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Ice-free intervals continuing into Marine Isotope Stage 3 at Sokli in the central area of the Fennoscandian glaciations

Author(s): Karin F. Helmens | Peter W. Johansson | Matti E. Räsänen | Helena Alexanderson | Kari O. Eskola
Structural evolution of the Vuotso area, Finnish Lapland

Author(s): Mikko Nironen | Irmeli Mänttäri
The Paleoproterozoic Nattanen-type granites in northern Finland and vicinity – a postcollisional oxidized A-type suite

Author(s): Esa Heilimo | Jaana Halla | Laura S. Lauri | O. Tapani Rämö | Hannu Huhma | Matti I. Kurhila | Kai Front
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