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Pulsed laser crystallization of SiGe alloys on GaAs

Author(s): Dondeo F. | Santos P. V. | Ramsteiner M. | Comedi D. | Pudenzi M. A. A. | Chambouleyron I.
Interface influence on structural properties of InAs/GaSb type-II superlattices

Author(s): Justyna Kubacka-Traczyk | Iwona Sankowska | Janusz Kaniewski
Effect of Titanium Surface Oxidation on the Bonding Strength of Ti-Porcelain

Author(s): GUO Li-Tong,LIU Xiao-Chen,GAO Ji-Qiang,YANG Jian-Feng,GUO Tian-Wen
Magnetroresistance and Currentª²voltage Characteristics in La2/3Sr1/3MnO3/ZnO Composite Films

Author(s): JIN Ke-Xin,ZHAO Sheng-Gui,TAN Xing-Yi,CHEN Chang-Le
Recent developments in inorganically filled carbon nanotubes: successes and challenges

Author(s): Ujjal K Gautam, Pedro M F J Costa, Yoshio Bando, Xiaosheng Fang, Liang Li, Masataka Imura and Dmitri Golberg
Surface instability and dislocation nucleation in strained epitaxial layers

Author(s): Trushin O. | Granato E. | Ying S.C. | Kosterlitz J.M. | Ala-Nissila T. | Salo P.
Microstructural Defects and Their Formation Mechanisms in Ba0.75Sr0.25TiO3 Epitaxial Film

Author(s): LI Chun-Yan, LIU Xue-Hua, DIAO Fei-Yu, LIANG Wen-Shuang, WANG Yi-Qian, PETROV Peter, ALFORD Neil
Structural Analysis of Highly Relaxed GaSb Grown on GaAs Substrates with Periodic Interfacial Array of 90° Misfit Dislocations

Author(s): Jallipalli A | Balakrishnan G | Huang SH | Rotter TJ | Nunna K | Liang BL | Dawson LR | Huffaker DL
Epitaxial Catalyst-Free Growth of InN Nanorods onc-Plane Sapphire

Author(s): Shalish I | Seryogin G | Yi W | Bao JM | Zimmler MA | Likovich E | Bell DC | Capasso F | Narayanamurti V

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