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El Líbano: crisol de culturas y pequeño Próximo Oriente

Author(s): Alberto Priego | Carlos Corral
The Cretaceous of Lebanon in the Middle East (Levant) context

Author(s): Ferry Serge | Merran Yann | Grosheny Danièle | Mroueh Moustapha
Sustainability in Agricultural Mechanization: Assessment of a Combined Photovoltaic and Electric Multipurpose System for Farmers

Author(s): Hossein Mousazadeh | Alireza Keyhani | Hossein Mobli | Ugo Bardi | Toufic El Asmar
Cancer Epidemiology in Lebanon

Author(s): Ali I. Shamseddine | Khaled M. Musallam
Engagement in mental health treatment among veterans returning from Iraq

Author(s): Tracy Stecker | John Fortney | Francis Hamilton | et al
Role of denileukin diftitox in the treatment of persistent or recurrent cutaneous T-cell lymphoma

Author(s): Frederick Lansigan | Diane M Stearns | Francine Foss
A comparison of the genetic and clinical profile of men that respond and do not respond to the immediate antihypertensive effects of aerobic exercise

Author(s): Linda S Pescatello | Bruce E Blanchard | Gregory J Tsongalis | Ann A O’Connell | Heather Gordish-Dressman | et al
Epidemiology of hepatitis C in the middle east

Author(s): Fallahian Farahnaz | Najafi Atabak
The terrorists of the Middle East.

Author(s): Takis Fotopoulos
Zionism and the transnational elite

Author(s): Takis Fotopoulos
Parsimony analysis of endemicity of enchodontoid fishes from the Cenomanian

Author(s): Silva Hilda Maria Andrade da | Gallo Valéria
Beirut – a city with so many faces

Author(s): Liliane Buccianti Barakat

Author(s): Mohammad Hajjar | Bassam Daya | Anis Ismail | Haissam Hajjar
The Middle Eastern Biodiversity Network: Generating and sharing knowledge for ecosystem management and conservation

Author(s): Friedhelm Krupp | Maroof Khalaf | Masoumeh Malek | Bruno Streit | Masaa Al-Jumaily
Impact of synergism of calcium phosphomycin/tylosin tartarate supplements on the performance of broilers in the Lebanon

Author(s): Elie K. Barbour | Zahi El-Hajj | Houssam Shaib | Houssam Itani | Maya Saadeh | Wiam Haidar | Lina Jaber | Rania Demloj | Steve Harakeh
Primary epiploic appendagitis: from A to Z

Author(s): Iyad A Issa | Mohamad-Tarek Berjaoui | Wajdi S Hamdan
Clinical and cost impact of intravenous proton pump inhibitor use in non-ICU patients

Author(s): Soumana C Nasser, Jeanette G Nassif, Hani I Dimassi

Author(s): Lučka Ažman Momirski | Ole Moystad
Brincadeira e Amizade na Infância: Lembranças de Imigrantes Libaneses Vivendo no Brasil

Author(s): Lorena Queiroz Merizio | Agnaldo Garcia | Fernando Augusto Ramos Pontes
Did the post war repatriation of Lebanese physicians drive recent Lebanese medical graduates to emigrate? An observational study

Author(s): Akl Elie | El-Asmar Khalil | Maroun Nancy | Adib Salim | Khater-Menassa Beatrice
Eating habits and obesity among Lebanese university students

Author(s): Yahia Najat | Achkar Alice | Abdallah Abbass | Rizk Sandra
A national cross-sectional study on nurses' intent to leave and job satisfaction in Lebanon: implications for policy and practice

Author(s): El-Jardali Fadi | Dimassi Hani | Dumit Nuhad | Jamal Diana | Mouro Gladys
Recalled emotions and risk judgments

Author(s): Shosh Shahrabani | Uri Benzion | Tal Shavit
Prevalence and determinants of albuminuria in a cohort of diabetic patients in Lebanon

Author(s): Taleb Nadine | Salti Haytham | Al-Mokaddam Mona | Merheb Marie | Salti Ibrahim | Nasrallah Mona
A study on the association between Angiotensin-I converting enzyme I/D dimorphism and type-2 diabetes mellitus

Author(s): Chmaisse Hania | Jammal Manal | Fakhoury Hana | Fakhoury Rajaa
Primary congenital anomalies of the coronary arteries and relation to atherosclerosis: an angiographic study in Lebanon

Author(s): Eid Ali | Itani Ziad | Al-Tannir Mohammad | Sayegh Said | Samaha Ali
Gertrude Bell’in Anılarında Konya

Author(s): Mehmet İPÇİOĞLU
Chemical Composition and Phytotoxic Effects of Essential Oils of Salvia hierosolymitana Boiss. and Salvia multicaulis Vahl. var. simplicifolia Boiss. Growing Wild in Lebanon

Author(s): Emilia Mancini | Nelly Apostolides Arnold | Laura De Martino | Vincenzo De Feo | Carmen Formisano | Daniela Rigano | Felice Senatore
Correlation between Group B Streptococcal Genotypes, Their Antimicrobial Resistance Profiles, and Virulence Genes among Pregnant Women in Lebanon

Author(s): Antoine Hannoun | Marwa Shehab | Marie-Therese Khairallah | Ahmad Sabra | Roland Abi-Rached | Tony Bazi | Khalid A. Yunis | George F. Araj | Ghassan M. Matar
Distribution of hepatitis C virus genotypes among injecting drug users in Lebanon

Author(s): Mahfoud Ziyad | Kassak Kassem | Kreidieh Khalil | Shamra Sarah | Ramia Sami
Health equity in Lebanon: a microeconomic analysis

Author(s): Salti Nisreen | Chaaban Jad | Raad Firas
Standardisation of a new model of H9N2/Escherichia coli challenge in broilers in the Lebanon

Author(s): Elie K. Barbour | Fouad A. Mastori | Afif M. Abdel Nour | Houssam A. Shaib | Lina S. Jaber | Ryan H. Yaghi | Alia Sabra | Fawwak T. Sleiman | Rana K. Sawaya | Aleksandra Niedzwieck | Ihsan T. Tayeb | Zeina G. Kassaify | Matthias Rath | Steve Harakeh | Kamil E. Barbour
Comparison of the level of organic contaminants in bile and muscle of Mugil spp. following a major oil spill in the eastern Mediterranean Sea

Author(s): Elie K. Barbour | Fouad A. Mastori | Houssam A. Shaib | Afif M. Abdel Nour | Lina S. Jaber
A neonatal screening in Lebanon : Results of five years′ experience.

Author(s): Daher R | Beaini M | Mahfouz R | Cortas N | Younis Khalid
Experimental validation of convection-diffusion discretisation scheme employed for computational modelling of biological mass transport

Author(s): Carroll Gráinne | Devereux Paul | Ku David | McGloughlin Timothy | Walsh Michael
Influence of Genotypes and Potassium Application Rates on Yield and Potassium Use Efficiency of Potato

Author(s): F. Karam | Y. Rouphael | R. Lahoud | J. Breidi | G. Colla
Management of acute gastroenteritis in healthy children in Lebanon - A national survey

Author(s): Aouni Alameddine | Sawsan Mourad | Nahida Rifai
Lubiprostone: a novel treatment for chronic constipation

Author(s): Brian E Lacy | L Campbell Levy
Intravitreal triamcinolone acetonide: Pattern of secondary intraocular pressure rise and possible risk factors

Author(s): Ziad F Bashshur | Abdallah M Terro | Christelle P El Haibi | Akaber M Halawi | Alexandre Schakal | Baha’ N Noureddin
Excited delirium: Consideration of selected medical and psychiatric issues

Author(s): Edith Samuel | Robert B Williams | Richard B Ferrell
Update on the use of deferasirox in the management of iron overload

Author(s): Ali Taher | Maria Domenica Cappellini
Microbiological Quality of Raw Vegetables Grown in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

Author(s): M.A. Halablab | I.H. Sheet | H.M. Holail
Here and now: Yoga in Israeli schools

Author(s): Ehud Miron | An Bar-Dov | Avshalom Strulov
Climate for evidence-informed health systems: A print media analysis in 44 low- and middle-income countries that host knowledge-translation platforms

Author(s): Cheung Andrew | Lavis John | Hamandi Ali | El-Jardali Fadi | Sachs Jonathan | Sewankambo Nelson
Seismic zonation of the Dead Sea Transform Fault area

Author(s): K. Khair | G. F. Karakaisis | E. E. Papadimitriou
Validation of the Arab Youth Mental Health scale as a screening tool for depression/anxiety in Lebanese children

Author(s): Mahfoud Ziyad | Abdulrahim Sawsan | Taha Madeleine | Harpham Trudy | El Hajj Taghreed | Makhoul Jihad | Nakkash Rima | Kanj Mayada | Afifi Rema
Predictors and outcomes of patient safety culture in hospitals

Author(s): El-Jardali Fadi | Dimassi Hani | Jamal Diana | Jaafar Maha | Hemadeh Nour
Graduates of Lebanese medical schools in the United States: an observational study of international migration of physicians

Author(s): Akl Elie | Maroun Nancy | Major Stella | Chahoud Bechara | Schünemann Holger
Prevalence and clinical relevance of Helicobacter pylori cagA and vacA genes in Lebanese patients with gastritis and peptic ulcer disease

Author(s): Aline E.Khayat,1 Assaad M. Soweid,2 Mireille M. Kattar,3 Ayman N. Tawil,3 Ihab I. El Hajj,2 Cecilio Azar,2 Benjamin D. Gold,4 and Ghassan M. Matar.1
Regional clinical practice patterns in reproductive endocrinology: A collaborative transnational pilot survey of in vitro fertilization programs in the Middle East

Author(s): Sills Eric | Qublan Hussein | Blumenfeld Zeev | Dizaj Ahmad | Revel Ariel | Coskun Serdar | Jaoude Imad | Serour Gamal | Eskandar Mamdoh | Khalili Mohammad | Demirol Aygul | Trokoudes Krinos | Ocal Pelin | Sultan Abdul | Lotto Benjamin | El-Kareh Adele
Post-graduation migration intentions of students of Lebanese medical schools: a survey study

Author(s): Akl Elie | Maroun Nancy | Major Stella | Afif Claude | Abdo Abir | Choucair Jacques | Sakr Mazen | Li Carl | Grant Brydon | Schünemann Holger
Process Evaluation of a Psychosocial Intervention Addressing Women in a Disadvantaged Setting

Author(s): Rima Nakkash | Loulou Kobeissi | Zeina Ghantous | Maya Abou Saad | Brigitte Khoury | Nasser Yassin
Brachyceran Diptera (Insecta) in Cretaceous ambers, part IV: Significant New Orthorrhaphous Taxa

Author(s): David Grimaldi | Antonio Arillo | Jeffrey Cumming | Martin Hauser
New and revised maimetshid wasps from Cretaceous ambers (Hymenoptera, Maimetshidae)

Author(s): Vincent Perrichot | Jaime Ortega-Blanco | Ryan McKellar | Xavier Delclòs | Dany Azar | André Nel | Paul Tafforeau | Michael Engel
Process Evaluation of a Psychosocial Intervention Addressing Women in a Disadvantaged Setting

Author(s): Rima Nakkash | Loulou Kobeissi | Zeina Ghantous | Maya Abou Saad | Brigitte Khoury | Nasser Yassin
Toxins and Antibiotic Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from a Major Hospital in Lebanon

Author(s): Sima Tokajian | Dominik Haddad | Rana Andraos | Fuad Hashwa | George Araj
Coronary artery disease in Africa and the Middle East

Author(s): Almahmeed W | Arnaout MS | Chettaoui R | Ibrahim M | Kurdi MI | Taher MA | Mancia G
Insight into 144 patients with ocular vascular events during VEGF antagonist injections

Author(s): Mansour AM | Shahin M | Kofoed PK | Parodi MB | Shami M | Schwartz SG
Differentiation of Different Species of Origanum and Thymus using Proteins and Isoenzymes Profile

Author(s): S.K. Ibrahim | L. Ibrahim | A. Ismail | A. Basal | M. Kayal | H. Ghanem | S. Rammel
Validation of four automatic devices for self-measurement of blood pressure according to the international protocol of the European Society of Hypertension

Author(s): Topouchian J | Agnoletti D | Blacher J | Youssef A | Ibanez I | Khabouth J | Khawaja S | Beaino L | Asmar R
Stakeholders' perspectives on the regulation and integration of complementary and alternative medicine products in Lebanon: a qualitative study

Author(s): Alameddine Mohamad | Naja Farah | Abdel-Salam Sarah | Maalouf Salwa | Matta Claudia
The relaxation exercise and social support trial-resst: study protocol for a randomized community based trial

Author(s): Kobeissi Loulou | Araya Ricardo | Kak Fayssal | Ghantous Zeina | Khawaja Marwan | Khoury Brigitte | Mahfoud Ziyad | Nakkash Rima | Peters Tim | Ramia Sami | Zurayk Huda
Health Policy and Systems Research in Twelve Eastern Mediterranean Countries: a stocktaking of production and gaps (2000-2008)

Author(s): El-Jardali Fadi | Jamal Diana | Ataya Nour | Jaafar Maha | Raouf Saned | Matta Claudia | Michael Saja | Smith Colette

Author(s): AV. Manouchehri | A.Zaini | E. Javadian | E. Saebi
Poststreptococcal keratouveitis associated with group C streptococcus pharyngitis

Author(s): Nataneli N | Aguilera ZP | Rosenbaum PS | Goldstein T | Mayers M
Beyond k-Anonymity: A Decision Theoretic Framework for Assessing Privacy Risk

Author(s): Guy Lebanon | Monica Scannapieco | Mohamed R. Fouad | Elisa Bertino
Banking Efficiency in Lebanon: An Empirical Investigation

Author(s): Mouataz Zreika | Nasser Elkanj
The prevalence of waterpipe tobacco smoking among the general and specific populations: a systematic review

Author(s): Akl Elie | Gunukula Sameer | Aleem Sohaib | Obeid Rawad | Jaoude Philippe | Honeine Roland | Irani Jihad
Ethnic differences in body fat distribution among Asian pre-pubertal children: A cross-sectional multicenter study

Author(s): Liu Ailing | Byrne Nuala | Kagawa Masaharu | Ma Guansheng | Kijboonchoo Kallaya | Nasreddine Lara | Koon Poh Bee | Ismail Mohammad | Hills Andrew
Eprosartan-based hypertension therapy, systolic arterial blood pressure and cognitive function: analysis of Middle East data from the OSCAR study

Author(s): Radaideh G | Choueiry P | Ismail A | Eid E | Berrou JP | Sedefdjian A | Sévenier F | Pathak A
Hydrological variability in northern Levant over the past 250 ka

Author(s): F. Gasse | L. Vidal | A.-L. Develle | E. Van Campo
An improved RST approach for timely alert and Near Real Time monitoring of oil spill disasters by using AVHRR data

Author(s): C. S. L. Grimaldi | D. Casciello | I. Coviello | T. Lacava | N. Pergola | V. Tramutoli

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