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Centroid Based Text Clustering

Author(s): Priti Maheshwari | Jitendra Agrawal
Visual Sampling Based Clustering Algorithm VSC

Author(s): Wang Shitong | F.L. Chung | Guo Wei | Han Bin
Chromosomal clustering of a human transcriptome reveals regulatory background

Author(s): Vogel Jan | von Heydebreck Anja | Purmann Antje | Sperling Silke
Genome Trees from Conservation Profiles.

Author(s): Tekaia | Yeramian
Array2BIO: from microarray expression data to functional annotation of co-regulated genes

Author(s): Loots Gabriela | Chain Patrick | Mabery Shalini | Rasley Amy | Garcia Emilio | Ovcharenko Ivan
CASCADE: a novel quasi all paths-based network analysis algorithm for clustering biological interactions

Author(s): Hwang Woochang | Cho Young-Rae | Zhang Aidong | Ramanathan Murali
ETE: a python Environment for Tree Exploration

Author(s): Huerta-Cepas Jaime | Dopazo Joaquín | Gabaldón Toni
Risk mapping of Rinderpest sero-prevalence in Central and Southern Somalia based on spatial and network risk factors

Author(s): Ortiz-Pelaez Angel | Pfeiffer Dirk | Tempia Stefano | Otieno F Tom | Aden Hussein | Costagli Riccardo
LinkCluE: A MATLAB Package for Link-Based Cluster Ensembles

Author(s): Natthakan Iam-on | Simon Garrett
GraphCrunch 2: Software tool for network modeling, alignment and clustering

Author(s): Kuchaiev Oleksii | Stevanović Aleksandar | Hayes Wayne | Pržulj Nataša
GenClust: A genetic algorithm for clustering gene expression data

Author(s): Di Gesú Vito | Giancarlo Raffaele | Lo Bosco Giosué | Raimondi Alessandra | Scaturro Davide
Stable evolutionary signal in a Yeast protein interaction network

Author(s): Wuchty Stefan | Barabási Albert-Laszlo | Ferdig Michael
Automatic extraction of gene ontology annotation and its correlation with clusters in protein networks

Author(s): Daraselia Nikolai | Yuryev Anton | Egorov Sergei | Mazo Ilya | Ispolatov Iaroslav
Classification of human cancers based on DNA copy number amplification modeling

Author(s): Myllykangas Samuel | Tikka Jarkko | Böhling Tom | Knuutila Sakari | Hollmén Jaakko
Seasonal variations of glacier dynamics at Kronebreen, Svalbard revealed by calving related seismicity

Author(s): A. Köhler | A. Chapuis | C. Nuth | J. Kohler | C. Weidle

Neighbor Based Text Document Clustering

Author(s): Y. Sri Lalitha | N. Sandhya | K. Anuradha | A. Govardhan
Gene expression profiles of breast biopsies from healthy women identify a group with claudin-low features

Author(s): Haakensen Vilde | Lingjærde Ole | Lüders Torben | Riis Margit | Prat Aleix | Troester Melissa | Holmen Marit | Frantzen Jan | Romundstad Linda | Navjord Dina | Bukholm Ida | Johannesen Tom | Perou Charles | Ursin Giske | Kristensen Vessela | Børresen-Dale Anne-Lise | Helland Åslaug
A New Paradigm for Load Balancing in WMNs

Author(s): Mohammad Shahverdy, Misagh Behnami & Mahmood Fathy
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Khan Mohammad Iftekharuddin | Mohammed Nazrul Islam | Mohammad Ataul Karim | Mohammad Abdus Salam
A Review of Cluster-Based Congestion Control Protocols in Wireless Mesh Networks

Author(s): Adebanjo Adekiigbe | Kamalrulnizam Abu Bakar | Ogunnusi Olumide Simeon
MicroRNA genes preferentially expressed in dendritic cells contain sites for conserved transcription factor binding motifs in their promoters

Author(s): Jansen Bastiaan | Sama Iziah | Eleveld-Trancikova Dagmar | van Hout-Kuijer Maaike | Jansen Joop | Huynen Martijn | Adema Gosse
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