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Quaternary Regenerative CMOS Logic Circuits With High-Impedance Output State

Author(s): Dušanka Bundalo | Branimir Đorđević | Zlatko Bundalo
Fault Tolerant QCA Logic Design With Coupled Majority-Minority Gate

Author(s): Mamata Dalui | Bibhash Sen | Biplab k Sikdar
Experimental Aspects of Synthesis

Author(s): Rüdiger Ehlers
Synthesis of quantum circuits in Linear Nearest Neighbor model using Positive Davio Lattices

Author(s): Marek Perkowski | Martin Lukac | Dipal Shah | Michitaka Kameyama
Multiple-Valued Regenerative CMOS Logic Circuits With High-Impedance Output State

Author(s): Dušanka Bundalo | Branimir Đorđević | Zlatko Bundalo
On VHDL Synthesis of Self-Checking Two-Level Combinational Circuits

Author(s): Tatjana R. Stanković | Mile K. Stojčev | Goran Lj. Djordjević
Area Optimisation for Field-Programmable Gate Arrays in SystemC Hardware Compilation

Author(s): Johan Ditmar | Steve McKeever | Alex Wilson
A knowledge synthesis of patient and public involvement in clinical practice guidelines: study protocol

Author(s): Légaré France | Boivin Antoine | Weijden Trudy | Packenham Christine | Tapp Sylvie | Burgers Jako
Building Free Binary Decision Diagrams Using SAT Solvers

Author(s): Robert Wille | Görschwin Fey | Rolf Drechsler
Synthesis of Sequential Circuits by using Linearization

Author(s): Iliya Levin | Osnat Keren | Vladimir Ostrovsky
Techniques and Architectures for Hazard-Free Semi-Parallel Decoding of LDPC Codes

Author(s): Massimo Rovini | Giuseppe Gentile | Francesco Rossi | Luca Fanucci
Architectural Synthesis of Fixed-Point DSP Datapaths Using FPGAs

Author(s): Gabriel Caffarena | Juan A. López | Gerardo Leyva | Carlos Carreras | Octavio Nieto-Taladriz

Author(s): C. N.Marimuthu | P. Thangaraj | Aswathy Ramesan
A LTL Fragment for GR(1)-Synthesis

Author(s): Andreas Morgenstern | Klaus Schneider
Synthesis of a Logic-Based Switching H2/H∞ Controller:A Fuzzy Supervisor Approach

Author(s): Fatemeh Jamshidi | ‎Mehdi Ghasem Moghadam | MohammadTaghi Hamidi-Beheshti | Amin Rezaeemanesh
Synthesis of Reversible Circuits for Large Reversible Functions

Author(s): Nouraddin Alhagi | Maher Hawash | Marek Perkowski
Inductive Learning of Quantum Behaviors

Author(s): Martin Lukac | Marek Perkowski
Design of Quaternary Logic Systems and Circuits

Author(s): Dusanka Bundalo | Zlatko Bundalo | Branimir Djordjević
Exploration of dual supply voltage logic synthesis in state-of-the-art ASIC design flows

Author(s): T. Mahnke | W. Stechele | M. Embacher | W. Hoeld
Optimal Testing and Design of Adders

Author(s): Michael J. Batek | John P. Hayes
Techniques for Self-Checking Combinational LogicSynthesis

Author(s): Fadi Busaba | Parag K. Lala
Division-Based Versus General Decomposition-Based Multiple-Level Logic Synthesis

Author(s): Frank Volf | Lech Jóźwiak | Mario Stevens
Multi-Level Logic Synthesis Based on KroneckerDecision Diagrams and Boolean Ternary DecisionDiagrams for Incompletely Specified Functions

Author(s): Marek A. Perkowski | Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske | Andisheh Sarabi | Ingo Schäfer
Improving Path Sensitizability ofCombinational Circuits

Author(s): Bhanu Kapoor | V. S. S. Nair
Combining Technology Mapping With Layout

Author(s): Massoud Pedram | Narasimha Bhat | Ernest S. Kuh
Effective Coupling Between Logic Synthesis and LayoutTools for Synthesis of Area and Speed-Efficient Circuits

Author(s): Mandalagiri S. Chandrasekhar | Robert H. McCharles | David E. Wallace
Design of Reversible Sequential Circuit Using Reversible Logic Synthesis

Author(s): Md. Belayet Ali | Md. Mosharof Hossin | Md. Eneyat Ullah
A Shared-cube Approach to ESOP-based Synthesis of Reversible Logic

Author(s): Noor M. Nayeem | Jacqueline E. Rice
Decomposition of Reversible Logic Function Based on Cube-Reordering

Author(s): Martin Lukac | Michitaka Kameyama | Marek Perkowski | Pawel Kerntopf
A Novel Architecture of I2C Slave using One-Hot Encoding Technique

Author(s): Devashree Mahato | Sulipta Das | Durga Prasad Dash
Techniques and Architectures for Hazard-Free Semi-Parallel Decoding of LDPC Codes

Author(s): Rovini Massimo | Gentile Giuseppe | Rossi Francesco | Fanucci Luca
Abduction and Conjecturing in Mathematics

Author(s): Ferdinando Arzarello | Valeria Andriano | Federica Olivero | Ornella Robutti
A Robust Fuzzy Tracking Control Scheme for Robotic Manipulators with Experimental Verification

Author(s): Abdel Badie Sharkawy | Mahmoud M. Othman | Abouel Makarem A. Khalil
Hardware Implementation of Edge detection on Hexagonal Sampled Image Grids

Author(s): Veni. S | K. A. Narayanankutty | Mohammad Raffi
CAD Optimization Technique in Reconfigurable Computing System using Hybrid Architecture

Author(s): Sunil Kr. Singh | R. K. Singh | M. P. S. Bhatia
Fully Robust Path Delay Fault Testability using KEPSOP

Author(s): G. P. Sinsinwar | K.S.Yadav | Abhishek Acharya
Synthesis water level control by fuzzy logic

Author(s): P. Berk | D. Stajnko | P. Vindis | B. Mursec | M. Lakota
Synthesis from Recursive-Components Libraries

Author(s): Yoad Lustig | Moshe Vardi
Multiple-Valued CMOS Logic Circuits With High-Impedance Output State

Author(s): Dusanka Bundalo | Zlatko Bundalo | Branimir Djordjevic
IF–THEN Adder Application in Online DALUT Implementation

Author(s): Mohamed A.M. Eshtawie | Masuri Othman
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