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Modeling and Understanding MIMO Propagation in Tunnels

Author(s): Martine Lienard | Paul Stefanut | Pierre Degauque
MIMO Free Space Optical Communications in Turbid and Turbulent Atmosphere (Invited Paper)

Author(s): Zeinab Hajjarian | Jarir Fadlullah | Mohsen Kavehrad
Low Complexity Antenna Selection Algorithms for downlink Distributed MIMO Systems

Author(s): Peng Shang | Guangxi Zhu | Gang Su | Kai Deng
MIMO-OFDM for 4G Wireless Systems

Author(s): Dr. Jayakumari.J

Determination of MIMO Systems Capacity in Uniformly Distributed Channel Error

Author(s): Mohammad Nozari-Zarmehri | Kamal Shahtalebi | Mahdi Edrisi
Multi-Antenna Techniques for Evolved 3G Wireless Communication Networks: An Overview

Author(s): Michael Mao Wang | Andy Wang | Alexei Gorokhov | Tamer Kadous | Min Dong
Some Analysis in Distributed MIMO Systems

Author(s): Huaiyu Dai | Hongyuan Zhang | Quan Zhou
High Efficient Mobile WiMAX with MIMO and Miltihop Relay

Author(s): Yan Q. Bian | Yong Sun | Andrew R. Nix | Joseph P. McGeehan
Capacity Scaling of Wireless Networks with Complex Field Network Coding

Author(s): Tairan Wang | Georgios B. Giannakis
Hybrid Transmission Scheme for MIMO Relay Channels

Author(s): Guangming Xu | Weikang Zhu | Min Dai | Jianwei He | Chengkang Pan
Mutual Coupling Effects on Pattern Diversity Antennas for MIMO Femtocells

Author(s): Yue Gao | Shihua Wang | Oluyemi Falade | Xiadong Chen | Clive Parini | Laurie Cuthbert
Impact of Antenna Correlation on a New Dual-Hop MIMO AF Relaying Model

Author(s): Gayan Amarasuriya | Chintha Tellambura | Masoud Ardakani
Capacity of MIMO Channels at Different Antenna Configurations

Author(s): A. Saad | M. Ismail | N. Misran
An Efficient Wireless Backhaul Utilizing MIMO Transmission and IPT Forwarding

Author(s): Ehab Mahmoud Mohamed | Daisuke Kinoshita | Kei Mitsunaga | Y.Higa | Hiroshi Furukawa
Simple ML Detector for Multiple Antennas Communication System

Author(s): Ahmad Taqwa | Soegijardjo Soegijoko | Sugihartono
Utilization of antenna arrays in HF systems

Author(s): Salil D. Gunashekar | E. Michael Warrington | Hal J. Strangeways | Yvon Erhel | Sana Salous | Stuart M. Feeney | Nasir M. Abbasi | Louis Bertel | Dominique Lemur | François Marie | Martial Oger
Performance Analysis of MIMO-OFDM System Using Singular Value Decomposition and Water Filling Algorithm

Author(s): Md. Noor-A-Rahim | Md. Saiful Islam | Md. Nashid Anjum | Md. Kamal Hosain | Abbas Z. Kouzani
Adaptive MIMO-OFDM Scheme with Reduced Computational Complexity and Improved Capacity

Author(s): L. C. Siddanna Gowd | A. R. Rajini | A. R. Rajini
Modulation-Mode and Power Assignment in Broadband MIMO Systems

Author(s): Andreas Ahrens | César Benavente-Peces
On the Boundaries of the MIMO-Channel-Capacity with a Focus on Line-of-Sight-Connections

Author(s): Mohamed Chouayakh | Andreas Knopp | Berthold Lankl
Meandered Monopoles for 700 MHz LTE Handsets and Improved MIMO Channel Capacity Performance

Author(s): I. Dioum | M. Clemente | A. Diallo | C. Luxey | J. P. Rossi | S. M. Farssi
Effect of Polarization on the Correlation and Capacity of Indoor MIMO Channels

Author(s): Hsun-Chang Lo | Ding-Bing Lin | Teng-Chieh Yang | Hsueh-Jyh Li
Performance Analysis of STBC- OFDM System Under Multipath Fading Channel

Author(s): Gunjan Manik | Alka Kalra | Sanjeev Kalra
Training Based Channel Estimation in MIMO-OFDM Systems

Author(s): Hamidreza Bakhshi | Maryam Imani
MIMO Spectral Efficiency over Energy Consumption Requirements: Application to WSNs

Author(s): Ammar Bouallègue | Kosai Raoof | Maha Ben Zid
Training Based Channel Estimation in MIMO-OFDM Systems

Author(s): Hamidreza Bakhshi | Maryam Imani
MIMO Spectral Efficiency over Energy Consumption Requirements: Application to WSNs

Author(s): Ammar Bouallègue | Kosai Raoof | Maha Ben Zid
Study of Performance of the combined MIM0 MMSE VBLAST-OFDM for Wi-Fi (802.11n)

Author(s): Souhila Ferouani | G. Abdellaoui | F. Debbat | F. T. Bendimerad
Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio using MIMO Technique

Author(s): Suman Rathi | Rajeshwar Lal Dua | Parmender Singh
Application-Specific Instruction Set Processor Implementation of List Sphere Detector

Author(s): Antikainen Juho | Salmela Perttu | Silvén Olli | Juntti Markku | Takala Jarmo | Myllylä Markus
On Bandwidth Efficient Modulation for High-Data-Rate Wireless LAN Systems

Author(s): Terry John D | Heiskala Juha | Stolpman Victor | Fozunbal Majid
Space-Time Turbo Coded Modulation: Design and Applications

Author(s): Tujkovic Djordje | Juntti Markku | Latva-aho Matti
On the Capacity of Certain Space-Time Coding Schemes

Author(s): Papadias Constantinos B | Foschini Gerard J
Space-Time Turbo Trellis Coded Modulation for Wireless Data Communications

Author(s): Firmanto Welly | Vucetic Branka | Yuan Jinhong | Chen Zhuo
Greedy SINR Maximization in Collaborative Multibase Wireless Systems

Author(s): Popescu Otilia | Rose Christopher
On the Performance of Multiuser MIMO in UTRA FDD Uplink

Author(s): Hämäläinen Jyri | Pajukoski Kari | Tiirola Esa | Wichman Risto | Ylitalo Juha
Asymptotic Analysis in MIMO MRT/MRC Systems

Author(s): Zhou Quan | Dai Huaiyu
Space-Time Water-Filling for Composite MIMO Fading Channels

Author(s): Shen Zukang | Heath Jr Robert W | Andrews Jeffrey G | Evans Brian L
Energy-Efficient Channel Estimation in MIMO Systems

Author(s): Yatawatta Sarod | Petropulu Athina P | Graff Charles J
Measurements of MIMO Indoor Channels at 1800 MHz with Multiple Indoor and Outdoor Base Stations

Author(s): García Laura | Jaldén Niklas | Lindmark Björn | Zetterberg Per | de Haro Leandro
Relay Techniques for MIMO Wireless Networks with Multiple Source and Destination Pairs

Author(s): Abe Tetsushi | Shi Hui | Asai Takahiro | Yoshino Hitoshi
Capacity Performance of Adaptive Receive Antenna Subarray Formation for MIMO Systems

Author(s): Theofilakos Panagiotis | Kanatas Athanasios G
Characteristics of MIMO-OFDM Channels in Indoor Environments

Author(s): Suzuki Hajime | Tran ThiVanAnh | Collings Iain B
Investigations in Satellite MIMO Channel Modeling: Accent on Polarization

Author(s): Horváth Péter | Karagiannidis George K | King Peter R | Stavrou Stavros | Frigyes István
Modified Spatial Channel Model for MIMO Wireless Systems

Author(s): Mucchi Lorenzo | Staderini Claudia | Ylitalo Juha | Kyösti Pekka
An Adaptive Channel Model for VBLAST in Vehicular Networks

Author(s): Abdalla GhassanMT | Abu-Rgheff MosaA | Senouci Sidi-Mohammed
An MMSE Approach to the Secrecy Capacity of the MIMO Gaussian Wiretap Channel

Author(s): Bustin Ronit | Liu Ruoheng | Poor HVincent | Shamai (Shitz) Shlomo
Optimal Multiuser MIMO Linear Precoding with LMMSE Receiver

Author(s): Shu Fang | Gang Wu | Shao-Qian Li
Secret Sharing over Fast-Fading MIMO Wiretap Channels

Author(s): Wong TanF | Bloch Matthieu | Shea JohnM
A MIMO-OFDM Testbed, Channel Measurements, and System Considerations for Outdoor-Indoor WiMAX

Author(s): Gil Jiménez VíctorP | Fernández-Getino García MJulia | García Armada Ana | Torres | García Fernández JuanJosé | Sánchez-Fernández MatildeP | Domingo Marta | Fernández Oscar
Impact of Antenna Correlation on a New Dual-Hop MIMO AF Relaying Model

Author(s): Amarasuriya Gayan | Tellambura Chintha | Ardakani Masoud
Spatial-Mode Selection for the Joint Transmit and Receive MMSE Design

Author(s): Khaled Nadia | Desset Claude | Thoen Steven | De Man Hugo
D-BLAST OFDM with Channel Estimation

Author(s): Du Jianxuan | Li Ye (Geoffrey)
Approaching the MIMO Capacity with a Low-Rate Feedback Channel in V-BLAST

Author(s): Chung Seong Taek | Lozano Angel | Huang Howard C | Sutivong Arak | Cioffi John M
Impact of Clustering in Indoor MIMO Propagation Using a Hybrid Channel Model

Author(s): Tang Zhongwei | Mohan Ananda Sanagavarapu
Design and Experimental Validation of MIMO Multiuser Detection for Downlink Packet Data

Author(s): Samardzija Dragan | Lozano Angel | Papadias Constantinos B
A Portable MIMO Testbed and Selected Channel Measurements

Author(s): Goud Jr Paul | Hang Robert | Truhachev Dmitri | Schlegel Christian
SABA: A Testbed for a Real-Time MIMO System

Author(s): Borkowski Daniel | Brühl Lars | Degen Christoph | Keusgen Wilhem | Alirezaei Gholamreza | Geschewski Frank | Oikonomopoulos Christos | Rembold Bernhard
Realization of a Spatially Multiplexed MIMO System

Author(s): Samuelsson David | Jaldén Joakim | Zetterberg Per | Ottersten Björn
Guaranteed Performance Region in Fading Orthogonal Space-Time Coded Broadcast Channels

Author(s): Jorswieck Eduard | Ottersten Björn | Sezgin Aydin | Paulraj Arogyaswami
Transmitter Layering for Multiuser MIMO Systems

Author(s): Schlegel Christian | Truhachev Dmitri | Bagley Zachary
Transmission Strategies in MIMO Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Fakih Khalil | Diouris Jean-François | Andrieux Guillaume
Reduced Complexity Channel Models for IMT-Advanced Evaluation

Author(s): Zhang Yu | Zhang Jianhua | Smith PeterJ | Shafi Mansoor | Zhang Ping
Near-Optimum Detection with Low Complexity for Uplink Virtual MIMO Systems

Author(s): Kim Sanhae | Shin Oh-Soon | Shin Yoan
Compound Wiretap Channels

Author(s): Liang Yingbin | Kramer Gerhard | Poor HVincent | (Shitz) ShlomoShamai
Improved FCLSD algorithm based on LTE/LTE-A system

Author(s): Kewen Liu | Quan Liu | He Ting
Capacity Approximations for a Deterministic MIMO Channel

Author(s): MOSKOWITZ, I. S. | COTAE, P. | KANG, M. H. | SAFIER, P. N.
On the achievable rates of multiple antenna broadcast channels with feedback-link capacity constraint

Author(s): Chen Xiang | Miao Wei | Li Yunzhou | Zhou Shidong | Wang Jing
IEEE 802.11n Based Wireless backhaul Enabled by Dual Channel IPT (DCH-IPT) Forwarding

Author(s): Ehab Mahmoud Mohamed | Daisuke Kinoshita | Kei Mitsunaga | Y.Higa | Hiroshi Furukawa
Investigations into Capacity of MIMO Ad Hoc Network Including Effects of Antenna Mutual Coupling

Author(s): Xia LIU | Marek E. BIALKOWSKI | Feng WANG | Konglit HUNCHANGSITH
Advances in MIMO Techniques for Mobile Communications—A Survey

Author(s): Farhan Khalid | Joachim Speidel
MIMO Multi Carrier Interleave Division Multiple Access System with Multiuser Detection: Performance Results

Author(s): Prabagarane Nagaradjane | Sai N. Chandrasekaran | Kuttathatti Srinivasan Vishvaksenan
Adaptive Co-Channel Interference Suppression Technique for Multi-User MIMO MC DS/CDMA Systems

Author(s): Prabagarane Nagaradjane | Arvind Sai Sarathi Vasan | Lakshmi Krishnan | Anand Venkataswamy
Efficient Power Loading in MIMO-OFDM Based Cognitive Radio Networks

Author(s): Hamid Shahrokh Shahraki | Kamal Mohamed-Pour
Capacity of MIMO-OFDM with Pilot-Aided Channel Estimation

Author(s): Cosovic Ivan | Auer Gunther

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