web service based tool to plan atmospheric research flights

Author(s): M. Rautenhaus | G. Bauer | A. Dörnbrack
Pre Operative Brain Mapping with Functional MRI in Patient with Brain Tumors: Preliminary Report

Author(s): Homayoon Hadizadeh Kharazi | Ali Mahdavi | Majid Haghighat Shoar | Sina Hooshmand
English for Academic Purposes at Swedish universities: Teachers’ objectives and practices

Author(s): Diane Pecorari | Philip Shaw | Aileen Irvine | Hans Malmström

Real-Time Visualization and Interaction of Three-dimensional Human CT Images

Author(s): Zhanli Hu | Jing Zou | Jianbao Gui | Junyan Rong | Yanming Li | Dongxing Xi | Hairong Zheng
Cognitive Task Complexity and L2 Narrative Writing Performance

Author(s): Ali Akbar Khomeijani Farahani | Seyed Reza Meraji
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEMIRAY
from Editorial

Author(s): Ugur dEMİRAY
Review of "Language Policy"

Author(s): Forough Rahimi
Identification of essential language areas by combination of fMRI from different tasks using probabilistic independent component analysis

Author(s): Yanmei Tie | Ralph O. Suarez | Stephen Whalen | Isaiah H. Norton | Alexandra J. Golby
Cerebrovascular reactivity mapping for brain tumor presurgical planning

Author(s): Domenico Zaca | Jun Hua | Jay J Pillai
Development of a Comprehensive Computer Program for Predicting Farm Energy

Author(s): S. A. Al-Hamed | S A. Al-Suhaibani | F. S. Mohammad | M. F. I. Wahby
Corpus-Based Analysis on Cross-Domain Experiments in Classification-and-Ranking Generation

Author(s): Aida Mustapha | Md. N. Sulaiman | Ramlan Mahmod | Mohd. H. Selamat
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