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A Multiple LSPs Approach to Secure Data in MPLS Networks

Author(s): Sahel Alouneh | Abdeslam En-nouaary | Anjali Agarwal
Labeled Burst Switching

Author(s): Hakim Mellah | Fouad Mohammed Abbou
End-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) Over Internet

Author(s): Joshi Rajesh | Mandava Manasa | Saraph Girish
Resource Optimization of Mobile Intelligent System with heart MPLS network

Author(s): Jawad Oubaha | Ahmed Habbani | Mohammed Elkoutbi
A New Distributed Protocol For Multicasting Over Mpls

Author(s): Mir Saeed Hamidi | Mahmoud Fathy
Traffic Engineering without Congestion Hot Spots in MPLS

Author(s): A.Padmapriya, | L. Rajeswari
GoS Proposal to Improve Trust and Delay of MPLS Flows for MCN Services

Author(s): Francisco J. Rodríguez-Pérez | José-Luis González-Sánchez | Alfonso Gazo-Cervero
Quality evaluation of regional forage resources by means of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Author(s): Pier Paolo Danieli | Paolo Carlini | Umberto Bernabucci | Bruno Ronchi
On the Analysis of Mobility Mechanisms in Micro Mobile MPLS Access Networks

Author(s): Rami Langar | Nizar Bouabdallah | Samir Tohme
Enhanced Security Strategies for MPLS Signaling

Author(s): Francesco Palmieri | Ugo Fiore
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Salim Zabir | J. H. Abbawajy | Farid Ahmed | Mohammad A. Karim
Importance of Multicast Virtual Private Networks based on RFC 2547

Author(s): Varun P Saxena | Varun Gupta | Ajay Goel | O.P.Sahu
MPLS Technology on IP Backbone Network

Author(s): Gurpreet Kaur | Dinesh Kumar
Dynamic Resource Allocation and QoS Control Capabilities of the Japanese Academic Backbone Network

Author(s): Shigeo Urushidani | Kensuke Fukuda | Michihiro Koibuchi | Motonori Nakamura | Shunji Abe | Yusheng Ji | Michihiro Aoki | Shigeki Yamada
Performance Evaluation of Triple Play Services Delivery with E2E QoS Provisioning

Author(s): Nikolaos Zotos | Evangelos Pallis | Anastasios Kourtis
Mobile Intelligent System (MIS) and a Multi-Criteria in MPLS Networks

Author(s): Jawad OUBAHA | Ahmed HABBANI | Mohammed ELKOUTBI
Improving Client-Server Response Time Using IPv6 Header Suppresion Over MPLS

Author(s): Imad J. Mohamad | Yung-Wey Chong | Tat-Chee Wan | Putra Sumari
Investigation on Quality of Service in BGP/MPL VPN Network Based on Special Service

Author(s): Ali Esmaiili | Mehdi Mahdavi | Pejman Khadivi
Multiprotocol Label Switching Multiprotocol Label Switching

Author(s): Ladislav Schwartz | Dusan Trstensky | Gustav Cepciansky
Protection Switching and Rerouting in MPLS

Author(s): S. Veni | Dr.G.M.Kadhar Nawaz Bharathiar University
Multiprotocol Label Switching Multiprotocol Label Switching

Author(s): Ladislav Schwartz | Dusan Trstensky | Gustav Cepciansky
Effect Of Packet Delay Variation On Video/Voice Over Diffserv-Mpls In Ipv4/Ipv6 Networks

Author(s): Md. Tariq Aziz | Mohammad Saiful Islam | Adrian Popescu | Md. Nazmul Islam khan

Author(s): Narender Singh | Kuldeep Vats | Jasvinder | Lovish Jaiswal
Modelo para la protección de conexiones en redes IP

Author(s): Danilo López | Nancy Yaneth Gelvez García | Luis F. Pedraza
Mingling Multipath Routing With Quality Of Service

Author(s): Dr. Shuchita Upadhyaya | Gaytri Devi
Network Resilience through Multiple Routing Configurations

Author(s): Naga Raju Pamidi | Y.Srinivasa Rao
Performance and Capacity Planning of NGN

Author(s): Mustafa Shakir | Mahmood Ashraf Khan | Shahzad A Malik | Izhar ul Haq
A WMPLS Based Multicast Mechanism in Mobile Ad hoc Network

Author(s): Li Mengyang | Duan Yunna | Zhang Chunfei
Contribución para QoS en Redes Metropolitanas Ethernet

Author(s): Omar Álvarez | Margarita Mayoral | Carmen Moliner
A Literature Survey on Handoff for Mobile IPv6

Author(s): Zongpu Jia | Gaolei Wang | Ran Zhao
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohammad M. Banat
PM2PLS-An Integration of Proxy Mobile IPv6 and MPLS

Author(s): Carlos A Astudillo | Oscar J Calderon | Jesus H Ortiz
Optimization of NIR Spectral Data Management for Quality Control of Grape Bunches during On-Vine Ripening

Author(s): Virginia González-Caballero | Dolores Pérez-Marín | María-Isabel López | María-Teresa Sánchez
MPLS over Segmented WDM Optical Packet Switching Networks

Author(s): Hakim Mellah | Fouad M. Abbou
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