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Nanobioengineering and Characterization of a Novel Estrogen Receptor Biosensor

Author(s): Alexandre Berthier | Céline Elie-Caille | Eric Lesniewska | Régis Delage-Mourroux | Wilfrid Boireau
Rupture Pathway of Phosphatidylcholine Liposomes on Silicon Dioxide

Author(s): Erik Reimhult | Bengt Kasemo | Fredrik Höök
Biomimetic Silica Microspheres in Biosensing

Author(s): Sireesha Chemburu | Kyle Fenton | Gabriel P. Lopez | Reema Zeineldin
The biological activity of lysosomotropic agents

Author(s): Ewa Obłąk | Anna Krasowska
Interactions of Carbon Nanotube with Lipid Bilayer Membranes

Author(s): Vamshi K. Gangupomu | Franco M. Capaldi
Lipid bilayer composition influences small multidrug transporters

Author(s): Charalambous Kalypso | Miller David | Curnow Paul | Booth Paula
Nanocochleates : A Novel Drug Delivery Technology

Author(s): Vivek Ranjan Sinha | Vinay | Anamika | Jayant Rajaram Bhinge
Aquaporins : The Secret Highways For Water Transport

Author(s): Hitesh Chavda | Dr.C.N.Patel
Liposome: A versatile platform for targeted delivery of drugs

Author(s): Sanjay S. Patel | Natavarlal M. Patel | Mukesh R. Patel
Silica-based cationic bilayers as immunoadjuvants

Author(s): Lincopan Nilton | Santana Mariana | Faquim-Mauro Eliana | da Costa Maria | Carmona-Ribeiro Ana
Characterization and Purification of Polydisperse Reconstituted Lipoproteins and Nanolipoprotein Particles

Author(s): Craig D. Blanchette | Brent W. Segelke | Nicholas Fischer | Michele H. Corzett | Edward A. Kuhn | Jenny A. Cappuccio | William Henry Benner | Matthew A. Coleman | Brett A. Chromy | Graham Bench | Paul D. Hoeprich | Todd A. Sulchek
msbB deletion confers acute sensitivity to CO2 in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium that can be suppressed by a loss-of-function mutation in zwf

Author(s): Karsten Verena | Murray Sean | Pike Jeremy | Troy Kimberly | Ittensohn Martina | Kondradzhyan Manvel | Low K Brooks | Bermudes David
Comparison of Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM) Proteins of Chianina and Holstein Cattle Breed Milk Samples Through Proteomics Methods

Author(s): Leonardo Murgiano | Anna Maria Timperio | Lello Zolla | Silvia Bongiorni | Alessio Valentini | Lorraine Pariset
Isolation and modification of pseudohybrid plant (Lupeol)

Author(s): Ankita Wal | Pranay Wal | A.K. Rai | Kanwal raj
Cell-Penetrating Peptides for Antiviral Drug Development

Author(s): Melaine Delcroix | Lee W. Riley
Lipid Vesicle Aggregation Induced by Cooling

Author(s): Frank B. Howard | Ira W. Levin
Silica-Coated Liposomes for Insulin Delivery

Author(s): Neelam Dwivedi | M. A. Arunagirinathan | Somesh Sharma | Jayesh Bellare
Cellular Membranes, the Sites for the Antifungal Activity of the Herbicide Sethoxydim

Author(s): B.S. Pakdaman | E. Mohammadi Goltapeh | R. Sepehrifa | M. Pouriesa | M. Rahimi Fard | F. Moradi | S.A.M. Modarres
Dimerization of Protegrin-1 in Different Environments

Author(s): Victor Vivcharuk | Yiannis N. Kaznessis
Neural Stem Cell Spreading on Lipid Based Artificial Cell Surfaces, Characterized by Combined X-ray and Neutron Reflectometry

Author(s): Martin Huth | Samira Hertrich | Gabor Mezo | Emilia Madarasz | Bert Nickel
Sensing-Applications of Surface-Based Single Vesicle Arrays

Author(s): Sune M. Christensen | Dimitrios G. Stamou
Molecular Dynamics Study of Nanobio Membranes

Author(s): N. Maftouni | M. Amininasab | F. Kowsari
The thermodynamics of simple biomembrane mimetic systems

Author(s): Raudino Antonio | Sarpietro Maria | Pannuzzo Martina
Chaperoning Roles of Macromolecules Interacting with Proteins in Vivo

Author(s): Seong Il Choi | Keo-Heun Lim | Baik L. Seong
E. coli a-hemolysin: a membrane-active protein toxin

Author(s): Goñi F.M. | Ostolaza H.
Protein encapsulation in liposomes: efficiency depends on interactions between protein and phospholipid bilayer.

Author(s): Colletier Jacques-Philippe | Chaize Barnabé | Winterhalter Mathias | Fournier Didier
The molecular basis of electroporation

Author(s): Tieleman D Peter
Biochemical enrichment and biophysical characterization of a taste receptor for L-arginine from the catfish, Ictalurus puntatus

Author(s): Grosvenor William | Kaulin Yuri | Spielman Andrew | Bayley Douglas | Kalinoski D Lynn | Teeter John | Brand Joseph
Cell membrane array fabrication and assay technology

Author(s): Yamazaki Victoria | Sirenko Oksana | Schafer Robert | Nguyen Luat | Gutsmann Thomas | Brade Lore | Groves Jay
Cholesterol-dependent hemolytic activity of Passiflora quadrangularis leaves

Author(s): Yuldasheva L.N. | Carvalho E.B. | Catanho M.-T.J.A. | Krasilnikov O.V.
How does yeast respond to pressure?

Author(s): Fernandes P.M.B.
CapZ-lipid membrane interactions: a computer analysis

Author(s): Smith James | Diez Gerold | Klemm Anna | Schewkunow Vitali | Goldmann Wolfgang
Nanoelectropulse-driven membrane perturbation and small molecule permeabilization

Author(s): Vernier P Thomas | Sun Yinghua | Gundersen Martin
The role of hydrophobic interactions in positioning of peripheral proteins in membranes

Author(s): Lomize Andrei | Pogozheva Irina | Lomize Mikhail | Mosberg Henry
Membrane binding of the neuronal calcium sensor recoverin – modulatory role of the charged carboxy-terminus

Author(s): Senin Ivan | Churumova Valeriya | Philippov Pavel | Koch Karl-Wilhelm
Identification of the Otopetrin Domain, a conserved domain in vertebrate otopetrins and invertebrate otopetrin-like family members

Author(s): Hughes Inna | Binkley Jonathan | Hurle Belen | Green Eric | Sidow Arend | Ornitz David
Critical issues related to transfersomes - novel vesicular system

Author(s): Kombath Ravindran Vinod | Minumula Suneel Kumar | Sockalingam Anbazhagan | Subadhra Sandhya | Parre Saikumar | Reddy Tera Rohit | David Banji

Author(s): Kataria Sahil | Sandhu Premjeet | Bilandi Ajay | Akanksha Middha | Kapoor Bhawna
Mechanisms of Membrane Curvature Generation in Membrane Traffic

Author(s): Hye-Won Shin | Hiroyuki Takatsu | Kazuhisa Nakayama
Antioxidant enzymosomes – properties and application

Author(s): Magdalena Skólmowska | Marek Kmieć
Porous Materials to Support Bilayer Lipid Membranes for Ion Channel Biosensors

Author(s): Thai Phung | Yanli Zhang | James Dunlop | Julie E. Dalziel
The influence of lipid composition and -carotene on lipid peroxidation in liposomes

Author(s): "Mohammad N. Sarbolouki | Pegah Maghdooni Bagheri | Vahid Saneei "
Formation of Oligovesicular Vesicles by Micromanipulation

Author(s): Yukihisa Okumura | Tohru Ohmiya | Toshiki Yamazaki
Effect of free heme on intraerythrocytic stage of Plasmodium yoelii infection

Author(s): Vinay Kumar Singh | Saurabha Srivastava | Kaleshwar Prasad Singh

Author(s): 1Ramadevi Bhimavarapu*, 1Karuna Priya Chitra, 2Prabhu Karunakaran, 3Ambati Brahma Reddy
New potential antitumoral fluorescent tetracyclic thieno[3,2-b]pyridine derivatives: interaction with DNA and nanosized liposomes

Author(s): Castanheira Elisabete | Carvalho Maria Solange | Rodrigues Ana Rita | Calhelha Ricardo | Queiroz Maria-João
Body fluid derived exosomes as a novel template for clinical diagnostics

Author(s): Keller Sascha | Ridinger Johannes | Rupp Anne-Kathleen | Janssen Johannes | Altevogt Peter
Mechanics of lipid bilayer junctions affecting the size of a connecting lipid nanotube

Author(s): Karlsson Roger | Kurczy Michael | Grzhibovskis Richards | Adams Kelly | Ewing Andrew | Cans Ann-Sofie | Voinova Marina
Structural rearrangements of polymeric insulin-loaded nanoparticles interacting with surface-supported model lipid membranes

Author(s): Rickard Frost | Christian Grandfils | Bernardino Cerda | Bengt Kasemo | Sofia Svedhem

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