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Structural insights into the function of the core-circadian factor TIMING OF CAB2 EXPRESSION 1 (TOC1)

Author(s): Kolmos Elsebeth | Schoof Heiko | Plümer Michael | Davis Seth
The complete mitochondrial genome of the fall webworm, Hyphantria cunea (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae)

Author(s): Fang Liao, Lin Wang, Song Wu, Yu-Ping Li, Lei Zhao, Guo-Ming Huang, Chun-Jing Niu, Yan-Qun Liu, Ming-Gang Li
A Single Ser85Ala Mutation Enhances the Catalytic Efficiency of Subtilisin E from Bacillus subtilis 168

Author(s): Eliel R. Romero-Garc�a | Joel A. Esquivel-Naranjo | Norma Ram�rez-Ram�rez | Jes�s Garc�a-Soto | Mario Pedraza-Reyes
The calcium-modulated proteins, S100A1 and S100B, as potential regulators of the dynamics of type III intermediate filaments

Author(s): Garbuglia M. | Verzini M. | Sorci G. | Bianchi R. | Giambanco I. | Agneletti A.L. | Donato R.
Control region mutations and the 'common deletion' are frequent in the mitochondrial DNA of patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Abnet Christian | Huppi Konrad | Carrera Ana | Armistead David | McKenney Keith | Hu Nan | Tang Ze-Zong | Taylor Philip | Dawsey Sanford
Vertebral artery in relationship to C1-C2 vertebrae: An anatomical study

Author(s): Cacciola Francesco | Phalke Umesh | Goel Atul
Stem-loop structures in prokaryotic genomes

Author(s): Petrillo Mauro | Silvestro Giustina | Di Nocera Pier | Boccia Angelo | Paolella Giovanni
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