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How can accelerated development of bioenergy contribute to the future UK energy mix? Insights from a MARKAL modelling exercise

Author(s): Clarke Donna | Jablonski Sophie | Moran Brighid | Anandarajah Gabrial | Taylor Gail
Early phase tendon transfers in radial and ulnar nerve injuries: internal splinting

Author(s): Nilgün Markal Ertaş | Serdar Yüce | Ahmet Küçükçelebi | Ece Ünlü | Selim Çelebioğlu
Modeling framework for exploring emission impacts of alternative future scenarios

Author(s): D. H. Loughlin | W. G. Benjey | C. G. Nolte
Least cost energy planning in Thailand:A case of biogas upgrading in palm oil industry

Author(s): Artite Pattanapongchai | Bundit Limmeechokchai*
Behavioral and Technological Changes Regarding Lighting Consumptions: A MARKAL Case Study

Author(s): Emmanuel Fragnière | Roman Kanala | Denis Lavigne | Francesco Moresino | Gustave Nguene

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