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Lung inflammation and genotoxicity following pulmonary exposure to nanoparticles in ApoE-/- mice

Author(s): Jacobsen Nicklas | Møller Peter | Jensen Keld | Vogel Ulla | Ladefoged Ole | Loft Steffen | Wallin Håkan
YKL-40 tissue expression and plasma levels in patients with ovarian cancer

Author(s): Høgdall Estrid | Ringsholt Merete | Høgdall Claus | Christensen Ib Jarle | Johansen Julia | Kjaer Susanne | Blaakaer Jan | Ostenfeld-Møller Lene | Price Paul | Christensen Lise
Inequalities in the incidence of cervical cancer in South East England 2001–2005: an investigation of population risk factors

Author(s): Currin Laura | Jack Ruth | Linklater Karen | Mak Vivian | Møller Henrik | Davies Elizabeth
The epidemiology and survival of extrapulmonary small cell carcinoma in South East England, 1970–2004

Author(s): Wong Yien | Jack Ruth | Mak Vivian | Henrik Møller | Davies Elizabeth
Mapping of HNF4α target genes in intestinal epithelial cells

Author(s): Boyd Mette | Bressendorff Simon | Møller Jette | Olsen Jørgen | Troelsen Jesper
Improved vanillin production in baker's yeast through in silico design

Author(s): Brochado Ana | Matos Claudia | Møller Birger | Hansen Jørgen | Mortensen Uffe | Patil Kiran
Pulmonary exposure to carbon black nanoparticles and vascular effects

Author(s): Vesterdal Lise | Folkmann Janne | Jacobsen Nicklas | Sheykhzade Majid | Wallin Håkan | Loft Steffen | Møller Peter
Histological subtype of lung cancer in relation to socio-economic deprivation in South East England

Author(s): Bennett Victoria | Davies Elizabeth | Jack Ruth | Mak Vivian | Møller Henrik
Early diagnosis of peripheral nervous system involvement in Fabry disease and treatment of neuropathic pain: the report of an expert panel

Author(s): Burlina Alessandro | Sims Katherine | Politei Juan | Bennett Gary | Baron Ralf | Sommer Claudia | Møller Anette | Hilz Max
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