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Modulating spontaneous brain activity using repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation

Author(s): van der Werf Ysbrand | Sanz-Arigita Ernesto | Menning Sanne | van den Heuvel Odile
Brain stimulation modulates driving behavior

Author(s): Beeli Gian | Koeneke Susan | Gasser Katja | Jancke Lutz
A no-go related prefrontal negativity larger to irrelevant stimuli that are difficult to suppress

Author(s): Proverbio Alice | Del Zotto Marzia | Crotti Nicola | Zani Alberto
Cuantificacion paramétrica de los cambios en la perfusión cerebral producidos por abstinencia y con activación cognitiva en dependientes a cocaína.

Author(s): Juan Carlos Quintana. | Rodrigo Jaimovich. | Jaime Pereira. | Julio Pallavicini. | Mónica Servat. | Isabel Alliende. | Teresa Massardo.
Prefrontal Cortex Modulation during Anticipation of Working Memory Demands as Revealed by Magnetoencephalography

Author(s): Mario Altamura | Terry E. Goldberg | Brita Elvevåg | Tom Holroyd | Frederick W. Carver | Daniel R. Weinberger | Richard Coppola
Pattern of neural responses to verbal fluency shows diagnostic specificity for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

Author(s): Costafreda Sergi | Fu Cynthia | Picchioni Marco | Toulopoulou Timothea | McDonald Colm | Kravariti Eugenia | Walshe Muriel | Prata Diana | Murray Robin | McGuire Philip

Author(s): Jelena Jović | Nataša Đinđić
The cerebral correlates of set-shifting: an fMRI study of the trail making test

Author(s): Moll Jorge | Oliveira-Souza Ricardo de | Moll Fernanda Tovar | Bramati Ivanei Edson | Andreiuolo Pedro Angelo
Dissociation of neural correlates of verbal and non-verbal visual working memory with different delays

Author(s): Rothmayr Christoph | Baumann Oliver | Endestad Tor | Rutschmann Roland | Magnussen Svein | Greenlee Mark
Gender Differences in Frontal Activation While Perceiving Pathologically Thin Female Body Forms

Author(s): Toru Uehara | Yoko Ishige | Masashi Suda | Perminder Sachdev
Errorless and errorful learning modulated by transcranial direct current stimulation

Author(s): Hammer Anke | Mohammadi Bahram | Schmicker Marlen | Saliger Sina | Münte Thomas
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