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Evaluation of Different Wheat Varieties by SDS-PAGE Electrophoresis

Author(s): Mohd Shuaib | Ikhtiar Khan | Zahir Ali | Waqar Ali | Taufiq Ahmad | Alam Zeb
Paradoxical Acceleration of Dithiothreitol-Induced Aggregation of Insulin in the Presence of a Chaperone

Author(s): Zoya Bumagina | Bella Gurvits | Natalya Artemova | Konstantin Muranov | Boris Kurganov
Stable isotope shifted matrices enable the use of low mass ion precursor scanning for targeted metabolite identification

Author(s): Reilly Charles | Ramarathinam Sri | Williamson Nicholas | Purcell Anthony
Recombinant Spider Silks—Biopolymers with Potential for Future Applications

Author(s): Martin Humenik | Andrew M. Smith | Thomas Scheibel
Automated seamless DNA co-transformation cloning with direct expression vectors applying positive or negative insert selection

Author(s): Olieric Natacha | Kuchen Melanie | Wagen Sandro | Sauter Marion | Crone Stephanie | Edmondson Sonia | Frey Daniel | Ostermeier Christian | Steinmetz Michel | Jaussi Rolf
Endoplasmic reticulum stress response in an INS-1 pancreatic β-cell line with inducible expression of a folding-deficient proinsulin

Author(s): Hartley Taila | Siva Madura | Lai Elida | Teodoro Tracy | Zhang Liling | Volchuk Allen
Lead Pollution Levels in Sultanate of Oman and its Effect on Plant Growth and Development

Author(s): T. M. R. Jaffer | E. A. Eltayeb | S. A. Farooq | S. N. Al-bahry
Morphological and Metabolic Response of Fusarium moniliforme to Tellurium Stress

Author(s): S.M. Amer | I.M. El-Refai | Yehia A.G. Mahmoud
Induced Salt Tolerance in Common Bean (Phaseolas vulgaris L.) by Gamma Irradiation

Author(s): Mohamed S. Beltagi | Mona A. Ismail | Fouad H. Mohamed
Genetic diversity among Sorghum bicolor L. Moench genotypes as revealed by prolamines and SSR markers

Author(s): Ramya Vittal | Nabarun Ghosh | Yiqun Weng | B. A. Stewart

Author(s): Magdalena Montowska | Edward Pospiech
Structural and functional characteristics of urinary tract in offspring of Balkan endemic nephropathy patients

Author(s): Radisavljević Snežana | Peco-Antić Amira | Kotur-Stevuljević Jelena | Savić Olivera
Serum cystatin C as a measure of GFR in renal transplant patients

Author(s): Jovanović Dijana B. | Krstivojević Pavle | Obradović Ivana | Đurđević Vesna | Blagojević-Lazić Radmila | Đukanović Ljubica D.
CDDO-Me: A Novel Synthetic Triterpenoid for the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer

Author(s): Dorrah Deeb | Xiaohua Gao | Ali S. Arbab | Kenneth Barton | Scott A. Dulchavsky | Subhash C. Gautam
HSP: evolved and conserved proteins, structure and sequence studies

Author(s): Desai N.S. | Agarwal A.A. | Uplap S.S.
Relating the shape of protein binding sites to binding affinity profiles: is there an association?

Author(s): Simon Zoltán | Vigh-Smeller Margit | Peragovics Ágnes | Csukly Gábor | Zahoránszky-Kőhalmi Gergely | Rauscher Anna | Jelinek Balázs | Hári Péter | Bitter István | Málnási-Csizmadia András | Czobor Pál
Characterization of exceptionally thermostable single-stranded DNA-binding proteins from Thermotoga maritima and Thermotoga neapolitana

Author(s): Olszewski Marcin | Grot Anna | Wojciechowski Marek | Nowak Marta | Mickiewicz Małgorzata | Kur Józef
Beta-arrestin inhibits CAMKKbeta-dependent AMPK activation downstream of protease-activated-receptor-2

Author(s): Wang Ping | Jiang Yong | Wang Yinsheng | Shyy John | DeFea Kathryn
Proteinuria inducing tubulointerstitial damage

Author(s): Stojimirović Biljana B. | Petrović Dejan
The role of the proteasome for therapy of incurable diseases

Author(s): Irena Bubko | Beata M. Gruber | Elżbieta L. Anuszewska
Ihog and Boi are essential for Hedgehog signaling in Drosophila

Author(s): Camp Darius | Currie Ko | Labbé Alain | van Meyel Donald | Charron Frédéric
Profile and Functional Properties of Seed Proteins from Six Pea (Pisum sativum) Genotypes

Author(s): Miroljub Barac | Slavica Cabrilo | Mirjana Pesic | Sladjana Stanojevic | Sladjana Zilic | Ognjen Macej | Nikola Ristic
White Spot Syndrome Virus Orf514 Encodes a Bona Fide DNA Polymerase

Author(s): Enrique de-la-Re-Vega | Karina D. Garcia-Orozco | Aldo A. Arvizu-Flores | Gloria Yepiz-Plascencia | Adriana Muhlia-Almazan | Jesús Hernández | Luis G. Brieba | Rogerio R. Sotelo-Mundo
Dynamic changes to survivin subcellular localization are initiated by DNA damage

Author(s): Maritess Gay Asumen | Tochukwu V Ifeacho | Luke Cockerham | et al
Avian Influenza infection in Human

Author(s): Mohan. M | Trevor Francis Fernandez and Feroz Mohammed.M.S.
Role of matricellular proteins in cardiac tissue remodeling after myocardial infarction

Author(s): Yutaka Matsui | Junko Morimoto | Toshimitsu Uede

Author(s): Francisco J. Martín-Sánchez | José María Villalón | José J. Zamorano-León | Luis Fernández Rosas | Ricardo Proietti | Petra J. Mateos-Caceres | Juan J. González-Armengol | Pedro Villarroel | Carlos Macaya | Antonio J. López-Farré
Accurate statistics for local sequence alignment with position-dependent scoring by rare-event sampling

Author(s): Wolfsheimer Stefan | Herms Inke | Rahmann Sven | Hartmann Alexander
Molecular analysis and intestinal expression of SAR1 genes and proteins in Anderson's disease (Chylomicron retention disease)

Author(s): Georges Amandine | Bonneau Jessica | Bonnefont-Rousselot Dominique | Champigneulle Jacqueline | Rabès Jean | Abifadel Marianne | Aparicio Thomas | Guenedet Jean | Bruckert Eric | Boileau Catherine | Morali Alain | Varret Mathilde | Aggerbeck Lawrence | Samson-Bouma Marie
Characterization of ERK Docking Domain Inhibitors that Induce Apoptosis by Targeting Rsk-1 and Caspase-9

Author(s): Boston Sarice | Deshmukh Rahul | Strome Scott | Priyakumar U Deva | MacKerell Alexander | Shapiro Paul
Hemelipoglycoprotein from the ornate sheep tick, Dermacentor marginatus: structural and functional characterization

Author(s): Dupejova Jarmila | Sterba Jan | Vancova Marie | Grubhoffer Libor
Recombinant Expression Screening of P. aeruginosa Bacterial Inner Membrane Proteins

Author(s): Madhavan Vidya | Bhatt Forum | Jeffery Constance
Melanoma-associated Chondroitin Sulfate Proteoglycan (MCSP)-targeted delivery of soluble TRAIL potently inhibits melanoma outgrowth in vitro and in vivo

Author(s): de Bruyn Marco | Rybczynska Anna | Wei Yunwei | Schwenkert Michael | Fey Georg | Dierckx Rudi | van Waarde Aren | Helfrich Wijnand | Bremer Edwin
ZNF217 confers resistance to the pro-apoptotic signals of paclitaxel and aberrant expression of Aurora-A in breast cancer cells

Author(s): Thollet Aurélie | Vendrell Julie | Payen Léa | Ghayad Sandra | Ben Larbi Sabrina | Grisard Evelyne | Collins Colin | Villedieu Marie | Cohen Pascale
Brown Spider (Loxosceles genus) Venom Toxins: Tools for Biological Purposes

Author(s): Olga Meiri Chaim | Dilza Trevisan-Silva | Daniele Chaves-Moreira | Ana Carolina M. Wille | Valéria Pereira Ferrer | Fernando Hitomi Matsubara | Oldemir Carlos Mangili | Rafael Bertoni da Silveira | Luiza Helena Gremski | Waldemiro Gremski | Andrea Senff-Ribeiro | Silvio Sanches Veiga
Screening serum hepatocellular carcinoma-associated proteins by SELDI-based protein spectrum analysis

Author(s): Jie-Feng Cui, Yin-Kun Liu, Hai-Jun Zhou, Xiao-Nan Kang, Cheng Huang, Yi-Feng He, Zhao-You Tang, Toshimasa Uemura

Author(s): Mustafa YILDIZ | Hakan TERZİ | Süleyman CENKCİ | E. Suna ARIKAN TERZİ | Behiye URUŞAK
Genes, autoimmunity and pathogenesis of rheumatic heart disease

Author(s): Guilherme L | Köhler K | Postol E | Kalil J
Identification and characterisation of seed storage protein transcripts from Lupinus angustifolius

Author(s): Foley Rhonda | Gao Ling-Ling | Spriggs Andrew | Soo Lena | Goggin Danica | Smith Penelope | Atkins Craig | Singh Karam
Sulfur mustard induces expression of metallothionein-1A in human airway epithelial cells

Author(s): Nourani MR | Ebrahimi M | Roudkenar MH | Vahedi E | Ghanei M | Imani Fooladi AA
Production of effective antivenin to treat cobra snake (Naja naja oxiana) envenoming

Author(s): Akbari, A. | Rabiei, H. | Hedayat, A. | Mohammadpour, N. | Zolfagharian, H. | Teimorzadeh, Sh.
Accommodation of profound sequence differences at the interfaces of eubacterial RNA polymerase multi-protein assembly

Author(s): Nambudiry Rekha | Lakshmipuram Seshadri Swapna | Narayanaswamy Srinivasan*
Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Rhabdovirus Entry

Author(s): Aurélie A. V. Albertini | Eduard Baquero | Anna Ferlin | Yves Gaudin
Allergy to dietary protein

Author(s): Carlos Lifschitz
Acute Oral Toxicity Evaluations of Some Zinc(II) Complexes Derived from 1-(2-Salicylaldiminoethyl)piperazine Schiff Bases in Rats

Author(s): Muhammad Saleh Salga | Hapipah Mohd Ali | Mahmood Ameen Abdulla | Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab
Regulation of Expression of CXC Chemokines in Cultured Hepatocytes

Author(s): GhH Hassanshahiraviz | AJ Dickson
Characterization of Catalase from Psychrotolerant Psychrobacter piscatorii T-3 Exhibiting High Catalase Activity

Author(s): Hideyuki Kimoto | Kazuaki Yoshimune | Hidetoshi Matsuyma | Isao Yumoto
Living with high concentrations of urea: They can!

Author(s): Agata Torre | Caterina Faggio | Francesca Trischitta
Pressure- and Urea-Induced Denaturation of Bovine Serum Albumin: Considerations about Protein Heterogeneity

Author(s): Jose Ailton Conceicao Bispo | Carlos Francisco Sampaio Bonafe | Ancelmo Rabelo de Souza | Douglas Ricardo Norberto | Joelma Mauricio Vieira
The Slowly Aggregating Salmon Calcitonin: A Useful Tool for the Study of the Amyloid Oligomers Structure and Activity

Author(s): Marco Diociaiuti | Maria Cristina Gaudiano | Fiorella Malchiodi-Albedi
Molecular Cloning and Characterization of a Novel Gene Encoding DREB Protein from Buchloe dactyloides (Nutt.) Engelm

Author(s): Yan Sun | Yan Li | Xiaoyan Hu | Qingchuan Yang | Junmei Kang | Tiejun Zhang
Effects of Soybean Agglutinin on Intestinal Barrier Permeability and Tight Junction Protein Expression in Weaned Piglets

Author(s): Yuan Zhao | Guixin Qin | Zewei Sun | Dongsheng Che | Nan Bao | Xiaodong Zhang
A Study of the Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Fish Frames Using Model Systems

Author(s): Aristotelis T. Himonides | Anthony K. D. Taylor | Anne J. Morris
Alternative Medicine and Molecular Mechanisms in Chronic Degenerative Diseases

Author(s): Alma Lorena López Velazquez | María de la Luz Miranda Beltrán | Arturo Panduro | Luis Huacuja Ruiz
Active Protein Aggregates Produced in Escherichia coli

Author(s): Špela Peternel | Radovan Komel
Investigation of different molecular forms of IGFBP-1 using immobilised metal-, immuno- and lectin-affinity chromatography

Author(s): Lagundžin Dragana | Masnikosa Romana | Miljuš Goran | Robajac Dragana | Nedić Olgica
A computational approach to identify point mutations associated with occult hepatitis B: significant mutations affect coding regions but not regulative elements of HBV

Author(s): Bruni Roberto | Prosperi Mattia | Marcantonio Cinzia | Amadori Alessandra | Villano Umbertina | Tritarelli Elena | Presti Alessandra | Ciccozzi Massimo | Ciccaglione Anna
Atomic resolution structure of EhpR: phenazine resistance in Enterobacter agglomerans Eh1087 follows principles of bleomycin/mitomycin C resistance in other bacteria

Author(s): Yu Shen | Vit Allegra | Devenish Sean | Mahanty H Khris | Itzen Aymelt | Goody Roger | Blankenfeldt Wulf
Lentiviral gene transfer into the dorsal root ganglion of adult rats

Author(s): Yu Hongwei | Fischer Greg | Jia Guangfu | Reiser Jakob | Park Frank | Hogan Quinn
The molecular epidemiology of circulating rotaviruses: three-year surveillance in the region of Monastir, Tunisia

Author(s): Hassine-Zaafrane Mouna | Sdiri-Loulizi Khira | Salem Imen | Kaplon Jérôme | Ayouni Siwar | Ambert-Balay Katia | Sakly Nabil | Pothier Pierre | Aouni Mahjoub
Protein-based signatures of functional evolution in Plasmodium falciparum

Author(s): Gardner Kate | Sinha Ipsita | Bustamante Leyla | Day Nicholas | White Nicholas | Woodrow Charles
The Aspergillus giganteus antifungal protein AFPNN5353 activates the cell wall integrity pathway and perturbs calcium homeostasis

Author(s): Binder Ulrike | Bencina Mojca | Eigentler Andrea | Meyer Vera | Marx Florentine
Characterization of the χψ subcomplex of Pseudomonas aeruginosa DNA polymerase III

Author(s): El Houry Mignan Sirine | Witte Gregor | Naue Natalie | Curth Ute
Comparison of particle-exposure triggered pulmonary and systemic inflammation in mice fed with three different diets

Author(s): Götz Alexander | Rozman Jan | Rödel Heiko | Fuchs Helmut | Gailus-Durner Valérie | Hrabě de Angelis Martin | Klingenspor Martin | Stoeger Tobias
Sequence variability of Rhizobiales orthologs and relationship with physico-chemical characteristics of proteins

Author(s): Peralta Humberto | Guerrero Gabriela | Aguilar Alejandro | Mora Jaime
Cautionary notes on the use of NF-κB p65 and p50 antibodies for CNS studies

Author(s): Herkenham Miles | Rathore Priyanka | Brown Pierre | Listwak Samuel
Expression of mutant TDP-43 induces neuronal dysfunction in transgenic mice

Author(s): Xu Ya-Fei | Zhang Yong-Jie | Lin Wen-Lang | Cao Xiangkun | Stetler Caroline | Dickson Dennis | Lewis Jada | Petrucelli Leonard

Author(s): Peter Socha | Barbara Mickowska | Elżbieta Mazur | Dana Urminská | Ewa Cieślik
Molecular Basis of the Anti-Cancer Effects of Genistein Isoflavone in LNCaP Prostate Cancer Cells.

Author(s): Merchant K | Kumi-Diaka J | Rathinavelu A | Esiobu N | Zoeller R | Hartmann J | Johnson M
Pharmacological and Biological Antiviral Therapeutics for Cardiac Coxsackievirus Infections

Author(s): Henry Fechner | Sandra Pinkert | Anja Geisler | Wolfgang Poller | Jens Kurreck
Characterization of Proteins from Grain of Different Bread and Durum Wheat Genotypes

Author(s): Slađana Žilić | Miroljub Barać | Mirjana Pešić | Dejan Dodig | Dragana Ignjatović-Micić
Technical Note: Determination of the metabolically active fraction of benthic foraminifera by means of Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (FISH)

Author(s): C. Borrelli | A. Sabbatini | G. M. Luna | M. P. Nardelli | T. Sbaffi | C. Morigi | R. Danovaro | A. Negri
Multidrug-resistance proteins are weak tumor associated antigens for colorectal carcinoma

Author(s): Mullins Christina | Eisold Sven | Klar Ernst | Linnebacher Michael
Integrin subunits alpha5 and alpha6 regulate cell cycle by modulating the chk1 and Rb/E2F pathways to affect breast cancer metastasis

Author(s): Wang Yanfang | Shenouda Sylvia | Baranwal Somesh | Rathinam Rajamani | Jain Prachi | Bao Lili | Hazari Siddhartha | Dash Srikanta | Alahari Suresh
Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Crops for Sustainable Agriculture

Author(s): Bertrand Hirel | Thierry Tétu | Peter J. Lea | Frédéric Dubois
An Overview of Cold-active Microbial a-amylase: Adaptation Strategies and Biotechnological Potentials

Author(s): Mohammed Kuddus | Roohi | Jamal M. Arif | Pramod W. Ramteke
Deep sequencing reveals the complex and coordinated transcriptional regulation of genes related to grain quality in rice cultivars

Author(s): Venu RC | Sreerekha MV | Nobuta Kan | Beló André | Ning Yuese | An Gynheung | Meyers Blake | Wang Guo-Liang
Lactococcus lactis M4, a potential host for the expression of heterologous proteins

Author(s): Noreen Nanyan | Hooi Wei | Baradaran Ali | Rosfarizan Mohamad | Sieo Chin | Rosli Md | Yusoff Khatijah | Raha Abdul
Distinctive receptor binding properties of the surface glycoprotein of a natural Feline Leukemia Virus isolate with unusual disease spectrum

Author(s): Bolin Lisa | Chandhasin Chandtip | Lobelle-Rich Patricia | Albritton Lorraine | Levy Laura
Similarities and differences in structure, expression, and functions of VLDLR and ApoER2

Author(s): Reddy Sunil | Connor Teal | Weeber Edwin | Rebeck William
Molecular and process design for rotavirus-like particle production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Author(s): Rodríguez-Limas William | Tyo Keith | Nielsen Jens | Ramírez Octavio | Palomares Laura
Strain engineering for improved expression of recombinant proteins in bacteria

Author(s): Makino Tomohiro | Skretas Georgios | Georgiou George
Different metastasis promotive potency of small G-proteins RalA and RalB in in vivo hamster tumor model

Author(s): Rybko Vera | Knizhnik Anna | Komelkov Andrei | Aushev Vasily | Trukhanova Lyubov | Tchevkina Elena
Identification of membrane associated drug targets in Borrelia burgdorferi ZS7- subtractive genomics approach

Author(s): Shivkumar Madagi | Vijayakumari Mali Patil | Saremy Sadegh | Abhishek Kumar Singh | Bhavana Garwal | Atreyi Banerjee | Usha Talambedu | Biplab Bhattacharjee
Insights from molecular modeling and dynamics simulation of pathogen resistance (R) protein from brinjal

Author(s): Dipty Shrivastava | Vikrant Nain | Shakti Sahi | Anju Verma | Prakash Chand Sharma | Priyanka Sharma | Polumetla Ananda Kumar
Comparative Composition and Antioxidant Activity of Peptide Fractions Obtained by Ultrafiltration of Egg Yolk Protein Enzymatic Hydrolysates

Author(s): Bertrand P. Chay Pak Ting | Yoshinori Mine | Lekh R. Juneja | Tsutomu Okubo | Sylvie F. Gauthier | Yves Pouliot
Molecular Classification of Members in LMW Glutenin Family of Wild Emmer Wheat (Triticum dicoccoides, AABB)

Author(s): Li-Juan Yang | Ya-Xi Liu | Bi-Ling Xu | Wei Li | Guo-Yue Chen

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