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Designing an Integrated Library System with WINISIS Application

Author(s): Mohamed Hasan Kazim al-Khafagy
The Challenges of Library Automation

Author(s):   Margaret C. Fung
Natural products that reduce rotavirus infectivity identified by a cell-based moderate-throughput screening assay

Author(s): Shaneyfelt Mark | Burke Anna | Graff Joel | Jutila Mark | Hardy Michele
Generation of Embedded Hardware/Software from SystemC

Author(s): Salim Ouadjaout | Dominique Houzet
Library Automation in the Republic of China

Author(s):   Margaret C. Fung
International Cooperation in Library Automation

Author(s):   Henriette D. Avram、Lenore S. Maruyama
中國編目規則擬定經過 | The Shaping of “ Chinese Cataloging Rules”

Author(s): 圖書館自動化作業規劃委員會編目規則工作小組 Chinese Cataloging Rules Working Group, Library Automation Planning Committee
Library Automation in the Republic of China

Author(s):   Nancy Ou-lan Chou
Implementing New-age Authentication Techniques using OpenID for Security Automation

Author(s): Dharmendra Choukse | Umesh Kumar Singh | Deepak Sukheja | Rekha Shahapurkar
A Review of Research on Devnagari Character Recognition

Author(s): Vikas J Dongre | Vijay H Mankar
Vint-i-cinc anys d'automatització de biblioteques a Catalunya

Author(s): Anglada i de Ferrer, Lluís M.
Veinticinco años de automatización de bibliotecas en Cataluña

Author(s): Anglada i de Ferrer, Lluís M.
Twenty-five years of library automation in Catalonia

Author(s): Anglada i de Ferrer, Lluís M.
A Video Mining Application for Image Retrieval

Author(s): Lakshmi Rupa G. | Gitanjali J.
High-throughput screening of cellulase F mutants from multiplexed plasmid sets using an automated plate assay on a functional proteomic robotic workcell

Author(s): Hughes Stephen | Riedmuller Steven | Mertens Jeffrey | Li Xin-Liang | Bischoff Kenneth | Qureshi Nasib | Cotta Michael | Farrelly Philip
Bibliotecas publicas, sociedad de la información y tecnología: una comunicación sobre los aspectos teórico-metodológicos de una investigación en cursoPublic libraries, information society and technology: communication of research methodology and theory

Author(s): Elsa Barber | Nicolás Tripaldi | Silvia Pisano | Valeria Werner | Sofia D'Alessandro | Sandra Romagnoli | Verónica Parsiale | Gabriela De Pedro | Carolina Gregui
New Technologies, Old Habits: Automation without Innovation

Author(s): José Osvaldo De Sordi | Manuel Meireles | Marta Lígia Pomim Valentim
CILEA per l'automazione delle biblioteche CILEA Services for Library Automation

Author(s): Fulvia Valenti | Riccardo Ferrari | Andrea Marchitelli
Understanding MARC: Another Look

Author(s): Roy Chang | Rene Raatjes
Development of IEC61850 Based Substation Engineering Tools with IEC61850 Schema Library

Author(s): Yong Hak Kim | Jeon Yeol Han | You Jin Lee | Yong Ho An | In Jun Song
Generation of Embedded Hardware/Software from SystemC

Author(s): Ouadjaout Salim | Houzet Dominique
Bibliotecas universitarias y automatización: un panorama de la Ciudad de México

Author(s): Oscar Arriola Navarrete | Graciela Tecuatl Quechol
Electronic Design Automation Using Object Oriented Electronics

Author(s): Walid M. Aly | Mohamed S. Abuelnasr
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