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Effects of Electric Field on Condensation

Author(s): M.C. Amiri | J. Pourabadeh | M.A.A. Khatibi
Geographical Determinants of Kaprije and Kakan Islands and Adjacent Islets, Croatia

Author(s): Damir Magaš | Josip Faričić | Maša Surić
Study on Genetic Variability and Heterosis in Potato

Author(s): M.K. Biswas | M.A.A. Mondal | M.G. Ahmed | A. Hoque | M.M. Hossain | R. Islam
Aspectos epidemiológicos da Leishmaniose Tegumentar Americana na região Noroeste do Estado do Paraná

Marine Microorganisms: Potential Application and Challenges

Author(s): S.N. Baharum | E.K. Beng | M.A.A. Mokhtar
Synthesis of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Amino Acid Derivates by Using Different Functional Monomers

Author(s): Sonia Scorrano | Lucia Mergola | Roberta Del Sole | Giuseppe Vasapollo
Mycosporine-like amino acids in six scleractinian coral species

Author(s): Ahmad A. Al-Utaibi | Gul Raze Niaz | Sultan S. Al-Lihaibi*
In vitro Antimicrobial Screening of Three Cadmium Coordination Complexes and Two Addition Compounds of Antimony and Arsenic

Author(s): Chand Sultana | M. Aziz Abdur Rahman | M.A.A. Al-Bari | M.L.A. Banu | M. Saidul Islam | N. A. Khatune | Golam Sadik
Induction of Cytochrome P450 1A1 as a Biomarker of Benzo-a-pyrene Pollution in Egyptian Fresh Water Fish

Author(s): M.A Hassanain | Eman H Abdel-Rahman | S Abo-Hegab | M.A.A Tawfik | Wafaa T. Abbas
Modern C, O, and H isotope composition of speleothem and dripwater from Modrič Cave, eastern Adriatic coast (Croatia)

Author(s): Surić Maša | Roller-Lutz Zvjezdana | Mandić Magda | Krajcar Bronić Ines | Juračić Mladen
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Pyrazolo[1,5-a]-pyrimidine-containing 99mTc Nitrido Radiopharmaceuticals as Imaging Agents for Tumors

Author(s): Rui Ding | Yong He | Jingli Xu | Hang Liu | Xiao Wang | Man Feng | Chuanmin Qi | Junbo Zhang
Design and Comparison of 24 GHz Patch Antennas on Glass Substrates for Compact Wireless Sensor Nodes

Author(s): Florian Ohnimus | Uwe Maaß | Gerhard Fotheringham | Brian Curran | Ivan Ndip | Thomas Fritzsch | Jürgen Wolf | Stephan Guttowski | Klaus-Dieter Lang
Depresi Dan Kualiti Hidup Kesihatan Pesakit Buah Pinggang Tahap Akhir

Author(s): Norhayati Ibrahim | Asmawati Desa | Norella Kong
Basic Physical-Geographical Characteristics of Premuda Island in the Zadar Archipelago

Author(s): Damir Magaš | Josip Faričić | Maša Surić

Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for 5-Fluorouracil Release in Biological Fluids

Author(s): Francesco Puoci | Francesca Iemma | Giuseppe Cirillo | Nevio Picci | Pietro Matricardi | Franco Alhaique
Experimental and Computational Studies on Non-Covalent Imprinted Microspheres as Recognition System for Nicotinamide Molecules

Author(s): Roberta Del Sole | Maria Rosaria Lazzoi | Mario Arnone | Fabio Della Sala | Donato Cannoletta | Giuseppe Vasapollo
Studies on Development of Polymeric Materials Using Gamma Irradiation for Contact and Intraocular Lenses

Author(s): Pranshu Chhabra | Ruchi Gupta | Gunjan Suri | Mukti Tyagi | Geetha Seshadri | S. Sabharwal | U. K. Niyogi | R. K. Khandal
Genetic Capability of Young Layers for Survival after Salmonella entritidis Challenge

Author(s): E.S. Soliman | H. Busby | C. Kilpatrick | Y. Nagamalleswari | P. McDuff | M.A.A. Sobieh
A sea ice thickness retrieval model for 1.4 GHz radiometry and application to airborne measurements over low salinity sea ice

Author(s): L. Kaleschke | N. Maaß | C. Haas | S. Hendricks | G. Heygster | R. T. Tonboe
Efficacy of Some Commercial Chemical Disinfectants on Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium

Author(s): Essam S. Soliman | E.G. Taha | M.A.A. Sobieh | P.G. Reddy
Comparative distribution of human and avian type sialic acid influenza receptors in the pig

Author(s): Nelli Rahul | Kuchipudi Suresh | White Gavin | Perez Belinda | Dunham Stephen | Chang Kin-Chow
Generation of anti-TLR2 intrabody mediating inhibition of macrophage surface TLR2 expression and TLR2-driven cell activation

Author(s): Kirschning Carsten | Dreher Stefan | Maaß Björn | Fichte Sylvia | Schade Jutta | Köster Mario | Noack Andreas | Lindenmaier Werner | Wagner Hermann | Böldicke Thomas
Holmium-166 radioembolization for the treatment of patients with liver metastases: design of the phase I HEPAR trial

Author(s): Smits Maarten | Nijsen Johannes | van den Bosch Maurice | Lam Marnix | Vente Maarten | Huijbregts Julia | van het Schip Alfred | Elschot Mattijs | Bult Wouter | de Jong Hugo | Meulenhoff Pieter | Zonnenberg Bernard
Quantum Chemical Calculations on the Interaction between Flavonol and Functional Monomers (Methacrylic Acid and 4-Vinylpyridine) in Molecularly Imprinted Polymers

Author(s): Luis Enrique Gómez-Pineda | Georgina Esther Pina-Luis | Carlos Martín Cortés-Romero | Manuel Eduardo Palomar-Pardavé | Giselle Alicia Rosquete-Pina | Marta Elena Díaz-García | María de los Angeles Cuán Hernández
In Situ Conversion of Melanoma Lesions into Autologous Vaccine by Intratumoral Injections of α-gal Glycolipids

Author(s): Uri Galili | Mark R. Albertini | Paul M. Sondel | Kim Wigglesworth | Mary Sullivan | Giles F. Whalen
Reindeer husbandry and local planning

Author(s): Lars P. Niia
Impact of methoxyacetic acid on mouse Leydig cell gene expression

Author(s): Bagchi Gargi | Zhang Yijing | Waxman David
Marketing System of Broiler in Gazipur District: The Intermediaries and Their Costs, Margins and Profits

Author(s): M. Kamruzzaman | M.A.A. Begum | S.M.F. Islam | M.K.I. Khan | M. J. Khatun
Skin Thickness in Relation to Milk Production of Crossbred Cows

Author(s): M.A. Hamid | S.M.I. Husain | M.K.I. Khan | M.N. Islam | M.A.A. Biswas
Partial Budget Technique on Different Maize Intercropping Technologies Practised by the Farmers

Author(s): S.M.A. Shiblee | A.F.M.F. Rahman | M. Kamruzzaman P.C. Sarker | A. Muqit | M.A.A. Begum
Adoption Level of Wheat Technology and the Grower`s Knowledge Gap in Bangladesh

Author(s): M. Kamruzzaman | S.M. Fakhrul Islam | M.A.A. Begum | S.M.A. Shiblee | M. G. Kibria | S.K. Ray
Histological Studies on the Arterial Walls of Main Arteries Supplying the Mammary Glands of Dogs (Canis familiaris) in Bangladesh

Author(s): M.A.A. Prodan | M.R. Islam | S.K. Das | M.A. Awal | M.N.H. Siddiqi | M. Kurohmaru
Supply Response of Wheat in Bangladesh: an Application of Partial Adjustment Model

Author(s): M.A.A. Begum | S.M. Fakhrul Islam | M. Kamruzzaman | M. Jahangir Kabir | S.M.A. Shiblee
Effect of Alternating Saline and Non-saline Conditions on Emergence and Seedling Growth of Rice

Author(s): M.Z. Alam | M.A.A. Bhuiya | M.A. Muttaleb | M.M. Rashid
Effects of Variety, Inoculum and Phosphorus on the Performance of Soybean

Author(s): M.K. Islam | M.A.A. Mondal | M.A. Mannaf | M.A.A. Mondal | M.A.H. Talukder | M.M. Karim
Reproductive Problems of Cows at Bangladesh Agricultural University Dairy Farm and Possible Remedies

Author(s): M.A.S. Talukder | M.A.M.Y. Khandoker | M.G.M. Rahman | M.R. Islam | M.A.A. Khan
Assessment of Character Contribution to the Divergence for Some Rice Varieties

Author(s): M.R. Zaman | D.N.R. Paul | M.S. Kabir | M.A.A. Mahbub | M.A.A. Bhuiya
Synergic Effects of Wedelia calendulacea Less. Plant Extracts with Lambda cyhalothrin on Common Housefly Musca domestica L.

Author(s): M.A. Baki | M.A.A. Rahman | Naznin Ara Khatune | R.A. Zahid | M. Khalequzzaman | M.M. Husain | G. Sadik
Removal of Ammonia from Landfill Leachate in a Two-Stage Biofiltration Process

Author(s): L. Mpenyana | M.A.A. Coetzee | S. Schwarzer
The significance of hepatopulmonary syndrome in liver transplantation

Author(s): Ćulafić Đorđe | Đukić Vladimir | Ješić Rada
The inflow of 234U and 238U from the River Odra drainage basin to the Baltic Sea

Author(s): Bogdan Skwarzec | Agnieszka Tuszkowska | Alicja Boryło
A sea-ice thickness retrieval model for 1.4 GHz radiometry and application to airborne measurements over low salinity sea-ice

Author(s): L. Kaleschke | N. Maaß | C. Haas | S. Hendricks | G. Heygster | R. T. Tonboe
City of Ljubljana: Its housing, population and housing conditions

Author(s): Maša Filipovič | Srna Mandič
Housing vulnerability in Municipality of Ljubljana

Author(s): Maša Filipovič | Srna Mandič
Housing strategies and the housing market in Ljubljana

Author(s): Andreja Cirman | Maša Filipović
Complex modulation of androgen responsive gene expression by methoxyacetic acid

Author(s): Bagchi Gargi | Zhang Yijing | Stanley Kerri | Waxman David
Novel thermosensitive poly (N-isopropylacrylamide-co-vinylpyrrolidone-co-methacrylic acid) nanosystems for delivery of natural products

Author(s): Omid Mashinchian | Roya Salehi | Gholamreza Dehghan | Ayoub Aganejad | Soudabeh Davaran | Yadollah Omidi
Methoxyacetic Acid Induced Apoptosis on the Forelimb Bud of Swiss Webster Mice

Gasification of Empty Fruit Bunch for Hydrogen Rich Fuel Gas Production

Author(s): M.A.A. Mohammed | A. Salmiaton | W.A.K.G. Wan Azlina | M.S. Mohamad Amran
Mała urodzeniowa masa ciała - dodatkowy ważny czynnik w diagnostyce niedoboru wzrostu u dzieci

Author(s): Anna Majcher | Beata Pyrżak | Joanna Bielecka-Jasiocha | Ewelina Witkowska-Sędek
Istotna rola sposobu zbierania wywiadu lekarskiego w ocenie klinicznego znaczenia objawów zaparcia

Author(s): Urszula Skowrońska-Piekarska | Jolanta Fryc-Martyńska
Itrakonazol w leczeniu kandydozy sromu i pochwy - rekomendacje Polskiego Towarzystwa Ginekologicznego i Sekcji Mikologicznej Polskiego Towarzystwa Dermatologicznego

Author(s): Roman Nowicki | Krzysztof Drews | Zygmunt Adamski | Witold Kędzia | Eugeniusz Baran | Marek Spaczyński
Czy autoaugmentacja pęcherza (detrusotomia, myotomia) może być nadal uznawana za metodę skuteczną?

Author(s): Lidia Skobejko-Włodarska | Karina Felberg | Piotr Gastoł | Małgorzata Baka-Ostrowska
Czynniki ryzyka rozwoju progowej retinopatii wcześniaków u dzieci urodzonych z bardzo Małą masą ciała

Author(s): Anna Niwald | Andrzej Piotrowski | Wojciech Hautz | Mirosława Grałek
Non-canonical interactions between plant proteins and lectins cause false positives in lectin blots

Author(s): Marshall Louis Reaves | Linda C. Lopez | Sasha M. Daskalova

Author(s): Katarzyna Kulińska-Szukalska | Danuta Chlebna-Sokół
Ostra niewydolność serca w połogu - opis przypadku kardiomiopatii okołoporodowej

Author(s): Magdalena Kłosińska | Jarosław D. Kasprzak | TomaszWaszyrowski | Jarosław Drożdż | Maria Krzemińska-Pakuła
Chirurgiczne leczenie infekcyjnego zapalenia wsierdzia za pomocą homograftu aortalnego

Author(s): Mariusz Kuśmierczyk | Jacek Różański | Krzysztof Kotliński | Hanna Siudalska | Katarzyna Barańska | Piotr Hoffman | Andrzej Biederman
Leczenie zwężenia cieśni aorty pierwotnego lub wtórnego u dzieci, młodzieży i młodych dorosłych z wykorzystaniem stentów typu Cheatham-Platinum

Author(s): Paweł Dryżek | Tomasz Moszura | Beata Politowska | Jadwiga A. Moll | Shakeel A. Qureshi | Andrzej Sysa
Porównanie deklarowanej i rzeczywistej masy ciała młodzieży

Author(s): Małgorzata Gajewska | Lucyna Gromulska
Krwawienia z przewodu pokarmowego u dzieci

Author(s): Danuta Celińska-Cedro
Effect of Jojoba Oil Emulsion on Prolonging Storage Periods of Costata Persimmon Fruits

Author(s): A.S.E. Abd-Allah | A.A. Eman | Abd El-Moneim | M.M.S. Saleh | M.A.A. El-Naggar
Synthesis, characterization, and in vitro evaluation of novel polymer-coated magnetic nanoparticles for controlled delivery of doxorubicin

Author(s): Akbarzadeh A | Zarghami N | Mikaeili H | Asgari D | Goganian AM | Khiabani HK | Samiei M | Davaran S
Biological Control of Bacterial Wilt of Tomato by Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria

Author(s): M.A.A. Seleim | F.A. Saead | K.M.H. Abd-El-Moneem | K.A.M. Abo-ELyousr
Opinie zawodowo czynnych pielęgniarek na temat opieki paliatywnej

Author(s): Irena Mickiewicz | Elżbieta Krajewska-Kułak | Kornelia Kędziora-Kornatowska | Katarzyna Rosłan
Use of lung perfusion scan to diagnose hepatopulmonary syndrome

Author(s): K. Aryana | S.R. Zakavi | H.R. Sima | H. Azimi

Author(s): Daniel F Worsley | Edward B Silberstein | Abass Alavi | A Elgazzar
Comparison of different commercial Ga-68 labelled human serum albumin kits as possible imaging surrogates for Tc-99m MAA

Author(s): Stephan Maus | Hans Georg Buchholz | Stephan Amen | Mathias Schreckenberger
Outbreak of avian mycobacteriosis in flocks of domestic pigeons: An epidemiological approach

Author(s): M Bolfion | M Salehi | J Ashrafi Helan | K Soleimani | R Keshavarz | R Aref Pajoohi | M Mohammad Taheri | K Tadayon | N Mosavari
Synthesis of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer as a Solid Phase Sorbent for Pesticide Dursban

Author(s): Mohsen Rahiminezhad | Seyed Jamaleddin Shahtaheri | Mohammad Reza Ganjali | Ali-Reza Koohpaei | Abbas Rahimi Forushani | Farideh Golbabaei
Die hormonelle Behandlung transsexueller Personen

Author(s): van Trotsenburg MAA | Cohen EMR | Noe M
Stanovanjska ranljivost v Mestni občini Ljubljana

Author(s): Maša Filipović | Srna Mandič
Stanovanjske strategije in stanovanjski trg v Ljubljani

Author(s): Andreja Cirman | Maša Filipović
Cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses against melanocytes and melanoma

Author(s): Chang Gwendolen | Kohrt Holbrook | Stuge Tor | Schwartz Erich | Weber Jeffrey | Lee Peter
Reindeer husbandry and local planning

Author(s): Lars P. Niia
Utility of Quantitative 99mTc-MAA SPECT/CT for 90yttrium-Labelled Microsphere Treatment Planning: Calculating Vascularized Hepatic Volume and Dosimetric Approach

Author(s): Etienne Garin | Yan Rolland | Laurence Lenoir | Marc Pracht | Habiba Mesbah | Philippe Porée | Sophie Laffont | Bruno Clement | Jean-Luc Raoul | Eveline Boucher
Usability of Context-Aware Mobile Educational Game

Author(s): Chris Lu | Maiga Chang | Kinshuk | Echo Huang | Ching-Wen Chen

Author(s): 1Amit Kumar Mishra*, 1Dilip Pal, 1Arun Kr. Mishra, 1Vasco Dwivedi, 2Devendra Pratap Singh,
Negative enrichment by immunomagnetic nanobeads for unbiased characterization of circulating tumor cells from peripheral blood of cancer patients

Author(s): Liu Zhian | Fusi Alberto | Klopocki Eva | Schmittel Alexander | Tinhofer Ingeborg | Nonnenmacher Anika | Keilholz Ulrich
Molecular Recognition Effects in Atomistic Models of Imprinted Polymers

Author(s): Eduardo M. A. Dourado | Carmelo Herdes | Paul R. Van Tassel | Lev Sarkisov
Origin and SEM analysis of aerosols in the high mountain of Tenerife (Canary Islands)

Author(s): Juan D. Delgado | Omaira E. García | Ana M. Díaz | Juan P. Díaz | Francisco J. Expósito | Emilio Cuevas | Xavier Querol | Andrés Alastuey | Sonia Castillo
RCM Analysis of Process Equipment: A Case Study on Heat Exchangers

Author(s): M.A.A. Majid | M. Muhammad | N.I.Y. Yem
Effect of Manufacturing Stresses to Die Attach Film Performance In Quad Flatpack No-Lead Stacked Die Packages

Author(s): M. F. Rosle | I. Abdullah | S. Abdullah | M. A.A. Hamid | A. R. Daud | A. Jalar
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