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Age-related changes in the expression of 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2 in rat Leydig cells.

Author(s): Yvetta Koeva | Mariana Bakalska | Nina Atanassova | Katerina Georgieva | Michail Davidoff
The activity of gastric ghrelin positive cells in obese patients treated surgically.

Author(s): Jacek Dadan | Hady Razak Hady | Robert Lukasz Zbucki | Paweł Iwacewicz | Artur Bossowski | Irena Kasacka
The transcription factor FOXL2 in ovarian function and dysfunction.

Author(s): Elfride De Baere | Marc Fellous | Reiner A Veitia
The endothelial cell markers von Willebrand Factor (vWF), CD31 and CD34 are lost in glomerulonephritis and no longer correlate with the morphological indices of glomerular sclerosis, interstitial fibrosis, activity and chronicity.

Author(s): Cristina Gluhovschi | Gheorghe Gluhovschi | Elena Potencz | Diana Herman | Virginia Trandafirescu | Ligia Petrica | Silvia Velciov | Gheorghe Bozdog | Flaviu Bob | Corina Vernic | Daniel Cioca
TRANC – a novel fast-response converter to measure total reactive atmospheric nitrogen

Author(s): O. Marx | C. Brümmer | C. Ammann | V. Wolff | A. Freibauer
Recent wind driven high sea ice area export in the Fram Strait contributes to Arctic sea ice decline

Author(s): L. H. Smedsrud | A. Sirevaag | K. Kloster | A. Sorteberg | S. Sandven
How are flood risk estimates affected by the choice of return-periods?

Author(s): P. J. Ward | H. de Moel | J. C. J. H. Aerts

Author(s): Dušica Stojanović | Danica Marković | Gordana Kocić
Arrhythmia post heart transplantation

Author(s): R. Baretti | B. Debus | B. Lin | Y.-G. Weng | M. Pasic | M. Hübler | O. Grauhan | C. Knosalla | M. Dandel | D. Kemper | N. Hiemann | H. B. Lehmkuhl | R. Hetzer
Arrhythmia post heart transplantation

Author(s): R. Baretti | B. Debus | B. Lin | Y.-G. Weng | M. Pasic | M. Hübler | O. Grauhan | C. Knosalla | M. Dandel | D. Kemper | N. Hiemann | H. B. Lehmkuhl | R. Hetzer

Author(s): Shveta Sharma | Prof. R S Uppal

Author(s): Paulo César Ribeiro da Cunha | Pedro Marques da Silveira | Paulo Alcanfor Ximenes | Roberta de Freitas Souza | José Alves Júnior | Jorge Luiz do Nascimento

Author(s): Sérgio Gualberto Martins | Junior Cesar Avanzi | Marx Leandro Naves Silva | Nilton Curi | Sebastião Fonseca
Prevalence of renal insufficiency in individuals with obesity

Author(s): Ležaić Višnja | Zlatić Nataša | Zogović Jovana | Žarković Boris | Živković Bojana | Žakula Dejan | Živadinović Nenad | Zuković Milica | Vasiljević Nađa
Dielectric Properties of Nanosized ZnFe2O4

Author(s): Željka Cvejić | Srđan Rakić | Stevan Jankov | Sonja Skuban | Agneš Kapor
Using multiple criteria decision making models for ranking customers of bank network based on loyalty properties in weighted RFM model

Author(s): Fayegh Zaheri | Hiwa Farughi | Hersh Soltanpanah | Seiran Alaniazar | Foruzan Naseri
As clear as mud: Turbidity induces behavioral changes in the African cichlid Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor

Author(s): Suzanne M. GRAY, Laura H. McDONNELL, Fabio G. CINQUEMANI,Lauren J. CHAPMAN

Author(s): JAHMANE Abderrahma | Van Hoorebeke Delphin | LOUART Pierre
Chronic fatigue is associated with increased disease-related worries and concerns in inflammatory bowel disease

Author(s): Lars-Petter Jelsness-Jørgensen | Tomm Bernklev | Magne Henriksen | Roald Torp | Bjørn Moum
Integration of GIS and SAP – Improves Business Processes

Author(s): Prof. N. S. Goje | Dr. U. A. Lanjewar
Epigenetic inactivation of secreted frizzled-related protein 2 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Xiao-Wen Hao | Sheng-Tao Zhu | Yuan-Long He | Peng Li | Yong-Jun Wang | Shu-Tian Zhang
Contrasting biogeochemistry of nitrogen in the Atlantic and Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zones

Author(s): E. Ryabenko | A. Kock | H. W. Bange | M. A. Altabet | D. W. R. Wallace
Spatial and temporal variability of rainfall erosivity factor for Switzerland

Author(s): K. Meusburger | A. Steel | P. Panagos | L. Montanarella | C. Alewell
BVOCs emission in a semi-arid grassland under climate warming and nitrogen deposition

Author(s): H. J. Wang | J. Y. Xia | Y. J. Mu | L. Nie | X. G. Han | S. Q. Wan

Author(s): Basavaraj Hiremath, Srinivas Halvi, Shivanand S Gornale
Infliximab May be a Useful Adjuvant in the Treatment of Retinal Detachment

Author(s): Mohammad Hosein Nowroozzadeh | Mohammad Sharifi
Biodeterioration of products made from australian cedar (Toona ciliata M. Roem. var. australis)

Author(s): Natália Amarante Almeida | Lourival Marin Mendes | Esmeralda Yoshico Arakaki Okino | Alencar Garlet | Fábio Akira Mori | Rafael Farinassi Mendes
Hull loss accident model for narrow body commercial aircraft

Author(s): Somchanok Tiabtiamrat | Supachok Wiriyacosol
Evolution of trace gases and particles emitted by a chaparral fire in California

Author(s): S. K. Akagi | J. S. Craven | J. W. Taylor | G. R. McMeeking | R. J. Yokelson | I. R. Burling | S. P. Urbanski | C. E. Wold | J. H. Seinfeld | H. Coe | M. J. Alvarado | D. R. Weise
Study of OH-initiated degradation of 2-aminoethanol

Author(s): M. Karl | C. Dye | N. Schmidbauer | A. Wisthaler | T. Mikoviny | B. D'Anna | M. Müller | E. Borrás | E. Clemente | A. Muñoz | R. Porras | M. Ródenas | M. Vázquez | T. Brauers
Structural and Magnetic Properties of Cr3+ Doped Mg Ferrites

Author(s): S.-G. Eriksson | A. K. Das | M. A. Hakim | M. N. I. Khan | A. K. M. Zakaria | Faizun Nesa | S. M. Yunus | M. A. Saeed Khan
Structural and Magnetic Properties of Cr3+ Doped Mg Ferrites

Author(s): S.-G. Eriksson | A. K. Das | M. A. Hakim | M. N. I. Khan | A. K. M. Zakaria | Faizun Nesa | S. M. Yunus | M. A. Saeed Khan
Threshold values and management options for nutrients in a catchment of a temperate estuary with poor ecological status

Author(s): K. Hinsby | S. Markager | B. Kronvang | J. Windolf | T. O. Sonnenborg | L. Thorling
Greenland ice sheet albedo feedback: thermodynamics and atmospheric drivers

Author(s): J. E. Box | X. Fettweis | J. C. Stroeve | M. Tedesco | D. K. Hall | K. Steffen
Modeling chemistry in and above snow at Summit, Greenland − Part 2: Impact of snowpack chemistry on the oxidation capacity of the boundary layer

Author(s): J. L. Thomas | J. E. Dibb | L. G. Huey | J. Liao | D. Tanner | B. Lefer | R. von Glasow | J. Stutz
Insight into 144 patients with ocular vascular events during VEGF antagonist injections

Author(s): Mansour AM | Shahin M | Kofoed PK | Parodi MB | Shami M | Schwartz SG
Low-loss image compression techniques for cutting tool images: a comparative study of compression quality measures

Author(s): Fabio Henrique Pereira | Elesandro Baptista | Nivaldo Lemos Coppini | Rafael do Espírito Santo | Ademir João de Oliveira
Effect of Probiotic Bacteria on Microbial Host Defense, Growth, and Immune Function in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type-1 Infection

Author(s): Susanna Cunningham-Rundles | Siv Ahrné | Rosemary Johann-Liang | Rachel Abuav | Ann-Margaret Dunn-Navarra | Claudia Grassey | Stig Bengmark | Joseph S. Cervia
Effects of Prepartum Monensin Feeding on Energy Metabolism and Reproductive Performance of Postpartum High-Producing Holstein Dairy Cows

Author(s): Mahmood Changizi Mohammadi, Abbas Rowshan Ghasrodashti1, Amin Tamadon2,3 and Mohammad Amin Behzadi4*

Author(s): Agnieszka ZEMBOLD-GUŁA | Józef BŁAŻEWICZ | Marek LISZEWSKI
Calculating carbon budgets of wind farms on Scottish peatlands

Author(s): D.R. Nayak | D. Miller | A. Nolan | P. Smith | J.U. Smith
Estudio clínico y epidemiológico de la criptococosis en Colombia: resultados de nueve años de la encuesta nacional, 1997-2005 Results of nine years of the clinical and epidemiological survey on cryptococcosis in Colombia, 1997-2005

Author(s): Jairo Lizarazo | Melva Linares | Catalina de Bedout | Ángela Restrepo | Clara Inés Agudelo | Elizabeth Castañeda | Grupo Colombiano para el Estudio de la Criptococosis
Comparative Performance Analysis Of Different Radio Channel Modelling For Bluetooth Localization System

Author(s): Idigo Victor | Okezie C.C | Akpado Kenneth | Ohaneme C.O
Motor Disorders and Impaired Electrical Power of Pallidal EEG Improved by Gallic Acid in Animal Model of Parkinsons Disease

Author(s): Maryam Jafar Sameri | Alireza Sarkaki | Yaghoub Farbood | Seyed Mohammad Taghi Mansouri
Significant correlations between optic nerve head microcirculation and visual field defects and nerve fiber layer loss in glaucoma patients with myopic glaucomatous disk

Author(s): Yokoyama Y | Aizawa N | Chiba N | Omodaka K | Nakamura M | Otomo T | Yokokura S | Fuse N | Nakazawa T
Thalidomide induces mucosal healing in Crohn's disease: Case report

Author(s): Márcio Rios Leite | Sandra Sousa Santos | André Castro Lyra | Jaciane Mota | Genoile Oliveira Santana
Schistosoma japonicum ova maintains epithelial barrier function during experimental colitis

Author(s): Chen-Mei Xia | Yuan Zhao | Li Jiang | Jie Jiang | Shun-Cai Zhang
Churn Forecast Based on Two-step Classification in Security Industry

Author(s): Ying Li | Ziyang Deng | Qiang Qian | Rui Xu
A Novel Energy Efficient Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Ali Norouzi | Faezeh Sadat Babamir | Abdul Halim Zaim
Acousto-Diffusive Waves in a Piezoelectric-Semiconductor-Piezoelectric Sandwich Structure

Author(s): Jagan Nath Sharma | Kuldeep Kumar Sharma | Ashwani Kumar
Neuroprotective Effects of Vitamin D in Multiple Sclerosis

Author(s): Margaret H. Cadden | Nancy S. Koven | Mitchell K. Ross
Power Transformer No-Load Loss Prediction with FEM Modeling and Building Factor Optimization

Author(s): Ehsan Hajipour | Pooya Rezaei | Mehdi Vakilian | Mohsen Ghafouri
Effects of Weight Loss on Pericardial Fat and Left Ventricular Mass Assessed with Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Morbid Obesity

Author(s): Stephan M. Schneiter | Ranjana Warrier | Lisa Lefkovits | Cheryl Laurie | Paul E. O’Brien | Andrew J. Taylor
Coagulation Factor XII Congenital Deficiency in Women with Recurrent Miscarriage

Author(s): Martin-Loeches Mariano | Pallas Yadira | Abad Ana | Lloret Manuel | Lopez-Galvez Jose Jesús
Cropping frequency and N fertilizer effects on soil water distribution from spring to fall in the semiarid Canadian prairies

Author(s): R. de Jong | C. A. Campbell | R. P. Zentner | P. Basnyat | B. Grant | R. Desjardins
Is It Possible to Ignore Problems Rising During Vertical Drilling? A Review

Author(s): Saleem Qadir Tunio | Abdul Haque Tunio | Naveed Ahmed Ghirano | Sonny Irawan
Evaluating suppression of PGE2, PAF, and histamine synthesis and histopathological changes of bones in the membrane surrounding particulate polymethylmethacrylate in the rat tibia

Author(s): Hossein Farahini | Mehdi Moghtadaei | Ehsan Akbarian | Mohammad Reza Pazouki | Mahdi Zangi | Pezhman Nayersabeti | Amir Shaghaghi
Glucagonoma syndrome: a case report

Author(s): Castro Pablo | de León Alberto | Trancón Jose | Martínez Paloma | Álvarez Pérez Jose | Fernández Fernández Jose | García Bernardo Carmen | Serra Luis | González González Juan
A randomised controlled trial to prevent hospital readmissions and loss of functional ability in high risk older adults: a study protocol

Author(s): Courtney Mary | Edwards Helen | Chang Anne | Parker Anthony | Finlayson Kathleen | Hamilton Kyra
Brain pericytes among cells constituting the blood-brain barrier are highly sensitive to tumor necrosis factor-α, releasing matrix metalloproteinase-9 and migrating in vitro

Author(s): Takata Fuyuko | Dohgu Shinya | Matsumoto Junichi | Takahashi Hiroyuki | Machida Takashi | Wakigawa Tomoya | Harada Eriko | Miyaji Haruki | Koga Mitsuhisa | Nishioku Tsuyoshi | Yamauchi Atsushi | Kataoka Yasufumi
Coma in fatal adult human malaria is not caused by cerebral oedema

Author(s): Medana Isabelle | Day Nicholas | Sachanonta Navakanit | Mai Nguyen | Dondorp Arjen | Pongponratn Emsri | Hien Tran | White Nicholas | Turner Gareth
Food-dependent, exercise-induced gastrointestinal distress

Author(s): de Oliveira Erick | Burini Roberto
DiAlert: a lifestyle education programme aimed at people with a positive family history of type 2 diabetes and overweight, study protocol of a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Heideman Wieke | Nierkens Vera | Stronks Karien | Middelkoop Barend | Twisk Jos | Verhoeff Arnoud | de Wit Maartje | Snoek Frank
Proteomic detection of a large amount of SCGFα in the stroma of GISTs after imatinib therapy

Author(s): Da Riva Luca | Bozzi Fabio | Mondellini Piera | Miccichè Francesca | Fumagalli Elena | Vaghi Elena | Tarantino Eva | Huber Veronica | Gronchi Alessandro | Tamborini Elena | Pierotti Marco | Pilotti Silvana | Bongarzone Italia
Downregulation of E-Cadherin enhances proliferation of head and neck cancer through transcriptional regulation of EGFR

Author(s): Wang Dongsheng | Su Ling | Huang Donghai | Zhang Hongzheng | Shin Dong | Chen Zhuo
Efficient Channel Shortening Equalizer Design

Author(s): Martin Richard K | Ding Ming | Evans Brian L | Johnson C Richard
Equalization of Sparse Intersymbol-Interference Channels Revisited

Author(s): Mietzner Jan | Badri-Hoeher Sabah | Land Ingmar | Hoeher Peter A
Attenuation of lung inflammation and fibrosis in CD69-deficient mice after intratracheal bleomycin

Author(s): Yamauchi Keita | Kasuya Yoshitoshi | Kuroda Fuminobu | Tanaka Kensuke | Tsuyusaki Junichi | Ishizaki Shunsuke | Matsunaga Hirofumi | Iwamura Chiaki | Nakayama Toshinori | Tatsumi Koichiro
The role of the MYD88-dependent pathway in MPTP-induced brain dopaminergic degeneration

Author(s): Drouin-Ouellet Janelle | Gibrat Claire | Bousquet Mélanie | Calon Frédéric | Kriz Jasna | Cicchetti Francesca
HNF1α inhibition triggers epithelial-mesenchymal transition in human liver cancer cell lines

Author(s): Pelletier Laura | Rebouissou Sandra | Vignjevic Danijela | Bioulac-Sage Paulette | Zucman-Rossi Jessica
Deciphering c-MYC-regulated genes in two distinct tissues

Author(s): Robson Samuel | Ward Lesley | Brown Helen | Turner Heather | Hunter Ewan | Pelengaris Stella | Khan Michael
The grapevine guard cell-related VvMYB60 transcription factor is involved in the regulation of stomatal activity and is differentially expressed in response to ABA and osmotic stress

Author(s): Galbiati Massimo | Matus José | Francia Priscilla | Rusconi Fabio | Cañón Paola | Medina Consuelo | Conti Lucio | Cominelli Eleonora | Tonelli Chiara | Arce-Johnson Patricio
Accelerated evolution of 3'avian FOXE1 genes, and thyroid and feather specific expression of chicken FoxE1

Author(s): Yaklichkin Sergey Yu | Darnell Diana | Pier Maricela | Antin Parker | Hannenhalli Sridhar
Inhibition of p38-MAPK signaling pathway attenuates breast cancer induced bone pain and disease progression in a murine model of cancer-induced bone pain

Author(s): Sukhtankar Devki | Okun Alec | Chandramouli Anupama | Nelson Mark | Vanderah Todd | Cress Anne | Porreca Frank | King Tamara
Rheological non-Newtonian behaviour of ethylene glycol-based Fe2O3 nanofluids

Author(s): Pastoriza-Gallego María | Lugo Luis | Legido José | Piñeiro Manuel
Oral administration of the KATP channel opener diazoxide ameliorates disease progression in a murine model of multiple sclerosis

Author(s): Virgili Noemí | Espinosa-Parrilla Juan | Mancera Pilar | Pastén-Zamorano Andrea | Gimeno-Bayon Javier | Rodríguez Manuel | Mahy Nicole | Pugliese Marco
Optical Moderator Improves Flexibility Feature of Fiber-to-the Home Network

Author(s): Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman | Aimi Amalin Khairuddin | Siti Asma Che Aziz | Nurul Huda Abdul Razak | Kasmiran Jumari
A rare presentation of adult onset Still’s disease in an elderly patient

Author(s): Mariya Apostolova | Mahmoud Shoib | Martin Glynn
Sédentarisation des populations des mouches Diopsides dans les agro-systèmes rizicoles au Bénin

Author(s): Togola, A. | Nwilene, E. | Koné, B. | Chougourou, D.
Developed Model to Control Congestion on Converge Network

Author(s): John S. N, Adewale A. A | Okonigene R. E | Kasali. I,Akinade B.A
Obstetric fistula repair: a guide to patient selection

Author(s): Aniefiok J. Umoiyoho | Emmanuel C. Inyang-Etoh

Author(s): Kovacs Ildiko | Karsai Zoltan-Krisztian | Suveg Orsolya | Joita Nicoleta
VOIP Call Optimization in Diverse Network Scenarios Using Learning Based State-Space Search Technique

Author(s): Tamal Chakraborty | Atri Mukhopadhyay | Iti Saha Misra | Salil Kumar Sanyal
Influence of depression on the quality of life in patients with chronic hepatitis C

Author(s): Pavić Slađana | Švirtlih Neda | Simonović Jasmina | Delić Dragan
Study of OH-initiated degradation of 2-aminoethanol

Author(s): M. Karl | C. Dye | N. Schmidbauer | A. Wisthaler | T. Mikoviny | B. D'Anna | M. Müller | E. Borrás | E. Clemente | A. Muñoz | R. Porras | M. Ródenas | M. Vázquez | Th. Brauers
Snow optical properties at Dome C (Concordia), Antarctica; implications for snow emissions and snow chemistry of reactive nitrogen

Author(s): J. L. France | M. D. King | M. M. Frey | J. Erbland | G. Picard | S. Preunkert | A. MacArthur | J. Savarino
Photochemical modeling of glyoxal at a rural site: observations and analysis from BEARPEX 2007

Author(s): A. J. Huisman | J. R. Hottle | M. M. Galloway | J. P. DiGangi | K. L. Coens | W. Choi | I. C. Faloona | J. B. Gilman | W. C. Kuster | J. de Gouw | N. C. Bouvier-Brown | A. H. Goldstein | B. W. LaFranchi | R. C. Cohen | G. M. Wolfe | J. A. Thornton | K. S. Docherty | D. K. Farmer | M. J. Cubison | J. L. Jimenez | J. Mao | W. H. Brune | F. N. Keutsch
Laboratory and modeling studies on the effects of water and soot emissions and ambient conditions on the formation of contrail ice particles in the jet regime

Author(s): H.-W. Wong | A. J. Beyersdorf | C. M. Heath | L. D. Ziemba | E. L. Winstead | K. L. Thornhill | K. M. Tacina | R. C. Ross | S. E. Albo | D. L. Bulzan | B. E. Anderson | R. C. Miake-Lye
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