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Repair of damaged supraglottic airway devices: A novel method

Author(s): Singh Manpreet | Bharti Ritu | Kapoor Dheeraj
Lingual Ischemia from Prolonged Insertion of a Fastrach Laryngeal Mask Airway

Author(s): Gerstein, Neal S | Braude, Darren | Harding, James S | Douglas, Angela
Severe lingual tonsillar hypertrophy and the rationale supporting early use of wire-guided retrograde intubation

Author(s): Schroeder Kristopher | Becker Aimee | Guite Christopher | Arndt George
Anaesthesiological problems in children with congenital laryngeal stenosis

Author(s): Biljana Drašković | Anna Uram Benka | Dragan Drašković | Dušan Marić | Dušica Simić
Inferior alveolar nerve injury with laryngeal mask airway: a case report

Author(s): Hanumanthaiah Deepak | Masud Sarmad | Ranganath Anil


Anesthetic Management of a Parturient Undergoing Cesarean Section with a Tracheal Tumor and Hemoptysis

Author(s): Yuet-Tong Ng | Wai-Meng Lau | Chun-Cheung Yu | Jing-Ru Hsieh | Peter Chi-Ho Chung
The intuitive use of laryngeal airway tools by first year medical students

Author(s): Bickenbach Johannes | Schälte Gereon | Beckers Stefan | Fries Michael | Derwall Matthias | Rossaint Rolf
Removal of Laryngeal Mask Airway: Awake or Deep Anesthesia?

Author(s): SM Heidari | S Abbasi | M Rahimi
Low flow anesthesia: Efficacy and outcome of laryngeal mask airway versus pressure-optimized cuffed-endotracheal tube

Author(s): El-Seify Zeinab | Khattab Ahmed | Shaaban Ashraf | Radojevic Dobrila | Jankovic Ivanka
Epinephrine administration via a laryngeal mask airway: what is the optimal dose?

Author(s): Chin-Kun Liao | Hung-Jung Lin | Ning-Ping Foo | Chin-Chan Lin | How-Ran Guo | Kuo-Tai Chen
Laryngeal mask airway as the only choice for primary airway control in newborn with tracheal stenosis

Author(s): Drašković Biljana | Uram-Benka Anna | Kljajić Vladimir
Eschmann Introducer Through Laryngeal Mask Airway: A Cadaveric Trial of An Alternate Means of Rescue Intubation

Author(s): Miller, Joel A | Levsky, Marc E | Givens, Melissa L | Miller, Michael A
Anesthesia management in crouzon’s syndrome: a case report

Author(s): Hakan Erkal | Gülten Arslan | Yaman Özyurt | Özlem Yetişgen | Zuhal Arıkan
Delayed Complications of Emergency Airway Management: A Study of 533 Emergency Department Intubations

Author(s): Sakles, John C | Deacon, John M | Bair, Aaron E | Keim, Samuel M | Panacek, Edward A
Specific features of general anesthesia in stomatology fordisabled people

Author(s): Turanjanin-Tomić Gordana | Drašković Biljana | Stanić Danica | Uram-Benka Anna
An Anaesthetic Approach To A Case With Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy

Author(s): Isil OZKOCAK | Yetkin OZER | Hanife ALTUNKAYA | Cengiz Bekir DEMIREL | Varim NUMANOGLU
Influence of airway management strategy on "no-flow-time" during an "Advanced life support course" for intensive care nurses – A single rescuer resuscitation manikin study

Author(s): Wiese Christoph | Bartels Utz | Schultens Alexander | Steffen Tobias | Torney Andreas | Bahr Jan | Graf Bernhard
Safety and Efficacy of Pediatric General Anesthesia by Laryngeal Mask Airway Without Intravenous Access

Author(s): Benjamin A. Lin BSc | Zakaria S Messieha | William E Hoffman
Feasibility of written instructions in airway management training of laryngeal tube

Author(s): Kurola Jouni | Paakkonen Heikki | Kettunen Tapio | Laakso Juha-Pekka | Gorski Jouko | Silfvast Tom
Use of intubating laryngeal mask airway for intubation in patient with massive goitrous thyroid

Author(s): Garg Rakesh | Sharma Sujata | Rathee Seema | Pawar Mridula
The comparison of Proseal laryngeal mask airway and endotracheal tube in patients undergoing laparoscopic surgeries under general anaesthesia

Author(s): Saraswat Namita | Kumar Aditya | Mishra Abhijeet | Gupta Amrita | Saurabh Gyan | Srivastava Uma
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