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Ambient Intelligence Systems for Personalized Sport Training

Author(s): Javier Vales-Alonso | Pablo López-Matencio | Francisco J. Gonzalez-Castaño | Honorio Navarro-Hellín | Pedro J. Baños-Guirao | Francisco J. Pérez-Martínez | Rafael P. Martínez-Álvarez | Daniel González-Jiménez | Felipe Gil-Castiñeira | Richard Duro-Fernández
Vibration-Based Fault Diagnosis of Hydraulic Pump of Tractor Steering System by Using Energy Technique

Author(s): Kaveh Mollazade | Hojat Ahmadi | Mahmoud Omid | Reza Alimardani
Suitability of MEMS Accelerometers for Condition Monitoring: An experimental study

Author(s): Alhussein Albarbar | Samir Mekid | Andrew Starr | Robert Pietruszkiewicz
Fault classification for rolling element bearing in electric machines

Author(s): Wadhwani Sulochana | Gupta S | Kumar Vinod
Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis of Faults in the Electric Induction Motor

Author(s): A. Medoued | A. Metatla | A. Boukadoum | T. Bahi | I. Hadjadj
Vibration analysis for Bearing outer race condition diagnostics

Author(s): Shiroishi J. | Y. Li S. Liang | Danyluk S. | Kurfess T.
ANN Based Tool Condition Monitoring System for CNC Milling Machines

Author(s): Mota-Valtierra G.C. | Franco-Gasca L.A. | Herrera-Ruiz G. | Macias-Bobadilla G.
Monitor System Design for Machine Electric Spindle based on MCGS

Author(s): Yangang Xue | Han Wang | Xingqi Luo | Qiang He
Quaternion Based Omnidirectional Machine Condition Monitoring System

Author(s): Wai-Kit Wong | Chu-Kiong Loo | Way-Soong Lim
Fault Detection of 3-Phase VSI using Wavelet-Fuzzy Algorithm

Author(s): M. R. Mamat | M. Rizon | M. S. Khanniche
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