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Synaptogenesis and outer segment formation are perturbed in the neural retina of Crx mutant mice

Author(s): Morrow Eric | Furukawa Takahisa | Raviola Elio | Cepko Constance
Identification of differentially regulated proteins in a patient with Leber's Congenital Amaurosis – a proteomic study

Author(s): Vorum Henrik | Østergaard Morten | Rice Greg | Honoré Bent | Bek Toke
Recombinant adeno-associated virus type 2-mediated gene delivery into the Rpe65-/- knockout mouse eye results in limited rescue

Author(s): Lai Chooi-May | Yu Meaghan | Brankov Meliha | Barnett Nigel | Zhou Xiaohuai | Redmond T Michael | Narfstrom Kristina | Rakoczy P Elizabeth
Pharmacological and rAAV gene therapy rescue of visual functions in a blind mouse model of Leber congenital amaurosis.

Author(s): Batten Matthew L | Imanishi Yoshikazu | Tu Daniel C | Doan Thuy | Zhu Li | Pang Jijing | Glushakova Lyudmila | Moise Alexander R | Baehr Wolfgang | Van Gelder Russell N | Hauswirth William W | Rieke Fred | Palczewski Krzysztof
RETINOBASE: a web database, data mining and analysis platform for gene expression data on retina

Author(s): Kalathur Ravi | Gagniere Nicolas | Berthommier Guillaume | Poidevin Laetitia | Raffelsberger Wolfgang | Ripp Raymond | Léveillard Thierry | Poch Olivier

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