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Natural preference of zebrafish (Danio rerio) for a dark environment

Author(s): Serra E.L. | Medalha C.C. | Mattioli R.
Circadian variation of Spilotes pullatus (Colubridae)

Author(s): José Geraldo Pereira da Cruz | Ayrton Adão Schmitt Júnior | Marcelo Reinert
A study on reproducing silicone shade guide for maxillofacial prostheses matching Indian skin color

Author(s): Guttal Satyabodh | Patil Narendra | Nadiger Ramesh | Kulkarni Reshma
Turnover rate of cerebrospinal fluid in female sheep: changes related to different light-dark cycles

Author(s): Thiéry Jean-Claude | Lomet Didier | Bougoin Sylvain | Malpaux Benoit
Anxiolytic activity of Vitex negundo Linn. in experimental models of anxiety in mice

Author(s): Adnaik R | Pai P | Sapakal V | Naikwade N | Magdum C
Emotional reactivity and cognitive performance in aversively motivated tasks: a comparison between four rat strains

Author(s): van der Staay F Josef | Schuurman Teun | van Reenen Cornelis | Korte S Mechiel
Preference for the light compartment of a light/dark cage does not affect rat exploratory behavior in the elevated plus-maze

Author(s): Andrea Milena Becerra Garcia, Raquel Chacon Ruiz Martinez and Silvio Morato
Influence of gender and estrous cycle in the forced swim test in rats

Author(s): Amauri Gouveia Jr., Taciana Lucas Afonseca, Caio Maximino, Roberto Dominguez and Silvio Morato
Verapamil enhances the impairing effects of stress on retrieval of long-term memory in rats

Author(s): A. Rashidy-Pour | A.A. Taherian | A.A. Vafaei | H. Miladi-Gorji | H. Sadeghi | Y. Fathollahi | A.R. Bandehgi
Robustness from flexibility in the fungal circadian clock

Author(s): Akman Ozgur | Rand David | Brown Paul | Millar Andrew
Anxiolytic and Antidepressant Effects of a Leaf Extract of Palisota hirsuta K. Schum. (Commelinaceae) in Mice

Author(s): E. Woode | E. Boakye-Gyasi | N. Amidu | C. Ansah | M. Duwiejua
The Role of Photoperiod and Melatonin on Alleviation of the Negative Impact of Heat Stress on Broilers

Author(s): H.B.A. Gharib | A.A. Desoky | M.A. El-Menawey | Ahmed. O. Abbas | G.L. Hendricks | M.M. Mashaly
The Effects of Three Months Exercise on Expression of Endothelin-1 in the Lung Tissue

Author(s): S. Niknazar | S. Farajnia | N. Ahmady Asl | M.H. Alipur | L. Mohammadnejad | H. Rezaee
Plasma Cytokines and Trace Element Level in Severe Burn Rat Model-With Special Reference to Wound Healing Potential of Ampucare

Author(s): A. Soni | V.K. Dwivedi | M. Chaudhary | K. Malik | V. Naithani | S.M. Shrivastava
Effect of calcium on anxiolytic activity of diazepam and verapamil in rats

Author(s): Hiremath Sharanabasayyaswamy | Anand Sohit | Srinivas L | Rashed Mohammad
Anxiolytic activity of Nymphaea alba Linn. in mice as experimental models of anxiety

Author(s): Thippeswamy B | Mishra Brijesh | Veerapur V | Gupta Gourav
Retinal specific measurement of dark-adapted visual function: validation of a modified microperimeter

Author(s): Crossland Michael | Luong Vy | Rubin Gary | Fitzke Fred
The Impact of Technical and Biological Measures on Soil and Erosion Dynamics in the Research Site of Abrami

Author(s): Nikola Pernar | Danko Holjević | Darko Bakšić | Josip Petraš | Ivan Perković
Influence of lactation on motor activity and elevated plus maze behavior

Author(s): Silva M.R.P. | Bernardi M.M. | Nasello A.G. | Felicio L.F.
Pupil size following dark adaptation in patients with retinitis pigmentosa

Author(s): Berezovsky A. | Salomão S.R. | Birch D.G.
Circadian rhythms in blood pressure in free-ranging three-toed sloths (Bradypus variegatus)

Author(s): Duarte D.P.F. | Silva V.L. | Jaguaribe A.M. | Gilmore D.P. | Da Costa C.P.
Led enhancement in mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation for hepatectomized rats

Author(s): Castro-e-Silva Jr Orlando de | Castro-e-Silva Tiago | Ramalho Fernando Silva | Ramalho Leandra Naira Zambelli | Zucoloto Sergio | Marcassa Luis Gustavo | Bagnato Vanderlei Salvador
Is there a dysfunction in the visual system of depressed patients?

Author(s): Fountoulakis Konstantinos | Fotiou Fotis | Iacovides Apostolos | Kaprinis George
Intermittent long-wavelength red light increases the period of daily locomotor activity in mice

Author(s): Hofstetter John | Hofstetter Amelia | Hughes Amanda | Mayeda Aimee
Inflammatory and neuropathic pain animals exhibit distinct responses to innocuous thermal and motoric challenges

Author(s): Jabakhanji Rami | Foss Jennifer | Berra Hugo | Centeno Maria | Apkarian A Vania | Chialvo Dante
Prostate response to prolactin in sexually active male rats

Author(s): Hernandez Maria | Soto-Cid Abraham | Rojas Fausto | Pascual Luz | Aranda-Abreu Gonzalo | Toledo Rebeca | Garcia Luis | Quintanar-Stephano Andres | Manzo Jorge
Gemvid, an open source, modular, automated activity recording system for rats using digital video

Author(s): Poirrier Jean-Etienne | Poirrier Laurent | Leprince Pierre | Maquet Pierre
Characteristics of fermented plant beverages in southern Thailand

Author(s): Kantachote, D. | Charernjiratrakul, W. | Asavaroungpipop, N.
Adeno-associated virus (AAV)-mediated suppression of Ca2+/calmodulin kinase IV activity in the nucleus accumbens modulates emotional behaviour in mice

Author(s): Schneider Miriam | Spanagel Rainer | Zhang Sheng-Jia | Bading Hilmar | Klugmann Matthias
False positives for tannin sorghum in non-tannin sorghum using the bleach test

Author(s): J Awika | CM McDonough | LW Rooney | RD Waniska
Lighting programs for semi-heavy layers

Author(s): Clóvis Eliseu Gewehr | Vladimir de Oliveira | Marcos Rosniecek | Diogo Davi Follmann | Ana Maira de Cezaro
Anxiolytic activity of Glycosmis cochinchinensis root in mice

Author(s): V. Sravanthi1, S. Prashanth 1*, A. Anil Kumar2, V. Ramakrishna1, P. Govardhan1, J. Vidya Sagar1
Neuropharmacological Effect of the Rhizome of Drynaria quercifolia in Mice

Author(s): Alam Khan | Ekramul Haque | BYTUL M RAHMAN | MATIUR RAHMAN

Author(s): Kumar Sandeep | Nain Parminder | Nain Jaspreet | Kumar Sunil
Embryo toxicitic effects of Ranitidine

Author(s): Nasrallah Zadeh B | Abdollahi M | Mojir M
Synthesis and anxiolytic activity of N-alkyl/aryl-2-[2-methyl-4-quinazolin-3-yl] acetamide derivatives

Author(s): Sunil V. Amrutkar*1, Sunil K. Mahajan1, Mahendra S. Ranawat2, Jayshree Patil1, Karvin K. Mehta1
Mice behavioural models with pooled data analysis of Gelsemium studies and new findings about Ignatia and Aconitum

Author(s): Paolo Bellavite | Paolo Magnani | Marta Marzotto | Mirko Cristofoletti | Mariaelisabetta Zanolin | Anita Conforti
Evaluation of biotherapies T.cruzi 15x, 16x, 17x and “potency chords” in experimental infection by Trypanosoma cruzi.

Author(s): Fabiana Nabarro Ferraz | Valdir Antônio Gonçalves | Denise Lessa Aleixo | Angélica Sayuri Mizutani | Silvana Marques de Araújo
Effects of inflorescence position on seed production and seedling establishment in Ligularia virgaurea

Author(s): XIE Tian-Peng | DU Gou-Zhen | ZHANG Ge-Fei | ZHAO Zhi-Gang
Effect of media and light on asymbiotic germination of Malaxis monophyllos seeds

Author(s): WANG Rui-Xia | HE Ming-Gao | SONG Song-Quan
Time-of-day dependence of neurological deficits induced by sodium nitroprusside in young mice

Author(s): Sani Mamane | Sebai Hichem | Boughattas Naceur | Ben-Attia Mossadok

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